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Carole King, along with hubby Gerry Goffin, were part of the Brill Building hit writing factory. Here are a few of her early solo singles. More at the Discogs link.

It Might As Well Rain Until September / Nobody's Perfect
Goffin-King (2:19) / Goffin-King (2:18)
Dimension 2000, 8/62 BB T20

School Bells Are Ringing / I Didn't Have Any Summer Romance
Goffin-King (2:12) / Goffin-King (2:44)
Dimension 1004, 11/62

He's A Bad Boy / We Grew Up Together
Goffin-King (2:23) / Goffin-King (2:30)
Dimension 1009, 4/63 BB

A Road To Nowhere / Some Of Your Lovin'
Goffin-King (3:10) / Goffin-King (?)
Tomorrow 45-7502, 3/66

In 1968, Carole formed a short-lived band with her buddy, Kootch
Snow Queen³ / Paradise Alley
Goffin-King (3:39) / King-Palmer (3:05)
Ode 113, 10/68


Now That Everything's Been Said
Immediate Z12-44012
1/69 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Snow Queen Goffin-King 4:10
I Was Not Born To Follow Goffin-King 3:42
Now That Everything's Been Said King-Stern 2:19
Paradise Alley King-Palmer 3:01
A Man Without A Dream Goffin-King 3:46
Victim Of Circumstance King-Palmer 2:31
Side Two
Why Are You Leaving? King-Stern 3:55
Lady Goffin-King 2:57
My Sweet Home Allison 3:09
I Don't Believe It King 2:38
Hi-De-Ho (That Old Sweet Roll) Goffin-King 3:22
All My Time Goffin-King 3:16
Carole King-keyboards, vocals
Danny Kortchmar-guitar
Charlie Larkey-bass
Jim Gordon-drums
§Cover Design-Virginia Team
Produced by: Lou Adler


That Old Sweet Roll (Hi-De-Ho) / Why Are You Leaving?
Goffin-King (3:22) / King-Stern (3:35)
Ode 119, 5/69

Hmmm, title flipped for single

Ode SP-77006
5/70 BB [UK: 10/70]
Back Cover

Side One
Spaceship Races Goffin-King 3:07
No Easy Way Down Goffin-King 4:34
Child Of Mine Goffin-King 4:02
Goin' Back Goffin-King 3:17
To Love Goffin-King 3:36
What Have You Got To Lose Stern 3:31
Side Two
Eventually Goffin-King 4:58
Raspberry Jam Stern 4:34
Can't You Be Real Goffin-King 2:58
I Can't Hear You No More Goffin-King 2:43
Sweet Sweetheart Goffin-King 2:44
Up On The Roof Goffin-King 3:37
Carole King-synthesizer, guitar, piano, vocals
Danny "Kootch" Kortchmar-guitar, vocals
Charles Larkey-bass
Ralph Schuckett-organ, keyboards
John Fischbach-synthesizer, moog synthesizer
Joel O'Brien-percussion, drums, vibraphone
James Taylor-guitar, vocals
Dolores Hall-vocals
Abigale Haness-vocals
Julia Tillman Waters-vocals
§Cover Photo-Guy Webster
Produced by: John Fischbach

Note: Album charted due to the popularity of Tapestry
Another item gleamed off the Steve Hoffman Music Forum :
A 1977 reissue of Writer contained different mixes and Can't You Be Real with vocal by Gerry Goffin!
Details at Discogs .

Up On The Roof / Eventually
Goffin-King (3:37) / Goffin-King (4:58)
Ode 66006, 8/70


Ode SP-77009
2/10/71  #1  RS500 [UK: 5/71] T20
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
I Feel The Earth Move King 2:57
So Far Away King 3:55
It's Too Late King-Stern 3:51
Home Again King 2:27
Beautiful King 3:05
Way Over Yonder King 4:42
Side Two
You've Got A Friend King 5:07
Where You Lead King-Stern 3:18
Will You Love Me Tomorrow Goffin-King 4:10
Smackwater Jack Goffin-King 3:39
Tapestry King 3:11
(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman Goffin-King-Wexler 3:47
Carole King-synthesizer, guitar, piano, vocals
Danny "Kootch" Kortchmar-guitar, vocals
Charles Larkey-bass
Joel O'Brian-drums
Ralph Schuckett-piano
Perry Steinberg-bass, violin, string bass
Russ Kunkel-drums
James Taylor-guitar, vocals
Joni Mitchell-vocals
Merry Clayton-vocals
Julia Tillman Waters-vocals
Curtis Amy-bass, flute, sax
Terry King-cello
David Campbell-cello, viola
Barry Socher-violin, viola
§Cover Photo-Jim McCrary; Tapestry-Carole King
Produced by: Lou Adler

Note: Carole's cats name is Telemachus

It's Too Late / I Feel The Earth Move
King-Stern (3:53) / King (2:58)
Ode 66015, 4/71  #1  T20


 ➜ Live: 6/18, Carnegie Hall; released 1996: The Carnegie Hall Concert: June 18, 1971 
James Taylor was a surprise guest, joining Carole on several tunes.

7/14/71: Newcastle City Hall, Newcastle
Carole (& James) recorded a concert at the BBC the next day
So Far Away / Smackwater Jack
King (3:55) / Goffin-King (3:41)
Ode 66019, 8/71 T20


Ode SP-77013
11/71  #1  [UK: 12/71] T20
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Lyric Booklet

Lyric Booklet

Side One
Brother, Brother King 2:59/TD>
It's Going To Take Some Time King-Stern 3:34/TD>
Sweet Seasons King-Stern 3:14/TD>
Some Kind Of Wonderful Goffin-King 3:06/TD>
Surely King 4:57/TD>
Carry Your Load King 2:50/TD>
Side Two
Music King 3:52/TD>
Song Of Long Ago King 2:44/TD>
Brighter King 2:50/TD>
Growing Away From Me King 3:01/TD>
Too Much Rain King-Stern 3:34/TD>
Back To California King 3:32/TD>
Carole King-vocals, celesta, piano, electric piano
Danny Kootch-acoustic guitar
Charles Larkey-double bass, electric bass
James Taylor-acoustic guitar
Ralph Schuckett-organ, celesta, electric piano
Joel O'Brien-drums
Bobbye Porter Hall-bongos, congas, tambourine
Theresa Colderon-congas
Oscar Brashear-flugelhorn
Curtis Amy-electric flute, tenor sax
Russ Kunkel-drums (Back To California)
Danny Kootch, James Taylor-backing vocals (Song Of Long Ago)
Merry Clayton-Second Woooh (Back To California)
Abigale Haness-backing vocals
§Cover Photo-Jim McCrary
Produced by: Lou Adler


Carole recorded over 25 albums during her illustrious career and has a closet full of awards.
Big Broadway show about Carole's life Beautiful has run for years.



Note: Besides the numerous 60s Pop Hits written with then-husband, Gerry Goffin, (Locomotion, One Fine Day, Up On The Roof):

Blues For A Young Girl Gone Strawberry Alarm Clock (The World In A Sea Shell) 11/68
Chains The Beatles (Introducing) 1/64
Creepin' Midnight Seatrain (Seatrain) 1/71
Don't Bring Me Down The Animals (Animalization) 7/66
Goin' Back Goldie (UK 45) withdrawn—follow link 2/66
  The Byrds (Notorious Byrd Brothers) 1/68
Hi-De-Ho (That Old Sweet Roll) Blood, Sweat & Tears (3) 2/70
Home Again Kate Taylor (Sister Kate) 3/71
I Can't Make It Alone Vanilla Fudge (Rock & Roll) 10/69
I Happen To Love You The Electric Prunes (Underground) 8/67
Lady Of The Lake Strawberry Alarm Clock (The World In A Sea Shell) 11/68
No Easy Way Down The Hour Glass (The Hour Glass) 10/67
Oh No, Not My Baby Manfred Mann (My Little Red Book Of Winners) 7/65
Road To Nowhere Judy Henske (45) 6/66
  The Hearts & Flowers (Now Is The Time For) 1/67
Smack Water Jack Buffy Sainte-Marie (She Used To Wanna Be A Ballerina) 3/71
So Goes Love The Turtles (Golden Hits) 10/67
So Much In Love The Hour Glass (The Hour Glass) 10/67
  Blood, Sweat & Tears (Child Is Father To The Man) 2/68
Take A Giant Step The Monkees (The Monkees)* 10/66
  Taj Mahal (Giant Step/De Ole Folks At Home) 9/69
This Side Of Goodbye Eric Burdon & The Animals (Eric Is Here) 3/67
  as On This Side Of Goodbye Alan Price Set (This Price Is Right) 2/68
Up On The Roof Laura Nyro (Christmas And The Beads Of Sweat) 11/70
Wasn't Born To Follow The Byrds (Notorious Byrd Brothers) 1/68
  as Not Born To Follow The Alan Price Set (45) 3/68
Wasn't It You? Spanky & Our Gang (Live) 1/71
Where You Lead Kate Taylor (Sister Kate) 3/71
Will You Love Me Tomorrow Linda Ronstadt (Silk Purse) 4/70
You've Got A Friend James Taylor (Mud Slide Slim And The Blue Horizon) 3/71
▶ More Covers @ Second Hand Songs

* and a whole lot of other Monkees' songs, including Sweet Young Thing with Wool Hat


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