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Wichita Train Whistle ♦ Michael Nesmith & The First National Band 

Gotta Start Somewhere...

Early Singles
Here are three singles by Mike Nesmith.
Early and later singles by Davy Jones and Micky Dolenz are not listed here. If you're interested, click the links—they'll take you to their 45 Cat pages.


Mike & John & Bill
How Can You Kiss Me / Just A Little Love
Nesmith (2:53) / Nesmith (2:40)
Omnibus 239, ?/65


Michael Blessing
The New Recruit / A Journey With Michael Blessing
Ashe-Krosnow (2:38) / Ashe-Krosnow-Nieida (2:10)
Colpix CP-787, 10/65


Michael Blessing
Until It's Time For You To Go / What Seems To Be The Trouble Officer
Sainte-Marie (2:50) / Nesmith (2:05)
Colpix CP-792, 1/66


Hollywood Reporter, Sept 9, 1965
answer the ad

Did They Or Didn't They?

Ever since the Pre-Fab Four made their debut on TV, cries were heard "they aren't even musicians—all fake." Well, that was BS. Mike was a guitarist and songwriter—had several singles prior to joining. Peter was a journeyman folkie in NYC. Davy was a stage singer in England. And Mickey could sing and picked up the drums pretty quickly. They all hung out in Laurel Canyon with Stills, Mitchell, and others.

It is true that the powers at Colgems wouldn't let them play on the first album. The Boyce & Hart penned songs were performed by The Candy Store Prophets, whilst the others featured studio cats like Burton, Campbell, Taylor, and Blaine. The second album, released without their knowledge, included recordings left over from the debut. Peter did get to play on the album. Don Kirshner, the "creative genius" behind the group was fired.

By the third album, they were playing their own instruments (with some studio assistance). On the 4th album, they also relied on studio cats to fill out the sound. By the end—with only two Monkees left—they just sang and let studio musicians do the rest.

If you want to know exactly who played what on what and where, click the Wiki link at the bottom. The info comes direct from the remastered CDs. Those CDs contain a lot of previously unreleased tracks featuring the guys playin' and singin' for yer enjoyment.
Last Train To Clarksville / Take A Giant Step
Boyce-Hart (2:40) / Goffin-King (2:32)
Colgems 66-1001, 8/16/66  #1  UK

This is the 3rd version of the pic sleeve. Go to 45cat for the others.
TV Guide Fall Premiere Issue Write-up

Plus their main competition!
The Monkees: "Royal Flush" 9/12/66, NBC
Pre-fab four show debuted one week after school started (for most of us!).

The Monkees
Colgems COS-101
10/10/66  #1  [UK: 1/67]  #1 
Back Cover

Ad for first album

In the TV Guide issue from above
Side One
(Theme From) The Monkees Boyce-Hart 2:20
Saturday's Child Gates 2:44
I Wanna Be Free Boyce-Hart 2:24
Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day Boyce-Hart 2:33
Papa Jean's Blues† Nesmith 1:55
Take A Giant Step Goffin-King 2:32
Side Two
Last Train To Clarksville Boyce-Hart 2:40
This Just Doesn't Seem To Be My Day Boyce-Hart 2:08
Let's Dance On Boyce-Hart 2:30
I'll Be True To You Goffin-Titleman 2:48
Sweet Young Thing† Goffin-King-Nesmith 1:54
Gonna Buy Me A Dog Boyce-Hart 2:38
David Jones-vocals
Mike Nesmith-vocals
Peter Tork-guitar (Papa Jean's Blues, Sweet Young Thing), vocals
Micky Dolenz-vocals
studio musicians, including Larry "The Mole" Taylor-b, James Burton-g, Glen Campbell-g, Hal Blaine-d
§Cover Photo-Bernard Yeszin
Produced by: Boyce & Hart, Jack Keller, Michael Nesmith†


I'm A Believer / (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone²
Diamond (2:41) / Boyce-Hart (2:25)
Colgems 66-1002, 11/66  #1   #1  / T20


More Of
Colgems COS-102
1/9/67  #1  [UK: 4/67]  #1 
Back Cover

Side One
She Boyce-Hart 2:27
When Love Comes Knockin' (At Your Door) Bayer-Sedaka 1:45
Mary, Mary Nesmith 2:12
Hold On Girl Carr-Keller-Raleigh 2:23
Your Auntie Grizelda Hilderbrand-Keller 2:28
(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone Boyce-Hart 2:25
Side Two
Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow) Diamond 2:10
The Kind Of Girl I Could Love Atkins-Nesmith 1:50
The Day We Fall In Love Lizner-Randell 2:20
Sometime In The Morning Goffin-King 2:24
Laugh Margo-Margo-Medress-Seigal 2:25
I'm A Believer Diamond 2:41
David Jones-vocals
Mike Nesmith-vocals, steel guitar (The Kind Of Girl I Could Love)
Peter Tork-vocals, guitar (Mary, Mary)
Micky Dolenz-vocals
studio musicians, including Larry "The Mole" Taylor-b, Neil Diamond-g, Neil Sedaka-p, Hal Blaine-d
§Cover Photo-uncredited
Produced by: Bobby Hart & Tommy Boyce, Carole Bayer & Neil Sedaka, Michael Nesmith, Jack Keller, Carole King & Gerry Goffin, Jeff Barry


A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You / The Girl I Knew Somewhere¹
Diamond (2:35) / Nesmith (2:32)
Colgems 66-1004, 3/67 T20 T20 / BB

Program listing

The Monkees: "The Monkees On Tour" 4/24/67, NBC
They end the first season showing that they can play instruments!

Colgems COS-103
5/22/67  #1  [UK: 7/67] T20
Back Cover

Revised Back Cover

Bottom center pix of producers replaced with "bearded" Monkees
Beards Photo

Side One
You Told Me Nesmith 2:22
I'll Spend My Life With You Boyce-Hart 2:23
Forget That Girl Hatlelid 2:21
Band 6 Dolenz-Jones-Nesmith-Tork 0:38
You Just May Be The One Nesmith 2:00
Shades Of Gray Mann-Weil 3:20
I Can't Get Her Off My Mind Boyce-Hart 2:23
Side Two
For Pete's Sake Richards-Tork 2:10
Mr Webster Boyce-Hart 2:02
Sunny Girlfriend Nesmith 2:31
Zilch Dolenz-Jones-Nesmith-Tork 1:05
No Time Cicalo 2:09
Early Morning Blues And Greens Hilderbrand-Keller 2:00
Randy Scouse Git Dolenz 2:35
Davy-tambourine, maracas, percussion, vocals
Mike-pedal steel guitar, six-string guitar, organ, vocals
Peter-keyboards, guitar, bass, banjo, vocals
Micky-drums, guitar, vocals
Chip Douglas-occasional bass
Vince DaRosa-French horn
Fred Seykora-cello
§Cover Photo-uncredited
Produced by: Douglas Farthing Hatlelid


6/30-7/2/67: Wembley Empire Pool, London
with The Echoes, Lulu
Pleasant Valley Sunday / Words
Goffin-King (3:10) / Boyce-Hart (2:47)
Colgems 66-1007, 7/67 T20 T20 / T20

Program listing

The Monkees: "It's a Nice Place to Visit..." 9/11/67, NBC
Season Two premiere.
Daydream Believer / Goin' Down¹
Stewart (2:57) / Dolenz-Hilderbrand-Jones-Nesmith-Tork (3:57)
Colgems 66-1012, 11/67  #1  T20


Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd
Colgems COS-104
11/6/67  #1  [UK: 1/68] T20
Back Cover

Side One
Salesman Smith 2:03
She Hangs Out Barry 2:33
The Door Into Summer Douglas-Martin 2:50
Love Is Only Sleeping Mann-Weil 2:28
Cuddly Toy Nilsson 2:45
Words Boyce-Hart 2:48
Side Two
Hard To Believe Brick-Capli-Jones 2:33
What Am I Doing Hangin' 'Round? Clarke-Lewis 3:02
Peter Percival Patterson's Pet Pig Porky/Pleasant Valley Sunday Tork/Goffin-King 3:30
Daily Nightly Nesmith 2:26
Don't Call On Me Nesmith 2:28
Star Collector Goffin-King 3:30
Davy Jones-percussion, vocals
Mike Nesmith-guitar, vocals
Peter Tork-guitar, piano, organ, vocals
Micky Dolenz-drums, guitar, Moog synthesizer, vocals
Douglas Dillard-banjo
Bill Martin-piano, organ
Chip Douglas-piano, organ, bass
Paul Beaver-Moog synthesizer
Eddie Hoe [Hoh], Kim Copli-drums
§Cover Art-Bernard Yeszin
Produced by: Chip Douglas


Valleri / Tapioca Tundra
Boyce-Hart (2:16) / Nesmith (3:03)
Colgems 66-1019, 2/68 T20 T20 / BB

Program listing

The Monkees: "The Frodis Caper" 3/25/68, NBC
Season Two ends—series cancelled. Tim Buckley sings Song To The Siren.

The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees
Colgems COS-109
4/22/68 T20 [UK: 5/68]
Back Cover

Side One
Dream World Jones-Pitts 3:16
Auntie's Municipal Court Nesmith 3:55
We Were Made For Each Other Bayer-Fischoff 2:24
Tapioca Tundra Nesmith 3:03
Daydream Believer* Stewart 2:58
Writing Wrongs Nesmith 5:06
Side Two
I'll Be Back Up On My Feet Linzer-Randell 2:32
The Poster Jones-Pitts 2:16
PO Box 9847 Boyce-Hart 3:18
Magnolia Simms Nesmith 3:42
Valleri Boyce-Hart 2:16
Zor And Zam Chadwick-Chadwick 2:08
Davy-lead vocal (Dream World, We Were Made for Each Other, Daydream Believer, The Poster, Valleri)
Mike-guitar, piano, vocals (lead on Tapioca Tundra, Writing Wrongs, Magnolia Simms)
Peter-piano (Daydream Believer only)
Mickey-percussion, lead vocals (Auntie's Municipal Court, I'll Be Back Up On My Feet, P O Box 9847, Zor And Zam)
L A Studio musicians (including James Burton, Don Randi, Eddie Hoh)
§Cover Design-Alan Wolsky & Friends
Produced by: Chip Douglas*, The Monkees

Note: No, you haven't lost your hearing—Magnolia Simms is on the left channel only.
Yes, Daydream Believer is the only track to feature all 4 monkees

D W Washburn¹ / It's Nice To Be With You¹
Leiber-Stoller (2:46) / Goldstein (2:51)
Colgems 66-1023, 5/68 T20 T20 / BB


The Wichita Train Whistle Sings
Dot SDLP-25861
6/68 BB [UK: 10/68]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Note die-cut hole
Side One
Nine Times Blue Nesmith 4:11
Carlisle Wheeling Nesmith 4:48
Tapioca Tundra Nesmith 2:58
Don't Call On Me Nesmith 4:31
Don't Cry Now Nesmith 3:33
Side Two
While I Cried Nesmith 2:58
Papa Gene's Blues Nesmith 3:26
You Just May Be the One Nesmith 3:21
Sweet Young Thing Goffin-King-Nesmith 2:46
You Told Me Nesmith 4:22
Michael Nesmith-guitar, arranger
Best LA studio musicians, including:
James Burton-guitar
Tommy Tedesco-guitar
Red Rhodes-pedal steel guitar
Doug Dillard-banjo
Larry Knechtel-piano
Earl Palmer-drums
Hal Blaine-drums
§Cover Design-Apple Graphics
Produced by: Michael Nesmith

Note: Read about this peculiar album at the Blue Note

Don't Cry Now³ / Tapioca Tundra³
Nesmith (2:44) / Nesmith (2:52)
Dot 17152, 7/68

Porpoise Song² / As We Go Along²
Goffin-King (4:00) / King-Stern (3:54)
Colgems 66-1031, 9/68 BB

from the movie Head
It's a soundtrack album

Peter Tork quits after taping the fantastic NBC Special (see April 14, 1969)

Instant Replay
Colgems COS-113
2/15/69 BB [UK: 5/69]
Back Cover

Side One
Through The Looking Glass Baldwin-Boyce-Hart-Hunter 2:21
Don't Listen To Linda Boyce-Hart 2:45
I Won't Be The Same Without Her Goffin-King 2:38
Just A Game Dolenz 1:46
Me Without You Boyce-Hart 2:08
Don't Wait For Me Nesmith 2:34
Side Two
You And I Chadwick-Jones 2:10
While I Cry Nesmith 2:57
Tear Drop City Boyce-Hart 2:01
The Girl I Left Behind Me Bayer-Sedaka 2:40
A Man Without A Dream Goffin-King 2:58
Shorty Blackwell Dolenz 5:42
Davy Jones-vocals
Micky Dolenz-vocals, guitar
Michael Nesmith-vocals, guitar
studio musicians
Peter Tork-guitar (I Won't Be The Same Without Her) uncredited
Neil Young-guitar (You And I, Smile) uncredited
§Cover Design-Alan Wolsky
Produced by: Boyce & Hart, Michael Nesmith, Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, Carole Bayer & Neil Sedaka, Bones Howe

Note: Some of these tracks go back to 1966—outtakes from first album.

Eye-irritating ad

33⅓ Revolutions Per Monkee: 4/14/69, NBC
bizarre variety show, with Auge & Jools, Fats, Jerry Lee.
Listen To The Band / Someday Man¹
Nesmith (2:28) / Nichols-Williams (2:38)
Colgems 66-5004, 4/69 BB / BB UK

Tear Drop City / A Man Without A Dream
Boyce-Hart (2:01) / Goffin-King (2:58)
Colgems 66-5000, 5/69 BB UK

Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits

Colgems COS-115, 6/9/69 BB [UK: N/R]
Non-lp 45 track: A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You
Good Clean Fun / Mommy And Daddy
Nesmith (2:14) / Dolenz (2:10)
Colgems 66-5005, 9/69 BB


Colgems COS-117
10/1/69 BB [UK: 10/69]
Back Cover

1986 Rhino Reissue Back Cover
Inside Cover

Side One
Little Girl Dolenz 1:59
Good Clean Fun Nesmith 2:15
If I Knew Chadwick-Jones 2:19
Bye Bye Baby Bye Bye Dolenz-Klein 2:17
Never Tell A Woman Yes Nesmith 3:44
Looking For The Good Times Boyce-Hart 2:00
Side Two
Ladies Aid Society Boyce-Hart 2:40
Listen To The Band Nesmith 2:45
French Song Chadwick 2:23
Mommy And Daddy Dolenz 2:10
Oklahoma Backroom Dancer Nesmith 2:34
Pillow Time Scott-Willis 2:25
Davy Jones-vocals
Micky Dolenz-vocals
Michael Nesmith-vocals, guitar
studio musicians
§Cover Design-Neko Cholis
Produced by: Bill Chadwick, Boyce & Hart, Davy Jones, Michael Nesmith, Micky Dolenz


Program listing

Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In: "Monkees Guest Stars" 10/6/69, NBC
Last appearance of The Monkees (down to a trio).

Wool Hat forms First National Band (see below), becomes Papa Nez

Oh My My / I Love You Better
Barry-Kim (3:00) / Barry-Kim (2:26)
Colgems 66-5011, 5/70 BB


Colgems COS-119
6/30/70 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

1986 Rhino Reissue Back Cover
Side One
Oh My My Barry-Kim 2:57
Ticket On A Ferry Ride Barry-Bloom 3:25
You're So Good To Me Barry-Bloom 2:29
It's Got To Be Love Goldberg 2:20
Acapulco Sun Albright-Soles 2:45
99 Pounds Barry 2:25
Side Two
Tell Me Love Barry 2:32
Do You Feel It Too? Barry-Kim 2:28
I Love You Better Barry-Kim 2:26
All Alone In The Dark Albright-Soles 2:47
Midnight Train Dolenz 2:05
I Never Though It Peculiar Boyce-Hart 2:20
Davy Jones-vocals
Micky Dolenz-vocals
studio musicians
§Cover Photo-Rickyflicks
Produced by: Jeff Barry

Note: This last "Monkees" album didn't touch the Billboard Top 200 Album charts until 1986 (thanks, boomers!)

The last pre-fab two go their separate ways...
until 1986: boomers watch MTV marathon + buy Rhino records = 20th anniversry tour.

Magnetic South
RCA Victor SP-4371
6/70 BB [UK: 9/70]
Back Cover

Side One
Calico Girlfriend Nesmith 2:37
Nine Times Blue Nesmith 1:39
Little Red Rider Nesmith 2:34
The Crippled Lion Nesmith 3:10
Joanne Nesmith 3:10
First National Rag Rhodes :21
Side Two
Mama Nantucket Nesmith 2:36
Keys to the Car Nesmith 2:52
Hollywood Nesmith 5:03
One Rose Cochran-Howard 3:27
Beyond the Blue Horizon Cochran-Howard 5:55
Michael Nesmith-guitar, vocals
Red Rhodes-pedal steel guitar
Earl P Hall-piano
John London-bass
John Ware-drums
§Cover Art-Kittyhawk Graphics (Dean Torrence)
Produced by: Felton Jarvis


Little Red Rider / Rose City Chimes (Instrumental)¹
Nesmith (2:34) / Nesmith (2:11)
RCA 9853, 7/70

Joanne / One Rose
Nesmith (3:10) / Cochran-Howard (3:27)
RCA 0368, 8/70 BB

Silver Moon / Lady Of The Valley
Nesmith (3:15) / Nesmith (2:56)
RCA 0399, 11/70 BB


Loose Salute
RCA SP-4415
11/70 BB [UK: 12/70]
Back Cover

Side One
Silver Moon Nesmith 3:15
I Fall To Pieces Cochran-Howard 2:56
Thanx For The Ride Nesmith 2:48
Dedicated Friend Nesmith 2:27
Conversations Nesmith 3:27
Side Two
Tengo Amore Nesmith 3:00
Listen to the Band Nesmith 2:35
Bye, Bye, Bye Nesmith 3:17
Lady of the Valley Nesmith 2:57
Hello Lady Nesmith 3:49
Michael Nesmith-guitar, vocals
Red Rhodes-pedal steel guitar
Glen Hardin-piano
John London-bass
John Ware-drums
§Cover Design-Layton Huber; Illustration-Charles Bragg
Produced by: Michael Nesmith


Barrel Full Of Monkees
Barrel Full Of Monkees

Colgems SCOS-1001, 1/71 [UK: N/R]
2-lp set, no unique tracks
Nevada Fighter / Here I Am
Nesmith (3:06) / Nesmith (3:15)
RCA 0453, 4/71 BB


Nevada Fighter
RCA Victor SP-4497
5/71 [UK: 9/71]
Back Cover

Side One
Grand Ennui Nesmith 2:10
Propinquity (I've Just Begun to Care) Nesmith 2:59
Here I Am Nesmith 3:19
Only Bound Nesmith 3:28
Nevada Fighter Nesmith 3:09
Side Two
Texas Morning Caslteman-Murphey 3:23
Tumbling Tumbleweeds Nolan 3:44
I Looked Away Clapton-Whitlock 3:16
Rainmaker Nilsson-Martin 3:18
René Rhodes 1:42
Michael Nesmith-guitar, vocals
Red Rhodes-pedal steel guitar
Glen Hardin-piano
John London-bass
John Ware-drums
James Burton-guitar
Al Casey-guitar
Michael Cohen-keyboards
Max Bennett-bass
Joe Osborne-bass
Ron Tutt-drums
§Cover Art-Dean Torrence (Kittyhawk Graphics)
Produced by: Michael Nesmith


Texas Morning³ / Tumbling Tumbleweeds
Caslteman-Murphey (3:00) / Nolan (3:44)
RCA 0491, 6/71

I've Just Begun To Care (Propinquity) / Only Bound
Nesmith (2:59) / Nesmith (3:23)
RCA 0540, 10/71



Nesmith Covers
Different Drum The Stone Poneys (Evergreen Volume 2) 6/67
Mary, Mary Butterfield Blues Band (East-West) 8/66
Propinquity The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy) 10/70
Some Of Shelly's Blues The Stone Poneys (Volume 3) 4/68
  The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy) 10/70
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