The Electric Prunes

Ain't It Hard¹ / Little Oliver¹
Tillison-Tillison (2:14) / Lowe (2:40)
Reprise 0473, 5/66

I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) / Luvin'
Mantz-Tucker (2:55) / Lowe-Tulin (2:04)
Reprise 0532, 11/66 T20 UK

Get Me To The World On Time / Are You Lovin' Me More (But Enjoying It Less)
Jones-Tucker (2:32) / Mantz-Tucker (2:21)
Reprise 0564, 3/67 BB UK


The Electric Prunes
Reprise RS-6248
3/67 BB [UK: 4/67]
Back Cover

Side One
I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) Mantz-Tucker 2:55
Bangles Walsh 2:27
Onie Mantz-Tucker 2:43
Are You Lovin' Me More (But Enjoying It Less) Mantz-Tucker 2:21
Train For Tomorrow Lowe-Ritter-Spagnola-Tulin-Williams 3:00
Sold To The Highest Bidder Mantz-Tucker 2:16
Side Two
Get Me To The World On Time Jones-Tucker 2:30
About A Quarter To Nine Dubin-Warren 2:07
The King Is In The Counting House Mantz-Tucker 2:00
Luvin' Lowe-Tulin 2:03
Try Me On For Size Jones-Tucker 2:19
The Toonerville Trolley Mantz-Tucker 2:34
Jim Lowe-autoharp, tambourine, guitar, vocals
Ken Williams-guitar
Weasel Spagnola-guitar, vocals
Mark Tulin-bass, organ, piano
Preston Ritter-drums
§Cover Photo-Jane McCowan; Illustration-Stan Leong
Produced by: David Hassinger


Hideaway / Dr Do-Good
Lowe-Tulin (2:37) / Mantz-Tucker (2:26)
Reprise 0594, 5/67

The Great Banana Hoax³ / Wind-Up Toys
Lowe-Tulin (2:57) / Lowe-Tulin (2:26)
Reprise 0607, 7/67


Reprise RS-6262
8/67 BB [UK: 8/67]
Back Cover

Side One
The Great Banana Hoax Lowe-Tulin 3:05
Children Of Rain William-Williams 2:30
Wind-Up Toys Lowe-Tulin 2:27
Antique Doll Mantz-Tucker 3:10
It's Not Fair Lowe-Tulin 2:00
I Happen To Love You Goffin-King 3:12
Side Two
Dr Do-Good Mantz-Tucker 2:27
I Mantz-Tucker 5:10
Hideaway Lowe-Tulin 2:37
Big City Walsh-Walsh 2:45
Captain Glory Lowe 2:11
Long Day's Flight Weakley-Yorty 3:09
James [Lowe]-autoharp, harmonica, vocals
Ken [Williams]-guitar
Weasel [Spagnola]-guitar
Mark [Tulin]-bass, organ, piano
Quint [Michael Weakley]-drums
§Cover Photo-Tom Tucker
Produced by: David Hassinger


Whole group replaced by Hassinger during recording of Mass In F Minor

11/24/67: Cambridge Corn Exchange, Cambridge

Mass In F Minor
Reprise RS-6275
11/67 BB [UK: 3/68]
Back Cover

Side One
I   Kyrie Eleison Axelrod 3:18
II  Gloria Axelrod 5:42
III Credo Axelrod 4:58
Side Two
IV  Sanctus Axelrod 2:52
V   Benedictus Axelrod 4:48
VI  Agnus Dei Axelrod 4:25
Jim Lowe-autoharp, harmonica, vocals
Ken Williams-guitar
Mark Gannon-guitar
Mark Tulin-bass, organ, piano
Quint [Michael Weakley]-drums
§Cover Photo-Ed Thrasher
Produced by: David Hassinger, David Axelrod (arranger)


You Never Had It Better¹ / Everybody Knows You're Not In Love¹
Poncher-Schwartz-Snagster (2:07) / Lowe-Tulin (3:06)
Reprise 0652, 12/67


Release Of An Oath
Reprise RS-6316
9/68 [UK: 11/68]
Back Cover

Side One
Kol Nidre Axelrod 4:14
Holy Are You Axelrod 4:05
General Confessional Axelrod 4:15
Side Two
Individual Confessional Axelrod 2:10
Our Father, Our King Axelrod 3:10
The Adoration Axelrod 3:48
Closing Hymn Axelrod 2:53
Mark Kincaid-guitar, vocals
John Herren-organ
Brett Wade-bass, flute, vocals
Richard Whetstone-drums, vocals
§Cover Photo-Sid Avery
Produced by: David Axelrod


Hey Mr President¹ / Flowing Smoothly¹
Adams-Barkan (2:49) / Wade (3:04)
Reprise 0805, 1/69


Just Good Old Rock And Roll
Reprise RS-6342
6/69 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Sell Herron-Herron 3:13
14 Year Old Funk Daffern-Morgan 3:31
Love Grows Daffern-Fleck-Morgan-Wade 4:07
So Many People To Tell Wade 4:00
Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers Chambers-Holiday-Lewis 3:30
Side Two
Giant Sunhorse Daffern-Morgan-Tamblyn-Wade 4:06
Violent Rose Herron-Whetstone 2:42
Thorjon Kincaid-Wade-Whetstone 2:58
Silver Passion Mine Wade 2:53
Tracks Herron-Herron 2:44
Sing To Me Wade 3:22
Mark Kincaid-guitar, vocals
Ron Morgan-guitar
John Herron-organ
Brett Wade-bass, flute, vocals
Dick Whetstone-drums, vocals
§Cover Photo-Tommy Mitchell
Produced by: David Hassinger


Violent Rose / Sell
Herron-Whetstone (2:42) / Herron-Herron (3:13)
Reprise 0833, 6/69

Easy Rider(7/14/69)
Great soundtrack album!
Love Grows / Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers
Daffern-Fleck-Morgan-Wade (4:07) / Chambers-Holiday-Lewis (3:30)
Reprise 0858, 10/69

All done after this record
31 years later, the original guys regroup and release Artifact


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