The Byrds

Gotta Start Somewhere...

The Beefeaters
Please Let Me Love You / Don't Be Long
Clark-Gerst-McGuinn (2:19) / Gerst-McGuinn (1:58)
Elektra 45013, 10/64


Mr Tambourine Man / I Knew I'd Want You
Dylan (2:18) / Clark (2:13)
Columbia 43271, 4/65  1 

Roger McGuinn-vocals, 12 string guitar
William Pitman-guitar
Jerry Kolbrak-guitar
Leon Russell-piano
Larry Knechtel-bass
Hal Blaine-drums
Gene Clark & David Crosby-vocals (overdubbed later)


All I Really Want To Do² / I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better
Dylan (2:02) / Clark (2:31)
Columbia 43332, 6/65 BB


Mr Tambourine Man
Columbia CS-9172
6/21/65 BB RS500 [UK: 8/65] #7
Back Cover

Side One
Mr Tambourine Man Dylan 2:20
I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better Clark 2:31
Spanish Harlem Incident Dylan 1:58
You Won't Have To Cry Clark-McGuinn 2:07
Here Without You Clark 2:36
The Bells Of Rhymney arr Seeger 3:30
Side Two
All I Really Want To Do Dylan 2:02
I Knew I'd Want You Clark 2:14
It's No Use Clark-McGuinn 2:23
Don't Doubt Yourself, Babe DeShannon 2:46
Chimes Of Freedom Dylan 3:50
We'll Meet Again Charles-Parker 2:07
Roger McGuinn-guitar, banjo, vocals
Gene Clark-guitar, tambourine, vocals
David Crosby-guitar, vocals
Chris Hillman-bass, mandolin, vocals
Michael Clarke-drums
except Mr Tambourine Man and I Knew I'd Want You, as noted on the 45 above
§Cover Photo-Barry Feinstein @ bird sanctuary in Griffith Park
Produced by: Terry Melcher

Note: Back photo of The Byrds with Special Guest Mr Dylan (taken at Ciro's)

Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season) / She Don't Care About Time¹
arr Seeger (3:34) / Clark (2:28)
Columbia 43424, 10/65  1 


Turn! Turn! Turn!
Columbia CS-9254
12/6/65 BB [UK: 3/66] #11
Back Cover

Side One
Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season) arr Seeger 3:34
It Won't Be Wrong Gerst-McGuinn 1:58
Set You Free This Time Clark 2:49
Lay Down Your Weary Tune Dylan 3:30
He Was A Friend Of Mine Crosby 2:30
Side Two
The World Turns All Around Her Clark 2:12
Satisfied Mind Hayes-Rhodes 2:21
If You're Gone Clark 2:45
The Times They Are A-Changing Dylan 2:17
Wait And See Crosby-McGuinn 2:19
Oh! Susannah Foster, arr McGuinn 3:00
Roger McGuinn-guitar, banjo, vocals
Gene Clark-guitar, tambourine, vocals
David Crosby-guitar, vocals
Chris Hillman-bass, mandolin, vocals
Michael Clarke-drums
Terry Melcher-organ (He Was A Friend Of Mine)
§Cover Photo-Guy Webster
Produced by: Terry Melcher


Set You Free This Time / It Won't Be Wrong
Clark (2:49) / Gerst-McGuinn (1:58)
Columbia 43501, 1/66 BB


Gene Clark can't fly, quits for solo career

The Big TNT Show(1/16/66)
Eight Miles High / Why?²
Clark-Crosby-McGuinn (3:35) / Crosby-McGuinn (2:58)
Columbia 43578, 3/66 BB

5D (Fifth Dimension) / Captain Soul
McGuinn (2:32) / Clark-Crosby-Hillman-McGuinn (2:35)
Columbia 43702, 6/66 BB


5D (Fifth Dimension)
Columbia CS-9349
7/18/66 BB [UK: 9/66] #27
Back Cover

Side One
5D (Fifth Dimension) McGuinn 2:31
Wild Mountain Thyme arr Clark-Crosby-Hillman-McGuinn 2:29
Mr Spaceman McGuinn 2:08
I See You Crosby-McGuinn 2:31
What's Happening?!?! Crosby 2:30
I Come And Stand At Every Door Hikmet 3:01
Side Two
Eight Miles High Clark-Crosby-McGuinn 3:35
Hey Joe (Where You Gonna Go) Powers 2:08
Captain Soul Clark-Crosby-Hillman-McGuinn 2:35
John Riley Gibson-Neff 2:57
2-4-2 Fox Trot (The Lear Jet Song) McGuinn 2:08
Roger McGuinn-guitar, banjo, vocals
David Crosby-guitar, vocals
Chris Hillman-bass, mandolin, vocals
Michael Clarke-drums
Gene Clark-vocals (Eight Miles High)
Van Dyke Parks-keyboards (5D (Fifth Dimension))
§Cover Photo-Horn/Griner
Produced by: Allen Stanton


Mr Spaceman / What's Happening?!?!
McGuinn (2:08) / Crosby (2:30)
Columbia 43766, 9/66 BB

So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star / Everybody's Been Burned
Hillman-McGuinn (2:04) / Crosby (3:03)
Columbia 43987, 1/67 BB


Younger Than Yesterday
Columbia CS-9442
2/6/67 BB RS500 [UK: 4/67] #37
Back Cover

Side One
So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star Hillman-McGuinn 2:05
Have You Seen Her Face? Hillman 2:40
CTA-102 Hippard-McGuinn 2:28
Renaissance Fair Crosby-McGuinn 1:51
Time Between Hillman 1:53
Everybody's Been Burned Crosby 3:05
Side Two
Thoughts And Words Hillman 2:56
Mind Gardens Crosby 3:46
My Back Pages Dylan 3:08
The Girl With No Name Hillman 1:50
Why? Crosby-McGuinn 2:45
Roger McGuinn-guitar, vocals
David Crosby-guitar, vocals
Chris Hillman-bass, mandolin, vocals
Michael Clarke-drums
Clarence White-guitar (Time Between, The Girl With No Name)
Vern Gosdin-guitar (Time Between)
Cecil Barnard-piano (Have You Seen Her Face)
Van Dyke Parks-organ (My Back Pages)
Hugh Masekela-trumpet (So You Want To Be A Rock & Roll Star)
Jay Migliori-saxophone (Renaissance Fair)
§Cover Photo-Frank Bez
Produced by: Gary Usher


My Back Pages³ / Renaissance Fair
Dylan (2:30) / Crosby-McGuinn (1:50)
Columbia 44054, 3/67 BB

Have You Seen Her Face? / Don't Make Waves¹
Hillman (2:20) / Hillman-McGuinn (1:30)
Columbia 44157, 5/67 BB

Movie version of Don't Make Waves is different recording
Magic Mountain Music Festival(6/11/67)
Monterey International Pop Festival(6/17/67)
Don't Make Waves(6/20/67)
Lady Friend¹ / Old John Roberston²
Crosby (2:30) / Hillman-McGuinn (1:50)
Columbia 44230, 7/67 BB

Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits

Columbia CS-9516, 8/7/67 BB RS500 [UK: 10/67]
no unique tracks

David Crosby kicked out, eventually hooks up with Stills & Nash in Laurel Canyon

Goin' Back² / Change Is Now
Goffin-King (3:23) / Hillman-McGuinn (3:17)
Columbia 44362, 10/67 BB


The Notorious Byrd Brothers
Columbia CS-9575
1/15/68 BB RS500 [UK: 4/68] #12
Back Cover

Side One
Artificial Energy Clarke-Hillman-McGuinn 2:18
Goin' Back† Goffin-King 3:26
Natural Harmony† Hillman 2:11
Draft Morning Crosby-Hillman-McGuinn 2:42
Wasn't Born To Follow† Goffin-King 2:04
Get To You‡ Hillman-McGuinn 2:39
Side Two
Change Is Now‡ Hillman-McGuinn 3:21
Old John Robertson Hillman-McGuinn 1:49
Tribal Gathering Crosby-Hillman 2:03
Dolphin's Smile Crosby-Hillman-McGuinn 2:00
Space Odyssey Hippard-McGuinn 3:52
Roger McGuinn-guitar, Moog synthesizer (Natural Harmony), vocals
Clarence White-guitar
Chris Hillman-bass, mandolin (Draft Morning), vocals
Michael Clarke-drums
David Crosby-rhythm guitar, vocals [uncredited]
Paul Beaver-Moog synthesizer (Goin' Back)
Red Rhodes-pedal steel guitar (Goin' Back)
Jim Gordon-drums†
Hal Blaine-drums‡
Gary Usher-Moog synthesizer, percussion, backing vocals
Barry Goldberg-organ
Curt Boettcher-vocals
§Cover Photo-Guy Webster
Produced by: Gary Usher

Note: Draft Morning material written and performed by The Firesign Theatre
Michael Clarke quit halfway thru the recordings, thus Gordon & Blaine fill in.

Gram Parsons from  The International Submarine Band 

You Ain't Going Nowhere / Artificial Energy
Dylan (2:48) / Clarke-Hillman-McGuinn (2:17)
Columbia 44499, 4/68 BB

The Weight / Splendor In The Grass
Robertson (2:58) / DeShannon (2:24)
Imperial 66313, 7/68

On this Jackie DeShannon single, The Byrds provide backup for their friend on the b-side, recorded in 1965
Newport Pop Festival(8/4/68)

Sweetheart Of The Rodeo
Columbia CS-9670
8/30/68 BB RS500 [UK: 9/68]
Back Cover

Side One
You Ain't Going Nowhere Dylan 2:33
I Am A Pilgrim Trad 3:39
The Christian Life Louvin-Louvin 2:30
You Don't Miss Your Water Bell 3:48
You're Still On My Mind McDaniel 2:25
Pretty Boy Floyd Guthrie 2:34
Side Two
Hickory Wind Buchanan-Parsons 3:31
One Hundred Years From Now Parsons 2:40
Blue Canadian Rockies Walker 2:02
Life In Prison Haggard-Sanders 2:46
Nothing Was Delivered Dylan 3:24
Roger McGuinn-guitar, banjo, vocals
Clarence White-guitar, vocals
Gram Parsons-guitar, piano, organ, vocals
Chris Hillman-bass, mandolin, guitar, vocals
Kevin Kelley-drums
John Hartford-banjo, guitar, fiddle
Lloyd Green-pedal steel guitar
Jay Dee Maness-pedal steel guitar
Earl Ball-piano
Roy "Junior" Husky-bass
§Cover Art-see note
Produced by: Gary Usher

Note: Cover artwork adapted by Geller & Butler Advertising based on the poster The American Cowboy Rodeo (1932) by Uruguyan artist Jo Mora

I Am A Pilgrim / Pretty Boy Floyd
Trad (3:38) / Guthrie (2:35)
Columbia 44643, 9/68


Gram Parsons & Chris Hillman (last original Byrd) form The Flying Burrito Brothers

Bad Night At The Whiskey / Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man
McGuinn-Richards (3:20) / McGuinn-Parsons (3:42)
Columbia 44746, 1/69


 ➜ Live: 2/7-8, Fillmore West; released 1998: Live At The Fillmore—February 1969 

Dr Byrds & Mr Hyde
Columbia CS-9755
3/5/69 BB [UK: 4/69] #15
Back Cover

Side One
This Wheel's On Fire Danko-Dylan 4:48
Old Blue Trad 3:25
Your Gentle Way Of Loving Me Guilbeau-Paxton 2:38
Child Of The Universe Grusin-McGuinn 3:08
Nashville West Parsons-White 2:32
Side Two
Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man McGuinn-Parsons 3:56
King Apathy III McGuinn 3:03
Candy McGuinn-York 3:01
Bad Night At The Whiskey McGuinn-Richards 3:26
   My Back Pages
   BJ Blues
   Baby What You Want Me To Do
Roger McGuinn-guitar, vocals
Clarence White-guitar, vocals
John York-bass, vocals
Gene Parsons-drums, guitar, 5-string banjo, vocals
Lloyd Green-steel guitar (Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man)
§Album Design-The Institute For Better Vision
Produced by: Bob Johnston


Lay Lady Lay¹ / Old Blue
Dylan (3:15) / Trad (3:21)
Columbia 44868, 5/69

This is the crappy version of Lay Lady Lay, with overdubbed everything—McGuinn hated it!
Easy Rider(7/14/69) Roger McGuinn

Together ST-T-1001
7/69 BB [UK: 9/73]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Label (reverse shows backs of heads)

1973 Columbia Reissue

1973 UK Cover

Side One
You Showed Me Clark-McGuinn 1:59
Here Without You Clark 2:25
She Has A Way Clark 2:30
The Reason Why Clark 2:31
For Me Again Clark 2:30
Boston Clark 2:03
Side Two
You Movin' Clark 2:05
The Airport Song Crosby-McGuinn 1:59
You Won't Have To Cry Clark-McGuinn 2:13
I Knew I'd Want You Clark 2:15
Mr Tambourine Man Dylan 2:17
Jim McGuinn-guitar, vocals
Gene Clark-vocals, tambourine
David Crosby-guitar, vocals
Chris Hillman-bass
Michael Clarke-drums, percussion
§69 Design-Tom Wilkes; 73 Cover Illustration-Barry Windsor-Smith
Produced by: Jim Dickson

Note: Consists of demos recorded at World Pacific Studios in LA in 1964

Newport Pop Festival(6/22/69)
Seattle Pop Festival(7/25/69)
Atlantic City Pop Festival(8/2/69)
New Orleans Pop Festival(8/31/69)
Ballad Of Easy Rider / Wasn't Born To Follow
McGuinn (2:03) / Goffin-King (2:03)
Columbia 44990, 10/69 BB


Ballad Of Easy Rider
Columbia CS-9942
11/10/69 BB [UK: 1/70] #41
Back Cover

Side One
Ballad Of Easy Rider McGuinn 2:05
Fido York 2:42
Oil In My Lamp Parsons-White 3:16
Tulsa County Blue Polland 2:50
Jack Tarr The Sailor Trad 3:33
Side Two
Jesus Is Just Alright Reynolds 2:12
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue Dylan 4:56
There Must Be Someone (I Can Turn To) Gosdin-Gosdin-Gosdin 3:30
Gunga Din Parsons 3:05
Deportee (Plane Wreck At Los Gatos) Guthrie-Guthrie 3:49
Armstrong, Aldrin And Collins Manners-Seely 1:41
Roger McGuinn-guitar, Moog synthesizer, vocals
Clarence White-guitar, vocals
John York-bass, vocals
Gene Parsons-drums, guitar, 5-string banjo, vocals
Byron Berline-fiddle (Tulsa County Blue)
Glen D Hardin-organ (Gunga Din)
§Cover Art-Lem Parsons (Gene's dad) on a 1928 Harley
Produced by: Terry Melcher


John York fired

Skip Battin (of 60's Skip & Flip #11: Cherry Pie and LA session work) replaces him, making a 3-year stable Byrds

Palm Beach Music & Art Festival(11/29, 30/69)
Jesus Is Just Alright / It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
Reynolds (2:09) / Dylan (4:52)
Columbia 45071, 12/69 BB


Columbia G-30127
9/14/70 BB [UK: 11/70] #11
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One (Concert)
Lover Of The Bayou‡ Levy-McGuinn 3:40
Positively 4th Street‡ Dylan 3:03
Nashville West‡ Parsons-White 2:00
So You Want To Be a Rock & Roll Star† Hillman-McGuinn 2:37
Mr Tambourine Man† Dylan 2:18
Mr Spaceman† McGuinn 3:11
Side Two (Concert)
Eight Miles High† Clark-Crosby-McGuinn 16:15
Side Three
Chestnut Mare Levy-McGuinn 5:10
Truck Stop Girl George-Payne 3:19
All The Things Levy-McGuinn 3:05
Yesterday's Train Battin-Parsons 3:32
Hungry Planet Battin-Fowley-McGuinn 5:00
Side Four
Just A Season Levy-McGuinn 3:54
Take A Whiff On Me Leadbelly-Lomax-Lomax 3:28
You All Look Alike Battin-Fowley 3:04
Welcome Back Home Battin 7:45
Roger McGuinn-guitar, Moog synthesizer, vocals
Clarence White-guitar, mandolin, vocals
Skip Battin-bass, vocals
Gene Parsons-drums, guitar, 5-string banjo, vocals
Gram Parsons-vocals (All The Things)
Sneaky Pete Kleinow-steel guitar (Yesterday's Train)
Byron Berline-fiddle (You All Look Alike)
Terry Melcher-piano (All The Things, Truck Stop Girl)
§Cover Design-Eve Babitz, Photo-Nancy Chester @ Griffith Observatory
Produced by: Jim Dickson, Terry Melcher

Note: Recorded live at Colden Center Auditorium, Queens College, NY (2/28/70)† and the Felt Forum (3/1/70)‡

Chestnut Mare / Just A Season³
Levy-McGuinn (5:10) / Levy-McGuinn (3:48)
Columbia 45259, 10/70

The version you mighta heard on the radio was edited down to 2:54 (and was terrible).

 ➜ Live: 5/13, Royal Albert Hall; released 2008: Live At Royal Albert Hall 1971 

Columbia KC-30640
6/3/71 BB [UK: 8/71]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Glory, Glory Reynolds 4:02
Pale Blue McGuinn 2:20
I Trust McGuinn 3:29
Tunnel Of Love Battin-Fowley 3:29
Citizen Kane Battin-Fowley 2:35
Side Two
I Wanna Grow Up To Be A Politician Levy-McGuinn 2:02
Absolute Happiness Battin-Fowley 2:36
Green Apple Quick Step Parsons-White 1:49
My Destiny Carter 3:35
Kathleen's Song Levy-McGuinn 2:39
Jamaica Say You Will Browne 3:25
Roger McGuinn-guitar, synthesizer, vocals
Clarence White-guitar, vocals
Skip Battin-bass, vocals
Gene Parsons-drums, guitar, 5-string banjo, vocals
Sneaky Pete Kleinow-pedal steel guitar (I Trust, My Destiny)
Larry Knechtel-piano, organ
Terry Melcher-piano (I Trust)
Byron Berline-fiddle (Green Apple Quick Step)
Eric White-harmonica (Green Apple Quick Step)
Paul Polena-horns
§Cover Masks-Mary Leonard, Photo-Don Jim
Produced by: Terry Melcher


Glory, Glory³ / Citizen Kane
Reynolds (3:27) / Battin-Fowley (2:37)
Columbia 45440, 8/71


Farther Along
Columbia KC-31050
11/17/71 BB [UK: 1/72]
Back Cover

Side One
Tiffany Queen McGuinn 2:40
Get Down Your Line Parsons 3:25
Farther Along White 2:56
B B Class Road Dawson-Parsons 2:15
Bugler Murray 3:05
Side Two
America's Great National Pastime Battin-Fowley 2:56
Antique Sandy Battin-McGuinn-Parsons-Seiter-White 2:12
Precious Kate Battin-Fowley 2:58
So Fine Otis 2:36
Lazy Waters Rafkin 3:31
Bristol Steam Convention Blues Parsons-White 2:38
Roger McGuinn-guitar, vocals
Clarence White-guitar, mandolin, vocals (lead on Bugler)
Skip Battin-bass, piano, vocals
Gene Parsons-drums, rhythm guitar, harmonica, steel guitar, 5-string banjo, vocals
§Cover Photo-Ed Caraeff
Produced by: The Byrds

Note: Recorded in London, July 22-28

America's Great National Pastime / Farther Along
Battin-Fowley (2:56) / White (3:00)
Columbia 45514, 11/71



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