Ten Wheel Drive with Genya Ravan
Genya Ravan

Gotta Start Somewhere...

Note: Genya Ravan (born Goldie Zelkowitz) started out as vocalist for The Escorts, then as leader of Goldie & The Gingerbreads.
More "Goldie" singles at 45cat

Goldie & The Gingerbreads
Skinny Vinnie / Chew Chew Fee Fi Fum
Green-Zelkowitz (2:03) / Lance-Robbins (2:10)
Spokane 45-4005, 2/64


Goin' Back / Headlines
Goffin-King (2:27) / Oldham (3:25)
Immediate IM 026, 2/66 [UK]

Note: produced by Andrew Loog Oldham
Noted here because it was withdrawn within weeks, as Carole King objected to lyric changes Oldham made

Goldie & The Gingerbreads
Walking In Different Circles / Song Of The Moon
English-Weiss (2:30) / Lorber-Stogel (2:42)
Atco 45-6475, 4/67


Atlanta International Pop Festival(7/4, 5/69)
Tightrope³ / Lapidary
Ravan-Rix (3:06) / Schefrin-Zager (4:32)
Polydor 14015, 11/69


Construction #1
Polydor 24-4008
11/69 BB
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Tightrope Ravan-Rix 5:08
Lapidary Schefrin-Zager 4:30
Eye Of The Needle Schefrin-Zager 8:07
Candy Man Blues Hoff-Hoff 4:34
Side Two
Ain't Gonna Happen Schefrin-Zager 5:36
Polar Bear Rug Schefrin-Zager 4:30
House In Central Park Schefrin-Zager 4:31
I Am A Want Ad Schefrin-Zager 4:25
Genya Ravan-harmonica, tambourine, vocals
Aram Schefrin-guitar, percussion, vocals
Michael Zager-clarinet, keyboards, organ, piano
Bill Taxas-bass
Leon Rix-drums, cello, percussion
Louis Hoff-flute, baritone & tenor sax
Peter Hyde-flugelhorn, trumpet
Richard Meisterman-flugelhorn, trumpet
Dennis Parisi-trombone
Steve Sattan-horn
Jay Silva-flugelhorn, flute, trumpet
§Cover Design-David Krieger; Cover Photo-Robert Golden
Produced by: Walter Raim


Eye Of The Needle³ / I Am A Want Ad
Schefrin-Zager (3:20) / Schefrin-Zager (4:27)
Polydor 14024, 4/70


Bill Taxas and Leon Rix to work with Buzzy Linhart

Morning Much Better / Stay With Me³
Ravan-Zager (2:36) / Ragavoy-Weiss (3:35)
Polydor 14037, 7/70 BB


Brief Replies
Polydor 24-4024
7/70 BB
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Morning Much Better Ravan-Zager 2:36
Brief Replies Schefrin-Zager 5:35
Pulse Schefrin-Zager 4:21
Come Live With Me Schefrin-Zager 5:22
Side Two
Stay With Me Ragavoy-Weiss 4:20
How Long Before I'm Gone Schefrin-Zager 6:45
Last Of The Line Schefrin-Zager 5:21
Interlude: A View Of Soft Schefrin-Zager 3:53
Genya Ravan-harmonica, tambourine, vocals
Aram Schefrin-banjo, guitar, percussion, vocals
Michael Zager-clarinet, keyboards, organ, piano
Bob Piazza-bass, vocals
Allen Herman-drums, percussion, vibraphone
John Eckert-flugelhorn, horn, trumpet
John Gatchell-flugelhorn, horn, trumpet
David Liebman-flute, baritone & tenor sax
Dennis Parisi-trombone
Steve Sattan-bells, flugelhorn, trumpet
§Cover Design-Russell & Hinrichs, Inc; Photo-Phillip Leonian
Produced by: Guy Draper


Summer Festival For Peace(8/6/70)
March 14, 1971: Concert at Carnegie Hall
with American Symphony Orchestra, performing oratoria "Little Big Horn." Polydor decides not to record the one-time only ever performed event (idiots). Billboard review

Peculiar Friends
Polydor 24-4062
5/71 BB
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Peculiar Friends Schefrin-Zager :19
The Night I Got Out Of Jail Schefrin-Zager 3:44
Shootin' The Breeze Schefrin-Zager 3:19
The Pickpocket Ravan-Schefrin-Zager 3:48
No Next Time Schefrin-Zager 4:34
Side Two
Love Me Schefrin-Zager 5:05
Fourteenth Street (I Can't Get Together) Schefrin-Zager 5:49
I Had Him Down Schefrin-Zager 3:52
Down In The Cold Ravan-Schefrin-Zager 6:09
Genya Ravan-harp, vocals
Aram Schefrin-guitar, vocals
Michael Zager-keyboards, clarinet
Blake Hines-bass
David Williams-drums
Danny Stiles-trumpet
Frank Frint-trumpet
Dean Pratt-trumpet
Alan Gauvin-reeds
Tom Malone-trombone
§Cover Design & Art-David L'Heureux
Produced by: Aram Schefrin & Michael Zager


Genya to solo career

Down In The Cold¹ / Last Of The Line³
Schefrin-Ravan-Zager (3:09) / Schefrin-Zager (3:17)
Polydor 14052, 7/71

Mammy Blue / Groove Me
Giraud-Trim (3:00) / Glicksman-Ravan (2:36)
Columbia 4-45476, 9/71

Rest continue with one more album in 73.
Michael Zager makes disco hits.


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