Taj Mahal
Ry Cooder ♦ Jesse Ed Davis 

Gotta Start Somewhere...

Note: Mahal & Cooder started this folk/blues group, way ahead of its time.
Tracks for an unreleased album were finally issued in the 90s.

The Rising Sons
Candy Man / The Devil's Got My Woman
Davis (2:00) / James (3:04)
Columbia 43534, 2/66

Taj Mahal-guitar, harmonica, piano, vocals
Ry Cooder-dobro, guitar, mandolin, bottleneck guitar, vocals
Jesse Lee Kincaid-guitar, vocals
Gary Marker-bass
Kevin Kelley-percussion, drums
Produced by: Terry Melcher


I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate¹ / Let The Good Times Roll¹
Piron (2:33) / Lee (2:24)
Columbia 44051, 3/67

E Z Rider³ / Leaving Trunk³
arr Davis (2:41) / Estes (2:47)
Columbia 44405, 12/67


Taj Mahal
Columbia CS-9579
1/68 [UK: 6/68]
Back Cover

Side One
Leaving Trunk Estes 4:49
Statesboro Blues McTell 2:58
Checkin' Up On My Baby Williamson 4:54
Everybody's Got To Change Sometime Estes 2:56
Side Two
EZ Rider Mahal 3:03
Dust My Broom Johnson 2:37
Diving Duck Blues Estes 2:40
The Celebrated Walkin' Blues Trad 8:52
Taj Mahal-vocals, guitar, harp, slide guitar
Jesse Edwin Davis-lead guitar, piano (Checkin' Up On My Baby)
Ry Cooder-rhythm, slide guitar, mandolin (The Celebrated Walkin' Blues)
James Thomas-bass
Sanford Konikoff-drums
Bill Boatman-rhythm guitar (Dust My Broom, Diving Duck Blues)
Gary Gilmore-bass (Dust My Broom, Diving Duck Blues)
Charles "Brother" Blackwell-drums (Dust My Broom, Diving Duck Blues)
§Cover Photo-Guy Webster
Produced by: David Rubinson


Everybody's Got To Change Sometime³ / Statesboro Blues
Estes (2:48) / arr Mahal (2:59)
Columbia 44476, 3/68

Northern California Folk-Rock Festival(5/19/68) Taj
Newport Folk Festival(7/25, 28/68) Taj
You Don't Miss Your Water ('Till Your Well Runs Dry) / Going Up to the Country, Paint My Mailbox Blue
Bell (4:24) / Mahal (3:34)
Columbia 44696, 11/68

Rock 'N' Roll Circus: never aired (filmed 12/11/68)
Taj & group join The Stones & Friends to record TV special—never aired (now on DVD).

The Natch'l Blues
Columbia CS-9698
12/68 BB [UK: 3/69]
Back Cover

UK Cover

Side One
Good Morning Miss Brown Mahal 3:13
Corrina Davis-Mahal 3:00
I Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Steal My Jellyroll Mahal 3:16
Going Up To The Country, Paint My Mailbox Blue Mahal 3:34
Done Change My Way Of Living Mahal 7:04
Side Two
She Caught The Katy (And Left Me A Mule To Ride) Mahal-Rachell 3:28
The Cuckoo Trad 4:10
You Don't Miss Your Water ('Til You Well Runs Dry) Bell 4:23
Ain't That A Lot Of Love Banks-Parker 4:00
Taj Mahal-vocals, guitar, Mississippi National steel-bodied guitar, banjo, harmonica
Jesse Edwin Davis-guitar, piano, brass arrangements
Gary Gilmore-bass
Chuck Blackwell-drums
Al Kooper-piano, organ
Earl Palmer-drums
§Cover Art-Anna Hornisher
Produced by: David Rubinson


Newport 69(6/20/69) Taj
Six Days On The Road / Light Rain Blues
Greene-Montgomery (2:59) / Mahal (3:18)
Columbia 45991, 9/69


Giant Step/De Ole Folks At Home
Columbia GP-18
9/69 BB [UK: 11/69]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Giant Step
Side One
Ain't Gwine To Whistle Dixie Anymo' Davis-Mahal 1:03
Take A Giant Step Goffin-King 4:16
Give Your Woman What She Wants Hirschhorn-Mahal 2:28
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl Williamson 3:43
You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond Johnson 4:54
Side Two
Six Days On The Road Greene-Montgomery 2:59
Farther On Down the Road (You Will Accompany Me) Mahal 4:37
Keep Your Hands Off Her Ledbetter-Turner 2:14
Bacon Fat Hudson-Robertson 6:37
De Ole Folks At Home
Side One
Linin' Track Ledbetter 1:38
Country Blues #1 arr Mahal 2:35
Wild Ox Moan Hall-Tartt 2:43
Light Rain Blues Mahal 3:20
A Little Soulful Tune Mahal 2:40
Candy Man Davis 2:53
Cluck Old Hen arr Mahal 2:30
Side Two
Colored Aristocracy arr Mahal 2:00
Blind Boy Rag Mahal 4:08
Stagger Lee Logan-Price 3:19
Cajun Tune Mahal 1:54
Fishin' Blues Thomas-Williams 3:04
Annie's Lover arr Mahal 3:28
Taj Mahal-vocals, guitar, Mississippi National steel-bodied guitar, banjo, harmonica
on Giant Step only, with:
Jesse Edwin Davis-guitar, organ, piano
Gary Gilmore-bass
Chuck "Brother" Blackwell-drums
§Cover Design-Virginia Team; Photos-Gary Kreuger, Don Peterson; Hand Lettering-Jesse Edwin Davis
Produced by: David Rubinson


4/18/70: Royal Albert Hall, London
The Sound Of The Seventies festival, with Santana (headliner) & It's A Beautiful Day
Note: The concert was released by Sony in 2012

Goin' To Brownsville / Available Space
Estes (3:24) / Cooder (2:11)
Reprise 0910, 5/70

Performance(8/3/70) Mick
Ry's slide is all over the soundtrack album
Alimony / Pigmeat
Higginbotham-Jones-Young (2:55) / Leadbelly (3:05)
Reprise 0940, 8/70


Ry Cooder
Reprise RS-6402
10/70 [UK: 1/71]
Back Cover

Side One
Alimony Higginbotham-Jones-Young 2:53
France Chance Calicott 2:46
One Meatball Singer-Zaret 2:26
Do-Re-Mi Guthrie 3:01
My Old Kentucky Home (Turpentine & Dandelion Wine) Newman 1:44
How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live? Reed 2:44
Side Two
Available Space Cooder 2:11
Pigmeat Leadbelly 3:05
Police Dog Blues Blake 2:43
Goin' To Brownsville Estes 3:24
Dark Is The Night Johnson 2:47
Ry Cooder-guitar, mandolin, bass, vocals
Van Dyke Parks-keyboards, arranger
Roy Estrada-bass
and the following uncredited musicians:
Chris Ethridge-bass
Max Bennett-bass
Richard Hayward-drums
Milt Holland-percussion
Bobby Bruce-violin
Gloria Jones-vocals
Kirby Johnson-arranger, conductor
§Cover Photo-Frank Bez
Produced by: Lenny Waronker & Van Dyke Parks


Previews of Past Attractions, short film (14m), 1970,
Van Dyke Parks produced this long music video for Ry's first album. Watch on Vimeo.


¡Jesse Davis!
Atco SD 33-346
11/70 [UK: ?/71]
Back Cover

Side One
Reno Street Incident Davis 4:10
Tulsa Country Polland 2:21
Washita Love Child Davis 3:47
Every Night Is Saturday Night Davis 7:11
Side Two
You Belladonna You Davis 6:29
Rock N Roll Gypsies Tillison 4:14
Golden Sun Goddess Davis 4:48
Crazy Love Morrison 3:36
Jesse Ed Davis-guitar, vocals
Eric Clapton, Joel Scott Hill, Gram Parsons-guitar
John Simon, Leon Russell, Larry Knechtel, Larry Pierce, Ben Sidran-keyboards
Billy Rich, Steve Thompson-bass
Alan White, Chuck Blackwell, Steve Mitchell, Bruce Rowland-drums
Sanford Konikoff, Pete Wadington, Alan Yoshida, Patt Daley, Jackie Lomax-percussion
Darrell Leonard, Frank Mayes, John Ware, Jim Gordon, Jerry Jumonville-horn
Nickey Barclay, Gloria Jones, Clydie King, Merry Clayton, Venetta Field, Bob Jones, Maxine Willard Waters-vocals
§Cover Art-Jesse Ed Davis
Produced by: Jesse Ed Davis


The Real Thing
Columbia G-30619
5/71 BB [UK: 8/71]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Fishin' Blues(Taj solo) Thomas, arr Mahal 2:45
Ain't Gwine To Whistle Dixie (Any Mo') Blackwell-Davis-Gilmore-Mahal 8:17
Sweet Mama Janisse Mahal 3:35
Side Two
Going Up To The Country, Paint My Mailbox Blue Mahal 3:07
Big Kneed Gal Mahal 4:45
You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond Johnson, arr Mahal 6:15
Side Three
Tom And Sally Drake Mahal 3:23
Diving Duck Blues Estes, arr Mahal 3:30
John, Ain't It Hard Mahal 5:10
Side Four
You Ain't No Street Walker Mama,
   Honey But I Do Love The Way You Strut Your Stuff
Mahal 18:56
Taj Mahal-vocals, guitar, banjo, National steel guitar, harmonica, chromatic harmonica, fife, whistling
John Hall-guitar
John Simon-piano
Bill Rich-bass
Greg Thomas-drums
Kwasi "Rocky" DziDzournu-congas
The Howard Johnson Tuba Band:
Howard Johnson-tuba, fluegelhorn, bar sax, arrangements
Joseph Daley-tuba, valve trombone
Earle McIntyre-tuba, bass trombone
Bob Stewart-tuba, fluegelhorn, trumpet
§Cover Art-Anna Hornisher; Photo-Irene Harris
Produced by: David Rubinson

Note: Recorded live at The Fillmore East, 2/13/71

Diving Duck Blues / Fishin' Blues
Estes, arr Mahal (3:30) / Thomas, arr Mahal (2:45)
Columbia 45419, 6/71

live recordings, from The Real Thing
Washita Love Child³ / Reno Street Incident
Davis (2:50) / Davis (4:07)
Atco 6825, 7/71

Ain't Gwine To Whistle Dixie (Any Mo') (Pt 1)³ / Ain't Gwine To Whistle Dixie (Any Mo') (Pt 2)³
Blackwell-Davis-Gilmore-Mahal (3:09) / Blackwell-Davis-Gilmore-Mahal (2:53)
Columbia 45455, 9/71

edited from Real Thing recording
8th Big Sur Folk Festival(9/25/71—last one) Taj

Happy Just To Be Like I Am
Columbia C-30767
11/71 BB [UK: 5/72]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Happy Just To Be Like I Am Mahal 3:52
Stealin' Cannon 7:27
Oh Susanna Traditional 5:29
Eighteen Hammers Mahal 6:12
Side Two
Tomorrow May Not Be Your Day Mahal 4:16
Chevrolet Mahal-Young-Young 2:38
West Indian Revelation (AKA West Indian Reservation) Mahal 6:06
Black Spirit Boogie Mahal 6:36
Taj Mahal-vocals, banjo, flute, guitar, harmonica, mandolin, Spirit Of '76 six-holed fife, Mississippi National steel-bodied guitar, penny whistle
Hoshal Wright-guitar
John Simon-piano
Billy Rich-bass
James Charles Otey, Jr-drums
Howard Johnson-tuba, arranger, sax
Joseph Daley-trombone, tuba
Bob Stewart-tuba, flugelhorn
Earl McIntyre-trombone, tuba
Rocky DziDzornu-percussion
Jesse Ed Davis-guitar (Oh Susanna, Chevrolet)
David Coleman-acoustic guitar (Black Spirit Boogie)
Andy Narell-steel drums (West Indian Revelation)
The Toys-backup vocals (West Indian Revelation)
§Cover Photo-Al Vandenberg
Produced by: David Rubinson

Note: Album side contents on back incorrect. Label has correct order (that's what is shown here)


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