Hearts And Flowers
Larry Murray

Rock And Roll Gypsies / Road To Nowhere³
Tillison (2:20) / Goffin-King (2:55)
Capitol 5829, 1/67

Please / The View From Ward 3
Feldhouse-Feedman (2:55) / Cooper (2:55)
Capitol 5897, 4/67


Now Is The Time For
Capitol ST-2762
6/67 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Now Is The Time Murray 1:25
Save Some Time Cooper 2:40
Try For The Sun Leitch 2:42
Rain, Rain Murray 2:23
The View From Ward 3 Cooper 3:00
Rock & Roll Gypsies Tillison 2:20
Side Two
Reason To Believe Hardin 2:10
Please Feldthouse-Freedman 3:00
1-2-3 Rhyme In Carnivour Thyme Cunha 2:14
I'm A Lonesome Fugitive Anderson-Anderson 2:45
Road To Nowhere Goffin-King 3:28
10,000 Sunsets Axton 2:33
Larry Murray-guitar, vocals
Dave Dawson-guitar, autoharp, vocals
Rick Cunha-guitar, vocals
Linda Ronstadt-vocal (Road To Nowhere) [uncredited]
§Cover Art-uncredited
Produced by: Nick Venet


She Sang Hymns Out Of Tune / Tin Angel (Will You Ever Come Down)¹
Kincaid (3:00) / Murray (4:30)
Capitol 2167, 4/68


Of Horses, Kids, And Forgotten Women
Capitol ST-2868
7/68 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Now Is The Time For Hearts And Flowers Murray 1:25
Highway In The Wind Guthrie 4:05
Second-Hand Sundown Queen Murray 3:25
She Sang Hymns Out Of Tune Kincaid 3:04
Ode To A Tin Angel Murray 4:30
Side Two
When I Was A Cowboy Dawson-Leadon-Murray 3:33
Legend Of Ol' Tenbrookes Dawson-Leadon-Murray 3:07
Colour Your Daytime Flemming 3:55
Two Little Boys Dawson-Leadon-Murray 2:55
Extra, Extra/Rock And Roll Gypsies/Extra Extra Leadon-Murray/Tillison/Leadon-Murray 3:50

Note: Rock And Roll Gypsies is the same recording as first album

Larry Murray-guitar, vocals
Dave Dawson-guitar, autoharp, vocals
Bernie Leadon-guitar, vocals
uncredited studio musicians
§Cover Art-uncredited
Produced by: Nick Venet
Larry Murray goes solo, Bernie Leadon to Dillard & Clark
Trouble Maker¹ / Where Are The People¹
Belland-Sommerville (2:58) / Murray (2:58)
Barnaby 2008, 10/69


Sweet Country Suite
Verve Forecast FTS-3090
2/71 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Headed For The Country Murray 3:38
Big Bayou Guilbeau 2:18
Country Comfort John-Taupin 4:03
Back To The Good Earth Murray 2:19
Sweet Country Suite Murray 3:01
Side Two
Dakota Murray 2:34
Bugler Murray 3:04
When I See Jamie (Jaynie) Parrish 4:00
Out To Sea Souther 5:29
Nora's Boy Murray 4:38
All I Need Is A Friend Murray 3:53
Larry Murray-vocals, guitar
with Swampwater:
Gib Guilbeau-fiddle, backing vocals
John Beland-guitar, backing vocals
Thad Maxwell-bass, backing vocals
Stan Pratt-drums, backing vocals
Jimmy Fadden-mouth harp (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band)
John McKuen-mandolin (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band)
Dick Rosmini, John David Souther, Paul Parrish-guitar
Stephens Lafever-bass
Paul Parrish, Larry Brown-piano
Larry Brown, John David Souther-drums
Bud Shank-flute
Eugene Cipriano-English horn
Bill Hinshaw-French horn
Buddy Emmons-steel guitar
The Blackberries (Clydie King, Venetta Fields, Sherlie Matthews)-backing vocals
§Cover Art-uncredited
Produced by: Larry Murray & Ken Mansfield


Big Bayou / Back To The Good Earth
Guilbeau (2:18) / Murray (2:19)
Verve Forecast KF-5115, ?/71

Sweet Country Suite / Bugler
Murray (3:05) / Murray (3:04)
Verve Forecast KF-5117, ?/71



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