Laura Nyro
Laura Nyro & LaBelle

Wedding Bell Blues / Stoney End¹
Nyro (2:46) / Nyro (2:39)
Verve/Folkways 5024, 9/66

Altered lyrics for Stoney End

More Than A New Discovery
Verve/Forecast FTS-3020
1/67 [UK: ?/69]
Back Cover

1969 Reissue Back Cover

1973 Columbia Reissue Cover

Track listing in next note
Side One
Goodbye Joe Nyro 2:36
Billy's Blues Nyro 3:16
And When I Die Nyro 2:37
Stoney End Nyro 2:41
Lazy Susan Nyro 3:50
Hands Off The Man Nyro 2:25
Side Two
Wedding Bell Blues Nyro 2:46
Buy And Sell Nyro 3:34
He's A Runner Nyro 3:37
Blowin' Away Nyro 2:20
I Never Meant To Hurt You Nyro 2:49
California Shoe-Shine Boys Nyro 2:43
Laura Nyro-piano, guitar, vocals
Stan Free-piano
Jay Berliner-guitar
Lou Mauro-bass
Buddy Lucas-harmonica
Herb Bernstein-arranger, conductor, flugelhorn
§Cover Art-Murray Laden; Reissue Cover Art-The New York Public Library Picture Collection
Produced by: Milt Okun

Note: Reissued by Verve in 1969 as The First Songs, with previous title taken off cover and lyrics added to back (note 3).
Reissued in 1973 by Columbia when they bought her Verve masters (note 4)

Goodbye Joe / Billy's Blues
Nyro (2:36) / Nyro (3:16)
Verve/Folkways 5038, 2/67

Flim Flam Man (Hands Off The Man) / And When I Die
Nyro (2:25) / Nyro (2:37)
Verve/Folkways 5051, 4/67


Note: The "cash in" Verve/Forecast reissue 45s are not listed

Monterey International Pop Festival(6/17/67)

Eli And The Thirteenth Confession
Columbia CS-9626
3/3/68 BB [UK: 8/68]
Back Cover

Lyric Sheet with Cover

Sheet came inserted into album cover. (see next note)
Lyric Sheet removed

UK Back Cover (no insert)

Side One: Part One
Luckie Nyro 3:00
Lu Nyro 2:44
Sweet Blindness Nyro 2:37
Poverty Train Nyro 4:16
Lonely Women Nyro 3:32
Eli's Coming Nyro 3:58
Side Two: Part Two
Timer Nyro 3:22
Stoned Soul Picnic Nyro 3:47
Emmie Nyro 4:20
Woman's Blues Nyro 3:46
Once It Was Alright Now (Farmer Joe) Nyro 2:58
December's Boudoir Nyro 5:05
The Confession Nyro 2:50
Laura Nyro-piano, guitar, vocals
Charlie Calello-arranger
§Cover Photo-Bob Cato
Produced by: Charlie Calello & Laura Nyro


Eli's Coming³ / Sweet Blindness
Nyro (3:12) / Nyro (2:36)
Columbia 44531, 4/68

Save The Country² / New York Tendaberry
Nyro (2:27) / Nyro (5:37)
Columbia 44592, 6/68

Uptempo version of Save The Country
Save The Country² / Timer
Nyro (2:27) / Nyro (3:23)
Columbia 44592, 6/68

single yanked and B-side replaced
Once It Was Alright Now (Farmer Joe) / Lu
Nyro (2:58) / Nyro (2:44)
Columbia 44786, 3/69


New York Tendaberry
Columbia CS-9737
9/24/69 BB [UK: 1/70]
Back Cover

Original Unused Cover

12-page Lyric Booklet Cover

Side One
You Don't Love Me When I Cry Nyro 4:20
Captain For Dark Mornings Nyro 4:34
Tom Cat Goodbye Nyro 5:29
Mercy On Broadway Nyro 2:13
Save The Country Nyro 4:35
Side Two
Gibsom Street Nyro 4:43
Time And Love Nyro 4:20
The Man Who Sends Me Home Nyro 2:48
Sweet Lovin' Baby Nyro 3:52
Captain Saint Lucifer Nyro 3:14
New York Tendaberry Nyro 5:37
Laura Nyro-piano, guitar, vocals
Jimmie Haskell-arranger, conductor
§Cover Photo-David Gahr
Produced by: Laura Nyro & Roy Halee

Note: See the complete lyric booklet @ 45worlds .

Time And Love³ / The Man Who Sends Me Home
Nyro (3:45) / Nyro (2:45)
Columbia 45041, 10/69

Up On The Roof / Captain Saint Lucifer
Goffin-King (3:13) / Nyro (3:17)
Columbia 45230, 8/70 BB


Christmas And The Beads Of Sweat
Columbia KC-30259
11/25/70 BB [UK: 12/70]
Back Cover

Side One
Brown Earth Nyro 4:11
When I Was A Freeport And You Were The Main Drag Nyro 2:46
Blackpatch Nyro 3:36
Been On A Train Nyro 5:52
Up On The Roof Goffin-King 3:15
Side Two
Upstairs By A Chinese Lamp Nyro 5:34
Map To The Treasure Nyro 8:09
Beads Of Sweat Nyro 4:44
Christmas In My Soul Nyro 7:04
Laura Nyro-piano, guitar, vocals
Side One recorded in Muscle Shoals, AL, with the Swampers:
Eddie Hinton-guitar
Barry Becket-vibraphone
Felix Cavaliere-organ, bells
Dave Hood-bass
Roger Hawkins-drums
Jack Jennings-percussion
Produced by: Felix Cavaliere

Side Two recorded in New York City, with:
Cornell Dupree-guitar
Duane Allman-guitar (Beads Of Sweat)
Chuck Rainey-bass
Dino Danelli-drums
Ralph McDonald-percussion
Alice Coltrane-stringed harp
Produced by: Arif Mardin
§Cover Painting-Beth O'Brien


When I Was A Freeport And You Were The Main Drag / Been On A Train
Nyro (2:42) / Nyro (5:49)
Columbia 45298, 1/71

2/6/71: Royal Festival Hall, London
with Jackson Browne

 ➜ Live: 5/30/71, Fillmore East; released 2004: Spread Your Wings And Fly: Live At The Fillmore East 

Gonna Take A Miracle
Columbia KC-30987
11/17/71 BB [UK: 2/72]
Back Cover

Side One
I Met Him On A Sunday Owens-Coley-Harris-Lee 1:50
The Bells Bristol-Gaye-Gaye-Stover 2:59
Monkey Time/Dancing In The Street Mayfield/Stevenson-Gaye-Hunter 4:54
Desiree Cooper-Johnson 1:50
You've Really Got A Hold On Me Robinson 4:05
Side Two
Spanish Harlem Lieber-Stoller 2:52
Jimmy Mack Holland-Dozier-Holland 2:55
The Wind Strong-Edwards-Hunter-Eubanks-Guiterrez 2:54
Nowhere To Run Holland-Dozier-Holland 5:03
It's Gonna Take A Mircale Stallman-Randazzo-Weinstein 3:23
Laura Nyro-piano, vocals
Patti Labelle, Nona Hendryx, Sarah Dash-vocals
Roland Chambers-guitar
Norman Harris-guitar
Lenny Pakula-organ
Ronnie Baker-bass
Jim Helner-drums
Vince Montana-percussion
Larry Washington and Nydia Mata-congas, bongos
Tom Bell, Lenny Pakula, Robert Martin-string and horn arrangements
Don Renaldo's strings
Sam Reed's horns
§Cover Photo-Stephen Paley
Produced by: Gamble & Huff


Tired of celebrity status being thrust upon her, Laura retired and got married.
Retirement lasted until 1976, with a new album and tour.


And When I Die Peter, Paul and Mary (Album) 7/66
  Blood, Sweat & Tears (Blood, Sweat & Tears) 12/68
Eli's Coming Three Dog Night (45) 10/69
He's A Runner Mama Cass (Bubblegum, Lemonade And.. Something For Mama) 6/69
  Blood, Sweat & Tears (3) 6/70
Save The Country Brian Auger & The Trinity with Julie Driscoll (Streetnoise) 5/69
  The 5th Dimension (45) 7/70
Stoned Soul Picnic The 5th Dimension (45) 5/68
Stoney End The Blossoms (45) 4/67
  The Stone Poneys (Linda Ronstadt, Stone Poneys & Friends: Vol 3) 4/68
Sweet Blindness The 5th Dimension (45) 9/68
Wedding Bell Blues The 5th Dimension (45) 9/69
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