Strawberry Alarm Clock

The Birdman Of Alkatrash¹ / Incense And Peppermints
Weitz (2:14) / Carter-Gilbert (2:37)
All-American 373-AA, 3/67

See the 45Cat link for the complete story on this 45; Rereleased with sides flipped by Uni.
Incense And Peppermints / The Birdman Of Alkatrash¹
Carter-Gilbert (2:37) / Weitz (2:14)
Uni 55018, 5/67  #1 


Incense And Peppermints
Uni 73014
10/67 T20 [UK: 11/67]
Back Cover

Side One
The World's On Fire Clock 8:21
Birds In My Tree Bartek-Bunnell 1:53
Lost To Live Clock-Weitz 3:13
Strawberries Mean Love Bartek-Bunnell-Clock 3:01
Side Two
Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow Bartek-Bunnell-Clock 3:05
Paxton's Back Street Carnival Bartek-Bunnell-Clock 2:01
Hummin' Happy Bunnell-Clock-Seol 2:25
Pass Time With SAC (Instrumental) Clock 1:21
Incense And Peppermints† Carter-Gilbert 2:47
Unwind With The Clock Clock-Freeman 4:10
Mark Weitz-organ, piano, harpsichord, special effects, vocals
Ed King-lead guitar, special effects, vocals
Lee Freeman-harmonica, rhythm guitar, vocals
George Bunnell-bass guitar, special effects, vocals
Gary Lovetro-bass guitar, vocals
Randy Seol-drums, bongos, vibraphone, special effects, vocals
Steve Bartek-flute
†Greg Munford-vocal [uncredited]
§Cover Design-Lazarus/LePrevost; Photos-Ed Caraeff
Produced by: Bill Holmes, Frank Slay


Tomorrow² / Birds In My Tree
King-Weitz (2:14) / Bartek-Bunnell (1:53)
Uni 55046, 12/67 BB

Soundtrack album has 3 Strawberry tracks
Sit With The Guru² / Pretty Song From Psych-Out
Freeman-King-Weitz (2:57) / Freeman-King (3:15)
Uni 55055, 3/68 BB

B-side from movie Psych-Out, a Dick Clark Prod.

Wake Up... It's Tomorrow
Uni 73025
6/68 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Nightmare Of Percussion Bunnell-Davis-Seol 2:57
Soft Skies, No Lies Freeman-King 3:07
Tomorrow Freeman-Weitz 2:14
They Saw The Fat One Coming Freeman-King 3:25
Curse Of The Witches Bunnell-Seol 6:46
Side Two
Sit With The Guru Freeman-King-Weitz 2:59
Go Back (You're Going The Wrong Way) Freeman-King-Weitz 2:19
Pretty Song From Psych-Out Freeman-King 3:15
Sitting On A Star Bartek-Bunnell-Seol 2:55
Black Butter, Past Davis-Freeman-King 2:23
Black Butter, Present Freeman-King 2:10
Black Butter, Future Davis-Freeman-King 1:32
Mark Weitz-keyboards, vocals
Lee Freeman-guitar, sitar, vocals
Edward King-guitar, vocals
George Bunnell-bass guitar, vocals
Randy Seol-drums, keyboards, percussion, vocals
Steve Bartek-flute
Howard Davis-spoken passage (Nightmare Of Percussion)
§Cover Art-Don Weller
Produced by: Bill Holmes, Frank Slay


Barefoot In Baltimore / An Angry Young Man
Freeman-King-Weitz (2:39) / Stone (2:25)
Uni 55076, 8/68 BB

Sea Shell / Paxton's Back Street Carnival
Carter-Gilbert (2:59) / Bartek-Bunnell-Clock (2:01)
Uni 55093, 11/68


The World In A Sea Shell
Uni 73035
11/68 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Sea Shell Carter-Gilbert 2:59
Blues For A Young Girl Gone King-Stern 2:38
An Angry Young Man Stone 2:33
A Million Smiles Away Freeman-King 2:43
Home Sweet Home Carter-Gilbert 2:46
Lady Of The Lake King-Stern 3:09
Side Two
Barefoot In Baltimore Freeman-King-Weitz 2:30
Wooden Woman Freeman 2:09
Heated Love Bunnell-Seol 2:00
Love Me Again Freeman-King 3:37
Eulogy Bunnell-Freeman-Seol 1:50
Shallow Impressions Weitz 3:29
Mark Weitz-keyboards, vocals
Lee Freeman-guitar, sitar, vocals
Edward King-guitar, vocals
George Bunnell-bass guitar, vocals
Randy Seol-drums, keyboards, percussion, vocals
§Cover Art-Don Weller; Back Cover Art-Violet Watters
Produced by: Bill Holmes, Frank Slay


Miss Attraction / (You Put Me On) Stand By
Bunnell-Freeman-King-Weitz (2:30) / Bunnell-Freeman-King-Weitz (2:15)
Uni 55113, 2/69

Good Morning Starshine / Me And The Township
MacDermot-Rado-Ragni (2:20) / Freeman-Gunnels-King-Pitman-Weitz (3:15)
Uni 55125, 4/69 BB


Good Morning Starshine
Uni 73054
6/69 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Me And The Township Pittman 3:14
Off Ramp Road Tramp Bunnell-Freeman-King-Weitz 4:15
Small Package Bunnell-Freeman-King-Weitz 3:58
Hog Child Bunnell-Freeman-King-Weitz 5:06
Miss Attraction Bunnell-Freeman-King-Weitz 4:27
Side Two
Good Morning Starshine MacDermot-Rado-Ragni 2:20
Miss Attraction Bunnell-Freeman-King-Weitz 2:39
Write Your Name In Gold Pittman 3:32
(You Put Me On) Standby Bunnell-Freeman-King-Weitz 2:20
Dear Joy Pittman 3:15
Changes Bunnell-Freeman-King-Weitz 5:15
Mark Weitz-organ, piano, vocals
Jimmy Pitman-lead guitar, lead vocals
Edward Calhoun King-bass, guitar, vocals
Lee Freeman-rhythm bass, drums, harmonica, vocals (lead on Off Ramp Road Tramp)
Gene Gunnels-drums
§Cover Photo-Frank Bez
Produced by: Mark Weitz, Ed King & The Strawberry Alarm Clock, except Julius Zabadak (Good Morning Starshine)


Desiree¹ / Changes
Pitman-Weitz (2:50) / Pitman-Weitz (5:13)
Uni 55158, 9/69

Starting Out The Day¹ / Small Package
Pitman (2:37) / Bunnell-Freeman-King-Weitz (3:58)
Uni 55185, 11/69

I Climbed The Mountain¹ / Three¹
Friberg-Gasman (2:43) / Freeman-King (2:15)
Uni 55190, 12/69

California Day¹ / Three
Jackman (2:40) / Freeman-King (2:15)
Uni 55218, 4/70

Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls(6/17/70)
Soundtrack album has 2 Strawberry tracks
Girl From The City¹ / Three
Marshall (2:30) / Freeman-King (2:15)
Uni 55241, 7/70

A-side from Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls


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