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Manfred Mann Alpha Listing
Complete title listing for UK/US 45s/EPs/LPs.
5-4-3-2-1¹ / Without You
Hugg-Jones-Mann (1:55) / Farres-Gilbert (2:17)
Prestige 312, 3/64

Do Wah Diddy Diddy³ / What You Gonna Do?
Barry-Greenwich (2:19) / Jones-Mann (2:27)
Ascot 2157, 5/64  1 

Blue Brave¹ / Brother Jack
Mann (2:10) / arr Mann ()
Prestige 314, 6/64

A-side retitled and rerecorded as Why Should We Not

The Manfred Mann Album
Ascot ALS-16015
10/64 BB [UK: 11/64]
Back Cover

UK Cover

Most of their debut UK album
Side One
Do Wah Diddy Diddy Barry-Greenwich 2:19
Don't Ask Me What I Say Jones 3:03
Sack O' Woe Adderley 2:10
What You Gonna Do? Jones-Mann 2:38
I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man Dixon 3:22
Smokestack Lightning Burnett 3:27
Side Two
Got My Mojo Working Morganfield 3:07
It's Gonna Work Out Fine Lee-Seneca 2:33
Down The Road Apiece Raye 2:30
Untie Me South 3:41
Bring It To Jerome Green 3:31
Without You Farres-Gilbert 2:25
Paul Jones-lead vocals, harmonica
Manfred Mann-synthesizer, keyboards, vocals
Mike Vickers-flute, saxophone, vocals
Tom McGuinness-bass, vocals
Mike Hugg-drums, percussion, vibes
Dave Richmond-bass (Without You)
§Cover Photo-uncredited
Produced by: John Burgess


Sha La La / John Hardy
Moseley-Taylor (2:39) / Lomax-Lomax (2:04)
Ascot 2165, 11/64 BB

Come Tomorrow / What Did I Do Wrong¹
Augustus-Elgin-Phillips (2:43) / McGuinness (2:40)
Ascot 2170, 1/65 BB


The Five Faces Of
Ascot ALS-16018
2/65 BB [UK: 9/64] #3
Back Cover

3 from this UK EP

Side One
Sha-La-La Moseley-Taylor 2:30
Come Tomorrow Augustus-Elgin-Phillips 2:13
She Jones 2:10
Can't Believe It Jones 3:19
John Hardy Lomax-Lomax 2:01
Did You Have To Do That? Jones 3:29
Side Two
Watermelon Man Hancock 2:12
I'm Your Kingpin Jones-Mann 2:45
Hubble Bubble (Toil And Trouble) Hugg-Jones-Mann-McGuiness-Vickers 2:25
You've Got To Take It Jones 2:00
Groovin' Bethea-King 3:40
Dashing Away With The Smoothing Iron Hugg-Jones-Mann-McGuiness-Vickers 1:59
Paul Jones-harmonica, vocals
Manfred Mann-synthesizer, keyboards, vocals
Mike Vickers-flute, saxophone
Tom McGuinness-bass, guitar
Mike Hugg-drums
§Cover Photo-uncredited
Produced by: John Burgess

Note: Only two tracks from the UK album of the same name (release date & chart info). Rest are from EPs and 45s.

My Little Red Book (All I Do Is Talk About You) / What Am I Doing Wrong?²
Bacharach-David (2:18) / Hugg (2:29)
Ascot 2184, 5/65

A-side from movie What's New Pussycat?

My Little Red Book Of Winners
Ascot ALS-16021
Back Cover

3 from this UK EP

Side One
My Little Red Book (All I Do Is Talk About You) Bacharach-David 2:27
Oh No, Not My Baby Goffin-King 2:16
What Am I To Do? Pomus-Spector 2:38
The One In The Middle Jones 2:38
You Gave Me Somebody To Love Andreoli-Poncia-Ross 3:03
You're For Me Vickers 2:52
Side Two
Poison Ivy Leiber-Stoller 2:51
Without You Jones 2:18
Brother Jack Trad, arr Manfred Mann 2:25
A Love Like Yours (Don't Come Knocking Every Day) Dozier-Holland-Holland 2:25
I Can't Believe What You Say Turner 2:19
With God on Our Side Dylan 4:22
Paul Jones-harmonica, vocals
Manfred Mann-synthesizer, keyboards, vocals
Mike Vickers-flute, saxophone
Tom McGuinness-bass, guitar
Mike Hugg-drums, vibraphone
§Cover Photo-uncredited
Produced by: John Burgess

Note: US only release: 45 & EP tracks (see note 2)

If You Gotta Go, Go Now¹ / The One In The Middle
Dylan (2:31) / Jones (2:38)
Ascot 2194, 9/65


Mann Made
Ascot ALS-16024
2/66 [UK: 10/65] #7
Back Cover

UK Cover

All tracks but one
UK Back Cover

Side One
Since I Don't Have You Beaumont-Lester-Martin-Rock-Taylor-Ver Scharen-Vogel 2:34
You're For Me Vickers 2:55
Look Away Meade-Russell 2:19
The Abominable Snowman Vickers 2:44
Watch Your Step Parker 2:14
Stormy Monday Blues Walker 3:40
I Really Do Believe Jones 3:06
Side Two
The Way You Do The Things You Do Robinson-Rogers 2:41
Bare Hugg Hugg 3:52
Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo Deutsch-Kaper 2:41
You Don't Know Me Arnold-Walker 3:45
LSD McGuinness 3:51
I'll Make It Up To You Ragovoy-Raleigh 3:14
Paul Jones-harmonica, vocals
Manfred Mann-synthesizer, keyboards, vocals
Mike Vickers-flute, saxophone
Tom McGuinness-bass, guitar
Mike Hugg-drums
§Cover Photo-Nicholas Wright
Produced by: John Burgess


She Needs Company² / Hi Lili, Hi Lo
Jones (2:45) / Deutsch-Kaper (2:36)
Ascot 2210, 2/66

Pretty Flamingo / You're Standing By
Barkan (2:41) / McGuiness (2:59)
United Artists 50040, 7/66 BB


Paul Jones to solo career

Mike D'Abo from A Band of Angels (no US releases)

When Will I Be Loved¹ / Did You Have To Do That
Everly (2:45) / Jones (3:29)
United Artists 50066, 8/66


Pretty Flamingo
United Artists UAS-6549
9/66 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

UK EP sources

Side One
Pretty Flamingo Barkan 2:33
Let's Go Get Stoned Armstead-Ashford-Simpson 3:57
Tired Of Trying, Bored With Lying, Scared Of Dying Jones 2:53
I Put A Spell On You Hawkins 3:38
It's Getting Late Hugg-Jones-Mann-McGuiness 2:37
You're Standing By McGuiness 2:58
Side Two
Machines Shuman 2:37
Stay Around Vickers 2:23
Tennessee Waltz King-Stewart 3:02
Driva Man Brown-Roach 2:27
Do You Have To Do That? Jones 3:29
Mike D'Abo-vocals
Manfred Mann-synthesizer, keyboards, vocals
Tom McGuinness-guitar
Klaus Voorman-bass
Mike Hugg-drums
Lyn Dobson-flute (Pretty Flamingo)
§Cover Photo-uncredited
Produced by: John Burgess

Note: US only release. Items came from various EPs (see note 2) and 45s

Just Like A Woman¹ / I Wanna Be Rich¹
Dylan (2:45) / Hugg (2:25)
Mercury 72607, 9/66

Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits

United Artists UAS-6551, 10/66 [UK: N/R]
2 unique instrumental tracks: I Got You Babe and (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
Semi-Detached Suburban Mr Jones / Each And Every Day
Carter-Stephens (2:37) / Hugg (2:53)
Mercury 72629, 10/66

note wrong A-side title (should be James!)
Ha Ha Said The Clown / Feeling So Good¹
Hazzard (2:25) / Hugg-Mann (3:08)
Mercury 72675, 4/67

The Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo)² / By Request - Edwin Garvey¹
Dylan (2:51) / D'Abo (2:23)
Mercury 72770, 2/68 BB


Up The Junction (soundtrack)
Mercury SR-61159
3/68 [UK: 2/68]
Back Cover

UK Cover

Side One
Up The Junction Hugg-Mann 4:34
Sing Songs Of Love Gill-Hugg-Mann 1:39
Walking Round Hugg 2:13
Up The Junction Hugg 1:07
Love Theme Hugg-Mann 2:10
Up The Junction Hugg 1:47
Side Two
Just For Me Hugg 2:24
Love Theme Hugg-Mann 2:02
Sheila's Dance Hugg-Mann 2:02
Belgravia Hugg-Mann 2:42
Wailing Horn Hugg-Mann 2:21
I Need Your Love Hugg 1:38
Up The Junction Hugg 2:12
Mike D'Abo-vocals
Manfred Mann-synthesizer, keyboards, vocals
Tom McGuinness-guitar
Klaus Voorman-bass
Mike Hugg-drums
§Cover Photo-uncredited
Produced by: Shel Talmy


Up The Junction(3/13/68)

The Mighty Quinn
Mercury SR-61168
5/68 BB [UK: 6/68]
Back Cover

UK Cover

UK Back Cover

Side One
The Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo) Dylan 2:51
Ha Ha Said The Clown Hazzard 2:25
Everyday Another Hair Turns Grey Hugg 2:56
It's So Easy Falling Hugg 3:23
Big Betty D'Abo-Hugg-Mann-Voorman 3:06
Cubist Town McGuiness-Perroc 3:19
Side Two
Country Dancing D'Abo 2:56
Semi-Detached Suburban Mr James Carter-Stephens 2:37
The Vicar's Daughter D'Abo 2:17
Each And Every Day Hugg 2:47
No Better, No Worse D'Abo 2:26
Mike D'Abo-vocals
Manfred Mann-synthesizer, keyboards, vocals
Tom McGuinness-guitar, vocals
Klaus Voorman-bass, vocals
Mike Hugg-drums, percussion
Derek Wadsworth-trombone (Each And Every Day)
§Cover Art-uncredited
Produced by: Manfred Mann

Note: Most of the UK album, Mighty Garvey, except the three parody pieces called Happy Family
and Harry The One-Man Band swapped out for Semi-Detached Suburban Mr Jones

My Name Is Jack¹ / There Is A Man¹
Simon (2:50) / McGuiness (3:58)
Mercury 72822, 7/68

A-side from the movie You Are What You Eat (not on soundtrack)
Fox On The Run¹ / Too Many People¹
Hazzard (2:40) / Hugg (3:35)
Mercury 72879, 1/69 BB

Ragamuffin Man¹ / A "B" Side¹
Callander-Murray (3:11) / Hugg-Mann (5:19)
Mercury 72921, 4/69

In June 69, Manfred & Mike break up band and form Chapter Three
McGuiness joins with Mayall drummer Hughie Flint and adds the Irish duo of Gallagher & Lyle
D'Abo joins Jesus Christ, Superstar cast, then a solo career.

Chapter Three, Vol 1
Polydor 24-4013
2/70 [UK: 11/69]
Back Cover

UK Cover

Side One
Traveling Lady Hugg-Mann 5:48
Snakeskin Garter Hugg 5:48
Konekuf Mann 5:58
Sometimes Hugg 2:38
Devil Woman Hugg 5:27
Side Two
Time Hugg 7:32
One Way Glass Mann 3:30
Mister, You're A Better Man Than I Hugg-Mann 5:10
Ain't It Sad Hugg 1:58
A Study In Inaccuracy Mann 4:08
Where Am I Going? Hugg 2:45
Mike Hugg-piano, vocals
Manfred Mann-organ, police whistle
Brian Hugg-guitar
Steve York-bass, guitar, harp
Craig Collinge-drums
Bernie Living-alto sax, flute
Horn Section:
Clive Stevens-tenor sax
Carl Griffiths-tenor sax
Dave Coxhill-bar sax
Gerald Drewett-trombone
Sonny Corbett-trumpet
Harry Beckett-trumpet (Time)
Sue and Sunny-vocals (Devil Woman)
§Cover Photo-uncredited
Produced by: Dave Hatfield


Note: A second album was not released here in the states. Mann would be back with his Earth Band in 1972.

When I'm Dead And Gone / Lazy Afternoon
Gallagher-Lyle (3:35) / Coulson-Flint-McGuinness (3:53)
Capitol 3014, 12/70 BB

Miss Me In The Morning / Arabella Cinderella
Chinn-D'Abo (3:00) / Chinn-D'Abo (2:26)
Bell B-956, 12/70

Both songs from the Peter Sellers movie There's A Girl In My Soup

McGuinness Flint
Capitol SMAS-625
1/71 BB [UK: 8/71]
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Lazy Afternoon Coulson-Flint-McGuinness 3:53
Bodang Buck Gallagher-Lyle 3:06
Mister Mister Gallagher-Lyle 2:04
Heritage Gallagher-Lyle 2:17
I'm Letting You Know Coulson-McGuinness 3:26
Let It Ride Gallagher-Lyle 3:50
Side Two
Dream Darling Dream Gallagher-Lyle 1:44
When I'm Dead And Gone Gallagher-Lyle 3:35
Brother Psyche Gallagher-Lyle 5:00
Who You Got To Love Gallagher-Lyle 2:38
International Gallagher-Lyle 3:19
Benny Gallagher-guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals
Graham Lyle-guitar, mandolin, bass, vocals
Dennis Coulson-keyboards, vocals
Tom McGuinness-guitar, bass
Hughie Flint-drums, percussion
§Cover Design-John Kosh; Photos-Ethan A Russell
Produced by: Glyn Johns


Malt And Barley Blues¹ / Rock On¹
Gallagher-Lyle (2:12) / Kelly-McGuinness (2:53)
Capitol 3139, 6/71


Happy Birthday, Ruthy Baby
Capitol ST-794
7/71 BB [UK: 3/71]
Back Cover

Side One
Happy Birthday, Ruthy Baby† Gallagher-Lyle 3:20
Conversation† Gallagher-Lyle 3:06
When I'm Alone With You† Flint-McGuinness 2:40
Fixer Gallagher-Lyle 3:32
Faith And Gravy Gallagher-Lyle 2:43
Klondike Gallagher-Lyle 2:07
Side Two
Reader To Writer† Gallagher-Lyle 2:37
Changes Gallagher-Lyle 2:41
Friends Of Mine Gallagher-Lyle 2:50
Piper Of Dreams Gallagher-Lyle 2:50
Jimmy's Song† Gallagher-Lyle 4:23
Sparrow† Gallagher-Lyle 2:57
Dennis Coulson-vocals
Benny Gallagher-acoustic guitar, harmonica, electric guitar, bass, piano, ocarina, vocals
Graham Lyle-acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, bass, vocals
Tom McGuinness-vocals, electric guitar, bass
Hughie Flint-drums
Nicky Hopkins-keyboards†
Jimmy Jewell-saxophone
John Mumford-trombone
§Cover Photo-Ethan A Russell
Produced by: Glyn Johns


Friends Of Mine / Happy Birthday, Ruthy Baby
Gallagher-Lyle (2:48) / Gallagher-Lyle (3:21)
Capitol 3186, 9/71

Please Mrs Henry / Prayer
Dylan (2:32) / Mann (5:37)
Polydor PD-14097, 10/71

These tracks would appear on the first Earth Band album, Jan 72


Manfred Mann
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McGuiness Flint: The Capitol Years


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