Vanilla Fudge

Gotta Start Somewhere...

The Pigeons
(In The) Midnight Hour / Stick In My Corner, Baby
Cropper-Pickett (2:30) / Gallo (2:35)
Musicor 1199, 8/66


You Keep Me Hangin' On³ / Take Me For A Little While²
Holland-Dozier-Holland (2:50) / Martin (3:20)
Atco 6495, 6/67 BB


Vanilla Fudge
Atco SD 33-224
8/67 BB [UK: 9/67] #31
Back Cover

Side One
Ticket To Ride Lennon-McCartney 5:40
People Get Ready Mayfield 6:30
She's Not There Argent 4:55
Bang Bang Bono 5:20
Side Two
Illusions Of My Childhood-Part One   :20
You Keep Me Hangin' On Holland-Dozier-Holland 7:20
Illusions Of My Childhood-Part Two   :23
Take Me For A Little While Martin 3:27
Illusions Of My Childhood-Part Three   :22
Eleanor Rigby Lennon-McCartney 8:24
Mark Stein-keyboards, lead vocals
Vince Martell-guitar, vocals
Tim Bogert-bass, vocals
Carmine Appice-drums, vocals
§Album Design-Haig Adishian; Cover Photo-Richard Stevens
Produced by: Shadow Morton


10/4/1967: Finsbury Park Astoria, London
with Young Rascals, Traffic, Tomorrow
Where Is My Mind¹ / The Look Of Love¹
Stein (2:43) / Bacharach-David (2:46)
Atco 6554, 1/68 BB


The Beat Goes On
Atco SD 33-237
1/68 BB [UK: 4/68]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Sketch Vanilla Fudge 2:55
Phase 1:    
  Intro: The Beat Goes On Bono 1:57
  Eighteenth Century: Variations On A Theme By Mozart:         Divertimento No. 13 In F Major
    Nineteenth Century: Old Black Joe
    Twentieth Century: Don't Fence Me In
    12th Street Rag
    In The Mood
    Hound Dog
    I Want To Hold Your Hand/I Feel Fine/Day
      Tripper/She Loves You[/Hello Goodbye]
Phase 2:    
  The Beat Goes On Bono 1:32
  Fur Elise/Moonlight Sonata Ludwig von Beethoven 6:33
  The Beat Goes On Bono 1:05
Side Two
The Beat Goes On Bono 1:00
Phase 3:    
  Voices In Time:
    Neville Chamberlain, Winston Churchill
    Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Harry S Truman
    John F Kennedy, and other Voices
Phase 4:    
  The Beat Goes On Bono 1:50
   Merchant / The Game Is Over: Vince
   Merchant / The Game Is Over: Tim
   Merchant / The Game Is Over: Carmine
   Merchant / The Game Is Over: Mark
Vanilla Fudge/Bourtayre-Bouchety 8:57
  The Beat Goes On Bono 2:20
Mark Stein-keyboards, lead vocals
Vince Martell-guitar, vocals
Tim Bogert-bass, vocals
Carmine Appice-drums, vocals
§Album Design-Marvin Israel; Photos-Jay P Halpin
Produced by: Shadow Morton


You Keep Me Hangin' On³ / Come By Day, Come By Night¹
Holland-Dozier-Holland (2:50) / Stein (2:53)
Atco 6590, 6/68 BB

reissue (with different B-side) became the hit

Atco SD 33-244
6/68 BB [UK: 12/68]
Back Cover

Side One
The Sky Cried/When I Was A Boy Bogart-Stein 7:36
Thoughts Martell 3:28
Paradise Appice-Stein 5:59
That's What Makes A Man Stein 4:28
Side Two
The Spell That Comes After Mohawk-Mohawk 4:29
Faceless People Appice 5:55
Season Of The Witch Leitch 8:40
Mark Stein-keyboards, lead vocals
Vince Martell-guitar, vocals
Tim Bogert-bass, vocals
Carmine Appice-drums, vocals
§Album Design-Jim Visconti
Produced by: Shadow Morton


Take Me For A Little While² / Thoughts
Martin (3:20) / Martell (3:28)
Atco 6616, 9/68 BB

Season Of The Witch, Pt 1³ / Season Of The Witch, Pt 2³
Leitch (3:30) / Leitch (3:14)
Atco 6632, 11/68 BB


Near The Beginning
Atco SD 33-278
2/69 BB [UK: 10/69]
Back Cover

Side One
Shotgun DeWalt 6:10
Some Velvet Morning Hazlewood 7:34
Where Is Happiness Appice 6:59
Side Two
Break Song† Appice-Bogert-Martell-Stein 23:27
Mark Stein-keyboards, lead vocals
Vince Martell-guitar, vocals
Tim Bogert-bass, vocals
Carmine Appice-drums, vocals
§Album Design-Jim Visconti; Photos-Robert Kahn
Produced by: Shadow Morton

Note: †Recorded live at the Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles

Shotgun³ / Good Good Lovin¹
DeWalt (2:27) / Appice-Bogert-Martell-Stein (2:57)
Atco 6655, 2/69 BB

Some Velvet Morning / People¹
Hazlewood (7:34) / Appice-Bogert-Martell-Stein (5:20)
Atco 6679, 5/69

Need Love³ / I Can't Make It Alone³
Appice-Bogart-Martell-Stein (2:38) / Goffin-King (3:36)
Atco 6703, 7/69

Seattle Pop Festival(7/27/69)
Palm Beach Music & Art Festival(11/29/69)
Miami Rock Festival(12/27/69)

Rock & Roll
Atco SD 33-303
10/69 BB [UK: 10/69]
Back Cover

Side One
Need Love Appice-Bogart-Martell-Stein 4:57
Lord In The Country Stein 4:30
I Can't Make It Alone Goffin-King 4:45
Street Walking Woman Appice-Bogart-Martell-Stein 6:00
Side Two
Church Bells Of St Martins Stein 4:40
The Windmills Of Your Mind Bergman-Bergman-Legrand 8:52
If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody Clark 6:00
Mark Stein-keyboards, lead vocals
Vince Martell-guitar, vocals (Need Love, Street Walking Woman)
Tim Bogert-bass, vocals
Carmine Appice-drums, vocals (If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody)
§Cover Design-Vanilla Fudge
Produced by: Adrian Barber


Bogart & Appice form Cactus (after a group effort with Jeff Beck was sidelined for a few years) while Stein tried to keep group alive with two guys from Poughkeepsie, but quietly faded away.
Lord In The Country³ / The Windmills Of Your Mind³
Stein (2:43) / Bergman-Bergman-Legrand (4:15)
Atco 6728, 2/70


Atco SD33-340
7/1/70 BB [UK: 7/70]
Back Cover

Side One
Parchman Farm Allison 3:05
My Lady From South Of Detroit Appice-Bogert-Day-McCarty 4:20
Bro. Bill Appice-Bogert-Day-McCarty 5:10
You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover Dixon 6:44
Side Two
Let Me Swim Appice-Bogert-Day-McCarty 3:50
No Need To Worry Appice-Bogert-Day-McCarty 6:00
Oleo Appice-Bogert-Day-McCarty 4:49
Feel So Good Appice-Bogert-Day-McCarty 6:00
Rusty Day-vocals, harp
Jim McCarty-guitar
Tim Bogert-bass
Carmine Appice-drums
§Cover Photo-Mark L Rollins, Jr
Produced by: Cactus


Atlanta International Pop Festival(7/4/70) Cactus
New York Pop(7/18/70) Cactus
Strawberry Fields Festival(8/9/70) Cactus
Isle of Wight Festival(8/28/70) Cactus

One Way... Or Another
Atco SD33-356
2/24/71 BB [UK: 7/71]
Back Cover

Inside Cover


Side One
Long Tall Sally Blackwell-Johnson-Penniman 6:27
Rockout, Whatever You Feel Like Appice-Bogert-Day-McCarty 3:56
Rock 'N' Roll Children Appice-Bogert-Day-McCarty 5:40
Big Mama Boogie - Parts 1 & 2 Appice-Bogert-Day-McCarty 4:59
Side Two
Feel So Bad Willis 5:30
Song For Aries Appice-Bogert-Day-McCarty 3:05
Hometown Bust Appice-Bogert-Day-McCarty 6:38
One Way...Or Another Appice-Bogert-Day-McCarty 5:05
Rusty Day-vocals, harmonica
Jim McCarty-guitar
Tim Bogert-bass, vocals, lead vocals on Rockout, Whatever You Feel Like
Carmine Appice-drums, percussion, vocals
§Cover Photo-Alan Azzolino
Produced by: Cactus


Long Tall Sally³ / Rock N' Roll Children³
Blackwell-Johnson-Penniman (3:03) / Appice-Bogert-Day-McCarty (2:55)
Atco 45-6811, 4/71


Atco SD33-377
10/18/71 BB [UK: 4/72]
Back Cover

Side One
Restrictions Appice-Day 6:16
Token Chokin' Appice-Day 3:08
Guiltless Glider Appice-Bogert-Day-McCarty 8:44
Side Two
Evil Burnett 3:15
Alaska Bogert-Day-McCarty 3:40
Sweet Sixteen Appice-Bogert-Day-McCarty 3:19
Bag Drag Day-McCarty 5:12
Mean Night In Cleveland Appice-Bogert-Day-McCarty 2:10
Rusty Day-vocals, harmonica, percussion
Jim McCarty-lead guitar, slide guitar
Tim Bogert-bass, vocals
Carmine Appice-drums, percussion, vocals
Ron Leejack-slide guitar
Albhy Galuten-piano
Duane Hitchings-keyboards
§Cover Painting-Patrick D'Angelo
Produced by: Geoffrey Haslam


End 71 McCarty quits and Day was fired. 'Ot 'n' Sweaty (8/72) was the last effort.
Bogart and Appice finally joined with Jeff Beck (only lasted about a year and a half).
Several false starts in the 70s, then offically reunited in 2006 for an album and tour.


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