Jeff Beck
Jeff Beck Group

Gotta Start Somewhere...

The Nightshift
That's My Story / Stormy Monday Blues
Rice (?) / Walker (?)
Piccadilly 7N-35264, 9/65 [UK]


Jeff joins The Yardbirds

Hi-Ho Silver Lining¹ / Beck's Bolero (Instrumental)
Scott-English (2:56) / Page (2:50)
Epic 10157, 3/67

B-side features Jimmy Page, Keith Moon, John Paul Jones
Tally Man¹ / Rock My Plimsoul²
Gouldman (2:38) / Rod (3:33)
Epic 10218, 8/67

Fast version of Rock My Plimsoul
Love Is Blue / I've Been Drinking
Popp-Cour-Blackburn (2:56) / Jeffrey Rod (3:16)
Columbia DB 8359 [UK], 2/68

Listed for the awesome b-side, which got plenty of airplay on WNEW-FM.
6/14-15/68: Fillmore East, New York
opened for Grateful Dead

Epic BN-26413
8/68 BB [UK: 11/68]
Back Cover

Side One
Shapes Of Things McCarty-Relf-Samwell-Smith 3:17
Let Me Love You Rod 4:41
Morning Dew Dobson-Rose 4:38
You Shook Me Dixon-Lenoir 2:28
Ol' Man River Hammerstein-Kern 3:57
Side Two
Greensleeves(Jeff solo acoustic guitar) Trad 1:47
Rock My Plimsoul Rod 4:11
Beck's Bolero Page 2:50
Blues Deluxe Rod 7:32
I Ain't Superstitious Dixon 4:53
Jeff Beck-guitar, bass (Ol' Man River), vocal (Let Me Love You)
Rod Stewart-vocals
Ron Wood-bass
Mickey Waller-drums
Nicky Hopkins-piano (Morning Dew, You Shook Me, Beck's Bolero, Blues Deluxe)
John Paul Jones-Hammond organ (You Shook Me, Ol' Man River)
You Know Who [Keith Moon]-typani (Beck's Bolero)
§Cover Photo-Stephen Goldblatt
Produced by: Mickie Most

Note: Tracks credited to Rod are by Jeffery Rod: Beck & Stewart.
Added Jeff's personalized notes from the back of the record—click on the blue note.

Love Is Blue¹ / Ol' Man River³
Popp-Cour-Blackburn (2:56) / Hammerstein-Kern (2:50)
Epic 10390, 8/68

US release has different B-side
Jeff Beck Group records single with Donovan
Plynth (Water Down The Drain) / Jailhouse Rock
Hopkins-Stewart-Wood (3:07) / Leiber-Stoller (3:16)
Epic 10484, 5/69


Epic BN-26478
6/30/69 BB [UK: 9/69] #39
Back Cover

Side One
All Shook Up Blackwell-Presley 4:53
Spanish Boots Beck-Stewart-Wood 3:35
Girl From Mill Valley Hopkins 3:48
Jailhouse Rock Leiber-Stoller 3:16
Side Two
Plynth (Water Down The Drain) Hopkins-Stewart-Wood 3:07
The Hangman's Knee Beck-Hopkins-Newman-Stewart-Wood 4:48
Rice Pudding Beck-Hopkins-Newman-Wood 7:28
Jeff Beck-guitar
Rod Stewart-vocals extraordinaire
Nicky Hopkins-piano
Ron Wood-bass
Tony Newman-drums
§Cover Painting-La Chambre d'Ecoute (1952) by René Magritte
Produced by: Mickie Most


Newport Jazz Festival(7/4/69)
Laurel Pop Festival(7/12/69)
Beck dissolves group just before Woodstock
Stewart & Wood to Faces (& Stewart solo)
Hot Rods, man! Jeff fractures his skull in a nasty car accident on Nov 5 (69). That put his new group BBA on hold, so Tim & Carmine went and formed Cactus in the meantime. The three would get back together in 72. Earlier, in July 69, Jeff did record with ¾C of The Fudge, you know, things go better... 
The Best Of Jeff Beck
The Best Of Jeff Beck

Columbia 5C 054-92207 [Netherlands], ?/71
searched high & low for this Dutch Lp—features that first trio of singles not released on album

Rough And Ready
Epic KE-30973
10/26/71 BB [UK: 1/72]
Back Cover

Side One
Got The Feeling Beck 4:38
Situation Beck 5:04
Short Business Beck 2:30
Raynes Park Blues† Beck 8:25
Side Two
I've Been Used Beck 3:38
New Ways Train Train Beck 5:50
Jody Beck-Short 6:06
Jeff Beck-guitar
Bob Tench-vocals
Max Middleton-piano
Clive Chaman-bass
Cozy Powell-drums
§Cover Photo-Clive Arrowsmith
Produced by: Jeff Beck

Note: †retitled Max's Tune and composer credit updated to Middleton for subsequent issues

Got The Feeling³ / Situation³
Beck (2:10) / Beck (2:46)
Epic 10814, 11/71



Into The Stratosphere

An electrifying album by the best guitartist to emerge from The Yardbirds, Jeff has created his own unique musical path. After he broke up the second Jeff Beck Group (one more album followed Rough And Ready), he joined up with a couple of Long Islanders for sludge rock—the less said about BBA, the better.

Blow By Blow was his triumphant return to vinyl. Produced by the legendary George Martin, this album of searing and soaring guitar work is a classic melding of rock, jazz, and space.

Blow By Blow
Epic PE-33409
3/31/75 BB [UK: 3/75]
Back Cover

Side One
You Know What I Mean Beck-Middleton 4:02
She's A Woman Lennon-McCartney 4:28
Constipated Duck Beck 2:50
Air Blower Bailey-Beck-Chenn-Middleton 5:07
Scatterbrain Beck-Middleton 5:30
Side Two
Cause We've Ended As Lovers Wonder 5:51
Thelonius Wonder 3:17
Freeway Jam Middleton 4:57
Diamond Dust Holland 8:24
Jeff Beck-guitars
Max Middleton-keyboards
Phil Chenn-bass
Richard Bailey-drums, percussion
Stevie Wonder–clavinet (Thelonius) [uncredited]
George Martin-orchestral arrangement
§Cover Painting-John Collier
Produced by: George Martin

Note: Cause We've Ended As Lovers dedicated to Roy Buchanan and thanks to Stevie

Jeff joined forces with Jan Hammer for a few years.
He continues to amaze crowds with his extraordinary skills.


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