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Vince Martin and Fred Neil singles

In the late 50s and early 60s, both Vince and Fred put out half a dozen singles each. Too confusing to list here.
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Vince Martin 45s
Fred Neil 45s

Long Black Veil / Bottom Of The Glass
Dill-Wilkin (2:28) / Neil (2:45)
Capitol 5017, 5/63

Tear Down The Walls / I Know You Rider
Neil (2:38) / arr Martin-Neil (3:12)
Elektra EK-45009, 5/64


Tear Down The Walls
Elektra EKS-7248
6/64 [UK: 3/65]
Back Cover

Side One
I Know You Rider arr Martin-Neil 3:12
Red Flowers Neil 2:37
Tear Down The Walls Neil 2:38
Weary Blues arr Martin-Neil 4:16
Toy Balloon Martin 1:53
Baby Neil 4:34
Side Two
Morning Dew Dobson 4:13
I'm A Drifter Edmonson 2:32
Linin' Track Neil 2:41
Wild Child In A World Of Trouble Neil 2:19
Dade County Jail Neil 3:04
I Got 'Em arr Martin-Neil 3:09
Lonesome Valley arr Martin-Neil 3:07
Fred Neil-guitar, vocals
Vince Martin-guitar, vocals
Felix Pappalardi-guitarron, bass
John Sebastian-harmonica
§Cover Photo-William S Harvey
Produced by: Jac Holzman


38 MacDougal

(From the hype sticker): "Record Store Day Black Friday 2020 Limited edition of 1000. Shortly after walking out on the tense, unfinished sessions for what was to be his debut album, “Bleeker & MacDougal”, an afternoon of informal music making took place in the living room of Peter Childs’ and John Sebastian’s Greenwich Village apartment. Recorded on Ampex reel to reel and stored for over 50 years, this previously unreleased performance captures Fred Neil at the height of his powers, relaxed and unguarded. An opportunity to eavesdrop on the legendary singer-songwriter and his long-time friend and accompanist Peter Childs, making music for the pure joy of it."

Bleecker & MacDougal
Elektra EKS-7293
5/65 [UK: 11/68]
Back Cover

Reissue Cover

Side One
Bleecker & MacDougal Neil 2:14
Blues On The Ceiling Neil 2:22
Sweet Mama Neil 2:40
Little Bit Of Rain Neil 2:21
Country Boy Neil 2:26
Other Side Of This Life Neil 2:34
Mississippi Train Neil 2:16
Side Two
Travelin' Shoes Neil 2:15
The Water Is Wide Neil 4:16
Yonder Comes The Blues Neil 1:53
Candy Man Neil 2:28
Handful Of Gimme Neil 2:15
Gone Again Neil 3:15
Fred Neil-guitar, vocals
Pete Childs-dobro, guitar
John Sebastian-harmonica
Felix Pappalardi-bass
Douglas Hatelid-bass
§Cover Photo-Mort Schuman; Reissue Artwork-Karl Swanson
Produced by: Paul Rothchild

Note: Reissued in 1970 as Little Bit Of Rain (see last note)

Dolphins / Badi-Da
Neil (3:51) / Neil (3:35)
Capitol 5786, 11/66


Fred Neil
Capitol ST-2665
1/67 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Reissue Cover

Side One
Dolphins Neil 3:51
I've Got A Secret (Didn't We Shake Sugaree) Cotton-Neil 4:35
That's The Bag I'm In Neil 3:33
Ba-De-Da Neil 3:35
Faretheewell (Fred's Tune) Neil 4:00
Side Two
Everybody's Talkin' Neil 2:58
Everything Happens Neil 2:17
Sweet Cocaine Neil 2:05
Green Rocky Road Neil 3:35
Cynicrustpetefredjohn Raga Neil 7:27
Fred Neil-guitar, finger snaps, mumbles
Peter (Super-fingers) Childs-guitars
John T Forsha-guitars
Cyrus Faryar-magic bouzouki, guitar
James E (Chops) Bond, Jr-stand-up bass
Billy Mundi-crash, cymbals, tambourine, drums
Al Wilson-harp
Rusty Faryar-finger cymbals
UFO & Friend-Sing-alongs
§Cover Photo-Jim Marshall
Produced by: Nick Venet

Note: Reissued in 1969 as Everybody's Talkin' (see last note)
That's Blind Owl from Canned Heat on harp.
Decoding Cynicrustpetefredjohn:
Cy(rus Faryar); Nic(k Venet); Rust(y Faryar); Pete(Childs); Fred(Neil); John(Forsha)

Dolphins³ / I've Got A Secret
Neil (2:36) / Neil (4:35)
Capitol 2047, 11/67


Capitol ST-2862
12/67 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Felicity (Take 5) Neil 2:10
Please Send Me Someone To Love (Take 2) Neil 3:33
Merry-Go-Round (Take 1) Neil 5:40
Look Over Yonder (Take 1) Neil 8:00
Side Two
Fools Are A Long Time Comin' (Take 1) Metoyer-Neil 5:10
Looks Like Rain (Take 1/Take 2) Neil 7:10
Roll On Rosie (Take 1) Neil 8:20
Fred Neil-guitar, vocals
Cyrus Faryar-guitar
Peter Childs-guitar
Eric Hord-guitar
Bruce Langhorne-guitar
Jimmy Bond-bass
§Cover Art-uncredited
Produced by: Nick Venet


Felicity / Please Send Me Someone To Love
Neil (2:11) / Neil (3:34)
Capitol 2091, 1/68

Everybody's Talkin (Echoes) / That's The Bag I'm In
Neil (2:58) / Neil (3:33)
Capitol 2256, 8/68


If The Jasmine Don't Get You... The Bay Breeze Will
Capitol ST-231
6/69 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Snow Shadows Martin 6:55
I Can't Escape From You Williams 3:12
Summerwind Martin 3:45
Danville Girl trad, arr Martin 4:31
Side Two
Yonder Comes The Sun Martin 8:07
Jasmine (If The Jasmine Don't Get You The Bay Breeze Will) Martin 13:07
Vince Martin-guitar, vocals
Charlie McCoy-guitar
Fred Carter, Jr-guitar
John Buck Wilkin-guitar
Lloyd Green Murray-pedal steel guitar
Henry Strzelecki-bass
Norbert Putnam-bass
Kenneth Buttrey-drums
M Harman, Jr-drums
§Cover Photo-uncredited
Produced by: Nickolas Venet

Note: Recorded in Nashville, with musicians who had just fininshed recording Dylan's Nashville Skyline

I Can't Escape From You / Summerwind
Williams (3:12) / Martin (3:45)
Capitol 2565, 7/69

Everybody's Talkin' / Badi-Da
Neil (2:58) / Neil (3:35)
Capitol 2604, 8/69


Other Side Of This Life
Capitol SM-657
2/71 [UK: 6/71]
Back Cover

Alternate Cover

Alternate Back Cover

Side One
Introduction - 0:22
Other Side Of This Life Neil 2:43
Roll On Rosie Neil 3:45
Dolphins Neil 4:36
That's The Bag I'm In Neil 2:48
Sweet Cocaine Neil 3:13
Everybody's Talkin' Neil 3:35
Side Two
Come Back Baby Neil 2:33
Ba-De-Da Neil 2:48
Prettiest Train Neil 4:31
Ya Don't Miss Your Water Neil 2:32
Felicity Neil 1:34
Fred Neil-guitar, vocals
with (side one):
Monte Dunn-guitar
with (side two):
Dino Valente-guitar
Bruce Langhorne-guitar
Vince Martin-guitar, vocal (Ba-De-Da)
Stephen Stills-guitar, vocal (Prettiest Train) [uncredited]
Gram Parsons-piano, vocal (Ya Don't Miss Your Water)
Les McCann-piano (Come Back Baby)
Jimmy Bond-bass
Harvey Brooks-bass
Billy Mundi-drums
§Cover Photo-Tony Gulliver
Produced by: Howard Solomon

Note: Side one live at The Purple Elephant, Woodstock, NY [Fall 69]; side two outakes


The Bag I'm In H P Lovecraft (HP Lovecraft) 9/67
  Richie Havens (Richie Havens' Record) 1/68
  Buzzy Linhart (Music) 2/71
Blues On The Ceilin' Tim Hardin (This Is) 6/67
Candy Man Roy Orbison (Big hit single) 7/61
Country Boy and Bleeker Street H P Lovecraft (HP Lovecraft) 9/67
The Dolphin[s] Judy Henske (45) [as Dolphins In The Sea] 3/67
  Dion (Dion) 11/68
  Linda Ronstadt (Hand Sown Home Grown) 3/69
  It's A Beautiful Day (Marrying Maiden) 6/70
  The Youngbloods (Ride The Wind) 7/71
   Tim Buckley recorded Dolphins in London, 1968; released in 2004
Everybody's Talkin' Spanky & Our Gang (45) [as Echoes] 12/67
  Nilsson (Aerial Ballet) 7/68
Just A Little Bit Of Rain Judy Henske (Little Bit of Sunshine... Little Bit of Rain) 4/65
  The Stone Poneys (The Stone Poneys) 1/67
The Other Side Of This Life Judy Henske (Little Bit of Sunshine... Little Bit of Rain) 4/65
  The Lovin' Spoonful (Do You Believe in Magic?) 11/65
  The Animals (Animalism) 11/66
  The Youngbloods (The Youngbloods) 1/67
  Growing Concern (Growing Concern) 5/68
  Jefferson Airplane (Bless It's Pointed Little Head)* 2/69
Tear Down The Walls Judy Collins (Judy Collins' Concert) 8/64
Wild Child (World of Trouble) Tom Rush (Tom Rush) 2/70
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Note: *The Airplane had this song in their repertoire from the beginning.

Great Influencer
Fred was instrumental in the early careers of folkies in New York, like Stephen Stills, Buzzy Linhart, Tim Hardin, John Sebastian, and Tim Buckley. Later, he was a frequent visitor to 2400 Fulton Street.

In fact, the Airplane's The Ballad Of You & Me & Pooneil and the Spoonful song Coconut Grove were tributes to Fred.


Fred Neil web site
Fred Neil: The Greatest Singer-Songwriter You’ve Probably Never Heard Of @ Vivascene


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