The music featured here didn't appear out of a vacuum. But those of us teenagers in Seasons time line, we didn't have a direct connection with the pioneers (or legends) of our music. Rock 'n' Roll radio was tamed in 1957 and wouldn't make a resurgence until The Beatles busted things up. Our access to the early singles was via their "greatest hits" packages. This led us to the rest of their bodies of work and how they influenced the bands covered.

Drawing on influences of blues, folk, country and early rock 'n' roll, the artists of the day reached back into the vast library of American music. Blues artists are spotlighted on their own page; this page focuses on our "legends." Chuck, Elvis, Eddie & Gene, Sun Studios, and the multitude of singles that formed the roue of our stew.

Each "legend" also has a "covers" section, highlighting songs that were popularized by these folks. Maybe not written by them, but still regarded as "theirs." To lessen the amount of bytes used, Elvis' covers of the other "legends" has been omitted. As has many of the medleys that feature a bunch of these songs (I'm looking at you, Cat Mother and Savoy Brown!).

At the bottom is a series presenting what we considered "oldies." The Art Laboe story and the Oldies But Goodies records are just a click away. This compilation series belongs here (and not here) because these are the legendary singles that started this whole crazy ride. Many great artists and many great songs all in one place (well, 15 anyway).


Chuck Berry

Without Chuck, our rock wouldn't roll.
Chuck Berry's Golden Decade
Chess LPS-1514D
4/67 BB
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Maybelline Berry-Fratto-Freed 2:22
Deep Feeling Berry 2:18
Johnny B Goode Berry 2:42
Wee Wee Hours Berry 3:06
Nadine Berry-Freed 2:37
Brown-Eyed Handsome Man Berry 2:19
Side Two
Roll Over Beethoven Berry 2:25
Thirty Days Berry 2:25
Havana Moon Berry 3:09
No Particular Place To Go Berry 2:45
Memphis Berry 2:11
Almost Grown Berry 2:19
Side Three
School Days Berry-Clarke-Cobb 2:43
Too Much Monkey Business Berry 2:57
Oh, Baby Doll Berry 2:39
Reelin' And Rockin' Berry 3:18
You Can't Catch Me Berry 2:45
Too Pooped To Pop Berry 2:37
Side Four
Bye Bye Johnny Berry 2:07
Around And Around Berry 2:38
Sweet Little Sixteen Berry 3:04
Rock And Roll Music Berry 2:34
Anthony Boy Berry 1:52
Back In The USA Berry 2:30

Almost Grown The Lovin' Spoonful (What's Shakin') 6/66
Around And Around The Animals (The Animals) 9/64
  The Rolling Stones (12X5) 10/64
Back In The USA MC5 (Back In The USA) 1/70
Beautiful Delilah The Kinks (You Really Got Me) 12/64
  Beacon Street Union (The Eyes Of The Beacon Street Union) 2/68
Brown Eyed Handsome Man John Hammond (I Can Tell) 6/68
  The Blues Project (Lazarus) 9/71
Bye Bye Johnny The Rolling Stones (UK EP) 1/64
Carol The Rolling Stones (England's Newest Hitmakers) 5/64
  The Rolling Stones (Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!) 9/70
Come On The Rolling Stones (1st UK 45) 6/63
  The Chocolate Watch Band (No Way Out) 9/67
Dance On Little Beauty Eagle (Come Under Nancy's Tent) ?/70
How You've Changed The Animals (On Tour) 3/65
I Want To Be Your Driver The Blues Project (Live At The Cafe Au-Go-Go) 5/66
Johnny B Goode The Beach Boys (Concert) 10/64
  Johnny Winter (Second Winter) 10/69
  Johnny Winter And (Live) 5/71
  Grateful Dead (Grateful Dead) 9/71
Let It Rock The Rolling Stones (UK 45) 4/71
Little Queenie The Rolling Stones (Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!) 9/70
Maybellene John Hammond (John Hammond) 10/63
Memphis Tennessee The Animals (The Animals) 9/64
  Sandy Bull (Inventions)(stunning version) 6/65
 as Memphis Faces (A Nod Is As Good As A Wink... To A Blind Horse) 11/71
Nadine John Hammond (Southern Fried) 5/70
No Money Down John Hammond (Big City Blues) 11/64
The Promised Land Dave Edmunds (Rockpile) 6/72
Rock & Roll Music The Beatles ('65) 12/64
Roll Over Beethoven The Beatles (Second Album) 4/64
 (part of medley) Mountain (Flowers Of Evil) 11/71
Sweet Little Rock And Roller Dave Edmunds (Rockpile) 6/72
Sweet Little Sixteen The Animals (Animalization) 7/66
  Ten Years After (Watt) 12/70
Talkin' 'Bout You The Rolling Stones (December's Children (And Everybody's)) 12/65
Too Much Monkey Business The Yardbirds (Five Live [UK LP]) 12/64
  The Kinks (You Really Got Me) 12/64
  Tom Rush (Take A Little Walk With Me) 5/66
 as Monkey Business The Youngbloods (Earth Music) 10/67
You Can't Catch Me The Rolling Stones (Now!) 2/65
  The Blues Project (Projections) 11/66
  Love Sculpture (Forms And Feelings) 2/70

Note: The Beach Boys' Surfin' USA (1963) is a rewrite of Sweet Little Sixteen. Credit was awarded to Chuck in 1966.
Chuck also recorded an album with the Steve Miller Band at the Fillmore Auditorium in 1967


Official Chuck Berry website


Little Richard

Little Richard story.
Little Richard's Grooviest 17 Original Hits!
Specialty Records SPS-2113
Back Cover

Side One
Long Tall Sally Blackwell-Johnson-Penniman 2:05
Send Me Some Lovin' Marascalco-Price 2:15
Good Golly, Miss Molly Marascalco-Blackwell 2:07
She's Got It Marascalco-Penniman 2:12
Jenny Jenny Johnson-Penniman 2:00
Miss Ann Johnson-Penniman 2:05
Ready Teddy Blackwell-Marascalco 2:05
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Leiber-Stoller 2:05
Slippin' And Slidin' Bocage-Collins-Penniman-Smith 2:10
Side Two
All Around The World Turner 2:19
Tutti Frutti LaBostrie-Lubin-Penniman 2:25
Lucille Penniman 2:20
Ooh! My Soul Penniman 2:05
True Fine Mama Penniman-Samuels-Whitcup 2:25
Heeby-Jeebies Atkins 2:07
Boo Hoo Hoo Hoo Penniman-Wayne 2:17
Rip It Up Blackwell-Marascalco 2:20


Freedom Blues / Dew Drop Inn
Esquerita-Penniman (3:00) / Esquerita-Penniman-Winslow (2:40)
Reprise 0907, 4/70 BB

Little Richard had this hit single in 1970, from another "comeback" album, The Rill Thing

Little Richard Covers
Directly From My Heart to You The Mothers Of Invention (Weasels Ripped My Flesh) 8/70
The Girl Can't Help It The Flamin' Groovies (Supersnazz) 9/69
Good Golly Miss Molly Creedence Clearwater Revival (Bayou Country) 1/69
Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey(part of medley) The Beatles (VI) 12/64
Keep A Knockin' The Flamin' Groovies (Flamingo) 7/70
  Mott The Hoople (Wildlife) 5/71
Long Tall Sally The Kinks (You Really Got Me) 2/64
  The Beatles (Second Album) 4/64
  Cactus (One Way... Or Another) 2/71
 (part of medley) Johnny Winter And (Live) 5/71
Lucille The Animals (Animalism) 11/66
Miss Ann Johnny Winter (Second Winter) 10/69
Rip It Up NRBQ (Boppin' The Blues) 2/70
Tutti Frutti MC5 (Back In The USA) 1/70
You're My Girl (I Don't Want to Discuss It) Rhinoceros (Rhinoceros) 11/68
Little Richard Medley Delaney & Bonnie & Friends (On Tour With Eric Clapton) 3/70



Little Richard News Wiki


Elvis Presley

The King melded blues, country, and gospel into a new form.
Worldwide 50 Gold Award Hits, Vol 1
RCA Victor LPM-6401
8/70 BB


Something Better

Originally that whole album was listed here. It's good—got all the hits—sing along. Since it came out in 1970, it's mostly meat with little filler. Before that pudgy, Vegas, pill-poppin' crap.

But there's a much more important Elvis album that needs to go here. It was the start of rock 'n' roll, melding gospel, country, blues, and jammin all into a delicious stew. Before 1976, it'd've cost you lots of bucks to hear the goodness that still shines thru this crappy-dynaflex-noisy disc. Yes, these are the original 1954 Sun recordings of a kid and his pals inventing rockabilly. This is THE Elvis album you need.

The Sun Sessions
RCA Victor APM1-1675
3/76 BB RS500
Back Cover

Side One
That's All Right(Sun 209, 7/54) Crudup 1:54
Blue Moon Of Kentucky(") Monroe 1:59
I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine(Sun 210, 9/54) David 2:23
Good Rockin' Tonight(") Brown 2:10
Milkcow Blues Boogie(Sun 215, 1/55) Arnold 2:32
You're A Heartbreaker(") Sallee 2:08
I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone(Sun 217, 4/55) Kesler-Taylor 2:34
Baby Let's Play House(") Gunter 2:13
Side Two
Mystery Train(Sun 223, 8/55) Parker-Phillips 2:24
I Forgot To Remember To Forget(") Kesler-Feathers 2:24
I'll Never Let You Go (Little Darlin') Wakely 2:18
I Love You Because (1st Version) Payne 2:38
Trying To Get To You McCoy-Singleton 2:28
Blue Moon Rodgers-Hart 2:39
Just Because Robin-Shelton-Shelton 2:29
I Love You Because (2nd Version) Payne 3:21

Note: The other six tracks were recorded at Sun, but issued on Elvis' first LP in '56 (except for the last one, of course)
Liner notes by noted British critic, Roy Carr (NME). Oh, and they released the album a year earlier. Why, RCA?

Elvis Presley Covers
All Shook Up Jeff Beck Group (Beck-Ola) 6/69
Blue Suede Shoes Beacon Street Union (The Clown Died In Marvin Gardens) 9/68
  John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band (Live Peace in Toronto, 1969) 12/69
  John Sebastian (... Real Live) 4/71
  Jimi Hendrix/Band Of Gypsys (In The West) 2/72
Don't Be Cruel Dillard & Clark (45) 2/69
Heartbreak Hotel Stan Freberg (45)  3/56
  Blues Magoos (Never Goin' Back To Georgia) 10/69
Jailhouse Rock Jeff Beck Group (Beck-Ola) 6/69

Note: Kinda thin here, as a lot of Elvis' famous recordings were covers of other peoples versions. Hound Dog came from Big Mama Thornton
via Freddie Bell & The Bell Boys (exact same arrangement). Blue Suede Shoes should've put its original performer, Carl Perkins on the fast
track to fame 'n fortune, but he and the band got involved in an accident on the Joisey Turnpike on their way to do The Perry Como Show in
NYC. Life's sometimes a bitch. The listing for Stan Freberg makes up for that twist of fate.


Elvis The Music


Jerry Lee Lewis

Jerry Lee Lewis story.
Original Golden Hits - Volume 1
Sun SUN-102
9/69 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Crazy Arms Mooney-Seals 2:45
End Of The Road Lewis 1:46
Great Balls Of Fire Hammer-Blackwell 1:57
It'll Be Me Clement 2:15
Move On Down The Line Phillips-Phillips 2:13
You Win Again Williams 2:53
Side Two
Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On Williams 2:52
Little Queenie Berry 2:25
Breathless Blackwell 2:41
Teen-Age Letter Richard 2:19
Lewis Boogie Lewis 1:59


Official Jerry Lee Lewis website


Carl Perkins

Carl Perkins story.
Blue Suede Shoes
Sun SUN-112
Back Cover

Side One
Blue Suede Shoes Perkins 2:12
Movie Magg Perkins 2:05
Forever Yours Perkins 2:34
All Mama's Children Cash-Perkins 2:04
I'm Sorry I'm Not Sorry Ballman 2:25
Glad All Over Bennett-Schroeder-Tepper 1:38
Side Two
Turn Around Perkins 2:55
Gone, Gone, Gone Perkins 2:35
Her Love Rubbed Off Perkins 2:50
You Can't Make Love To Somebody Perkins 2:35
Let The Juke Box Keep On Playing Perkins 2:50

Carl Perkins Covers
Blue Suede Shoes Beacon Street Union (The Clown Died In Marvin Gardens) 9/68
  John Lennon/Plastic On Band (Live Peace in Toronto, 1969) 12/69
  John Sebastian (Cheapo-Cheapo Productions Presents Real Live) 4/71
Matchbox The Beatles (Something New) 7/64
Honey Don't The Beatles ('65) 12/64
Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby The Beatles ('65) 12/64
Perkins recorded an album with... NRBQ (Boppin The Blues) 2/70

Note: Carl was instrumental in getting George out of retirement in 1985.


Carl Perkins @ History Of Rock website


Gene Vincent

Sweet Gene only had one "hit" but his style influenced many of the musicians featured on this website. Jeff Beck has said that it was Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps that got him started—and that turned out pretty good! He was featured in one of the greatest rock 'n' roll movies of all time: The Girl Can't Help It.

Gene & Eddie Cochran were touring England in 1960 (no doubt planting the seeds of rockabilly as they went) when they were involved in a high-speed auto crash (4/16). Eddie was killed, and Gene damaged for life. He succumbed to the after-effects in 1971.
In the rockabilly revival in England in the 80s, Gene was their god.
Capitol DKAO-380
Back Cover

Side One
Be-Bop-A-Lula Sheriff Tex Davis-Vincent 2:34
Little Lover Carrol 1:58
Race With The Devil Davis-Vincent 2:01
Important Words Davis-Vincent 2:37
She She Little Sheila Merritt-Pullen-Whitey 2:25
Blue Jean Bop Pearce-Recevevr 2:19
Side Two
Woman Love Rhodes 2:33
Maybelline Berry-Fratto-Freed 2:22
Over The Rainbow Arlen-Harburg 2:55
Lotta Lovin' Bedwell 2:07
Yes, I Love You, Baby Facenda-Lipscomb-Peek-Vincent 2:04

Note: Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps


Gene Vincent on Rockabilly Hall of Fame website


Eddie Cochran

Eddie Cochran story.
Legendary Master Series #4
United Artists UAS-9959
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Skinny Jim Capehart-Cochran 2:09
Let's Get Together Capehart-Cochran 1:55
Eddie's Blues Capehart-Cochran 3:55
Little Lou Capehart-Daniels 1:40
Pink Pegged Slacks Capehart-Cochran-Cochran 2:07
Jeanie Jeanie Jeanie Motola-Page 2:20
Something Else Cochran-Sheeley 2:07
Side Two
Pretty Little Devil Carter 2:04
Who Can I Count On Masters 2:20
Thinkin' About You Carter-Luman 2:02
Opportunity Akens-Daniels 1:52
Latch On Fitzsimmons-Stanley 1:35
I'm Ready Capehart-Cochran-Cochran 1:33
Three Stars Dee 3:29
Cotton Picker Richardson-Watts 2:10
Side Three
Summertime Blues Capehart-Cochran 1:55
Cut Across Shorty Walker-Wilkins 1:51
Milk Cow Blues Estes 2:40
My Way Capehart-Cochran 2:13
Blue Suede Shoes Perkins 1:50
Nervous Breakdown Roccuzzo 2:30
C'mon Everybody Capehart-Cochran 1:53
Side Four
Sittin' In The Balcony Dee 1:58
Twenty Flight Rock Fairchild 1:43
Teenage Cutie Capehart-Cochran 1:50
Hallelujah, I Love Her So Charles 2:15
Fourth Man Theme Capehart 1:59
Weekend Post-Post 1:50
Bo Weevil Bartholomew-Domino 1:57
Long Tall Sally Blackwell-Johnson-Penniman 1:43

C'mon Everybody NRBQ (NRBQ) 6/69
Cut Across Shorty Rod Stewart (Gasoline Alley) 6/70
Something Else The Move (Something Else [UK EP]) 9/68
Summertime Blues Blue Cheer (Vincebus Eruptum) 1/68
  Terry Reid (Bang, Bang You're Terry Reid) 12/68
 (part of medley) The Flamin' Groovies (Supersnazz) 9/69
  The Who (Live At Leeds) 5/70
  Tyrannosauros Rex (45) 12/70
Twenty Flight Rock Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen (Lost In The Ozone) 11/71

Note: Although there are only a few covers of Summertime Blues listed, I'll bet most of the bands on this website played
this song in their early days!


Remember Eddie Cochran


Buddy Holly

Horned-rim glasses with a Tex-Mex beat, Buddy Holly's bright light flashed ever so briefly, yet touched many rock 'n' rollers. The Hollies were named after him and The Beatles listed him as one of their prime influences.
Greatest Hits
Coral CRL-757492
Back Cover

Side One
Peggy Sue Allison-Petty 2:30
True Love Ways Holly-Petty 2:47
Bo Diddley McDaniels 2:19
What To Do Holly 1:52
Learning The Game Holly 2:10
It Doesn't Matter Anymore Anka 2:01
Side Two
That'll Be The Day* Allison-Petty 2:16
Oh Boy!* Petty-Tilghman-West 2:07
Early In The Morning Darin-Harris 2:05
Brown Eyed Handsome Man Berry 2:03
Everyday Hardin-Petty 2:07
Maybe Baby* Hardin-Holly-Petty 2:02

Note: *Featuring - The Crickets

Buddy Holly Covers
Buddy's Song Fleetwood Mac (Kiln House) 9/70
Heartbeat Humble Pie (Town And Country) 11/69
I'm Gonna Love You Too The 13th Floor Elevators (Live) 8/68
Love's Made A Fool Of You Tom Rush (Take A Little Walk With Me) 5/66
Not Fade Away The Rolling Stones (England's Newest Hitmakers) 5/64
  The Rolling Stones (Got "Live" If You Want It!) 12/66
 (part of medley) Grateful Dead (Grateful Dead) 9/71
Maybe Baby Dewey Martin & Medicine Ball (Dewey Martin & Medicine Ball) 8/70
Rave On The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy) 2/70
That'll Be The Day The Crossfires (45) ?/63
Words Of Love The Beatles (VI) 6/65
Well, All Right Blind Faith (Blind Faith) 8/69


Buddy Holly Archives


The Everly Brothers

15 Everly Hits 15
Cadence CLP-3062
Back Cover

Side One
Wake Up Little Susie Bryant-Bryant 1:57
All I Have To Do Is Dream Bryant 2:17
Bird Dog Bryant 2:12
Devoted To You Bryant 2:21
('Til) I Kissed You D Everly 2:23
I Wonder If I Care As Much D Everly-P Everly 2:07
Claudette Orbison 2:12
Oh What A Feeling D Everly 2:04
Side Two
Let It Be Me Becaud-Curtis-Delanoe 2:33
Bye Bye Love Bryant-Bryant 2:17
Take A Message To Mary Bryant-Bryant 2:24
Problems Bryant-Bryant 1:54
Maybe Tomorrow D Everly-P Everly 2:04
When Will I Be Loved P Everly 2:03
Poor Jenny Bryant-Bryant 2:08

Everly Brothers Covers
Bye Bye Love Lothar & The Hand People (Presenting) 11/68
  Simon and Garfunkel (Bridge Over Troubled Water) 1/70
Devoted To You The Beach Boys (Party!) 11/65
Only Mama That'll Walk The Line Linda Ronstadt (Hand Sown... Home Grown) 3/69
Rocky Top Dillard & Clark (Through The Morning, Through the Night) 8/69
Take A Message To Mary Bob Dylan (Self Portrait) 6/70
Wake Up Little Susie Grateful Dead (History Of The Dead, Vol 1 (Bear's Choice)) 7/73

Note: The Everly Brothers are featured on the "One-Offs" page with their album Roots.


The Official Everly Brothers Family Fan Site


Roy Orbison

Roy Orbison: a gift from the universe to entertain us mortals. Undescribably beautiful voice—no matter if he sang Oooby Dooby or Crying. Songs that cut to the heart of things. "But, wait, what do I see? Is she walking back to me?" Outstanding career in the late 50s/mid 60s—came back even stronger with The Traveling Wilburys. Too soon, the universe called Roy back.

Just before he hooked up with George, Tom, and Bobby, Roy was working with Jeff Lynne on a comeback album and in the September of 1987 the most remarkable concert took place at The Coconut Grove in LA. Roy, in spectacular voice, is joined by Bruce, Elvis, Jackson, and James "Master of the Telecaster" Burton for a night of his greatest. Shot in black and white, it was shown on Cinemax the following January.
The Very Best Of Roy Orbison
Monument SLP-18045
8/66 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Only The Lonely Melson-Orbison 2:24
Crying Melson-Orbison 2:45
Running Scared Melson-Orbison 2:10
It's Over Dees-Orbison 2:47
Candy Man Neil-Ross 2:48
Side Two
Oh Pretty Woman Dees-Orbison 2:55
Blue Angel Melson-Orbison 2:50
In Dreams Orbison 2:46
Dream Baby Walker 2:35
Mean Woman Blues DeMetrius 2:23

Note: There are no covers listed here, because you can't cover "The Big O." Nobody f$#ks with this legend!
If you don't own a copy of Black And White Night, you'll be excused while you open another tab and order a damn copy.
Another Note: Roy made a western movie in 1967, check it out here


The Official Roy Orbison Website


Ray Charles

Ray Charles


A Man And His Soul
ABC Records ABCS-590X
3/67 BB
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
I Can't Stop Loving You Gibson 4:13
What'd I Say Charles 4:30
Ol' Man River Hammerstein-Kern 5:35
One Mint Julep Toombs 3:02
Crying Time Owens 2:54
Makin' Whoopee Donaldson-Kahn 2:16
Side Two
Busted Howard 2:06
Takes Two To Tango Hoffman-Manning 3:17
Ruby Parish-Roemheld 3:51
Let's Go Get Stoned Armstead-Ashford-Simpson 2:57
Cry Kohlman 3:31
Unchain My Heart James-Jones 2:52
Side Three
Georgia On My Mind Carmichael-Gorrell 3:37
Baby It's Cold Outside (with Betty Carter) Loesser 4:05
Worried Mind Daffan-Davis 2:54
I Chose To Sing The Blues Charles-Holliday 2:29
I Don't Need No Doctor Armstead-Ashford-Simpson 2:29
Born To Lose Brown 3:15
Side Four
Hit The Road, Jack Mayfield 2:00
You Are My Sunshine Davis-Mitchell 2:58
From The Heart Charles 3:30
Teardrops From My Eyes Toombs 3:22
No Use Crying Daniels-Gaines-Kober 3:15
Chitlin's With Candied Yams Charles 4:34

Note: Came with five page booklet

Ray Charles Covers
Hallelujah, I Love Her So The Animals (On Tour) 3/65
  Humble Pie (Performance: Rockin' the Fillmore) 11/71
Hit the Road, Jack The Animals (Animalism) 11/66
 (part of medley) Buzzy Linhart (The Time To Live Is Now) ?/71
I Believe to My Soul The Animals (On Tour) 3/65
  Love Sculpture (Blues Helping) 8/69
I Don't Need No Doctor The Chocolate Watchband (One Step Beyond) 3/69
  Harvey Mandel (Games Guitars Play) ?/70
  Humble Pie (Performance: Rockin' the Fillmore) 11/71
  New Riders of The Purple Sage (Powerglide) ?/72
I Got a Woman Elvis Presley (Elvis Presley) 3/56
  Al Kooper (Easy Does It) 8/70
Let's Go Get Stoned Manfred Mann (Pretty Flamingo) 11/66
  Joe Cocker (Mad Dogs And Englishmen) 8/70
Mary Ann Al Kooper & Mike Bloomfield (The Live Adventures Of) 1/69
The Night Time Is the Right Time The Animals (UK EP) 9/64
  Creedence Clearwater Revival (Green River) 8/69
Sticks and Stones Joe Cocker (Mad Dogs And Englishmen) 8/70
Talkin' 'bout You The Animals (The Animals) 9/64
What'd I Say John Mayall (Blues Breakers With Eric Clapton) 1/67



The Official Ray Charles Website


The "Nuggets" of the day had to be the Oldies But Goodies record series.

Original Sound Records was started in the 1950s by California disc jockey Art Laboe who popularized the "oldies but goodies" format on radio KPOP during the "Art Laboe Show."

Though compilation albums of older material are now commonplace, Laboe was among the first (if not the first) to license material from several labels for the first successful "oldies" albums to hit the market, thus saving listeners thousands of hours of searching record stores for out-of-print 45s. Some of these songs are still hard to find!

Some of these albums even hit that chart magazine. Note that the #1's have been "iconed"—motivate your pointing thing over it to see when it happened. You're welcome.
Oldies But Goodies (Vols 1-15)
Original Sound Records
Typical Back Cover (Vol 3 here)

Oldies But Goodies Vol 1, 1959 BB
Dreamy Side
Five Satins In The Still Of The Night 3:04
The Penguins Earth Angel 2:55
The Teen Queens Eddie My Love 3:12
The Mello Kings Tonite Tonite 2:30
Don Julian & The Meadowlarks Heaven And Paradise 2:50
The Medallions The Letter 2:50
Jump Side
Shirley & Lee Let The Good Times Roll 2:20
Sonny Knight Confidential 2:20
The Cadets Stranded In The Jungle 3:10
The Jaguars The Way You Look Tonight 2:20
Etta James Dance With Me Henry 2:23
Oscar McLollie Convicted 3:00

Oldies But Goodies Vol 2, 1960
Dreamy Side
The Clovers Devil Or Angel 2:21
The Heartbeats 1000 Miles Away 2:22
Jessie Belvin Goodnight My Love 3:05
The Velvetones Glory Of Love 2:45
The Nutmegs Story Untold 2:20
The Charts Deserie 2:21
Jump Side
Joe Turner Shake, Rattle, And Roll 2:57
The Crows Gee 2:17
Tony Allen Nite Owl 2:40
The Turbans When You Dance 2:22
"Peppermint" Harris I Get Loaded 2:30
Faye Adams Shake A Hand 2:15

Oldies But Goodies Vol 3, 1962 BB
Dreamy Side
The Flamingos Lovers Never Say Goodbye 2:50
The Shields You Cheated 2:31
The Dells Oh What A Night 2:50
Jerry Butler For Your Precious Love 2:40
Little Anthony & The Imperials 2 People In The World 2:32
Gene & Eunice This Is My Story 2:20
Rock Side
The Dell-Vikings Come Go With Me 2:35
Huey (Piano) Smith Don't You Just Know It 2:39
The El Dorados At My Front Door 2:35
Frankie Ford Sea Cruise 2:44
Preston Epps Bongo Rock 2:00
Little Richard Long Tall Sally 2:05

Oldies But Goodies Vol 4, 1962 BB
Dreamy Side
The Rays Silhouettes 2:43
The Six Teens A Casual Look 2:15
The Dubs Could This Be Magic 2:15
Gloria Mann Teenage Prayer 2:27
The Five Satins To The Aisle 2:41
The Chantels The Plea 2:47
Rock Side
Mickey & Sylvia Love Is Strange 2:52
Jerry L. Lewis Whole Lot Of Shakin' Going On 2:50
Sandy Nelson Teen Beat 2:27
Barrett Strong Money 2:35
Carl Perkins Blue Suede Shoes 2:13

Oldies But Goodies Vol 5, 1963 BB
Dreamy Side
The Elegants Little Star  1  2:37
Rosie And The Originals Angel Baby 2:45
The Skyliners Since I Don't Have You 2:36
The Paradons Diamonds And Pearls 2:15
Shep And The Limelites Daddy's Home 2:47
The Channels The Closer You Are 3:00
Rock Side
The Hollywood Argyles Alley-Oop  1  2:36
Maurice Williams Stay  1  1:37
The Dominoes Sixty-Minute Man 2:25
Bobby Day Rockin' Robin 2:25
Preston Epps Bongo Bongo Bongo 2:08
The Jewels Hearts Of Stone 2:29

Oldies But Goodies Vol 6, 1963 BB
Dreamy Side
Little Caesar & The Romans Those Oldies But Goodies 3:20
Dion And The Belmonts A Teenager In Love 2:36
The Pips Every Beat Of My Heart 2:01
The Safaris Images Of A Girl 2:27
The Fireflies You Were Mine 1:52
The Skyliners This I Swear 2:48
Rockin' Side
Gary (U S) Bonds Quarter To Three  1  2:29
Bill Doggett Honky Tonk, Part I 3:07
Bill Doggett Honky Tonk, Part II 2:36
Gene Chandler Duke Of Earl  1  2:22
Dee Dee Sharp Mashed Potato Time 2:27
Dee Clark Raindrops 2:37

Oldies But Goodies Vol 7, 1964 BB
Dreamy Side
Tommy Edwards It's All In The Game  1  2:35
The Paris Sisters I Love How You Love Me 2:04
Ritchie Valens Donna 2:20
Mark Dinning Teen Angel  1  2:36
The Chimes Once In A While 2:26
Jerry Butler He Will Break Your Heart 2:40
Rockin' Side
Jimmy Jones Handy Man 2:02
Gary (U S) Bonds New Orleans 2:44
The Champs Tequila  1  2:09
Dion Runaround Sue  1  2:41
Barbara George I Know 2:22
B. Bumble & The Stingers Bumble Boogie 2:09

Oldies But Goodies Vol 8, 1965
Dreamy Side
The Dixie Cups Chapel of Love  1  2:45
Troy Shondell This Time 2:35
Dale & Grace I'm Leavin' It All Up To You  1  2:13
Terry Stafford Suspicion 2:27
Carla Thomas Gee Whiz 2:15
The Blue Jays Lovers Island 2:17
Rockin' Side
Bobby Darin Splish Splash 2:11
The Coasters Searchin 2:17
Inez Foxx Mockingbird 2:38
Ernie Fields In The Mood 2:29
Richie Valens La Bamba 2:05
Ernie Freeman Raunchy 2:15

Oldies But Goodies Vol 9, 1965
Dreamy Side
Timi Yuro Hurt 2:28
The Casinos Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye 2:57
(Little Esther) Phillips Release Me 3:10
Don And Juan What's Your Name 2:25
Cathy Jean And The Roommates Please Love Me Forever 2:53
J. Frank Wilson Last Kiss 2:24
Rockin' Side
Del Shannon Runaway  1  2:20
Bobby Fuller I Fought The Law 2:07
The Castaways Liar Liar 1:52
Jewel Aiken The Birds And The Bees 2:07
Bobby Day Over And Over 2:20
Bobby Bland Turn On Your Lovelight 2:30

Oldies But Goodies Vol 10, 1966
Dreamy Side
The Righteous Brothers You've Lost That Loving Feeling  1  3:05
The Shirelles Dedicated To The One I Love 2:03
Frankie Avalon Venus  1  2:21
The Tune Weavers Happy, Happy Birthday Baby 2:32
The Duprees You Belong To Me 2:32
Johnny Ace Pledging My Love 2:28
Rockin' Side
Chuck Berry Roll Over Beethoven 2:30
The Isley Brothers Twist And Shout 2:30
Fats Domino My Blue Heaven 2:18
Bo Diddley Bo Diddley 2:30
Sam The Sham And The Pharaohs Wooly Bully 2:20
The Olympics (Baby) Hully Gully 2:03


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