Judy Collins

Maid Of Constant Sorrow
Elektra EKL-209
10/61 [UK: ?/63]
Back Cover

Side One
Maid Of Constant Sorrow arr Collins 2:35
The Prickilie Bush arr Collins 3:25
Wild Mountain Thyme arr Collins 2:30
Tim Evans MacColl 2:51
Sailor's Life arr Collins 2:41
Bold Fenian Man arr Collins 2:44
Side Two
Wars Of Germany arr Collins 3:10
O Daddy Be Gay arr Collins 2:34
I Know Where I'm Going arr Collins 1:50
John Riley arr Collins 3:30
Pretty Saro arr Collins 3:03
The Rising of the Moon arr Collins 4:07
Judy Collins-vocals, guitar, keyboards
Erik Darling-banjo
Fred Hellerman-guitar
§Cover Photo-Lida Moser
Produced by: Jac Holzman


Golden Apples Of The Sun
Elektra EKL-222
7/62 [UK: ?/65]
Back Cover

Side One
Golden Apples Of The Sun Yeats-Collins 3:55
Bonnie Ship The Diamond arr Raim 2:19
Little Brown Dog arr Collins 3:12
Twelve Gates To The City arr Raim 3:17
Christ Child Lullaby arr Collins 2:55
Great Selchie Of Shule Skerry (Child #113) arr Collins 5:03
Side Two
Tell Me Who I'll Marry arr Raim 3:46
Fannerio arr Collins 3:05
Crow On The Cradle Carter 3:25
Lark In The Morning arr Collins 0:56
Sing Hallelujah Settle 2:39
Shule Aroon arr Collins 3:17
Judy Collins-vocals, guitar, keyboards
Bill Lee-bass
Walter Raim-guitar, banjo
§Cover Photo-George Pickow
Produced by: Jac Holzman


Elektra EKS-7243
3/63 BB [UK: ?/64]
Back Cover

Side One
Anathea† Wood-Roth 4:00
Bullgine Run arr McGuinn 2:05
Farewell† Dylan 3:25
Hey, Nelly Nelly Silverstein-Friedman 2:46
Ten O'Clock All Is Well† Camp-Gibson 3:43
The Dove† MacColl 2:12
Masters Of War† Dylan 3:21
Side Two
In The Hills Of Shiloh† Silverstein-Friedman 3:35
The Bells Of Rhymney Davies-Seeger 4:04
Deportee (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos)† Guthrie-Hoffman 4:35
Settle Down† Settle 2:21
Come Away Melinda† Minkoff-Hellerman 2:45
Turn! Turn! Turn! / To Everything There Is A Season† Ecclesiastes-Seeger 3:35
Judy Collins-vocals, guitar, keyboards
Jim McGuinn-guitar, banjo, arranger†
Walter Raim-guitar, banjo (In The Hills Of Shiloh)
Bill Takas-bass
§Cover Photo-Jim Marshall
Produced by: Jac Holzman, Mark Abramson


Newport Folk Festival(7/27/63)
Turn! Turn! Turn! To Everything There Is A Season / Farewell
Ecclesiastes-Seeger (2:54) / Dylan (2:37)
Elektra 45008, 5/64

Newport Folk Festival(7/25/64)

Judy Collins' Concert
Elektra EKS-7280
8/64 [UK: ?/65]
Back Cover

Side One
Winter Sky Wheeler 3:44
The Last Thing On My Mind Paxton 3:25
Tear Down The Walls Neil 2:18
Bonnie Boy Is Young Trad. 4:11
Me And My Uncle Phillips 2:46
Wild Rippling Water Trad. 3:23
The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll Dylan 5:28
Side Two
My Ramblin' Boy Paxton 4:58
Red-Winged Blackbird Wheeler 2:15
Coal Tattoo Wheeler 2:48
Cruel Mother Trad 5:43
Bottle Of Wine Paxton 2:23
Medgar Evers Lullaby Weissman 3:35
Hey, Nelly, Nelly Silverstein-Friedman 2:59
Judy Collins-vocals, guitar, keyboards
Steve Mandell-banjo, guitar
Chuck Israels-bass, cello
§Cover Photo-Jim Marshall
Produced by: Mark Abramson

Note: Recorded 3/21/64 at Town Hall in New York

Philadelphia Folk Festival(9/11/65)

Fifth Album
Elektra EKS-7300
9/65 BB [UK: 10/65]
Back Cover

Side One
Pack Up Your Sorrows Fariņa-Marden 3:10
The Coming Of The Roads Wheeler 3:31
So Early, Early In The Spring Traditional 3:04
Tomorrow Is A Long Time Dylan 4:04
Daddy You've Been On My Mind Dylan 2:52
Thirsty Boots Andersen 4:57
Side Two
Mr Tambourine Man Dylan 5:20
Lord Gregory Traditional 3:28
In the Heat Of The Summer Ochs 3:21
Early Morning Rain Lightfoot 3:10
Carry It On Turner 2:44
It Isn't Nice Dane-Reynolds 2:58
Judy Collins-vocals, guitar, piano
Eric Weissberg-guitar, vocals
Danny Kalb-guitar (Daddy You've Been On My Mind)
John Sebastian-harmonica (Thirsty Boots)
Bill Takas-bass
Bill Lee-bass
Chuck Israels-bass (It Isn't Nice)
Richard Fariņa-dulcimer (Pack Up Your Sorrows, Carry It On)
Jerry Dodgion-flute (It Isn't Nice)
Bob Sylvester-cello (Lord Gregory)
§Cover Photo-Jim Frawley
Produced by: Jac Holzman, Mark Abramson

Note: It Isn't Nice recorded live at Town Hall, March 21, 1964

I'll Keep It With Mine¹ / Thirsty Boots³
Dylan (2:57) / Andersen (2:55)
Elektra 45601, 11/65

Yup, that's Al Kooper's swirling Hammond organ
3/17/66: Albert Hall, Nottingham
short, three city tour—Birmingham and London next stops
3rd Big Sur Folk Festival(7/10/66)
Newport Folk Festival(7/21, 23/66)
Philadelphia Folk Festival(9/10/66)
Hard Lovin' Loser / I Think It's Going To Rain Today
Fariņa (2:37) / Newman (2:46)
Elektra 45610, 11/66 BB


In My Life
Elektra EKS-7320
11/66 BB [UK: 2/67]
Back Cover

Reissue Cover

Side One
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues† Dylan 5:03
Hard Lovin' Loser† Fariņa 2:37
Pirate Jenny† Blitzstein-Brecht-Weill 4:02
Suzanne Cohen 4:21
La Colombe Brel-Clayre 5:03
Side Two
   Homage To Marat; People's Reaction; Marat We're
   Poor; Four Years He Fought; Poor Old Marat
Weiss-Mitchell-Peaslee 5:33
I Think It's Going To Rain Today† Newman 2:46
Sunny Goodge Street† Leitch 2:55
Liverpool Lullaby Kelly 2:57
Dress Rehearsal Rag† Cohen 5:19
In My Life Lennon-McCartney 2:53
Judy Collins-vocals, guitar, keyboards
Trevor Lucas-guitar (La Colombe)
Jeffrey Levine-bass (La Colombe)
Robert Sylvester-cello (La Colombe)
The Young Tradition, Anthea Bellamy-vocals (Marat/Sade)
Joshua Rifkin-arranger†
§Cover Photo-William S Harvey
Produced by: Mark Abramson


4th Big Sur Folk Festival(6/28-29/67)
Newport Folk Festival(7/13, 14, 16/67)
clips from Newport Folk Festivals 1963-1966

Elektra EKS-74012
11/67 T20 [UK: 1/68]
Back Cover

From Rolling Stone #2: an ad and a brief

Side One
Michael From Mountains Mitchell 3:10
Since You've Asked Collins 2:34
Sisters Of Mercy Cohen 2:31
Priests Cohen 4:55
A Ballata Of Francesco Landini-Lasso! Di Donna Landini 4:34
Side Two
Both Sides Now Mitchell 3:14
La Chanson De Vieux Amants (The Song Of Old Lovers) Brel 4:40
Sky Fell Collins 1:47
Albatross Collins 4:51
Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye Cohen 3:28
Judy Collins-vocals, guitar, keyboards
Joshua Rifkin-arranger, conductor
Robert Sylvester, Robert Dennis-arrangers (Priests)
§Cover Photo-Guy Webster
Produced by: Mark Abramson

Note: First recordings of songs by Judy
A Ballata Of Francesco... is sung in Italian; La Chanson De Vieux Amants in French

5th Big Sur Folk Festival(9/7-8/68)
Both Sides Now / Who Knows Where The Time Goes¹
Mitchell (3:14) / Denny (4:20)
Elektra 45639, 10/68 T20 T20

acoustic version of Who Knows Where The Time Goes

Who Knows Where the Time Goes
Elektra EKS-74033
11/68 BB [UK: 12/68]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Hello, Hooray Kempf 4:07
Story Of Isaac Cohen 3:30
My Father Collins 4:55
Someday Soon Tyson 3:43
Who Knows Where The Time Goes Denny 4:20
Side Two
Poor Immigrant Dylan 4:04
First Boy I Loved Williamson 6:29
Bird On A Wire Cohen 4:37
Pretty Polly arr Collins-Sahl 5:47
Judy Collins-vocals, guitar, keyboards
Stephen Stills-guitar, bass
James Burton-dobro, guitar
Buddy Emmons-steel guitar
Michael Sahl-organ, piano, harpsichord
Mike Melvoin-keyboards
Van Dyke Parks-piano
Chris Ethridge-bass
Jim Gordon-percussion, drums
§Cover Photo-Len Steckler
Produced by: David Anderle


The Ed Sullivan Show: 12/29/68,
Both Sides Now
Someday Soon / My Father
Tyson (3:43) / Collins (4:55)
Elektra 45649, 1/69 BB

Chelsea Morning¹ / Pretty Polly
Mitchell (3:15) / arr Collins-Sahl (5:40)
Elektra 45657, 6/69 BB

Recorded for the Who Knows album, didn't make the cut—that's Stephen pickin'

Elektra EKS-74055, 8/69 BB [UK: 11/69]
no unique tracks
NET Festival

NET Festival: "Jazz at Tanglewood: Judy Collins and Don Ellis," 10/11/69, NET
Judy sang Chelsea Morning, Suzanne, Bird On A Wire, Hard Loving Loser, and In My Life.
Show was repeated for NET Fanfare, 4/11/71
Turn! Turn! Turn! To Everything There Is A Season / Pack Up Your Sorrows
Ecclesiastes-Seeger (3:35) / Farina-Marden (3:10)
Elektra 45680, 11/69 BB

Winter Festival For Peace(1/28/70)
Mississippi River Festival(8/5/70)

Whales & Nightingales
Elektra EKS-75010
11/12/70 T20 [UK: 1/71] T20
Back Cover



Side One
Song For David Baez 3:25
Sons Of Brel-Jouannest-Blau-Shuman 2:21
The Patriot Game Behan 4:05
Prothalamium Kramer-Sahl 1:37
Oh, Had I A Golden Thread Seeger 3:55
Gene's Song(harmonium solo) arr Murrow 1:23
Farewell To Tarwathie arr Collins 5:13
Side Two
Time Passes Slowly Dylan 3:30
Marieke(sung in French and Flemish) Brel-Jouannest 3:12
Nightingale I Collins 2:14
Nightingale II(instrumental) Collins-Rifkin 5:16
Simple Gifts arr Collins 1:28
Amazing Grace arr Collins 4:04
Judy Collins-vocals, guitar, keyboards
Richard Bell-guitar, piano
David Rea-guitar
David Grisman-keyboards
Paul Harris-keyboards
Gene Taylor-bass
Bill Lee-bass
Sue Evans-percussion, drums
Paul Prestopino
Warren Smith
Greg Thomas
Gene Murrow
Jerry Mathews
Joshua Rifkin-arranger, conductor
§Cover Design-Williams S Harvey; Photo-Herb Goro
Produced by: Mark Abramson

Note: Humpback Whales courtesy of Roger Payne and The New York Zoological Society
Amazing Grace recorded at St Paul's Chapel (Columbia University, NYC), Prothalamium recorded at Carnegie Hall
Judy's name and the album title are embossed on the cover—tough to see
Read Richie Unterberger's CD reissue liner notes

Say, didn't the humpback whales have their own hit record?  ?? 

Amazing Grace / Nightingale I
arr Collins (4:04) / Collins (2:14)
Elektra 45709, 12/70 T20 T20

Mississippi River Festival(7/15/71)

Elektra EKS-75014
11/2/71 BB [UK: 1/72]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Insert Side One

Insert Side Two

Side One
Joan Of Arc Cohen 5:55
Four Strong Winds Tyson 3:45
Vietnam Love Song Bentley-Black 3:56
Innisfree Camp-Yeats 3:16
Song For Judith (Open The Door) Collins 4:05
Side Two
All Things Are Quite Silent arr Collins 2:47
Easy Times Collins-Keach 3:25
Chelsea Morning Mitchell 3:15
Blue Raincoat Cohen 5:34
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues Dylan 6:45
Judy Collins-vocals, guitar, keyboards
Ry Cooder-guitar (solo on Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues)
Richard Bell-guitar, piano
Gene Taylor-bass
Sue Evans-percussion, drums
Choir: Paul Johnson, John Cooke, Nancy Carlen, Fritz Richmond,
Bob Zachary, Randy Nauert, Glenda Bickel, Tom Carvey,
Vanessa Chartoff, Jolin Cooke
§Cover Photo-Peter Lerner
Produced by: Mark Abramson

Note: Recorded during Judy's 1970 tour

Open The Door (Song For Judith) / Innisfree
Collins (4:05) / Camp-Yeats (3:20)
Elektra 45755, 11/71 BB

Judy has continued to release outstanding albums over the years.
Even recorded with former boy friend, Stephen Stills, in 2017.


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