(Harry) Nilsson

Gotta Start Somewhere...

Donna, I Understand / Wig Job
Neilsen (2:43) / Lee (2:20)
Mercury 72132, 6/63

as by Johnny Niles
Baa Baa Blacksheep / Baa Baa Blacksheep Part Two
Nilsson (1:55) / Nilsson (1:55)
Crusader Records C-103, 3/64

as by Bo Pete
Stand Up And Holler / Stand Up And Holler
Nilsson-Marascalco (2:35) / Nilsson-Marascalco (2:35)
Foto-Fi Records FFEP-107, 4/64

as by Foto-Fi Four
Note: A-side note: Play This Side With Film (has dubbed-in screams). Was sent with 8mm film of The Beatles

Do You Wanna (Have Some Fun) / Groovy Little Suzie
Nilsson (1:58) / Marascalco (2:17)
Try Records TR-501, 7/64

as by Bo Pete
Sixteen Tons / I'm Gonna Lose My Mind
Travis (2:29) / Cole (2:06)
Tower 103, 10/64

as by Harry Nilsson
You Can't Take Your Love (Away From Me) / Born In Grenada
Nilsson (2:20) / Marascalco-Nilsson (2:16)
Tower 136, 5/65

as by Harry Nilsson
She's Yours / Growin' Up
Nilsson-Shanklin (2:02) / Nilsson (2:48)
Tower 244, ?/66

as by Harry Nilsson

Without Her / Freckles
Nilsson (2:18) / Hess-Johnson-Ager (2:21)
RCA 47-9206, 5/67

You Can't Do That / Ten Little Indians
Lennon-McCartney (2:16) / Nilsson (2:13)
RCA 47-9298, 8/67


Pandemonium Shadow Show
RCA LSP-3874
10/67 [UK: 3/68]
Back Cover

Side One
Ten Little Indians Nilsson 2:13
1941 Nilsson 2:36
Cuddly Toy Nilsson 2:45
She Sang Hymns Out Of Tune Kincaid 2:19
You Can't Do That Lennon-McCartney 2:16
Sleep Late, My Lady Friend Nilsson 2:41
Side Two
She's Leaving Home Lennon-McCartney 3:16
There Will Never Be Botkin-Garfield 2:27
Without Her Nilsson 2:18
Freckles Hess-Johnson-Ager 2:21
It's Been So Long Nilsson 2:09
River Deep—Mountain High Barry-Greenwich-Spector 3:53
Harry Nilsson-vocals
LA studio musicians
§Cover Art-Donald Burgess
Produced by: Rick Jarrard

Note: There is a short album introduction before Ten Little Indians and a closer after River Deep
You Can't Do That includes over a dozen other Beatle song references.
John Lennon apparently listened to this album for 36 hours [source ].

Spotlight On
Tower ST-5095
10/67 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

1969 Reissue Cover

Side One
The Path That Leads To Trouble* Cole 2:08
Good Times* Nilsson 1:50
So You Think You've Got Troubles Rainwater 2:20
I'm Gonna Lose My Mind Cole 2:06
She's Yours Nilsson-Shanklin 2:02
Side Two
Sixteen Tons Travis 2:29
Born In Grenada Marascalco-Nilsson 2:16
You Can't Take Your Love (Away From Me) Nilsson 2:20
Growin' Up Nilsson 2:48
Do You Believe Nilsson 2:20

Note: A compilation of singles, plus two previously unreleased tracks.
*with The New Salvation Singers

River Deep—Mountain High / She Sang Hymns Out Of Tune
Barry-Greenwich-Spector (3:53) / Kincaid (2:19)
RCA 47-9383, 11/67

One / Sister Marie¹
Nilsson (2:50) / Nilsson (3:05)
RCA 47-9462, 2/68

Everybody's Talkin' / Don't Leave Me
Neil (2:43) / Nilsson (2:19)
RCA 47-9544, 6/68

A dud the first time around... maybe the movie will help

Aerial Ballet
RCA Victor LSP-3956
7/68 [UK: 8/68]
Back Cover

RCA put this sticker on the album to boost sales

Side One
Daddy's Song Nilsson 2:44
Good Old Desk Nilsson 2:22
Don't Leave Me Nilsson 2:18
Mr Richland's Favorite Song Nilsson 2:12
Little Cowboy Nilsson 1:20
Together Nilsson 2:08
Side Two
Everybody's Talkin' Neil 2:41
I Said Goodbye To Me Nilsson 2:13
Little Cowboy Nilsson :49
Mr Tinker Nilsson 2:41
One Nilsson 2:50
The Wailing On The Willow Nilsson 1:57
Bath Nilsson 1:44
Harry Nilsson-vocals
LA studio musicians
§Cover Art-Dick Hendler
Produced by: Rick Jarrard

Note: Daddy's Song on original issues only—yanked 'cause The Monkees had exclusive rights for use in their movie Head.

Rainmaker² / I Will Take You There¹
Martin-Nilsson (2:33) / Nilsson (2:35)
RCA 47-9675, 11/68

Soundtrack album below

Skidoo (soundtrack)
RCA LSO-1152
12/68 [UK: 2/69]
UK Back Cover

Side One
The Cast and Crew Nilsson 3:54
I Will Take You There Nilsson 2:32
Skidoo/Commercials Nilsson 1:24
Goodnight Mr Banks/Let's Get the Hardware Nilsson 2:48
Angie's Suite Nilsson 4:22
The Tree Nilsson 2:52
Side Two
Garbage Can Ballet Nilsson 2:04
Tony's Trip Nilsson 4:21
Escape: Impossible/Green Bay Packers March Nilsson 3:39
Man Wasn't Meant to Fly Nilsson 2:25
Escape: Possible Nilsson 2:17
Skidoo*/Goodnight Mr Banks Nilsson 4:13
Harry Nilsson-vocals
Carol Channing-voc*
LA studio musicians
§Cover Art-Saul Bass
Produced by: Rick Jarrard


Midnight Cowboy(5/25/69)
Two version of Everybody's Talkin' on the soundtrack album
Everybody's Talkin' / Rainmaker²
Neil (2:43) / Martin-Nilsson (2:33)
RCA Victor 74-0161, 5/69 T20 UK

Became a huge hit after being reissued along with movie.

RCA Victor LSP-4197
7/69 BB [UK: 9/69]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
The Puppy Song Nilsson 2:58
Nobody Cares About The Railroads Anymore Nilsson 2:47
Open Your Window† Nilsson 2:08
Mother Nature's Son Lennon/McCartney 2:42
Fairfax Rag Martin 2:14
City Life Martin 2:31
Side Two
Mournin' Glory Story† Nilsson 2:13
Maybe Nilsson 3:10
Marchin' Down Broadway† Nilsson :59
I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City Nilsson 2:44
Rainmaker† Martin-Nilsson 2:33
Mr. Bojangles Walker 3:53
Simon Smith And The Amazing Dancing Bear Newman 2:47
Harry Nilsson-vocals
LA studio musicians
§Cover Art-Dick Handler, Ray Gray
Produced by: Rick Jarrard†, Harry Nilsson


I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City / Maybe
Nilsson (2:44) / Nilsson (3:10)
RCA 74-0261, 9/69 BB

Good Times / Growin' Up
Nilsson (1:50) / Nilsson (2:48)
Tower 518, 11/69

A-side as by Harry Nilsson New Salvation Singers

Sings Newman
RCA Victor LSP-4289
2/70 [UK: 3/70]
Back Cover

Lyric Insert

Lyric Insert

Side One
Vine St Newman 2:50
Love Story Newman 3:39
Yellow Man Newman 2:16
Caroline Newman 2:05
Cowboy Newman 2:48
Side Two
The Beehive State Newman 2:04
I'll Be Home Newman 2:35
Living Without You Newman 2:35
Dayton, Ohio 1903 Newman 1:50
So Long Dad Newman 2:35
Harry Nilsson-vocals
Randy Newman-piano
LA studio musicians
§Cover Art-Dean O Torrence (Kittyhawk Graphics)
Produced by: Harry Nilsson


I'll Be Home / Waiting¹
Newman (2:35) / Nilsson (2:18)
RCA 74-0310, 3/70

Caroline / Yellow Man
Newman (2:05) / Newman (2:16)
RCA 74-0336, 5/70

Down To The Valley¹ / Buy My Album¹
Nilsson (2:10) / Nilsson (1:30)
RCA 74-0362, 7/70


The Point (TV soundtrack)
RCA LSP-4417
1/71 BB [UK: 4/71] UK
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Comic Book Cover

Side One
Everthing's Got 'Em Nilsson 2:28
The Town (Narration) Nilsson 1:29
Me And My Arrow Nilsson 2:05
The Game (Narration) Nilsson 1:51
Poli High Nilsson 2:53
The Trial & Banishment (Narration) Nilsson 1:59
Think About Your Troubles Nilsson 2:48
Side Two
The Pointed Man (Narration) Nilsson 2:43
Life Line Nilsson 2:21
The Birds (Narration) Nilsson 1:58
P.O.V. Waltz Nilsson 2:12
The Clearing In The Woods (Narration) Nilsson 1:54
Are You Sleeping? Nilsson 2:18
Oblio's Return (Narration) Nilsson 3:20
Harry Nilsson-vocals
LA studio musicians (The Wrecking Crew)
§Album Design-Dean O Torrence (Kittyhawk Graphics); Needle POINT-Kathy Torrence
Produced by: Harry Nilsson

Note: Originally aired on ABC-TV on 2/2/71, with Dustin Hoffman providing the narration.
See more info at IMDB The Point  or Wiki The Point .
The album came with an 8-page comic book to help explain the story—see it @ 45worlds .

TV Guide Ad

The Point, Harry's fun special airs 2/2/71
Me And My Arrow / Are You Sleeping?
Nilsson (2:03) / Nilsson (2:23)
RCA 74-0443, 2/71 BB


Aerial Pandemonium Ballet
RCA Victor LSP-4543
6/71 BB [UK: 2/73]
Back Cover

Side One
Introduction Nilsson 0:09
1941† (Slowed Down Track & Remixed) Nilsson 2:37
Daddy's Song‡ (New Vocals, Guitar/Piano/Out Of Sync) Nilsson 2:07
Mr. Richland's Fav. Song‡ (New Background Vocals & Remixed) Nilsson 2:07
Good Old Desk‡ (Slowed Down Track & Remixed) Nilsson 2:30
Everybody's Talkin'‡ (Dumped Second Voice & Remixed) Neil 2:42
Bath‡ (Re-EQ'd Original Tracks) Nilsson 1:50
Side Two
River Deep—Mountain High† (New Vocals & Remixed) Barry-Greenwich-Spector 3:57
Sleep Late, My Lady Friend† (Remixed) Nilsson 2:37
Don't Leave Me‡ (Remixed) Nilsson 2:12
Without Her† (New Vocals & Remixed) Nilsson 2:08
Together‡ (New Vocals, Edited Out Bridge & Remixed) Nilsson 1:37
One‡ (Remixed) Nilsson 2:18
Closing Nilsson 0:20

Note: In 1971, Nilsson reworked the two early albums into this. The changes (as noted above) came from the album back cover. Your choice!
† - From Pandemonium Shadow Show (4 out of 12)
‡ - From Aerial Ballet (8 out of 13)
§Revised Cover Art-Dean Torrence (Kittyhawk Graphics)

Without Her / Good Old Desk
Nilsson (2:08) / Nilsson (2:30)
RCA 74-0524, 8/71

both versions from remixed Aerial Pandemonium Ballet album

Nilsson Schmilsson
RCA Victor LSP-4515
11/71 T20 [UK: 1/72] T20
Back Cover


Side One
Gotta Get Up Nilsson 2:24
Driving Along Nilsson 2:05
Early In The Morning Bartley-Hickman-Jordan 2:52
The Moonbeam Song Nilsson 3:24
Down Nilsson 3:26
Side Two
Without You Evans-Ham 3:22
Coconut Nilsson 3:54
Let The Good Times Roll Lee 2:46
Jump Into The Fire Nilsson 7:07
I'll Never Leave You Nilsson 4:22
Harry Nilsson-piano, mellotron, vocals
Caleb Quaye-guitar
Chris Spedding-guitar
John Uribe-guitar
Roger Coolen-organ
Gary Wright-piano
Herbie Flowers-bass
Klaus Voormann-bass
Jim Gordon-drums
Roger Pope-drums
§Cover Photo-Dean Torrence
Produced by: Harry Nilsson



The Battle Of The Bands The Turtles (Present The Battle Of The Bands) 11/68
Cuddly Toy The Monkees (The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees) 4/68
Daddy's Song The Monkees (Head soundtrack) 6/68
Mourning Glory Story Al Kooper (You Never Know Who Your Friends Are) 9/69
One Al Kooper (I Stand Alone) 12/68
Rainmaker Michael Nesmith & The First National Band (Nevada Fighter) 5/71
The Story Of Rock And Roll The Turtles (45) 6/68
Ten Little Indians The Yardbirds (45) 10/67
Without Her Blood, Sweat & Tears (Child Is Father To The Man) 2/68
  Neil MacArthur [Colin Blunstone] (45) 8/69
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