The Youngbloods
Jesse Colin Young ♦ Jerry Corbitt ♦ Joe Bauer 

The Soul Of A City Boy
Capitol T-2070
4/64 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

1970 Reissue Back Cover

Side One
Four In The Morning Remaily 3:25
You Gotta Fix It Miller 1:57
Rye Whiskey Miller 4:53
Whoa Baby Miller 3:30
Susanne Miller 2:19
Side Two
Black Eyed Susan arr Miller 2:00
Same Old Man arr Miller 2:16
Drifter's Blues arr Miller 2:57
Talk To Me Miller 1:54
Stranger Love Miller 2:47
I Think I'll Take To Whiskey Miller 2:50
Jesse Colin Young-guitar, vocals
§Cover Photo-Bobby Scott
Produced by: Bobby Scott

Note: Composer credits for Perry Miller are actually Jesse (it's his original name)

Young Blood
Mercury SR-61005
3/65 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Second Issue

Couple of type changes and you're now a group!
Side One
Rider Young 3:09
Doc Geiger Paulovic 2:30
Lullabye Young 2:47
Brother, Can You Spare A Dime? Gorney-Harburg 2:16
Trouble In Mind Young 2:14
Little Suzie Young 3:39
Side Two
Nobody's Dirty Business Hurt 2:21
Green Hill Mountain Home Young 3:13
Summer Rain Young 2:27
Walkin' Off The Blues Young 2:50
Cotton Eyed Joe arr Young 2:54
Jesse Colin Young-guitar, vocals
Pete Childs-dobro, guitar
John Sebastian-harmonica
George Duvivier-bass
Osie Johnson-drums
§Cover Photo-Joe Alper
Produced by: Bobby Scott

Note: Reissued in 1967 as by The Youngbloods (see note)

Rider / Sometimes
Young (2:10) / Young (2:45)
Mercury 72583, 5/66

as by Jesse Colin & The Youngbloods
Philadelphia Folk Festival(9/9/66)
Grizzly Bear / Tears Are Falling
Corbitt (2:20) / Young (2:25)
RCA Victor 9015, 11/66 BB


The Youngbloods
RCA Victor LSP-3724
1/67 BB [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

1969 Reissue

Reissue Back Cover

Side One
Grizzly Bear Corbitt 2:20
All Over The World (La-La) Corbitt 3:14
Statesboro Blues McTell 2:18
Get Together Powers 4:39
One Note Man Arnaldi 2:24
Side Two
The Other Side Of This Life Neil 2:28
Tears Are Falling Young 2:25
Four In The Morning Remaily 2:51
Foolin' Around (The Waltz) Wien-Young 2:50
Ain't That Lovin' You, Baby Reed 2:39
CC Rider Hurt 2:37
Jesse Colin Young-guitar, bass, vocals
Jerry Corbitt-guitar, harp, vocals
Lowell "Banana" Levinger-piano, guitar, vocals
Joe Bauer-drums
George Ricci-cello (Foolin' Around)
§Cover Photo-uncredited
Produced by: Felix Pappalardi

Note: After Get Together became a hit in 1969, RCA recovered, retitled and reissued the record—reached #131 on 11/1/69 (see last notes)

Merry-Go-Round¹ / Foolin' Around
Collins-Pappalardi (2:18) / Wien-Young (2:50)
RCA Victor 9142, 3/67

Euphoria / The Wine Song
Remaily (2:17) / Young (2:44)
RCA Victor 9222, 5/67

Get Together / All My Dreams Blue
Powers (4:37) / Young (3:17)
RCA Victor 9264, 7/67 BB

This release went nowhere, but two years later...

Earth Music
RCA Victor LSP-3865
10/67 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Euphoria Remaily 2:15
All My Dreams Blue Young 3:17
Monkey Business Berry 2:49
Dreamer's Dream Corbitt-Levinger 3:35
Sugar Babe Lomax, arr Youngbloods 2:08
Long And Tall Young 4:05
Side Two
I Can Tell Willis 4:29
Don't Play Games Corbitt 2:12
The Wine Song Young 2:42
Fool Me Levinger 2:57
Reason To Believe Hardin 2:25
Jesse Colin Young-bass, vocals
Jerry Corbitt-guitar, harp, vocals (Dreamer's Dream, Don't Play Games)
Lowell "Banana" Levinger-keyboards, guitar, pedal steel guitar (Sugar Babe, Reason To Believe), vocals (Monkey Business, Fool Me)
Joe Bauer-drums
§Cover Photo-uncredited
Produced by: Felix Pappalardi The Youngbloods


Fool Me / I Can Tell
Levinger (2:57) / Willis (4:29)
RCA Victor 9360, 10/67

Quicksand² / Dreamer's Dream
Young (2:37) / Corbitt-Levinger (3:36)
RCA Victor 9422, 1/68


Jerry Corbitt quits during recording of Elephant's Mountain to go solo

5/5/68: Casablanca Club, Allesley
Northern California Folk-Rock Festival(5/18, 19/68)
The Sky River Rock Festival and Lighter Than Air Fair(8/31-9/1/68)
Darkness, Darkness / On Sir Francis Drake³
Young (3:43) / Levinger (3:00)
RCA 0129, 3/69


Elephant Mountain
RCA Victor LSP-4150
4/69 BB [UK: 5/69]
Back Cover

Side One
Darkness, Darkness Young 3:51
Smug Young 2:13
On Sir Francis Drake Levinger 6:44
Sunlight Young 3:07
Double Sunlight Bauer-Levinger-Young :41
Beautiful Young 3:49
Turn It Over Bauer-Levinger-Young :15
Side Two
Rain Song (Don't Let The Rain Bring You Down) Collins-Corbitt-Pappalardi 3:13
Trillium Bauer-Levinger-Young 3:08
Quicksand† Young 2:37
Black Mountain Breakdown Bauer-Levinger-Young :40
Sham† Young 2:44
Ride The Wild Young 6:37
Jesse Colin Young-guitar, bass, vocals
Lowell "Banana" Levinger-keyboards, guitar, vocals
Joe Bauer-drums
Jerry Corbitt-guitar, vocals† [uncredited]
David Lindley-fiddle (Darkness, Darkness)
Plas Johnson-tenor sax (Beautiful)
Joe Clayton-trumpet (Smug)
Victor Feldman-vibraphone (Ride The Wild)
§Cover Art-Charles L Heald
Produced by: Charles Daniels, exceptThe Youngbloods and Bob Cullen

Note: Tracks marked † were recorded in NY in 1967; rest in LA the next year
By the way, that mountain? It's in Marin County and the actual name is Black Mountain—Elephant is a local appellation.

Northern California Folk-Rock Festival(5/23/69)
Get Together / Beautiful
Powers (4:37) / Young (3:42)
RCA Victor 9752, 6/69 T20

Re-released and became a hit after Dan Ingram of WABC used the song for a PSA and it generated listener requests.
Seattle Pop Festival(7/25, 27/69)

Polydor 24-4003
9/69 [UK: 1/70]
Back Cover

Side One
Let The Music Come Inside Corbitt 2:10
Out Of The Question Corbitt-Heald 4:40
Country Girl Corbitt 1:37
Delight In Your Love Corbitt 3:14
Queen Of England Stevens 1:48
The Psong Corbitt-Stevens 3:03
Side One continued
I Love You All Corbitt-Stevens 2:12
The Rain Song Collins-Pappalardi 2:24
Banned In Boston Morier 3:16
Tribulations Garthwaite 1:55
Kahuna Song Corbitt 2:58
Jerry Corbitt-guitar, harp, vocals
Charlie Daniels-bass, fiddle, guitar, mandolin
Rick Turner-bass, guitar
Ron "M'Bula" Wilson-congas
Gregory Dewey-drums, percussion
Bernie Krause, Edward Bogas-Moog Synthesizer
§Cover Photo-T G Humbead
Produced by: Charlie Daniels


New Orleans Pop Festival(8/31, 9/1/69)
Sunlight / Trillium
Young (3:07) / Bauer-Levinger-Young (3:08)
RCA Victor 0270, 11/69

I Love You All / Let The Music Come Inside
Corbitt-Stevens (2:12) / Corbitt (2:10)
Polydor PD 2-14016, 12/69

Zabriskie Point(2/9/70)
One track on the soundtrack album

Two Trips
Mercury SR-61273
4/70 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Reissue Cover

Side One
Hey Babe Corbitt 2:37
Sometimes Young 2:45
Rider Young 3:10
Another Strange Town Young 2:40
No More Pain - 2:30
Side Two
Nobody's Dirty Business Hurt 2:25
Summer Rain Young 2:26
Brother, Can You Spare A Dime? Gorney-Harburg 2:13
Walkin' Off The Blues Young 2:45
Doc Geiger Paulovic 2:30
Lullabye Young 2:45
Jesse Colin Young-guitar, bass, vocals
Jerry Corbitt-guitar, vocals
Jeff Meyer-drums
Scott Lawrence-keyboards
Suzy Young-vocals
Eddy Offenstein-guitar
Richard Anderson-harmonica
§Cover Art-Encounter (1944) by M C Escher [uncredited]
Produced by:

Note: Material recorded in 1967, side two is stuff from Jesse's Young Blood album

Peace Song¹ / Pretty In The Fair¹
Young (4:32) / Young (2:14)
Warner Bros 7404, 6/70

according to 45cat, this was the first Raccoon release, although not noted on label
Strawberry Fields Festival(8/7/70)
The Best Of The Youngbloods
The Best Of The Youngbloods

RCA Victor LSP-4399, 8/70 BB [UK: N/R]
no unique tracks

Rock Festival
Racoon #1 (WS-1878)
9/70 BB [UK: 12/70]
Back Cover

Side One
It's A Lovely Day Young 2:35
Faster All The Time Levinger 3:55
Prelude Bauer-Levinger-Young 1:01
On Beautiful Lake Spenard Levinger 4:56
Josiane Young 5:25
Side Two
Sea Cow Boogie Bauer-Levinger-Young :22
Fiddler A Dram arr Levinger 5:12
Misty Roses Hardin 4:05
Interlude Bauer-Levinger-Young 2:12
Peepin' 'N' Hidin' (Baby What You Want Me To Do) Reed 5:06
Ice Bag Bauer-Levinger-Young 2:22
Jesse Colin Young-bass, guitar, vocals
Lowell "Banana" Levinger-keyboards, guitar, vocals (Faster All The Time)
Joe Bauer-drums
Rick "Earthquake" Anderson-harmonica (Peepin' 'N' Hidin')
§Cover Design & Photo-Joe Bauer
Produced by: Charles Daniels

Note: Recorded at the The Family Dog on The Great Highway, SF (3/29/70), Provo Park, Berkeley (5/19/70), University of
Santa Clara (4/18/70), Euphoria, San Rafael (7/19/70), Pacific High Recording, SF (7/21/70), Barn, Marshall (4/16/70)

Hippie From Olema¹ / Misty Roses
Levinger (2:55) / Hardin (4:11)
Raccoon/Warner Bros 7445 (Raccoon S3), 12/70

A-side states: Recorded live in San Francisco
Sunlight / Reasons To Believe
Young (3:07) / Hardin (2:24)
RCA Victor 0465, 4/71


Raccoon #3 (WS-1901)
4/71 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Photo Insert

Side One
Explosion† Bauer-Kane-Levinger 0:21
Five Ten† Bauer-Kane-Levinger 5:10
Old Shoe† Bauer-Kane-Levinger 5:30
Cat Gone† Bauer-Kane-Levinger 1:48
Moonset‡ Bauer-Gregg-Levinger 5:28
Frogs - 1:00
Side Two
Swallows Bauer-Levinger-Swallow 1:24
Pelicans Bauer-Levinger-Swallow 9:00
Earthquake Blues Anderson-Bauer-Levinger-Swallow 8:30
Joe Bauer-drums, percussion
Banana [Lowell Levinger]-guitar, piano
Michael Kane-bass†
Jack Gregg-bass‡
Steve Swallow-bass (side two)
Richard Anderson-harmonica (Earthquake Blues)
§Cover Painting-Mina Raff
Produced at home by Joe and Banana


Jerry Corbitt
Capitol ST-771
5/71 [UK: 9/71]
Back Cover

Side One
Country Boy Blues Corbitt 3:39
Burning In Your Love Light* Corbitt 3:27
Georgia Daniels 3:13
Till You Come Back Home Again Young 3:19
Pain* Daniels 3:25
Side Two
John Deere Tractor Hammond 4:14
Load On* Corbitt 3:40
Happy Times* Corbitt 3:34
Canada Silverman 2:56
Get On Back To The Land Corbitt 2:00
Jerry Corbitt-guitar, vocals
Charlie Daniels-guitar, bass
Bob Wilson-piano, organ
Tim Drummond-bass
Jeffrey Myer-drums
Jesse Colin Young-guitar, vocals (Till You Come Back Home Again and Get On Back To The Land)
The Four Horns:
  Ronnie Ehdes-bar sax
  Harvey Thompson-ten sax
  Dale Quillen-trombone
  Harrison Callaway-trumpet
Buddy Spicher-violin, cello
The Holliday Sisters-backing vocals*
§Cover Photo-uncredited
Produced by: Charlie Daniels


Country Boy Blues / Pain
Corbitt (3:39) / Daniels (3:25)
Capitol 3137, 7/71


RCA Victor LSP-4561, 7/71 [UK: N/R]
no unique tracks

Ride The Wind
Racoon #4 (BS-2563)
7/71 BB [UK: 12/71]
Back Cover

Lyric Sheet

Lyric Sheet

RCA back cover

Side I
Ride The Wind Young 9:10
Sugar Babe Young 2:52
Sunlight Young 6:17
Side II
The Dolphin Neil 7:47
Get Together Powers 4:17
Beautiful Young 6:10
Jesse Colin Young-bass, kazoo (Sugar Babe), rhythm guitar (Sunlight), vocals
Lowell "Banana" Levinger-guitar, keyboards
Joe Bauer-drums
§Cover Art-Paul Heald
Produced by: Charles Daniels

Note: Recorded live at the Fillmore East, 11/26,28,29/69
RCA Victor released this album in Feb '71, but it was withdrawn also immediately. The last note shows the different back cover.

Medicine Ball Caravan(8/25/71)
Woodstock on a bus—ends in London
Sky River Rock Festival & Lighter Than Air Fair(8/28-9/8/71)
The Satsop River Fair And Tin Cup Races(9/3-6/71)

Michael Kane joins on bass, freeing up Jesse.

It's A Lovely Day / Ice Bag
Young (2:35) / Bauer-Levinger-Young (2:22)
Raccoon/Warner Bros 7499 (Raccoon S4), 9/71


Good And Dusty
Racoon #9 (BS-2566)
11/71 BB [UK: ?/72]
Back Cover

Side One
Stagger Lee Price-Logan 3:15
That's How Strong My Love Is Jamison 4:47
Willie And The Hand Jive Long-Lightborn 3:09
Circus Face Miller 3:01
Hippie From Olema #5 Levinger 2:01
Good & Dusty Bauer-Kane-Levinger-Young 1:29
Let The Good Times Roll Lee 3:47
Side Two
Drifting And Drifting Young 4:14
Pontiac Blues Williamson 3:57
Moonshine Is The Sunshine Cain 3:47
Will The Circle Be Unbroken Arr Bauer-Kane-Levinger-Young 3:20
I'm A Hog For You Baby Leiber-Stoller 3:32
Light Shine Young 3:44
Jesse Colin Young-guitar, vocals, sax
Lowell "Banana" Levinger-guitar, piano, mandola, banjo, vocals
Michael Kane-bass, french horn, cornet, vocals
Joe Bauer-drums
Richard "Earthquake" Anderson-harmonica
§Cover Photo-Jon Sievert
Produced by: none listed


One more (mostly) oldies album, High On A Ridge Top in 1972.
Jesse off to a grand solo career; other three formed Noggin, which lasted about a year.


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