Tom Rush

At The Unicorn
Ly Cornu 702
?/62 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Ramblin' On My Mind trad 3:00
San Francisco Bay Blues trad 3:21
The Old 97* trad 3:55
Every Night When The Sun Goes Down trad 3:45
Walkin' Blues trad 2:53
Make Love To You* trad 2:24
Side Two
Poor Man trad 3:25
Orphan's Blues trad 4:35
Pretty Boy Floyd Guthrie 3:25
Julie's Blues trad 4:50
Talking Dust Bowl Blues Guthrie 3:12
Old Blue trad 5:20
Tom Rush-guitar, vocals
Gordon Edwards-harmonica*
§Cover Photo-Rick Stafford
Produced by: Daniel N Flickinger

Note: Recorded February 16, 1962 and March 9, 1962 at the Unicorn Coffeehouse-Gallery

Got A Mind To Ramble
Prestige/Folklore FL-14003
10/63 [UK: ?/68]
Back Cover

Reissue Cover

Side One
Duncan And Brady Rush 3:35
I Don't Want Your Millions, Mister Garland 2:03
San Francisco Bay Blues Fuller 3:25
Mole's Moan Muldaur 2:53
Orphan's Blues trad 4:00
Rye Whiskey trad 2:06
Big Fat Woman Von Schmidt 2:44
Side Two
Nine Pound Hammer Travis 2:34
Diamond Joe trad 3:00
Just A Closer Walk With Thee trad 4:40
Mobile-Texas Line Carr 3:07
Joe Turner Broonzy 4:33
Every Day In The Week Anderson 2:45
Tom Rush-guitar, vocals
Fritz Richmond-washtub bass
§Cover Photo-uncredited
Produced by: Paul Rothchild

Note: Reissued as Mind Ramblin' in 1964 (see note)

Diamond Joe / Every Day In The Week
arr Rush (2:45) / Anderson (2:35)
Prestige PR-45-289, 9/63


Blues, Songs & Ballads
Prestige PRST-7374
?/64 [UK: ?/66]
Back Cover

Side One
Alabama Bound trad 3:10
More Pretty Girls Than One trad 1:40
Sister Kate Piron 3:05
Original Talking Blues trad 4:10
Pallet On The Floor trad 3:55
Drop Down Mama Estes 4:05
Side Two
Rag Mama Fuller 2:30
Barb'ry Allen trad 6:40
Cocaine trad 3:10
Come Back Baby trad 2:20
Stackerlee trad 4:35
Baby Please Don't Go trad 2:50
Tom Rush-guitar, vocals
Fritz Richmond-washtub bass
§Cover Photo-Don Schlitten
Produced by: Samuel Charters


Tom Rush
Elektra EKS-7288
1/65 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Long John† trad 3:51
If Your Man Gets Busted trad 3:30
Do-Re-Mi Guthrie 2:40
Milk Cow Blues† Arnold 3:10
The Cuckoo trad 3:30
Black Mountain Blues† trad 2:40
Poor Man trad 3:30
Side Two
Solid Gone† trad 3:00
When She Wants Good Lovin'† Leiber-Stoller 3:30
I'd Like To Know Guthrie 2:15
Jelly Roll Baker† Johnson 3:00
Windy Bill trad 2:15
Panama Limited White 8:20
Tom Rush-guitar, vocals
Daddy Bones [John Herald]-2nd guitar (The Cuckoo, Solid Gone, Windy Bill), and vocal (Do-Re-Mi)
Jack Elliott-guitar, vocal (Do-Re-Mi)
Felix Pappalardi-guitarron
Bill Lee-bass
John Sebastian-harmonica†
Fritz Richmond-jug
§Cover Photo-William S Harvey
Produced by: Paul Rothchild


Philadelphia Folk Festival(9/10/65)
Who Do You Love³ / On The Road Again
McDaniels (2:39) / Rush (3:31)
Elektra 45604, 4/66


Take A Little Walk With Me
Elektra EKS-7308
4/66 BB [UK: 6/66]
Back Cover

Side One
You Can't Tell A Book By The Cover Dixon 3:37
Who Do You Love McDaniel 3:22
Love's Made A Fool Of You Holly-Montgomery 2:11
Too Much Monkey Business Berry 2:18
Money Honey Stone 2:48
On The Road Again Rush 3:31
Side Two
Joshua Gone Barbados Von Schmidt 4:09
Statesboro Blues trad 2:21
Turn Your Money Green Von Schmidt 3:47
Sugar Babe trad 1:55
Galveston Flood Duffey-Rush 5:17
Tom Rush-guitar, vocals
Side One:
Al Kooper-lead guitar, celesta
Bruce Langhorne-guitar
Roosevelt Gook [Al Kooper]-piano
Harvey Brooks-bass
Bobby Gregg-drums
Side Two:
Bruce Langhorne-guitar
Bill Lee-string bass
§Cover Design & Photo-William S Harvey
Produced by: Mark Abramson


What's Shakin' album, 7/66
Includes an outtake I'm in Love Again.
Philadelphia Folk Festival(9/10/66)
Urge For Going¹ / Sugar Babe
Mitchell (3:20) / trad (1:55)
Elektra 45607, 10/66

This is an entirely different recording of Urge For Going than what was recorded for The Circle Game album
5/8/67: Broadside Folk Club, London

The Circle Game
Elektra EKS-74018
3/68 BB [UK: 6/68]
Back Cover

Side One
Tin Angel Mitchell 3:22
Something In The Way She Moves Taylor 3:25
Urge For Going Mitchell 5:50
Sunshine, Sunshine Taylor 2:55
The Glory Of Love Hill 2:22
Side Two
Shadow Dream Song Browne 3:24
The Circle Game Mitchell 5:12
So Long Rich 2:55
Rockport Sunday Rush 4:34
No Regrets Rush 3:50
Tom Rush-guitar, vocals
Bruce Langhorne-guitar
Eric Gale-guitar
Paul Harris-arranger, conductor, keyboards
Don Thomas-guitar, keyboards
Hugh McCracken-guitar, keyboards
Bob Bushnell-bass, saxophone
Jonathan Raskin-bass, guitar
Herb Lovelle-drums
Bernard "Pretty" Purdie-drums
Richie Ritz-drums
Joe Grimm-bass, saxophone
Buddy Lucas-saxophone
Joe Mack-bass, saxophone
§Cover Design-William S Harvey; Cover Photo-Linda Eastman
Produced by: Arthur Gorson

Note: There is an unlisted 0:42 coda to No Regrets on the album.

No Regrets³ / Shadow Dream Song
Rush (3:15) / Browne (3:24)
Elektra 45630, 4/68

Philadelphia Folk Festival(8/24/69)

Tom Rush
Columbia CS-9972
2/70 BB [UK: 5/70]
Back Cover

Side One
Driving Wheel Whiffenpoofs of 1993 5:22
Rainy Day Man Taylor 3:07
Drop Down Mama Estes 2:32
Old Man's Song McLaughlin 3:22
Lullaby Young 3:45
Side Two
These Days Browne 2:40
Wild Child (World of Trouble) Neil 3:13
Colors Of The Sun Browne 3:51
Livin' In The Country Day-Winsted 2:31
Child's Song McLaughin 4:09
Tom Rush-guitar, vocals
Warren Bernhardt-organ, piano
Trevor Veitch-guitar, mandolin, mandocello
Duke Bardwell-bass
Herb Lovelle-drums
Red Rhodes-steel guitar (Colors Of The Sun)
Ed Freeman-12-string guitar (Old Man's Song)
David Bromberg-dobro (Driving Wheel)
Paul Griffin-organ (Driving Wheel)
Ron Carter-bass (Lullaby)
§Cover Photo-Don Hunstein
Produced by: Ed Freeman


Drop Down Mama / Child's Song
Estes (2:31) / McLaughlin (4:02)
Columbia 45149, 4/70

Lost My Drivin' Wheel³ / Old Man's Song
Whiffen (3:24) / McLaughlin (3:17)
Columbia 45185, 6/70

Festival Express(6/27-7/5/70)
Classic Rush
Classic Rush

Elektra EKS-74062, 11/70 BB [UK: 3/71]
no unique tracks

Wrong End Of The Rainbow
Columbia C-30402
12/70 BB [UK: 2/71]
Back Cover

Side One
Wrong End Of The Rainbow Rush-Veitch 2:57
Biloxi Einchester 5:07
Merrimack County Rush-Veitch 3:00
Riding On A Railroad Taylor 6:14
Came To See Me Yesterday In The Merry Month O'Sullivan 2:30
Side Two
Starlight Rush 4:49
Sweet Baby James Taylor 3:31
Rotunda Rush-Veitch 3:35
Jazzman Holstein 2:49
Gnostic Serenade Hawkins 5:08
Tom Rush-guitar, vocals
Trevor Veitch-guitar, dulcimer, dobro, vocals
David Bromberg-steel guitar
John Locke-organ, piano (Wrong End Of The Rainbow, Starlight)
Erik Robertson-organ, piano
Bob Boucher-bass
Dave Lewis-percussion
Brently Titcomb-harmonica
James Taylor-vocals
Jesse Winchester-vocals
Ed Holstein-vocals
Paul Armin-violin, viola
Ed Freeman-arranger
§Cover Design & Photo-Bob Cato
Produced by: David Briggs


Sweet Baby James / Merrimac County
Taylor (3:15) / Rush-Veitch (2:56)
Columbia 45185, 1/71

Who Do You Love / Something In The Way She Moves²
McDaniel (3:25) / Taylor (3:15)
Elektra 45718, 1/71

Wrong End Of The Rainbow / Merrimack County
Rush (2:52) / Rush-Veitch (2:56)
Columbia 45364, 4/71



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