Compilations are a great way to sample artists (or even music styles) you might not be familar with. They were cost-effective for the record companies (they didn't have to pay the artists again) to drum up sales.

There were literally thousands of such albums released by record companpies to choose from. Here we'll look at some of the folk, blues and rock samplers from the "Seasons" years, starting with one milestone recording that was a "must have."

Warner/Reprise records, the hippest of the record companies during the Seasons time line, issued a series of low-priced (really cheap!) records spotlighting their stable of eklectric artists. Know as The Loss Leaders, they have their own page.


The first (and best) anthology of early folk & blues music. All aspiring folkies (and rockers) memorized parts of these records. Case in point: Janis Joplin (when she sang with Big Brother) did a great job on Coo Coo Bird. As The Mayor of MacDougal Street (Dave Van Ronk) said, "we all knew every word of every song on it, including the ones we hated."

Smithsonian reissued this in 1997 as a beautiful 6-CD box set, with a 96 page book and new multimedia stuff (see note 3). In 1999 and 2001, new kids (like Elvis Costello, Nick Cave) and oldsters (like Lou Reed and Marianne Faithful) partook in a series of concerts celebrating Harry Smith's seminal work. Shout Factory released a 2CD/2DVD set for your viewing pleasure.
Anthology Of American Folk Music
Edited by Harry Smith, Folklorist
Folkways Records FP-251, FP-252, FP-253
1952 RS500 [UK: N/R]
1960s Reissue

1997 Box Set

Volume One: Ballads
Side One
Dick Justice Henry Lee 3:26
Nelstone's Hawaiians Fatal Flower Garden 2:55
Clarence Ashley The House Carpenter 3:14
Coley Jones Drunkard's Special 3:16
Bill & Belle Reed Old Lady And The Devil 3:02
Buell Kazee The Butcher's Boy 3:02
Buell Kazee The Wagoner's Lad 3:02
Side Two
Chubby Parker & His Old Time Banjo King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki-Me-O 3:08
Uncle Eck Dunford Old Shoes And Leggins 2:59
Burnett & Rutherford Willie Moore 3:13
Buster Carter & Preston Young A Lazy Farmer Boy 2:57
The Carolina Tar Heels Peg And Awl 2:57
GB Grayson Ommie Wise 3:09
Kelly Harrell & The Virginia String Band My Name Is John Johanna 3:12
Side Three
Edward L Crain Bandit Cole Younger 2:54
Kelly Harrell & The Virginia String Band Charles Giteau 3:03
The Carter Family John Hardy Was A Desperate Little Man 2:55
The Williamson Brothers & Curry Gonna Die With My Hammer In My Hand 3:24
Frank Hutchison Stackalee 2:58
Charlie Poole & The North Carolina Ramblers White House Blues 3:31
Mississippi John Hurt Frankie 3:25
Side Four
William & Versey Smith When That Great Ship Went Down 2:55
The Carter Family Engine 143 3:16
Furry Lewis Kassie Jones (Parts 1 & 2) 6:13
The Bently Boys Down On Penny's Farm 2:47
The Masked Marvel Mississippi Boweavil (Boll Weevil) Blues 3:07
The Carolina Tar Heels Got The Farm Land Blues 3:16
Volume Two: Social Music
Side One
Uncle Bunt Stephens Sail Away Lady 2:56
Jilson Setters The Wild Wagoner 3:14
Prince Albert Hunt's Texas Ramblers Wake Up Jacob 2:52
Dalma Lachney & Blind Uncle Gaspard La danseuse 2:54
Andrew & Jim Baxter Georgia Stomp 2:44
Eck Robertson & Family Brillancy Medley 2:59
Hoyt 'Floyd' Ming & His Pep-Steppers Indian War Whoop 3:10
Side Two
Henry Thomas Old Country Stomp 2:52
Jim Jackson Old Dog Blue 3:01
Columbus Fruge Saut Crapaud 2:47
Joseph Falcon Acadian One-Step 2:57
The Breaux Freres Home Sweet Home 3:00
The Cincinnati Jug Band The Newport Blues 2:55
Frank Cloutier & The Victoria Cafe Orchestra Moonshiner's Dance, Part 1 2:39
Side Three
Rev JM Gates You Must Be Born Again 1:28
Rev JM Gates Oh Death Where Is Thy Sting 1:26
The Alabama Sacred Harp Singers Rocky Road 2:42
The Alabama Sacred Harp Singers Present Joys 2:50
Middle Georgia Singing Convention No. 1 This Song Of Love 2:56
Rev Sister Mary Nelson Judgement 2:23
The Memphis Sanctified Singers He Got Better Things For You 2:52
The Elders McIntorsh & Edwards' Sanctified Singers Since I Laid My Burden Down 3:16
Side Four
Rev Moses Mason John The Baptist 3:02
Bascom Lamar Lunsford Dry Bones 2:58
Blind Willie Johnson John The Revelator 3:18
The Carter Family Little Moses 3:11
Ernest Phipps & His Holiness Singers Shine On Me 3:01
Rev FW McGee Fifty Miles Of Elbow Room 2:40
Rev DC Rice & His Sanctified Congregation I'm In The Battlefield For My Lord 3:19
Volume Three: Songs
Side One
Clarence Ashley The Coo Coo Bird 2:54
Buell Kazee East Virginia 2:58
Cannon's Jug Stompers with Noah Lewis Minglewood Blues 3:41
Didier Hébert I Woke Up One Morning In May 3:01
Richard 'Rabbit' Brown James Alley Blues 3:05
Dock Boggs Sugar Baby 2:56
Bascom Lamar Lunsford I Wish I Was A Mole In The Ground 3:19
Side Two
Ernest & Hattie Stoneman The Mountaineer's Courtship 2:42
The Stoneman Family The Spanish Merchant's Daughter 3:15
The Memphis Jug Band Bob Lee Junior Blues 3:08
The Carter Family Single Girl, Married Girl 2:44
Cleoma Breaux & Joseph Falcon Le Vieux Soulard Et Sa Femme 3:08
Blind Lemon Jefferson Rabbit Foot Blues 2:55
Sleepy John Estes & Yank Rachell Expressman Blues 3:01
Side Three
Ramblin' Thomas Poor Boy Blues 2:22
Cannon's Jug Stompers Feather Bed 3:13
Dock Boggs Country Blues 2:56
Julius Daniels 99 Year Blues 3:04
Blind Lemon Jefferson Prison Cell Blues 2:44
Blind Lemon Jefferson See That My Grave Is Kept Clean 2:52
Cleoma and Ophy Breaux & Joseph Falcon C'est Si Triste Sans Lui 2:59
Side Four
Uncle Dave Macon Way Down The Old Plank Road 2:58
Uncle Dave Macon Buddy Won't You Roll Down The Line 3:15
Mississippi John Hurt Spike Driver Blues 3:14
The Memphis Jug Band KC Moan 2:31
JP Nestor Train On The Island 2:57
Ken Maynard The Lone Star Trail 3:12
Henry Thomas Fishing Blues 2:44



Anthology of American Folk Music @ Smithsonian Folkways
Anthology of American Folk Music @ wiki


Boston had a lively folk scene , with venues such as Club 47 . Tom Rush, Jim Kweskin and others got their start in Bean Town.

18-year old Harvard Frosh Joan Baez is featured on this limited issue album from 1960. Most Baez discographies include this, but it really belongs here. Bill Wood became a biology professor. Ted Alevizos released a few albums of folk songs from Greece.

The album was reissued in 1963 as The Best Of Joan Baez on Squire (RH-30082), deleting four songs (the ones without timing).

Joan Baez, Bill Wood, Ted Alevizos
Folksingers 'Round Harvard Square
Veritas Records [No Number]
Back Cover

1963 Reissue

Side One
Joan Baez On The Banks Of The Ohio 2:33
Joan Baez O What A Beautiful City 3:15
Joan Baez Sail Away Ladies 2:44
Joan Baez Black Is The Color 2:37
Joan Baez Lowlands 2:42
Joan Baez What You Gonna Call Your Pretty Little Baby 2:26
Joan Baez & Bill Wood Kitty 1:57
Joan Baez & Bill Wood So Soon In The Morning 2:05
Joan Baez & Bill Wood Careless Love 2:10
Side Two
Bill Wood Le Cheval Dans La Beignoire -
Bill Wood John Henry 4:10
Bill Wood Travelin' Shoes 2:25
Bill Wood The Bold Soldier -
Ted Alevizos Walie Walie 1:53
Ted Alevizos Rejected Lover -
Ted Alevizos Astrapsen 1:37
Ted Alevizos Lass From The Low Country -
Joan Baez & Bill Wood & Ted Alevizos Don't Weep After Me 2:46
Joan Baez-guitar, vocals
Bill Wood-guitar, vocals
Ted Alevizos-guitar, vocals
§Cover Photo-Rick Stafford
Produced by: Lemuel Marshall Wells

Note: Recorded By Stephen Fassett in Boston during May 1959
Liner notes by Manuel Greenhill



Next, a series of Elektra compilations produced by the legendary Jac Holzman spotlighting their diverse folk and blues artists:

The Blues Project
Elektra EKS-7264
3/64 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Booklet Cover

Side One
Dave Ray Fixin' To Die 3:47
Eric Von Schmidt Blow Whistle Blow 2:44
John Koerner My Little Woman 2:10
Geoff Muldaur Ginger Man 2:05
Dave Van Ronk Bad Dream Blues 3:52
Ian Buchanan Winding Boy 3:26
Danny Kalb I'm Troubled 2:27
Mark Spoelstra France Blues 2:31
Side Two
Dave Van Ronk Don't You Leave Me Here 2:46
Geoff Muldaur Devil Got My Woman 4:06
John Koerner Southbound Train 4:04
Geoff Muldaur Downtown Blues 2:28
Dave Ray Leavin' Here Blues 4:48
Danny Kalb Hello Baby Blues 1:59
Mark Spoelstra She's Gone 2:05
Dave Ray Slappin' On My Black Cat Bone 2:17
§Cover Art-Eric Von Schmidt

Note: Subtitled: A compendium of the very best on the urban blues scene.
Support musicians include John Sebastian, Fritz Richmond, and Tony Glover. See the Discogs link for details.
Came with a booklet (Note 2) detailing the musicians and songs. Read it at the same Discogs link (66 reissue).
Yes, Bob Dylan (as Bob Landy) plays treble piano on Geoff Muldaur's Downtown Blues.
When Danny Kalb (with other New York musicians) formed a group—they used the name of this album as their name.



Folksong ’65
Elektra S-78
9/65 [UK: ?/65]
Back Cover

Side One
Tom Rush Long John 3:51
Judy Collins So Early In The Spring 3:07
Ray Koerner & Glover Linin' Track 2:15
Hamilton Camp Girl Of The Noth Country 2:28
Dick Rosmini 900 Miles 2:37
Tom Paxton The Last Thing On My Mind 3:05
Side Two
Paul Butterfield Blues Band Born In Chicago 3:13
Kathy & Carol Fair Beauty Bright 2:32
Mark Spoelstra White Winged Dove 4:04
Fred Neil Blues On The Ceiling 2:22
Bruce Merdoch Rompin' Rovin' Days 2:15
Phil Ochs Power And The Glory 2:15
§Cover Design-William S Harvey

Note: Support musicians include John Sebastian, Felix Pappalardi, and Danny Kalb. See the Discogs link for details.
Butterfields' Born In Chicago is a different take than what was used on their debut album.



Singer Songwriter Project
Elektra EKS-7299
9/65 [UK: ?]
Back Cover

Side One
Richard Fariña House Un-American Blues Activity 3:24
Richard Fariña Birmingham Sunday 3:57
Richard Fariña Bold Marauder 4:44
Patrick Sky Too Many Times 2:34
Patrick Sky Talking Socialized Anti-Undertaker Blues 2:06
Patrick Sky Many A Mile 3:44
Side Two
Bruce Murdoch Rompin' Rovin' Days 2:15
Bruce Murdoch Down In Mississippi 1:37
Bruce Murdoch Farewell My Friend 2:45
Bruce Murdoch Try 'N' Ask 1:55
Dave Cohen I Like To Sleep Late In The Morning 2:20
Dave Cohen It's Alright With Me 1:58
Dave Cohen Don't Get Caught In A Storm 2:07
§Cover Design-William S Harvey; Photo-David Gahr
Record Notes
Richard Farina's tracks appear to be demos, possibly with Mimi on guitar. Birmingham Sunday was not re-recorded for their Vanguard albums (Joanie did a cover on her "5" album.). Richard also wrote the liner notes.
Patrick Sky's Many A Mile was re-recorded for his first Vanguard album, whilst the other two were not.
Bruce Murdoch was a folkie out of Toronto. In 1970, he recorded an album for Richie Haven's Stormy Forest label that included Dave Mason, among other.
Dave Cohen later recorded for Elektra as David Blue. These tracks were not re-recorded

This album was reissued on CD in the UK, coupled with David Blue's first album.
Some additional info on the Richard Farina website .



What’s Shakin’
Elektra EKS-74002
7/66 [UK: 3/68]
Back Cover

Insert Front

Insert Back

1968 UK Cover

1968 UK Back Cover

Side One
The Lovin' Spoonful Good Time Music 3:06
The Lovin' Spoonful Almost Grown 1:50
The Paul Butterfield Blues Band Spoonful 2:55
The Paul Butterfield Blues Band Off The Wall 2:02
Al Kooper Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes 4:30
Eric Clapton & The Powerhouse I Want To Know 2:14
Eric Clapton & The Powerhouse Crossroads 2:32
Side Two
The Paul Butterfield Blues Band Lovin Cup 2:35
The Paul Butterfield Blues Band Good Morning Little Schoolgirl 2:20
Eric Clapton & The Powerhouse Steppin' Out 3:12
Tom Rush I'm In Love Again 2:04
The Lovin' Spoonful Don't Bank On It Baby 1:52
The Lovin' Spoonful Searchin' 3:13
The Paul Butterfield Blues Band One More Mile 3:30
§Cover Photos-Don Paulsen
Record Notes
Contains early recordings by The Lovin' Spoonful (winter 65), The Paul Butterfield Blues Band (winter 64), Eric Clapton (spring 66), Al Kooper, and Tom Rush.
Eric Clapton & The Powerhouse consisted of Clapton, Stevie Winwood (credited as Steve Anglo), Jack Bruce, and Spencer Davis Group members Paul Jones and Pete York.
Backing up Al on bass and drums are two future Blues Project guys, Andy Kulberg and Roy Blumenfeld.
Read Richie Unterberger's liner notes for the CD reissue .



The other folk and blues (and jazz) based record company in New York City was Vanguard . Maynard and Seymour Solomon had a stable of artists that included Joan Baez, Eric Andersen, Ian & Sylvia, Doc Watson, Mississippi John Hurt, and P D Q Bach.

In early 72, they released this budget-priced 2-lp set that focuses on their artists on disc one, whilst disc two features highlights from various Newport Folk Festivals. Sadly, accurate dates of these recordings are not indicated on the record. Best guesses for a couple of them (based on previous Vanguard Newport releases).

The Greatest Folksingers Of The 'Sixties
Vanguard VSD-17/18
2/72 [UK: ?/72]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Great Artists From The Vanguard Folk Catalogue
Side One
Ian & Sylvia You Were On My Mind 2:45
Buffy Sainte-Marie Now That The Buffalo's Gone 2:45
The Rooftop Singers Walk Right In 2:33
Joan Baez East Virginia 3:38
Cisco Houston Old Blue 3:14
Country Joe & The Fish I Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die Rag† 2:59
Odetta John Henry 3:10
Richard & Mimi Fariña Pack Up Your Sorrows 2:56
Side Two
Phil Ochs There But For Fortune 2:09
Eric Andersen Violets Of The Dawn 3:47
Doc Watson Sitting On Top Of The World 2:35
John Hammond Traveling Riverside 2:58
Ramblin' Jack Elliott House Of The Rising Sun 3:25
Jim Kweskin Crazy Words Crazy Tune 2:00
Mississippi John Hurt Candy Man 2:53
The Weavers Erie Canal 2:13
Highlights Of The Newport Folk Festivals
Side One
Judy Collins & Theodore Bikel Greenland Whale Fisheries 3:59
Hamilton Camp(1965) Well, Well, Well 3:35
Tom Paxton(1963) Rambling Boy 3:53
José Feliciano(1964) La Bamba 2:45
Joan Baez & Bob Gibson Virgin Mary Had One Son 2:12
Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs(1960) Salty Dog Blues 1:45
Bob Dylan(1963) Blowin' In The Wind 3:00
Side Two
The Staple Singers(1965) I Wish I Had An Answer 2:43
Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger(1960) The Ballad Of Springhill 3:35
The Paul Butterfield Blues Band(1966) Mellow Down Easy 3:35
The Chambers Brothers(1965) I Got It 2:30
Tommy Makem(1960) The Whistling Gypsy 3:40
The New Lost City Ramblers(1960) Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms 2:48
Oscar Brand & Jean Ritchie(1965) Paper Of Pins 1:50
Pete Seeger(1960) East Virginia Blues 2:42
Lotsa folks with acoustic guitars at Newport
§Cover Painting-Eric von Schmidt
Produced by: Maynard Solomon, except † by Samuel Charters




Bernard Stollman started the ESP-Disk label in 1965, letting artists record how and what they wanted. He also never paid the artists. Follow the unique ESP-Disk story at this link . BTW, ESP is short for Esperanto (the language) and not the phony mind stuff.

This album was recored on Aug 6, 1966 the 21st anniversary of the Hiroshima atom-bomb and the day of Luci's wedding at The White House. It was done as a fund-raiser for The East Village Other, a NYC underground newspaper. The Velvets make an early recorded appearance here, as do members of The Fugs and Holy Modal Rounders.

The East Village Other
ESP Disk 1034
9/66 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Plastic Clock Radio† Luci's Wedding 0:09
Steve Weber If I Had A Half A Mind 0:43
Gerard Malanga & Ingrid Superstar Gossip 1:50
The Velvet Underground Noise 1:03
Marion Brown, Scott Holt & Ron Jackson Jazz Improv 2:33
Allen Ginsberg & Peter Orlovsky Mantras 10:20
Side Two
Plastic Clock Radio† Luci's Wedding 0:04
Tuli Kupferberg‡ Love And Ashes 2:37
Ishmael Reed The Free Lance Pall Bearers 3:19
Andy Warhol Silence 0:11
Ken Weaver & Ed Sanders Interview With Hairy 9:36
§Cover Art-Walter Bowart

†An audio collage based on a radio broadcast about the wedding of Luci Baines Johnson
‡Tuli & Viki Pollon-vocals, with Peter Rawson, guitar
timings from various CD reissues.



There were hundreds of one-off "sampler" albums issued during this time-frame. Let's pick one little odd-ball from (where else) California. This little Lp featured the Peanut Butter Conspiracy, The Ashes (from whence most of PBC came from), and early Chambers Brothers recordings. None of these were only available as singles.

West Coast Love-In
Vault LP-113
5/67 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
The Peanut Butter Conspiracy Time Is After You 2:40
The Peanut Butter Conspiracy One-Nine-Six Seven 2:00
The Peanut Butter Conspiracy Big Bummer 2:47
The Peanut Butter Conspiracy Floating Dream 2:08
The Ashes Every Little Prayer 2:12
The Ashes Is There Anything I Can Do 2:30
Side Two
The Ashes Dark On You Now 4:00
The Ashes Roses Gone 2:50
The Chambers Brothers (She Don't Want To) Tie Me Down 2:15
The Chambers Brothers Don't Lose Your Cool 1:45
The Chambers Brothers Girls, We Love You 3:10
The Chambers Brothers There She Goes 3:16
§Cover Painting-Ida Griffin, Rick Griffin



Immediate put out three volumes of Mike Vernon produced British blues artists, featuring singles and early studio jams with Clapton, Beck and Page. In the UK, the series was titled Blues Anytime. See the UK cover on Vol 3.

RCA reissued these albums in 1970 as The British Archive Series (and added a fourth volume not connected with the Vernon stuff). The three notes following the albums show typical states of issue: Immediate; RCA Reissue (including Vol 4); UK.

The All Stars featured Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck (guitars), Nicky Hopkins (piano), Cliff Barton (bass) and Carlo Little (drums), recorded in 1966.
The tracks credited to Eric Clapton featured Clapton and Jimmy Page (guitars), then overdubs with Ian Stewart (piano), Bill Wyman (bass), Mick Jagger (harp), and Chris Winters [possibly pseudonym for Charlie Watts] (drums).
Santa Barbara Machine Head consisted of Ronnie Wood (guitar), Jon Lord (keyboards), Kim Gardner (bass), and John "Twink" Alder (drums).

An Anthology Of British Blues
Immediate Z12-52006
7/68 [UK: 5/68]
Typical back cover

Side One
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers I'm Your Witchdoctor 2:10
Eric Clapton Snake Drive 2:30
T S McPhee Ain't Gonna Cry No More 3:05
Savoy Brown Blues Band I Tried 3:00
Eric Clapton Tribute To Elmore 2:05
Jo-Ann Kelly I Feel So Good 2:50
Side Two
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers Telephone Blues 3:50
T S McPhee You Don't Love Me 2:20
Eric Clapton West Coast Idea 2:15
Jo-Ann Kelly Ain't Seen No Whisky 2:55
Stone's Masonry Flapjacks 2:40
Savoy Brown Blues Band Cold Blooded Woman 3:50


An Anthology Of British Blues, Vol 2
Immediate Z12-52014
10/68 BB [UK: 5/68]
RCA Reissue Cover

Die cut hole lets...
RCA Reissue Back Cover

RCA Reissue Sleeve Front

...this ccol sleeve shown thru!
RCA Reissue Sleeve Rear

RCA Reissue Vol 4

Side One
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers On Top Of The World 2:49
T S McPhee Someone To Love Me 2:21
Savoy Brown Blues Band Can't Quit You Baby 3:38
Eric Clapton Draggin' My Tail 3:08
Dharma Blues Band Dealing With The Devil 2:05
Jeremy Spencer Who's Knocking 2:35
Side Two
Eric Clapton Frieght Loader 2:48
Jeremy Spencer Look Down At My Woman 3:04
Dharma Blues Band Roll'em Pete 2:09
Eric Clapton Choker 1:27
Savoy Brown Blues Band True Blue 4:03
T S McPhee When You Got A Good Friend 2:33


The Beginning British Blues
Immediate Z12-52018
2/69 [UK: 10/68]
Typical UK cover

Typical UK back cover

Side One
Cyril Davies & The All Stars Someday Baby 2:50
The All Stars featuring Jeff Beck Steelin' 2:39
The All Stars LA Breakdown 2:06
The All Stars featuring Jeff Beck Chuckles 2:24
The All Stars Down In The Boots 3:26
The All Stars Piano Shuffle 3:00
Side Two
Eric Clapton & Jimmy Page Miles Road 2:26
Santa Barbera Machine Head Porcupine Juice 3:15
Santa Barbera Machine Head Albert 3:21
Santa Barbera Machine Head Rubber Monkey 2:39
Stuff Smith Howlin' For My Darling 3:25

Link! Mike Vernon Wiki bio with links


Blue Thumb Records was one of the progressive labels of the day. With an artist roster including Captain Beefheart, Ike & Tina Turner, Albert Collins, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Dave Mason, Gabor Szabo, Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks, Blue Thumb had plenty of interesting tracks to choose from in their entry in the "el-cheapo" sampler records. An expanded version was issued on CD in 1995.

All Day Thumb Sucker
Blue Thumb BTS-2000
11/70 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Southwind Rootin' & Tootin' 3:43
Sammy Lay Maggies Farm 3:10
Fred McDowell Shake Em On Down 3:00
Robbie Basho Eagle Sails The Blue 6:45
Tyrannosaurus Rex Cat Black 3:00
Ike & Tina Turner Bold Soul Sister 2:35
Side Two
Love Run To The Top 3:00
Nathan Beauregard Bout A Spoonful 3:20
Aynsley Dunbar Sugar On The Line 4:25
Albert Collins Frosty 2:51
Earl Hooker Cross Cut Saw 2:45
Chicago Bluestars Comin' Home 4:45
Bossa Rio Blackbird 3:03



A&M Records released this album to radio stations only (un-huh) as a "parody" of the current rage of bootlegs. Interestingly, this two-record set contained tracks that were either single B-side, UK only releases, or singles that didn't go very far on initial release by future stars. The Leon Russell single was a 1964 release that went nowhere. But, what's this? The first two Capt Beefheart singles??? This was a bonanza!

The A&M Bootleg Album
A&M Records SP-8022
?/71 [UK: N/R]
Side One
Joe Cocker She's So Good To Me 2:30
Joe Cocker New Age Of The Lily 2:13
Joe Cocker Something's Coming On 2:03
Leon Russell Misty 1:50
Leon Russell Cindy 2:10
Side Two
Procol Harum Long Gone Geek 3:12
Procol Harum In The Wee Small Hours Of Sixpence 2:39
Procol Harum Homburg 3:55
Procol Harum Good Captain Clack 1:30
Tyrannasaurus Rex Deborah 3:07
Tyrannasaurus Rex Child Star 2:49
Side Three
The Move Flowers In The Rain 2:25
The Move Fire Brigade 2:23
The Move Blackberry Way 3:10
Larry Marks LA Breakdown 3:27
Lee Michaels Goodbye, Goodbye 2:35
Side Four
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band Diddy Wah Diddy 2:27
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band Who Do You Think You're Fooling 2:07
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band Moonchild 2:27
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band Fryin' Pan 2:04
Dillard & Clark Why Not Your Baby? 3:46
Flying Burrito Brothers Train Song 3:10



If the first comp on this page was the 60s folk/blues primer, then this was the album that the punk and garage bands studied. It is as important to the upcoming trends as it was to those who lived through it. A lot of the songs had appeared in a brief haze only to disappear into thrift shops. With compelling liner notes by Patti Smith Group guitarist Lenny Kaye, Nuggets set the standard for comp albums; and created a cottage industry as the series Pebbles, Back From The Grave, and Sixties Rebellion can attest.

More importantly, all of these great songs were first heard during The Seasons time-frame! 2021: Release dates added to the tracks.

Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968
Elektra Records 7E-2006
10/2//72 RS500 [UK: N/R]
plus five more for Lenny's notes
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
The Electric Prunes I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)(11/66) 2:55
The Standells Dirty Water(11/65) 2:47
The Strangeloves Night Time(12/65) 3:05
The Knickerbockers Lies(11/65) 2:41
The Vagrants Respect(3/67) 2:13
Mouse & The Traps A Public Execution(2/66) 2:43
The Blues Project No Time Like The Right Time(3/67) 2:49
Side Two
The Shadows Of Knight Oh Yeah(5/66) 2:44
The Seeds Pushin' Too Hard(11/65) 3:03
The Barbarians Moulty(1/66) 2:29
The Remains Don't Look Back(8/66) 2:35
The Magicians Invitation To Cry(11/65) 2:55
The Castaways Liar, Liar(6/65) 1:52
The Thirteenth Floor Elevators You're Gonna Miss Me(1/66) 2:24
Side Three
Count Five Psychotic Reaction(7/66) 2:56
The Leaves Hey Joe(11/65) 2:47
Michael And The Messengers Just Like Romeo And Juliet(6/67) 2:06
The Cryan Shames Sugar And Spice(6/66) 2:26
The Amboy Dukes Baby Please Don't Go(1/68) 5:32
The Blues Magoos Tobacco Road(6/66) 4:39
Side Four
Chocolate Watch Band Let's Talk About Girls(11/67) 2:41
The Mojo Men Sit Down I Think I Love You(12/66) 2:16
The Third Rail Run Run Run(6/67) 2:00
Sagittarius My World Fell Down(5/67) 3:45
Nazz Open My Eyes(7/68) 2:48
The Premiers Farmer John(3/64) 3:46
The Magic Mushrooms It's-A-Happening(9/66) 2:40
§Cover Art-Abe Gurvin
Lenny prepared a second volume that never made it to market. See the blue note for the list.
In 1996, Rhino Records reissued this landmark compilation, and ADDED three CDs chock full of more great songs. They then continued with FOUR more four-CD sets (all highly recommended):
Nuggets II: Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond, 1964-1969;
Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era, 1976-1995

Love Is The Song We Sing: San Francisco Nuggets 1965-1970
Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968.

The 45Cat link goes a page that shows all the original 45s from whence this was assembled and the Wiki link goes an article stub that has links to all varieties.


Top psychedelic albums / No. 50: Nuggets: Original Artyfacts (@ Psychedelic Site)


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