Richard & Mimi Fariņa
Dick Fariņa & Eric Von Schmidt ♦ Mimi Fariņa & Tom Jans 
All songs credited to Fariņa are by Richard, unless preceeded by M (for Mimi)

Dick Fariņa & Eric Von Schmidt
Folklore Records F-LEUT/7 [UK]
Back Cover

Side One
Johnny Cuckoo trad 4:27
Jumping Judy trad 3:55
Glory, Glory† trad 2:34
Old Joe's Dulcimer trad 2:55
Wobble Bird trad 2:44
Wildwood Flower trad 1:56
Overseas Stomp† trad 2:43
Side Two
Lonzo N'Howard trad 3:30
You Can Always Tell trad 3:00
Xmas Island† trad 3:18
Stick With Me Baby Farina 3:32
Riddle Song trad 1:10
Cocaine† trad 4:03
London Waltz Farina 3:10
Dick Fariņa-guitar, dulcimer, vocals (lead on: Wobble Bird, Xmas Island, Riddle Song)
Eric Von Schmidt-guitar, vocals
Ethan Signer-fiddle, mandolin, guitar
Blind Boy Grunt [Bob Dylan]-harmonica, backing vocals†
Produced by: Tom Costner

Note: Recorded in London, Jan 14 & 15, 1963

Celebrations For A Grey Day
Vanguard VSD-79174
Back Cover

Side One
Dandelion River Run Fariņa 1:42
Pack Up Your Sorrows Fariņa-Marden 2:58
Tommy Makem Fantasy Fariņa 1:29
Michael, Andrew, And James Fariņa 5:07
Dog Blue Fariņa 1:42
V. Fariņa-Langhorne 3:30
One-Way Ticket† Fariņa 3:24
Side Two
Hamish Fariņa 1:47
Another Country‡ Fariņa 4:00
Tuileries Fariņa 1:45
The Falcon Fariņa 3:38
Reno, Nevada† Fariņa 3:07
Celebration For A Grey Day Fariņa 3:47
Richard Fariņa-dulcimer, guitar, vocals
Mimi Fariņa-guitar, autoharp, vocals
Bruce Langhorne-guitar† ‡
Russ Savakus-bass†
Charles Small-piano†
Produced by: Maynard Solomon


Reflections In A Crystal Wind
Vanguard VSD-79204
Back Cover

Side One
Reflections In A Crystal Wind Fariņa 3:29
Bold Marauder Fariņa 4:05
Dopico Fariņa 3:55
A Swallow Song Fariņa 2:49
Chrysanthemum Fariņa 2:27
Sell-Out Agitation Waltz Fariņa 2:52
Hard-Loving Loser Fariņa 4:39
Side Two
Mainline Prosperity Blues Fariņa 6:26
Allen's Interlude Fariņa 2:55
House Un-American Blues Activity Dream Fariņa 3:10
Raven Girl Fariņa 5:10
Miles M Fariņa 2:55
Children Of Darkness Fariņa 4:05
Richard Fariņa-dulcimer, guitar, vocals
Mimi Fariņa-guitar, autoharp, vocals
Bruce Langhorne-guitar
Charles Small-piano, celesta
Felix Pappalardi-bass
Russ Savakus-bass, string bass
Alvin Rogers-drums
John Hammond, Jr-harmonica
Produced by: Maynard Solomon


Reno, Nevada³ / One Way Ticket³
Fariņa (2:45) / Fariņa (2:50)
Vanguard VRS-35030, 2/66

Pack Up Your Sorrows² / Joy 'Round My Brain²
Fariņa (2:39) / Fariņa (2:36)
Vanguard VRS-35032, 2/66

Richard Fariņa Apr 30, 1966, Carmel Valley, California, motorcycle accident
During book signing party for the recently published Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me

Vanguard VSD-79263
Back Cover

Side One
The Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood Fariņa 4:17
Joy 'Round My Brain Fariņa 3:47
Lemonade Lady Fariņa 2:02
Downtown Fariņa 1:34
Almond Joy Fariņa 2:12
Blood Red Roses Fariņa 2:30
Morgan The Pirate Fariņa 5:38
Side Two
Dopico; Celebration For A Grey Day† Fariņa 6:40
House Un-American Blues Activity Dream† Fariņa 3:50
A Swallow Song*(Joan Baez 45) Fariņa 2:45
All The World Has Gone By* Baez-Chappell-Fariņa 3:41
Pack Up Your Sorrows(alt electric version) Fariņa-Marden 3:00
Richard Fariņa-dulcimer, guitar, vocals
Mimi Fariņa-guitar, autoharp, vocals (solo on: The Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood and Morgan The Pirate
Joan Baez-guitar, vocals*
Bruce Langhorne-guitar
Grady Martin-guitar
Charles Small-piano
Fritz Richmond-bass, washtub bass
Russ Savakus-bass
Al Rogers-drums
John Hammond, Jr-harmonica
Kyle Grahan-harmonica
Produced by: various

*Recording by Joan Baez, produced by Richard Fariņa that was to be an album
†Recorded at 1965 Newport Folk Festival


Take Heart
A&M SP-4310
Back Cover

Side One
Carolina Jans 4:10
Charlotte M Fariņa 3:29
Kings And Queen M Fariņa-Jans 4:33
The Great White Horse Owens-Scott 4:03
Reach Out (For Chris Ross) M Fariņa 3:33
Side Two
Madman M Fariņa-Jans 4:00
In The Quiet Morning (For Janis Joplin) M Fariņa 3:10
Letter To Jesus M Fariņa 3:19
After The Sugar Harvest M Fariņa-Jans 3:28
No Need To Be Lonely Jans 4:58
Tom Jans-guitars, vocals
Mimi Fariņa-guitar, vocals
Craig Doerge-piano, organ, electric piano
Sneaky Pete Kleinow-pedal steel guitar
Leland Sklar-bass
Russ Kunkel-drums
Jim Keltner-drums, percussion
Emil Richards-percussion, tamboura
Edgar Lustgarten-cello
Produced by: Michael Jackson


Letter To Jesus / Madman
M Fariņa (3:19) / M Fariņa-Jans (4:00)
A&M 1302, 10/71



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