Peanut Butter Conspiracy
The Ashes

Gotta Start Somewhere...

The Young Swingers
Love Her Every Day / Or Else You'll Cry
Capps-Merrill (2:00) / Capps-Merrill (2:05)
Courtney 746, ?/65

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The Young Swingers
Let's Take Our Love / The Winds Up High
details unknown
Portofino 901, ?/65

Barbara "Sandi" Robison-vocals
John Merrill-guitar, vocals
Jim Cherniss-guitar, vocals
Alan Brackett-bass, vocals
Spencer Dryden-drums


Is There Anything I Can Do?¹ / Every Little Prayer¹
DeShannon-De Caro (2:30) / Fournier (2:12)
Vault V-924, 2/66


Spencer Dryden to Jefferson Airplane

Dark On You Now¹ / Roses Gone¹
Merrill (4:00) / Merrill (2:50)
Vault 936, ?/66

It's A Happening Thing / Twice Is Life
Brackett (2:20) / Merrill (2:44)
Columbia 4-43985, 1/67 BB

Then Came Love / Dark On You Now
Merrill (3:39) / Merrill (2:15)
Columbia 4-44063, 3/67


Is Spreading
Columbia CS-9454
3/67 BB [UK: 5/67]
Back Cover

Side One
It's A Happening Thing Brackett 2:20
Then Came Love Merrill 3:39
Twice Is Life Merrill 2:44
Second Hand Man Dalton 3:20
You Can't Be Found Brackett 2:43
Why Did I Get So High? Brackett 2:08
Side Two
Dark On You Now Merrill 2:15
The Market Place Fent 4:08
You Should Know Merrill 2:10
The Most Up Till Now Brackett 2:32
You Took Too Much Merrill 2:05
Sandi Robison-vocals, percussion
Lance Fent-lead guitar
John Merrill-rhythm guitar
Al Brackett-bass
Jim Voight-drums
James Burton-guitar
Glen Campbell-guitar
§Cover Photo-Guy Webster
Produced by: Gary Usher


Time Is After You¹ / Floating Dream¹
Brackett (2:40) / Merrill (2:08)
Vault V-933, 5/67

Turn On A Friend (To A Good Life) / Captain Sandwich
Brackett (2:18) / Merrill (2:07)
Columbia 4-44356, 10/67


The Great Conspiracy
Columbia CS-9590
12/67 [UK: 6/68]
Back Cover

Side One
Turn On A Friend (To The Good Life) Brackett 2:18
Lonely Leaf Merrill 3:50
Pleasure Merrill 3:22
Too Many Do Brackett 6:35
Living, Loving Life Brackett 3:24
Invasion Of The Poppy People Merrill 0:39
Side Two
Captain Sandwich Merrill 2:07
Living Dream Brackett 4:15
Ecstacy Merrill 6:18
Time Is After You Brackett 3:08
Wonderment Merrill 4:10
Sandi Robison-vocals
Bill Wolff-lead guitar
John Merrill-guitar
Al Brackett-bass
Jim Voigt-drums
§Cover Design–Richard Mantel; Photos-Sherill Lewis
Produced by: Gary Usher


Angels From Hell(6/5/68)
Soundtrack album contains 3 unique tracks
The Sky River Rock Festival and Lighter Than Air Fair(8/31-9/1/68)
I'm A Fool¹ / It's So Hard¹
Brackett (2:32) / Brackett (2:30)
Columbia 4-44667, 10/68

Back In L A / Have A Little Faith
Brackett (3:13) / Brackett (2:48)
Challenge 500, 8/69


For Children Of All Ages
Challenge 2000
11/69 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Now Brackett 3:13
The Loudness Of Your Silence Jones-Monda 2:50
It's Alright Brackett 3:32
What Did I Do Wrong? Brackett 2:17
Out In The Cold Again Colley-Monda 2:36
Side Two
Back In L A Brackett 3:13
Gonna Get You Home† Brackett 5:01
Have A Little Faith† Brackett 2:48
Try Again† Brackett 2:51
Think Brackett 3:04
Sandi Robison-vocals
John Merrill-vocals, guitar
Ralph Schuckett-organ, piano
Alan Brackett-vocals, bass
Pete McQueen-drums
Michael Stevens-drums†
§Cover Design-Studio Five, Inc
Produced by: Alan Brackett


Note: Merrill reformed The Ashes in late 1969; record didn't come put til late 1970.

Featuring Pat Taylor
Vault SLP-125
5/70 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Gone To Sorrow Browne 3:07
Sleeping Serenade Merrill 2:46
Homeward Bound Simon 2:34
Sands Of Love Merrill 2:18
My Life Has Changed Merrill 3:14
Side Two
Return Home Brackett 2:23
Her Invention Merrill 2:14
Look Around Rock Nichols 2:34
The Now Merrill 2:52
Rainbows Merrill 2:17
Simple Complexities Merrill 2:06
Pat Taylor-vocals
John Merrill-guitar
Al Brackett-bass
Jim Voight-drums
§Cover Art-Antoinette Whitman
Produced by: Jackie Mills


Homeward Bound / Sleeping Serenade
Simon (2:34) / Merrill (2:46)
Vault 975, ?/71



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