Patrick Sky

Patrick Sky
Vanguard VSD-79179
6/65 [UK: ?/65]
Back Cover

Side One
Many A Mile Sky 3:12
Hangin' Round Sky 2:46
Love Will Endure Sky 2:59
Reuben Trad 2:35
Rattlesnake Mountain Trad 3:22
Everytime Paxton 4:22
Side Two
Come With Me Love Sky 2:36
Nectar Of God Sky 4:24
Separation Blues Sky 3:50
The Ballad Of Ira Hayes LaFarge 4:21
Words Without Music Stanley 2:09
Wreck Of The 97 Trad 2:40
Patrick Sky-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Ralph Rinzler-mandolin (Come With Me Love, Wreck Of The 97)
§Cover Photo-uncredited
Produced by:


Newport Folk Festival(7/25/65)
Singer Songwriter Project album, 9/65
Contains several rare recordings.
Keep On Walkin' / Love Will Endure
Sky (2:23) / Sky (2:57)
Vanguard VRS-35045, 9/66

Philadelphia Folk Festival(9/11/65)

A Harvest Of A Gentle Clang
Vanguard VSD-79207
8/66 [UK: ?/69]
Back Cover

Side One
Jay Gould's Daughter Trad 2:31
A Girl I Once Did Own Sky 2:56
Are You From Dixie, 'Cause I'm From Dixie Too† Cobb-Yellen 3:13
Cape Cod Girls Trad 3:09
Good Old Man Trad 3:12
Keep On Walkin'† Sky 2:59
Side Two
Mahogany Row Marra 4:31
St Louis Tickle Trad, arr Sky 2:15
The Farmer's Cursed Wife Trad 3:02
John Riley Trad, additional verses by Sky 3:30
Give To The Cause† Sky 3:03
Need Somebody On Your Bond Trad 3:11
Patrick Sky-guitar, banjo, harmonica, vocals
Maynard Solomon-triangle (Keep On Walkin')
†accompained by instrumental group
Lowell Levinger-banjo
Bob Yellin-banjo
Barry Kornfeld-guitar
Elmer Gordon-piano
Sean O'Brien-bass
Norman Grossman-drums
Lucy Brown-jaw harp
§Cover Photo-Bob Carrington
Produced by:

Note: This album is dedicated to Buffy Sainte-Marie.

Philadelphia Folk Festival(9/10/66)
Reason To Believe¹ / Guabi, Guabi¹
Hardin (2:39) / Elliott (3:00)
Vanguard VRS-35048, 11/66


Reality Is Bad Enough
Verve-Forecast FTS-3052
8/68 [UK: N/R?]
Back Cover

Side One
She's Up For Grabs Sky 2:46
Children's Song Sky 2:37
Silly Song Sky 2:18
Sometimes I Wonder Sky 3:39
I Don't Feel That's Real Sky 3:27
Enjoy, Enjoy Sky 2:47
Side Two
Follow The Longhaired Lady Sky 2:51
The Loving Kind Sky 3:22
The Dance Of Death Sky 3:21
Modern Major General Gilbert & Sullivan, adap Sky 3:35
Jimmy Clay Sky 4:31
Patrick Sky-guitar, vocals
§Cover Photo-Bob Campbell
Produced by: Barry Karnfeld


Philadelphia Folk Festival(8/23/68)
3/24/69: Royal Festival Hall, London
Pinball Machine / She
Irving (3:51) / Sky (2:25)
Verve Forecast KF-5111, 9/69

Philadelphia Folk Festival(8/22/69)

Verve-Forecast FTS-3079
9/69 [UK: N/R?]
Back Cover

Side One
She Sky 2:25
Dirge To Love Gone By Sky 3:08
I Like To Sleep Late In The Morning Blue 2:20
Circe Sky 3:04
Pinball Machine Irving 3:51
Side Two
Photographs Sky 2:30
Peter Pan Sky 2:10
Beggar's Riddle Sky 3:18
The Greater Manhattan Love Song White 2:02
Who Am I Sky 3:03
Patrick Sky-guitar, vocals
David Bromberg-guitar
§Cover Photo-Robert J Campbell
Produced by: Barry Kornfeld


One Too Many Mornings¹ / Lucky Me¹
Dylan (2:45) / Sky (2:28)
Capitol 2797, 4/70

Philadelphia Folk Festival(8/29/70)
In March 1971, Pat recorded Songs That Made America Famous

a record with "challenging" lyrics.
Needless to say... Adelphi finally released it in 1973. Read more at Adelphi records. .
Philadelphia Folk Festival(8/29/71)


Patrick Sky & Cathy Sky


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