The Blues Project
Danny Kalb & Stefan Grossman ♦ Tommy Flanders 

Back-up band (uncredited) for UK only release (12/65) for Phil Ochs' "electric" version of I Ain't Marchin' Anymore

Back Door Man³ / Violets Of Dawn
Dixon (2:33) / Andersen (2:55)
Verve/Forecast 5004, 1/66


Live At The Cafe Au-Go-Go
Verve/Forecast FVS-9024
4/66 BB [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Village Voice (11/25/65) Ad

Side One
Goin' Down Louisiana Morganfield 4:03
You Go, I'll Go With You Dixon 3:45
Catch The Wind Leitch 3:04
I Want To Be Your Driver Berry 2:23
Alberta arr Kooper 4:10
The Way My Baby Walks Kulberg 3:10
Side Two
Violets Of Dawn Andersen 2:55
Back Door Man Dixon 3:16
Jelly Jelly Blues Eckstine-Hines 4:45
Spoonful Dixon 4:58
Who Do You Love? McDaniel 5:30
Tommy Flanders-vocals (side two only)
Danny Kalb-guitar, vocals (side one, except as noted)
Steve Katz-guitar, vocal (Catch The Wind)
Al Kooper-keyboards, vocal (I Want To Be Your Driver)
Andy Kulberg-bass, flute
Roy Blumenfeld-drums
§Cover Photo-Charles Stewart
Produced by: Jerry Schoenbaum

Note: Recorded during the Blues Bag four-day concert on the evenings of November 24-27, 1965 at the Cafe Au Go Go in New York City
Tommy Flanders had left the band before this album was released.

Catch The Wind / I Want To Be Your Driver
Leitch (3:05)/ Berry (2:28)
Verve/Forecast 5013, 5/66


What do Sun Ra & The Blues Project have in common  ?? 

Where There's Smoke, There's Fire¹ / Goin' Down Louisiana
Brass-Kooper-Levine (2:27) / Morganfield (4:04)
Verve/Forecast 5019, 7/66

Newport Folk Festival(7/24/66)

 ➜ Live: 9/66, The Matrix, SF; released 2014: Live At The Matrix September 1966 

Verve/Forecast FTS-3008
11/66 BB [UK: 3/68]
Back Cover

Side One
I Can't Keep From Crying, Sometimes arr Kooper 4:25
Steve's Song Katz 4:55
You Can't Catch Me Berry 4:14
Two Trains Running Morganfield 11:20
Side Two
Wake Me, Shake Me arr Kooper 5:15
Cheryl's Goin' Home Lind 2:35
Flute Thing Kooper 5:58
Caress Me Baby Reed 7:12
Fly Away Kooper 3:30
Al Kooper-keyboards, vocals
Danny Kalb-guitar, vocals
Steve Katz-guitar, harmonica, bass (Flute Thing), vocals
Andy Kulberg-bass, flute
Roy Blumenfeld-drums
§Cover Photo-Jim Marshall
Produced by: Tom Wilson, Marcus James (Flute Thing, Fly Away)

Note: Steve's Song should be titled September Fifth, but there was a lack of communication when printing time came about.

I Can't Keep From Crying, Sometimes³ / The Way My Baby Walks
Kooper (2:39) / Kulberg (3:10)
Verve/Forecast 5032, 11/66

No Time Like The Right Time¹ / Steve's Song³
Kooper (2:40) / Katz (3:20)
Verve/Forecast 5040, 3/67 BB

Murray The K's Music In The Fifth Dimension, 3/25-4/2/67

Kooper & Katz quit to form Blood, Sweat & Tears

Monterey International Pop Festival(6/18/67)
Newport Jazz Festival(7/2/67)

Live At Town Hall
Verve/Forecast FTS-3025
9/67 BB [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Introduction / (Electric) Flute Thing† Kooper 10:25
I Can't Keep From Crying, Sometimes‡ Kooper 5:33
Mean Old Southern arr Kooper 2:36
Side Two
No Time Like The Right Time Kooper 2:48
Love Will Endure Sky 2:22
Where There's Smoke, There's Fire Brass-Kooper-Levine 2:27
Wake Me, Shake Me‡ Kooper 9:21
Al Kooper-keyboards, vocals
Danny Kalb-guitar, vocals
Steve Katz-guitar, vocals
Andy Kulberg-bass, flute
Roy Blumenfeld-drums
§Cover Design-Dave Krieger, Photo-Chuck Stewart
Produced by: Jerry Schoenbaum

Note: †Town Hall (5/5/67) and ‡Stony Brook University (11/19/66); the other tracks are studio recordngs with audience dubbed in

Gentle Dreams¹ / Lost In The Shuffle¹
Katz-Kulberg (2:40) / McDuffy-O'Brien (2:57)
Verve/Forecast 5063, 9/67

Friday Night City¹ / Reputation¹
Flanders (2:25) / Hardin (4:35)
Verve/Forecast 5064, 9/67

Frank Zappa plays guitar on both sides

Danny Kalb quits for awhile

Planned Obsolescence
Verve/Forecast FTS-3046
12/68 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody Clark 4:31
Calypso Kulberg-Roberts 3:41
Frank 'N' Curt: Incensed Gregory 3:26
Turtle Dove arr Kulberg 3:24
Mojo Hannah Williams-Paul-Paul 3:26
Side Two
Niartaes Hornpipe Gregory 2:09
Endless Sleep Reynolds-Mance 3:53
She Raised Her Hand Kulberg-Roberts 3:39
Dakota Recollection Greene-Gregory-Kalb-Kretmar-Kulberg 12:32
John Gregory-guitar, vocals
Richard Greene-violin
Don Kretmar-bass, saxophone
Andy Kulberg-bass, flute, piano
Roy Blumenfeld-drums, percussion
§Cover Photo-Jon Henry
Produced by: The Blues Project (Sea Train on labels)

Note: More accurately, this is a Sea Train album, but due to legal issues, had to release under The Blues Project name.
Follow the Sea Train story here.

The Best Of The Blues Project
The Best Of The Blues Project

Verve Forecast FTS-3077, 4/69 [UK: N/R]
no unique tracks

Cotillion 9007
Back Cover

Side One
Devil Round The Moon† Grossman 4:46
Singing Songs Unsung† Grossman 2:22
Louise, Louise McGhee 3:12
Harvest Of Your Days† Grossman 3:53
Requiem For Patrick Kilroy Grossman 6:06
Side Two
Eagles On The Half† Grossman 3:16
Death Letter Blues† arr Kalb 4:40
Crow Black Squall† Grossman 4:26
Woman Dear Grossman 3:10
Danish Drone Grossman 2:14
Danny Kalb-guitar
Stefan Grossman-guitar, vocals
Art Koenig-bass
Joe Hunt-drums
Don Brooks-harmonica†
Robert Moses-drums (Eagles On The Half, Woman Dear)
§Cover Photo-David Gahr
Produced by: Danny Kalb, Stefan Grossman, Jerry Schoenbaum


The Moonstone
Verve/Forecast FTS-3075
10/69 [UK: 2/70]
Back Cover

Side One
Since You've Been Gone Flanders 2:33
Blue Water Blue Flanders 3:02
Morning Misty Eyes Flanders-Meckler 3:15
A Detective Story Flanders 3:50
Purple And Blue Flanders 2:40
The Moonstone Flanders 4:32
Side Two
By The Mailbox We Stood Flanders 3:12
Angel Of Mercy Flanders 3:40
Boston Girls Flanders 3:05
Sleepin' Flanders 3:49
She's My Love Flanders 4:55
Tommy Flanders-vocals
Bruce Langhorne-guitar
Dick Rosmini-guitar
Dennis McCarthy-keyboards
Jerry Scheff-bass
Michael Botts-drums
Produced by: Tommy Flanders


The Moonstone / Between Purple And Blue
Flanders (4:32) / Flanders (2:40)
Verve/Forecast 3075, 10/69


Capitol SM-872
9/71 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
It's Alright Johnson-Turner 3:16
Personal Mercy Blumenfeld 4:02
Black Night Traditional 5:40
Vision Of Flowers Kalb 3:16
Yellow Cab Hardin 2:49
Side Two
Lazarus Traditional 8:58
Brown-Eyed Handsome Man Berry 3:16
Reachings Kalb 2:54
Midnight Rain Blumenfeld 2:39
So Far So Near Kretmar 2:52
Danny Kalb-guitar, vocals
Don Kretmar-bass, saxophone
Roy Blumenfeld-drums, vocals
Tom Parker-keyboards
Produced by: Shel Talmy

Note: Two originals get together one last time. No magic this time around.


Jewish Blues Group Rocks Central Park (in Washington, DC)

The Blues Project, the seminal blues/folk/rock band from The Big Apple, was started by Danny Kalb after working on Elektra's "Blues Project" compilation album. Al Kooper joined after his recording exploits with Dylan. Their albums recorded for Verve were kinda tinny-sounding and parts of Live At Town Hall were in fact studio recordings wih the crowd dubbed in.

The group reunited in 1973 for a short tour that culminated in a concert at Central Park, before their beloved City fans. Al wrote in his book "Backstage Passes & Backstabbing Bastards: Memoirs of a Rock 'N' Roll Survivor," that they were beat by the time of the Schaeffer gig and that the music actually came from a concert in DC at the Reunion Arena. But the crowd noises and intros were actually from the Central Park show!

Reunion In Central Park
Sounds Of The South MCA2-8003
11/73 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Inner Sleeve

Inner Sleeve

Side One
Introduction: Ron Delsener - 0:37
Louisiana Blues Morganfield 3:38
Steves Song Katz 3:34
Introduction: Al And Andy - 0:42
I Can't Keep From Cryin' Sometimes Kooper 5:26
Side Two
You Can't Catch Me† Berry 4:13
Introduction: Al - 0:55
Fly Away† Kooper 3:28
Caress Me Baby Reed 7:36
Side Three
Introduction: Andy - 0:35
Catch The Wind Leitch 4:22
(I Heard Her Say) Wake Me Shake Me arr Kooper 9:11
Side Four
Introduction: Danny Kalb - 1:00
Two Trains Running† Morganfield 13:30
Danny Kalb-lead guitar, vocals
Steve Katz-rhythm guitar, harmonica†, vocals, percussion
Al Kooper-Hammond organ, clavinet, mellotron, synthesizer, rhythm guitar, vocals
Andy Kulberg-bass
Roy Blumenfeld-drums
§Album Design-Al Kooper, Photos-David Gahr
Produced by: Al Kooper, Andy Kulberg

Note: Recorded Live at the Schaffer Festival in Central Park, New York on June 24th, 1973 [not really]
Inner sleeves has pictures of the group from earlier days and the concert (see notes)


The Blues Project and Seatrain
Danny Kalb discography


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