Phil Ochs

Newport Folk Festival(7/28/63)

All The News That’s Fit To Sing
Elektra EKS-7269
4/64 [UK: 3/65]
Back Cover

Side One
One More Parade Ochs-Gibson 3:00
The Thresher Ochs 2:50
Talking Vietnam Blues Ochs 3:38
Lou Marsh Ochs 4:04
Power And The Glory Ochs 2:15
Celia Ochs 3:08
The Bells Ochs 3:00
Side Two
Automation Song Ochs 2:08
Ballad Of William Worthy Ochs 2:15
Knock On The Door Ochs 2:40
Talking Cuban Crisis Ochs 2:43
Bound For Glory Ochs 3:15
Too Many Martyrs Ochs-Gibson 2:46
What's That I Hear? Ochs 2:00
Phil Ochs-guitar, vocals
Danny Kalb-second guitar
John Sebastian-harmonica (Bound For Glory) [uncredited]
§Cover Photo-William S Harvey
Produced by: Jac Holzman

Note: The Bells is Edgar Allen Poe's poem, set to music by Ochs
Some copies have Bullets Of Mexico replacing Knock On The Door

Newport Folk Festival(7/24/64)
Philadelphia Folk Festival(8/29/64)

I Ain’t Marching Anymore
Elektra EKS-7287
2/65 [UK: 8/65]
Back Cover

Side One
I Ain't Marching Anymore Ochs 2:32
In The Heat Of The Summer Ochs 3:01
Draft Dodger Rag Ochs 2:07
That's What I Want To Hear Ochs 3:06
That Was The President Ochs 3:20
Iron Lady Ochs 3:30
The Highwayman Ochs-Noyes 5:36
Side Two
Links On The Chain Ochs 4:18
Hills Of West Virginia Ochs 3:21
The Men Behind The Gun Ochs-Rooney 3:00
Talking Birmingham Jam Ochs 3:08
Ballad Of The Carpenter MacColl 3:50
Days Of Decision Ochs 3:12
Here's To The State Of Mississippi Ochs 5:52
Phil Ochs-guitar, vocals
§Cover Art, Photo-William S Harvey
Produced by: Jac Holzman

Note: The Highwayman is Alfred Noyes' poem, set to music by Ochs

Philadelphia Folk Festival(9/11/65)
11/26/65: The Anchor Inn, London
I Ain't Marchin' Anymore / That Was The President
Ochs (2:50) / Ochs (3:24)
Elektra 45-002 [UK], 12/65

UK-only: A-side with The Blues Project, the "electric" version of Marchin'

In Concert
Elektra EKS-7310
3/66 BB [UK: 5/66]
Back Cover

Side One
I'm Going To Say It Now Ochs 2:46
Bracero Ochs 3:57
Ringing Of Revolution Ochs 5:30
Is There Anybody Here? Ochs 3:17
Canons Of Christianity Ochs 4:22
Side Two
There But For Fortune Ochs 2:35
Cops Of The World Ochs 4:45
Santo Domingo Ochs 3:48
Changes Ochs 4:30
Love Me, I'm A Liberal Ochs 3:46
When I'm Gone Ochs 3:51
Phil Ochs-guitar, vocals
§Cover Art, Photo-William S Harvey
Produced by: Jac Holzman, Mark Abramson

Note: Label states: Recorded at concerts in Boston and New York in the winter of 1965-66.
However, it was actually recorded at Judson Hall in NYC, with audience overdubs.

Newport Folk Festival(7/21, 23/66)

Pleasures Of The Harbor
A&M SP-4133
10/31/67 BB [UK: 1/68]
Back Cover

Side One
Cross My Heart Ochs 3:23
Flower Lady Ochs 6:06
Outside Of A Small Circle Of Friends Ochs 3:37
I've Had Her Ochs 8:03
Miranda Ochs 5:17
Side Two
The Party Ochs 7:57
Pleasures Of The Harbor Ochs 8:05
The Crucifixion Ochs 8:45
Phil Ochs-guitar, vocals
Lincoln Mayorga-piano (Outside Of A Small Circle Of Friends, The Party)
Warren Zevon-guitar (Pleasures of the Harbor)
Ian Freebairn-Smith-orchestral arrangements
Joseph Byrd-avant garde orchestral arrangements (The Crucifixion)
§Cover Design-Peter Whorf Graphics; Photo-Jim McCrary
Produced by: Larry Marks


Cross My Heart / Flower Lady²
Ochs (3:23) / Ochs (4:33)
A&M 881, 10/67

Outside Of A Small Circle Of Friends / Miranda³
Ochs (3:37) / Ochs (3:05)
A&M 891, 11/67

Special DJ Promo 45s had one side censored (the evil marijuana); the other side left pure.
The War Is Over / The Harder They Fall³
Ochs (4:22) / Ochs (2:58)
A&M 932, 5/68


Tape From California
A&M SP-4148
7/68 [UK: 10/68]
Back Cover

Side One
Tape From California Ochs 6:45
White Boots Marching In A Yellow Land Ochs 3:35
Half A Century High Ochs 2:53
Joe Hill Ochs 7:18
The War Is Over* Ochs 4:25
Side Two
The Harder They Fall** Ochs 3:52
When In Rome Ochs 13:15
Floods Of Florence*** Ochs 4:52
Phil Ochs-guitar, vocals
with Heroes Of The Revolution:
Van Dyke Parks-keyboards (Tape From California)
Ramblin' Jack Elliott-guitar (Joe Hill)
Joe Osborn-bass (Tape From California) [uncredited]
Lincoln Mayorga-piano
Arranged by Bob Thompson*
Arranged by Larry Marks**
Arranged by Ian Freebairn-Smith***
§Cover Design-Corporate Head; Photo-Guy Webster
Produced by: Larry Marks


Philadelphia Folk Festival(8/24/68)

 ➜ Live: 3/13/69, Garden Auditorium, Vancouver; released 1991: There And Now 
This acoustic version of The Crucifixion will leave you in tears.

Rehearsals For Retirement
A&M SP-4181
4/69 BB [UK: 5/69]
Back Cover

Side One
Pretty Smart On My Part Ochs 3:15
The Doll House Ochs 4:30
I Kill Therefore I Am Ochs 2:55
William Butler Yeats Visits Lincoln Park And Escapes Unscathed Ochs 3:30
My Life Ochs 3:11
Side Two
The Scorpion Departs But Never Returns Ochs 4:15
The World Began In Eden And Ended In Los Angeles Ochs 3:05
Doesn't Lenny Live Here Anymore Ochs 5:48
Another Age Ochs 3:55
Rehearsals For Retirement Ochs 4:15
Phil Ochs-guitar, vocals
Lincoln Mayorga-piano
Bob Rafkin-guitar, bass
§Cover Art-Tom Wilkes
Produced by: Larry Marks


My Life / The World Began In Eden And Ended In Los Angeles
Ochs (3:11) / Ochs (3:05)
A&M 1070, 6/69


Greatest Hits
A&M SP-4253
2/70 BB [UK: 3/70]
Back Cover

Side One
One-Way Ticket Home Ochs 2:38
Jim Dean Of Indiana Ochs 5:02
My Kingdom For A Car Ochs 2:50
Boy In Ohio Ochs 3:42
Gas Station Women† Ochs 3:30
Side Two
Chords Of Fame† Ochs 3:31
Ten Cents a Coup Ochs 3:14
Bach, Beethoven, Mozart & Me Ochs 5:05
Basket In The Pool Ochs 3:40
No More Songs Ochs 4:31
Phil Ochs-guitar, piano, harmonica, vocals
with (all uncredited):
Van Dyke Parks-keyboards
Clarence White-guitar
James Burton-guitar
Gene Parsons-guitar
Laurindo Almeida-guitar
Don Rich-guitar
Ry Cooder-mandolin (One Way Ticket Home)
Bob Rafkin-guitar, bass
Earl Ball-piano
Lincoln Mayorga-keyboards
Mike Rubini-keyboards
Chris Ethridge-bass
Kenny Kaufman-bass
Gene Parsons-drums
Kevin Kelley-drums
Richard Rosmini-pedal steel, harmonica
Gary Coleman-drums
Bobby Bruce-violin
Mike Rubini-sax
Tom Scott-sax
Anne Goodman-cello
§Cover Art-Tom Wilkes; Photo-Jim McCrary
Produced by: Van Dyke Parks († with Andrew Wickham)

Note: Obviously, not Phil Ochs' greatest hits, but a collection of new songs with the title a stab at the recording industry.

One-Way Ticket Home / My Kingdom For A Car
Ochs (2:30) / Ochs (2:50)
A&M 1180, 5/70


 ➜ Live: 10/16/70, Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver; released 2009: Amchitka 

Note: One last Phil Ochs single, well outside our time frame, but the subject matter demands inclusion!

Here's To The State Of Richard Nixon¹ / Power And Glory¹
Ochs (3:05) / Ochs (3:16)
A&M 1509-S, 3/74

...Nixon is a rewritting of 1965's ...Mississippi; Power And Glory is a new recording;


A Troubled Ending

March 27, 1970 saw Phil holding forth at Carnegie Hall
Concert Poster

. It was an evening like no other. Briefly: gold lame suit-oldies-bomb threat-exvacuation-angry crowd-angry Phil-cut hand-second show late-voice shot-power cut-Phil & crowd react-Times review
NY Times Review, 4/3/70

Reprinted on album back
. Read more here .

The show was recorded and Phil insisted they release it. A&M said no, later relenting. Later as in four years later and only in Canada (& Japan). Most of the tracks are from the first show, with the power cut part pasted onto the end of the Elvis medley. There were lots more songs, complete with Phil's unique repartee. The complete second show is at .

It would be Phil's last album. He had become so disillusioned since the Democratic Convention, he thought mixing the songs that were inspirational to him would help us understand better. They booed. Phil didn't take the reaction very well and started his downward spiral. Too talented—too bright—too passionate.

Gunfight At Carnegie Hall
A&M SP-9010 [Canada]
3/74 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Japanese Cover

Side One
Mona Lisa Evans-Livingston 2:17
I Ain't Marching Anymore Ochs 2:44
Oakie From Meskogee Burris-Haggard 2:19
Chords Of Fame Ochs 3:21
Buddy Holly Medley   7:17
  Not Fade Away Hardin-Petty  
  I'm Gonna Love You Too Maudlin-Petty-Sullivan  
  Think It Over Allison-Holly-Petty  
  Oh Boy Petty-Tilghman-West  
  Everyday Hardin-Petty  
  It's So Easy Holly-Petty  
  Not Fade Away Hardin-Petty  
Side Two
Pleasures Of The Harbour Ochs 4:59
Tape From California Ochs 3:39
Elvis Medley & Encore   10:03
  My Baby Left Me Crudup  
  I'm Ready Robichoux  
  Heartbreak Hotel Durden-Presley  
  All Shook Up Blackwell-Presley  
  Are You Lonesome Tonight? Handman-Turk  
  My Baby Left Me (Encore) Crudup  
  A Fool Such As I Trader  
Phil Ochs-guitar, vocals
Bob Rafkin-guitar, backing vocals
Lincoln Mayorga-piano
Kenny Kaufman-bass, backing vocals
Kevin Kelley-drums
§Cover Art-Larry Hall
Produced by: Phil Ochs

Note: Recorded March 27, 1970 at Carnegie Hall, New York
Billboard magazine's FM Action Picks (3/30/74) shows CHUM (Toronto) adding this album, thus finalizing the release date.
Also released in Japan (3/74) with different cover (see last note). Both were "test marketing" issues. No sales=no US/UK release.


Bells Jim & Jean (Jim & Jean) 5/65
Changes Ian & Sylvia (Play One More) 3/66
  Gordon Lightfoot (Lightfoot!) 3/66
  Jim & Jean (Changes) 8/66
Chords Of Fame Melanie (The Good Book) 2/71
Cross My Heart Jim & Jean (People World) 7/68
Crucifixion Jim & Jean (Changes) 8/66
Flower Lady Jim & Jean (Changes) 8/66
In The Heat Of The Summer Judy Collins (Fifth Album) 9/65
The Power And The Glory Pete Seeger (God Bless The Grass) 2/66
Ringing Of Revolution Jim & Jean (People World) 7/68
There But For Fortune Joan Baez (5) 10/64
  Jim & Jean (Jim & Jean) 5/65
  Cher (With Love, Cher) 11/67
What's That I Hear? John Denver (Sings) 12/66
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