Gordon Lightfoot
Two Tones

Two Tones At The Village Corner
Chateau CLP-1012 [Canada]
?/62 [UK: N/R]
Side One
We Come Here To Sing Pouliot 2:35
Fast Freight Vanenzuela 3:48
The Fox Public Domain 2:59
Dark As A Dungeon Traverse 2:32
Sinnerman Owens 3:17
This Is My Song Lightfoot 2:49
Side Two
Kilgarry Mountain Trad 2:33
Calypso Baby Lomez 2:31
Summer Love Pouliot 3:11
Children Go Where I Send Thee Simone 2:47
Copper Kettle Trad 3:32
Lord I'm So Weary Pouliot 3:03
Gord Lightfoot-guitar, vocal
Terry Wheelan-guitar, vocal
Howie Morris-bass
Produced by: Art Snider

Note: Recorded 1/20/62, The Village Corner, Toronto

Lessons In Love / Sweet Polly
Soloway-Wolfe (2:25) / Pouliot (2:02)
Quality 1395X, ?/62 [Canada]

as by Two Tones with Bob Mersey Orch
I'm The One (Remember Me) / Daisy-Doo
Lighfoot (2:17) / Lighfoot (2:25)
Chateau 142, 5/62 [Canada]

as by Gord Lightfoot
Negotiations / It's Late, He Wins
Pouliet (2:42) / Lighfoot (2:28)
Chateau 148, 10/62 [Canada]

as by Gord Lightfoot
I'll Meet You In Michoacan / Is My Baby Blue Tonight
Lightfoot-Nash (2:16) / Handman-Tracy (2:10)
Chateau 152, 3/63 [Canada]

as by Gord Lightfoot
Day Before Yesterday / Take Care Of Yourself
Pouliet (2:33) / Hoffman-Klien (2:06)
Chateau 156, 5/63 [Canada]

as by Gordie Lightfoot

Note: Some of the above 45s were released in the US on various labels—see 45cat link at end

I'm Not Sayin'¹ / For Lovin' Me¹
Lightfoot (2:25) / Lightfoot (2:23)
Warner Bros 5621, 4/65

These are different recodings than the UA releases
Newport Folk Festival(7/25/65)
Ribbon Of Darkness / Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues¹
Lightfoot (2:39) / Dylan (3:15)
United Artists 0929, 9/65

2/16/66: De Montfort Hall, Leicester
package tour w/Ian & Sylvia

United Artists UAS-6487
3/66 [UK: 9/69]
Back Cover

UK Cover

Side One
Rich Man's Spiritual Lightfoot 2:47
Long River Lightfoot 2:47
The Way I Feel Lightfoot 3:42
For Lovin' Me Lightfoot 2:26
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face MacColl 3:07
Changes Ochs 2:30
Early Morning Rain Lightfoot 3:00
Side Two
Steel Rail Blues Lightfoot 2:48
Sixteen Miles (To Seven Lakes) Lightfoot 2:06
I'm Not Sayin' Lightfoot 2:27
Pride Of Man Camp 2:33
Ribbon Of Darkness Lightfoot 2:40
Oh Linda Lightfoot 3:10
Peaceful Waters Lightfoot 2:03
Gordon Lightfoot-guitar, piano, vocals
David Rea-guitar
Bruce Langhorne-guitar
Bill Lee-bass
§Cover Photo-Barry Feinstein
Produced by: John Court

Note: UK released as Early Lightfoot

For Lovin' Me / Spin Spin¹
Lightfoot (2:26) / Lightfoot (2:32)
United Artists 50055, 8/66

Go Go Round / I'll Be Alright
Lightfoot (2:30) / Lightfoot (2:26)
United Artists 50114, 12/66


The Way I Feel
United Artists UAS-6587
5/67 [UK: ?/71]
Back Cover

Side One
Walls Lightfoot 2:50
If You Got It Lightfoot 2:25
Softly Lightfoot 3:18
Crossroads Lightfoot 2:55
A Minor Ballad Lightfoot 3:10
Go Go Around Lightfoot 2:35
Side Two
Rosanna Lightfoot 2:37
Home From The Forest Lightfoot 3:00
I'll Be Alright Lightfoot 2:20
Song For A Winter's Night Lightfoot 2:55
Canadian Railroad Trilogy Lightfoot 6:10
The Way I Feel Lightfoot 2:56
Gordon Lightfoot-guitar, piano, vocals
Red Shea-guitar
John Stockfish-bass
Kenneth Buttrey-percussion, drums
Charlie McCoy-harmonica, guitar, celeste, bells
§Cover Photo-Barry Feinstein
Produced by: John Court

Note: This version of The Way I Feel is different from the one on the first album.

The Way I Feel / Peaceful Waters
Lightfoot (2:50) / Lightfoot (2:03)
United Artists 50152, 5/67

Gord Loves Trains!

In 1967, Gordon hosted and narrated a half-hour promo film for Canadian National Railroad. Starting with him singing at The Riverboat in Toronto. Then he hits the rails, showing us how modern the railroad has become. From sea to sea, we follow the freight. Watch the film here: Movin'

An EP was produced along with the film, featuring Gordon on side one, with another Canadian singer Jean-Pierre Ferland on the b-side (does not appear in the film). Movin' and Talkin' Freight do not appear on any Lightfoot album. Apparently, this was given away to first class passengers for a limited time.

Movin' / Allons-Y! [Canada EP]
Peterson Custom Record Productions PRC-5000 [Canada]
Side One
Gordon Lightfoot Movin' 2:32
Gordon Lightfoot Talkin' Freight 1:37
Gordon Lightfoot Steel Rail Blues 2:43
Side Two
Jean-Pierre Ferland Avant De M'Assagir 2:06
Jean-Pierre Ferland Allons-Y 2:53
Gordon Lightfoot-vocals (side one)
Jean-Pierre Ferland-vocals (side two)
Produced by: CN Railroad
Newport Folk Festival(7/15-16/67)

Did She Mention My Name
United Artists UAS-6649
3/68 [UK: 5/68]
Back Cover

Side One
Wherefor And Why Lightfoot 2:54
The Last Time I Saw Her Lightfoot 5:11
Black Day In July Lightfoot 4:13
May I Lightfoot 2:17
Magnificent Outpouring Lightfoot 2:18
Does Your Mother Know Lightfoot 3:36
Side Two
The Mountain And Maryann Lightfoot 3:35
Pussywillows, Cat-Tails Lightfoot 2:49
I Want To Hear It From You Lightfoot 2:21
Something Very Special Lightfoot 3:17
Boss Man Lightfoot 2:05
Did She Mention My Name Lightfoot 2:26
Gordon Lightfoot-guitar, piano, vocals
Red Shea-guitar
Huey McCracken-guitar
John Stockfish-bass
Herb Lovelle-drums
§Cover Photo-Charles Steiner; Design-Tim Lewis/Push Pin Studios
Produced by: John Simon


Black Day In July³ / Pussywillows, Cat-Tails
Lightfoot (3:20) / Lightfoot (2:49)
United Artists 50281, 3/68

Bitter Green² / Does Your Mother Know
Lightfoot (2:45) / Lightfoot (3:36)
United Artists 50447, 9/68


Back Here On Earth
United Artists UAS-6672
11/68 [UK: 6/69]
Back Cover

Side One
Long Way Back Home Lightfoot 3:05
Unsettled Ways Lightfoot 1:52
Long Thin Dawn Lightfoot 2:59
Bitter Green Lightfoot 2:43
The Circle Is Small (I Can See It in Your Eyes) Lightfoot 3:26
Marie Christine Lightfoot 2:52
Side Two
Cold Hands From New York Lightfoot 4:17
Affair On 8th Avenue Lightfoot 3:26
Don't Beat Me Down Lightfoot 3:14
The Gypsy Lightfoot 2:46
If I Could Lightfoot 4:11
Gordon Lightfoot-guitar, piano, vocals
Laurice Milton [Red] Shea-guitar
John Arthur Stockfish-bass
§Cover Photo-Harry Kemball
Produced by: Elliot Mazer


Sunday Concert
United Artists UAS-6714
9/69 BB [UK: 11/69]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Alternate UK Cover

Alternate UK Back Cover

Side One
In A Windowpane Lightfoot 3:07
The Lost Children Lightfoot 2:48
Leaves Of Grass Lightfoot 3:47
Medley: I'm Not Sayin'/Ribbon Of Darkness Lightfoot 2:50
Apology Lightfoot 4:30
Bitter Green Lightfoot 2:50
Side Two
Ballad Of Yarmouth Castle Lightfoot 5:19
Softly Lightfoot 3:15
Boss Man Lightfoot 2:30
Pussywillows, Cat-Tails Lightfoot 2:50
Canadian Railroad Trilogy Lightfoot 6:50
Gordon Lightfoot-guitar, piano, vocals
Red Shea-guitar
Rick Haynes-bass
§Cover Photo-Jim Marshall
Produced by: Elliot Mazer

Note: Recorded at Massey Hall, Toronto, in late March 1969 [29th]

Hail Hero!(10/4/69)
Two unique Gord songs in the film that aren't available elsewhere

Sit Down Young Stranger
Reprise RS-6392
4/70 T20 [UK: 7/70]
Back Cover

1st Reissue Cover

2nd Reissue Cover

Side One
Minstrel Of The Dawn Lightfoot 3:26
Me And Bobby McGee Foster-Kristofferson 3:38
Approaching Lavender Lightfoot 2:56
Saturday Clothes Lightfoot 3:20
Cobwebs & Dust Lightfoot 3:20
Poor Little Allison Lightfoot 2:30
Side Two
Sit Down Young Stranger Lightfoot 3:26
If You Could Read My Mind Lightfoot 3:48
Baby It's Allright Lightfoot 2:58
Your Love's Return (Song For Stephen Foster) Lightfoot 3:55
The Pony Man Lightfoot 3:27
Gordon Lightfoot-guitar, piano, vocals
Red Shea-guitar
Richard Haynes-bass
Ry Cooder-bottleneck guitar(Me And Bobby McGee), mandolin (Cobwebs & Dust)
John Sebastian-autoharp (Saturday Clothes), guitar (Baby It's Allright), harmonica (The Pony Man)
Van Dyke Parks-harmonium (Cobwebs & Dust)
Jim Gordon-percussion
§Cover Photo-Tom Wilkes & Barry Feinstein
Produced by: Joe Wissert, Lenny Waronker

Note: First issue: no title on cover; 2nd issue: titled Sit Down Young Stranger; 3rd reissue: If You Could Read My Mind in 71

Me And Bobby McGee² / The Pony Man
Foster-Kristofferson (3:38) / Lightfoot (3:27)
Reprise 0926, 5/70

The Best Of Gordon Lightfoot
The Best Of Gordon Lightfoot

United Artists UAS-6754, 9/70 [UK: N/R]
no unique tracks
If You Could Read My Mind² / Poor Little Allison
Lightfoot (3:48) / Lightfoot (2:30)
Reprise 0974, 12/70 T20 UK

If I Could³ / Softly
Lightfoot (3:16) / Lightfoot (3:23)
United Artists 50765, 4/71

Talking In Your Sleep / Nous Vivons Ensemble
Lightfoot (2:56) / Lightfoot (3:42)
Reprise 1020, 5/71 BB


Summer Side Of Life
Reprise MS-2037
5/71 BB [UK: 6/71]
Back Cover

Side One
10 Degrees & Getting Colder Lightfoot 2:43
Miguel Lightfoot 4:09
Go My Way Lightfoot 2:13
Summer Side Of Life Lightfoot 4:05
Cotton Jenny Lightfoot 3:21
Talking In Your Sleep Lightfoot 2:56
Side Two
Nous Vivons Ensemble Lightfoot 3:45
Same Old Loverman Lightfoot 3:21
Redwood Hill Lightfoot 2:48
Love And Maple Syrup Lightfoot 3:13
Cabaret Lightfoot 5:49
Gordon Lightfoot-guitar, piano, vocals
Red Shea-guitar
Richard Haynes-bass
Chip Young-guitar
Jerry Shook-guitar
Hargus "Pig" Robbins-piano
Roy M "Junior" Husky-bass
Henry Strzelecki-bass
James Rolleston-bass
Buddy Harmon-drums
Kenneth A. Buttrey-drums
Jim Isbell-drums
Charlie McCoy-harmonica
Farrell Morris-percussion
David Brown-percussion
Vassar Clements-violin
Hoyt Hawkins, Mildred Kirkham, Laverna Moore, Gordon Stoker, Raymond Walker-vocals
§Cover Photo-Harry Kemball
Produced by: Joseph Wissert


Classic Lightfoot [Best Of Vol 2]
Classic Lightfoot [Best Of Vol 2]

United Artists UAS-5510, 6/71 BB [UK: 7/71]
no unique tracks
Summer Side Of Life / Love And Maple Syrup
Lightfoot (4:05) / Lightfoot (3:13)
Reprise 1035, 8/71 BB

Gord continued to write and perform. Had a big hit with a story about a big boat.
Beware of greatest hits collections: Gord's Gold contains re-recordings of his United Artists tracks


Early Morning Rain Ian & Sylvia (Early Morning Rain) 5/65
  Judy Collins (Fifth Album) 9/65
  Peter, Paul & Mary (See What Tomorrow Brings) 10/65
  Bob Dylan (Self Portrait) 6/70
For Lovin' Me Peter, Paul & Mary (A Song Will Rise) 3/65
  Ian & Sylvia (Early Morning Rain) 5/65
  Spanky & Our Gang (Live) 1/71
  Bob Gibson (Bob Gibson) 7/71
I Can't Make It Anymore Richie Havens (Mixed Bag) 8/67
I'm Not Sayin' Nico (UK 45) 8/65
Steel Rail Blues Spanky & Our Gang (Live) 1/71
The Way I Feel Fotheringay (Fotheringay) 8/70
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