Gordon Lightfoot
Two Tones

Two Tones At The Village Corner
Chateau CLP-1012 [Canada]
?/62 [UK: N/R]
Side One
We Come Here To Sing Pouliot 2:35
Fast Freight Vanenzuela 3:48
The Fox Public Domain 2:59
Dark As A Dungeon Traverse 2:32
Sinnerman Owens 3:17
This Is My Song Lightfoot 2:49
Side Two
Kilgarry Mountain Trad 2:33
Calypso Baby Lomez 2:31
Summer Love Pouliot 3:11
Children Go Where I Send Thee Simone 2:47
Copper Kettle Trad 3:32
Lord I'm So Weary Pouliot 3:03
Gord Lightfoot-guitar, vocal
Terry Wheelan-guitar, vocal
Howie Morris-bass
Produced by: Art Snider

Note: Recorded 1/20/62, The Village Corner, Toronto

Lessons In Love / Sweet Polly
Soloway-Wolfe (2:25) / Pouliot (2:02)
Quality 1395X, ?/62 [Canada]

as by Two Tones with Bob Mersey Orch
I'm The One (Remember Me) / Daisy-Doo
Lighfoot (2:17) / Lighfoot (2:25)
Chateau 142, 5/62 [Canada]

as by Gord Lightfoot
Negotiations / It's Late, He Wins
Pouliet (2:42) / Lighfoot (2:28)
Chateau 148, 10/62 [Canada]

as by Gord Lightfoot
I'll Meet You In Michoacan / Is My Baby Blue Tonight
Lightfoot-Nash (2:16) / Handman-Tracy (2:10)
Chateau 152, 3/63 [Canada]

as by Gord Lightfoot
Day Before Yesterday / Take Care Of Yourself
Pouliet (2:33) / Hoffman-Klien (2:06)
Chateau 156, 5/63 [Canada]

as by Gordie Lightfoot

Note: Some of the above 45s were released in the US on various labels—see 45cat link at end

I'm Not Sayin'¹ / For Lovin' Me¹
Lightfoot (2:25) / Lightfoot (2:23)
Warner Bros 5621, 4/65

These are different recodings than the UA releases
Newport Folk Festival(7/25/65)
Ribbon Of Darkness / Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues¹
Lightfoot (2:39) / Dylan (3:15)
United Artists 0929, 9/65

2/16/66: De Montfort Hall, Leicester
package tour w/Ian & Sylvia

United Artists UAS-6487
3/66 [UK: 9/69]
Back Cover

UK Cover

Side One
Rich Man's Spiritual Lightfoot 2:47
Long River Lightfoot 2:47
The Way I Feel Lightfoot 3:42
For Lovin' Me Lightfoot 2:26
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face MacColl 3:07
Changes Ochs 2:30
Early Morning Rain Lightfoot 3:00
Side Two
Steel Rail Blues Lightfoot 2:48
Sixteen Miles (To Seven Lakes) Lightfoot 2:06
I'm Not Sayin' Lightfoot 2:27
Pride Of Man Camp 2:33
Ribbon Of Darkness Lightfoot 2:40
Oh Linda Lightfoot 3:10
Peaceful Waters Lightfoot 2:03
Gordon Lightfoot-guitar, piano, vocals
David Rea-guitar
Bruce Langhorne-guitar
Bill Lee-bass
§Cover Photo-Barry Feinstein
Produced by: John Court

Note: UK released as Early Lightfoot

For Lovin' Me / Spin Spin¹
Lightfoot (2:26) / Lightfoot (2:32)
United Artists 50055, 8/66

Go Go Round / I'll Be Alright
Lightfoot (2:30) / Lightfoot (2:26)
United Artists 50114, 12/66


The Way I Feel
United Artists UAS-6587
5/67 [UK: ?/71]
Back Cover

Side One
Walls Lightfoot 2:50
If You Got It Lightfoot 2:25
Softly Lightfoot 3:18
Crossroads Lightfoot 2:55
A Minor Ballad Lightfoot 3:10
Go Go Around Lightfoot 2:35
Side Two
Rosanna Lightfoot 2:37
Home From The Forest Lightfoot 3:00
I'll Be Alright Lightfoot 2:20
Song For A Winter's Night Lightfoot 2:55
Canadian Railroad Trilogy Lightfoot 6:10
The Way I Feel Lightfoot 2:56
Gordon Lightfoot-guitar, piano, vocals
Red Shea-guitar
John Stockfish-bass
Kenneth Buttrey-percussion, drums
Charlie McCoy-harmonica, guitar, celeste, bells
§Cover Photo-Barry Feinstein
Produced by: John Court

Note: This version of The Way I Feel is different from the one on the first album.

The Way I Feel / Peaceful Waters
Lightfoot (2:50) / Lightfoot (2:03)
United Artists 50152, 5/67

Newport Folk Festival(7/15-16/67)

Did She Mention My Name
United Artists UAS-6649
3/68 [UK: 5/68]
Back Cover

Side One
Wherefor And Why Lightfoot 2:54
The Last Time I Saw Her Lightfoot 5:11
Black Day In July Lightfoot 4:13
May I Lightfoot 2:17
Magnificent Outpouring Lightfoot 2:18
Does Your Mother Know Lightfoot 3:36
Side Two
The Mountain And Maryann Lightfoot 3:35
Pussywillows, Cat-Tails Lightfoot 2:49
I Want To Hear It From You Lightfoot 2:21
Something Very Special Lightfoot 3:17
Boss Man Lightfoot 2:05
Did She Mention My Name Lightfoot 2:26
Gordon Lightfoot-guitar, piano, vocals
Red Shea-guitar
Huey McCracken-guitar
John Stockfish-bass
Herb Lovelle-drums
§Cover Photo-Charles Steiner; Design-Tim Lewis/Push Pin Studios
Produced by: John Simon


Black Day In July³ / Pussywillows, Cat-Tails
Lightfoot (3:20) / Lightfoot (2:49)
United Artists 50281, 3/68

Bitter Green² / Does Your Mother Know
Lightfoot (2:45) / Lightfoot (3:36)
United Artists 50447, 9/68


Back Here On Earth
United Artists UAS-6672
11/68 [UK: 6/69]
Back Cover

Side One
Long Way Back Home Lightfoot 3:05
Unsettled Ways Lightfoot 1:52
Long Thin Dawn Lightfoot 2:59
Bitter Green Lightfoot 2:43
The Circle Is Small (I Can See It in Your Eyes) Lightfoot 3:26
Marie Christine Lightfoot 2:52
Side Two
Cold Hands From New York Lightfoot 4:17
Affair On 8th Avenue Lightfoot 3:26
Don't Beat Me Down Lightfoot 3:14
The Gypsy Lightfoot 2:46
If I Could Lightfoot 4:11
Gordon Lightfoot-guitar, piano, vocals
Laurice Milton [Red] Shea-guitar
John Arthur Stockfish-bass
§Cover Photo-Harry Kemball
Produced by: Elliot Mazer


Sunday Concert
United Artists UAS-6714
9/69 BB [UK: 11/69]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Alternate UK Cover

Alternate UK Back Cover

Side One
In A Windowpane Lightfoot 3:07
The Lost Children Lightfoot 2:48
Leaves Of Grass Lightfoot 3:47
Medley: I'm Not Sayin'/Ribbon Of Darkness Lightfoot 2:50
Apology Lightfoot 4:30
Bitter Green Lightfoot 2:50
Side Two
Ballad Of Yarmouth Castle Lightfoot 5:19
Softly Lightfoot 3:15
Boss Man Lightfoot 2:30
Pussywillows, Cat-Tails Lightfoot 2:50
Canadian Railroad Trilogy Lightfoot 6:50
Gordon Lightfoot-guitar, piano, vocals
Red Shea-guitar
Rick Haynes-bass
§Cover Photo-Jim Marshall
Produced by: Elliot Mazer

Note: Recorded at Massey Hall, Toronto, in late March 1969 [30th]

Hail Hero!(10/4/69)
Two unique Gord songs in the film that aren't available elsewhere

Sit Down Young Stranger
Reprise RS-6392
4/70 T20 [UK: 7/70]
Back Cover

Reissue Cover

Side One
Minstrel Of The Dawn Lightfoot 3:26
Me And Bobby McGee Foster-Kristofferson 3:38
Approaching Lavender Lightfoot 2:56
Saturday Clothes Lightfoot 3:20
Cobwebs & Dust Lightfoot 3:20
Poor Little Allison Lightfoot 2:30
Side Two
Sit Down Young Stranger Lightfoot 3:26
If You Could Read My Mind Lightfoot 3:48
Baby It's Allright Lightfoot 2:58
Your Love's Return (Song For Stephen Foster) Lightfoot 3:55
The Pony Man Lightfoot 3:27
Gordon Lightfoot-guitar, piano, vocals
Red Shea-guitar
Richard Haynes-bass
Ry Cooder-bottleneck guitar(Me And Bobby McGee), mandolin (Cobwebs & Dust)
John Sebastian-autoharp, guitar, harmonica
Van Dyke Parks-harmonium (Cobwebs & Dust)
§Cover Photo-Tom Wilkes & Barry Feinstein
Produced by: Joe Wissert, Lenny Waronker

Note: Reissued as If You Could Read My Mind in 71, see note 2

Me And Bobby McGee² / The Pony Man
Foster-Kristofferson (3:38) / Lightfoot (3:27)
Reprise 0926, 5/70

The Best Of Gordon Lightfoot
The Best Of Gordon Lightfoot

United Artists UAS-6754, 9/70 [UK: N/R]
no unique tracks
If You Could Read My Mind² / Poor Little Allison
Lightfoot (3:48) / Lightfoot (2:30)
Reprise 0974, 12/70 T20 UK

If I Could³ / Softly
Lightfoot (3:16) / Lightfoot (3:23)
United Artists 50765, 4/71

Talking In Your Sleep / Nous Vivons Ensemble
Lightfoot (2:56) / Lightfoot (3:42)
Reprise 1020, 5/71 BB


Summer Side Of Life
Reprise MS-2037
5/71 BB [UK: 6/71]
Back Cover

Side One
10 Degrees & Getting Colder Lightfoot 2:43
Miguel Lightfoot 4:09
Go My Way Lightfoot 2:13
Summer Side Of Life Lightfoot 4:05
Cotton Jenny Lightfoot 3:21
Talking In Your Sleep Lightfoot 2:56
Side Two
Nous Vivons Ensemble Lightfoot 3:45
Same Old Loverman Lightfoot 3:21
Redwood Hill Lightfoot 2:48
Love And Maple Syrup Lightfoot 3:13
Cabaret Lightfoot 5:49
Gordon Lightfoot-guitar, piano, vocals
Red Shea-guitar
Richard Haynes-bass
Chip Young-guitar
Jerry Shook-guitar
Hargus "Pig" Robbins-piano
Roy M "Junior" Husky-bass
Henry Strzelecki-bass
James Rolleston-bass
Buddy Harmon-drums
Kenneth A. Buttrey-drums
Jim Isbell-drums
Charlie McCoy-harmonica
Farrell Morris-percussion
David Brown-percussion
Vassar Clements-violin
Hoyt Hawkins, Mildred Kirkham, Laverna Moore, Gordon Stoker, Raymond Walker-vocals
§Cover Photo-Harry Kemball
Produced by: Joseph Wissert


Classic Lightfoot [Best Of Vol 2]
Classic Lightfoot [Best Of Vol 2]

United Artists UAS-5510, 6/71 BB [UK: 7/71]
no unique tracks
Summer Side Of Life / Love And Maple Syrup
Lightfoot (4:05) / Lightfoot (3:13)
Reprise 1035, 8/71 BB

Gord continued to write and perform. Had a big hit with a story about a big boat.
Beware of greatest hits collections: Gord's Gold contains re-recordings of his United Artists tracks


Early Morning Rain Ian & Sylvia (Early Morning Rain) 5/65
  Judy Collins (Fifth Album) 9/65
  Peter, Paul & Mary (See What Tomorrow Brings) 10/65
  Bob Dylan (Self Portrait) 6/70
For Lovin' Me Peter, Paul & Mary (A Song Will Rise) 3/65
  Ian & Sylvia (Early Morning Rain) 5/65
  Spanky & Our Gang (Live) 1/71
  Bob Gibson (Bob Gibson) 7/71
I Can't Make It Anymore Richie Havens (Mixed Bag) 8/67
I'm Not Sayin' Nico (UK 45) 8/65
Steel Rail Blues Spanky & Our Gang (Live) 1/71
The Way I Feel Fotheringay (Fotheringay) 8/70
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