Bob Dylan

Note: Plenty of early Dylan stuff released as part of the "Bootleg Series"—get them all!

Bob Dylan
Columbia CS-8579
3/19/62 [UK: 6/62]
Back Cover

Side One
You're No Good Fuller 1:37
Talkin' New York Dylan 3:15
In My Time Of Dyin' - 2:37
Man Of Constant Sorrow Traditional 3:06
Fixin' To Die Blues White 2:17
Pretty Peggy-O - 3:22
Highway 51 Blues Jones 2:49
Side Two
Gospel Plow - 1:44
Baby, Let Me Follow You Down von Schmidt 2:32
House Of The Risin' Sun Holmes-White 5:15
Freight Train Blues - 2:16
Song To Woody Dylan 2:39
See That My Grave Is Kept Clean Jefferson 2:40
Bob Dylan-guitar, harmonica, keyboards, vocals
§Cover Photo-Don Hunstein
Produced by: John Hammond


Mixed Up Confusion¹ / Corrina, Corrina¹
Dylan (2:26) / arr Dylan (2:26)
Columbia 42656, 12/62

The famous rockin' Mixed-Up Confussion, with
Bruce Langhorne-guitar
George Barnes-guitar
Dick Wellstood-piano
Gene Ramey-bass
Herb Lovelle-drums

Whilst in London, Blind Boy Grunt blows harp on Dick Fariña & Eric Von Schmidt's album.

The Freewheelin'
Columbia CS-8786
5/27/63 BB RS500 [UK: 11/63]  #1 
Back Cover

Freewheelin' Mono Promo

The promo had these four songs which were replaced
Side One
Blowin' In The Wind Dylan 2:46
Girl From The North Country Dylan 3:18
Masters Of War Dylan 4:31
Down The Highway Dylan 3:20
Bob Dylan's Blues Dylan 2:18
A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall Dylan 6:45
Side Two
Don't Think Twice It's Alright Dylan 3:36
Bob Dylan's Dream Dylan 4:58
Oxford Town Dylan 1:45
Talking World War III Blues Dylan 6:22
Corrina, Corrina Traditional 2:37
Honey Just Allow Me One More Chance Thomas 1:55
I Shall Be Free Dylan 4:44
Bob Dylan-guitar, harmonica, keyboards, vocals

on Corrina, Corrina (and Rocks And Gravel) with:
Bruce Langhorne-guitar
Howie Collins-guitar
Dick Wellstood-piano
Leonard Gaskin-bass
Herb Lovelle-drums
§Cover Photo-Don Hunstein
Produced by: John Hammond

Note: The mono album promo was sent to radio stations that had four songs that were replaced before
consumer releases were made. See note 2.
Front cover photo of Bobby and Suze Rotollo taken near corner of 4th & Jones Sts.

Blowin' In The Wind / Don't Think Twice It's Alright
Dylan (2:46) / Dylan (3:36)
Columbia 42856, 7/63

Newport Folk Festival(7/26, 28/63)
8/28/63: Bob sings at the The March On Washington .

The Times They Are A-Changin'
Columbia CS-8905
1/13/64 T20 [UK: 6/64] T20
Back Cover

11 Outlined Epitaphs continued on insert

11 Outlined Epitaphs continued on insert

Side One
The Times They Are A-Changin' Dylan 3:12
Ballad Of Hollis Brown Dylan 5:03
With God On Our Side Dylan 7:05
One Too Many Mornings Dylan 2:38
North Country Blues Dylan 4:33
Side Two
Only A Pawn In Their Game Dylan 3:30
Boots Of Spanish Leather Dylan 4:38
When The Ship Comes In Dylan 3:15
The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll Dylan 5:45
Restless Farewell Dylan 5:32
Bob Dylan-guitar, harmonica, keyboards, vocals
§Cover Photo-Barry Feinstein
Produced by: Tom Wilson

Note: Liner notes by Bob, 11 Outlined Epitaphs, continued on insert (see notes)

5/17/64: Royal Festival Hall, London
Sunday afternoon at 3:00
Note: Roll your pointy thing over this word: Handbill
Concert Handbill

to see that image for the event that can be found at the amazing website:
Come Writers And Critics . Lots of neat stuff to see (and nothing to buy).
Meanwhile, the entire concert was released as part of the 1964 Copyright Collection. Info here and here .

Newport Folk Festival(7/24, 26/64)

Another Side Of
Columbia CS-8993
8/8/64 BB [UK: 11/64] T20
Back Cover

Side One
All I Really Want To Do Dylan 4:02
Black Crow Blues Dylan 3:12
Spanish Harlem Incident Dylan 2:22
Chimes Of Freedom Dylan 7:09
I Shall Be Free No. 10 Dylan 4:45
To Ramona Dylan 3:50
Side Two
Motorpsycho Nitemare Dylan 4:31
My Back Pages Dylan 4:20
I Don't Believe You Dylan 4:20
Ballad In Plain D Dylan 8:15
It Ain't Me Babe Dylan 3:30
Bob Dylan-guitar, harmonica, keyboards, vocals
§Cover Photo-Sandy Speiser
Produced by: Tom Wilson


 ➜ Live: 10/31/64, Philharmonic Hall; released 2004: Bootleg Series Vol. 6 

In Concert [Not Released]
Columbia CS-9202 (assigned catalog number)
Side One
When The Ship Comes In† Dylan -
Who Killed Davey Moore?† Dylan -
Percy's Song† Dylan -
Bob Dylan's New Orleans Rag‡ Dylan -
Seven Curses† Dylan -
Side Two
Last Thoughts On Woody Guthrie‡ Dylan -
Lay Down Your Weary Tune† Dylan -
Dusty Old Fairgrounds‡ Dylan -
John Brown‡ Dylan -
Bob Dylan-guitar, harmonica, vocals

Note: Recorded at: Carnegie Hall, 10/26/63† and Town Hall, 4/12/63‡
Three of these recordings have been released in the Bootleg Series—see the blue note for details.

Bringing It All Back Home
Columbia CS-9128
3/22/65 T20 RS500 [UK: 5/65]  #1 
Back Cover

Side One
Subterranean Homesick Blues Dylan 2:17
She Belongs To Me Dylan 2:48
Maggie's Farm Dylan 3:51
Love Minus Zero/No Limit Dylan 2:47
Outlaw Blues Dylan 3:00
On The Road Again Dylan 2:30
Bob Dylan's 115th Dream Dylan 6:29
Side Two
Mr Tambourine Man Dylan 5:25
Gates Of Eden Dylan 5:42
It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) Dylan 7:30
It's All Over Now Baby Blue Dylan 4:13
Bob Dylan-guitar, harmonica, piano (Maggie's Farm and On The Road Again), vocals
with (side one):
John Hammond, Jr-guitar (Subterranean Homesick Blues)
Bruce Langhorne-guitar
Kenny Rankin-guitar
Al Gorgoni-guitar
Paul Griffin-piano (Love Minus Zero/No Limit, Outlaw Blues, and Bob Dylan's 115th Dream)
Frank Owens-electric piano (Subterranean Homesick Blues and Maggie's Farm)
Steve Boone-bass (Subterranean Homesick Blues)
Bill Lee-bass
Joe Macho-bass
Bobby Gregg-drums
with (side two):
Bruce Langhorne-second guitar (Mr Tambourine Man and It's All Over Now, Baby Blue)
Bill Lee-bass (Mr Tambourine Man and It's All Over Now Baby Blue)
§Cover Photo-Daniel Kramer (Sally Grossman is the woman in red)
Produced by: Tom Wilson

Note: Details on cover photo

Times They Are A-Changin' / Honey Just Allow Me One More Chance
Dylan (3:10) / Dylan (1:55)
CBS 201751 [UK], 3/65 T20

Noted here as it was Bobby's first UK single—and a Top 10 to boot!
Subterranean Homesick Blues / She Belongs To Me
Dylan (2:17) / Dylan (2:48)
Columbia 43242, 4/65 BB T20

picture sleeve was for promo 45s only
Dylan's Great Music Video: "Subterranean Homesick Blues "
That's Allen Ginsburg and manager Bob Neuwirth on the side of the alley behind the Savoy Hotel in London.
Like A Rolling Stone / Gates Of Eden
Dylan (6:00) / Dylan (5:48)
Columbia 43346, 6/65 T20 T20

Newport Folk Festival(7/25/65)
Holy Sh!t—Bob "goes electric " at Newport Folk Festival, July 25
What, nobody heard the last album or the two singles???
Highway 61 Revisited
Columbia CS-9189
8/30/65 T20 RS500 [UK: 9/65] T20
Back Cover


This rare drawing was included in some early albums
Drawing Sticker

This copy sold for >$2,000 at Popsike
UK Back Cover

Side One
Like A Rolling Stone Dylan 5:59
Tombstone Blues Dylan 5:53
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry Dylan 3:25
From A Buick 6 Dylan 3:06
Ballad Of A Thin Man Dylan 5:48
Side Two
Queen Jane Approximately Dylan 4:57
Highway 61 Revisited Dylan 3:15
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues Dylan 5:08
Desolation Row Dylan 11:18
Bob Dylan-guitar, harmonica, piano, Police car
Michael Bloomfield-guitar
Alan Kooper-organ, piano
Paul Griffin-piano, organ
Frank Owens-piano
Harvey Brooks-bass
Russ Savakus-bass
Joe Macho-bass (Like A Rolling Stone)
Bobby Gregg-drums
Sam Lay-drums (Highway 61 Revisited)
Charlie McCoy-improvised acoustic guitar (Desolation Row) [overdubbed]
Bruce Langhorne-tambourine
§Cover Photo-Daniel Kramer
Produced by: Bob Johnston, Tom Wilson (Like A Rolling Stone)

Note: Desolation Row is Bob, Charlie, and Russ only
Some early stereo issues had an alternate take of From A Buick 6 (harmonica intro)

Positively 4th Street / From A Buick 6
Dylan (3:50) / Dylan (3:06)
Columbia 43389, 9/65 T20 T20

some early 45s had an alternate take of Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window? instead of Positively 4th Street

The Hawks were hired to tour

Released in 1998
with Dylan.

Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?¹ / Highway 61 Revisited
Dylan (3:27) / Dylan (3:20)
Columbia 43477, 12/65 BB T20

One Of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later) / Queen Jane Approximately
Dylan (4:49) / Dylan (4:55)
Columbia 43541, 2/66 UK

Rainy Day Women #12 & 35³ / Pledging My Time³
Dylan (2:26) / Dylan (2:06)
Columbia 43592, 4/66 T20 T20


 ➜ Live: 5/17/66, Free Trade Hall, Manchester; released 1998: Bootleg Series Vol. 4 

I Want You³ / Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues¹
Dylan (2:57) / Dylan (5:36)
Columbia 43683, 6/66 T20 T20

B-side recorded live in Liverpool, England with The Hawks [5/14/66]

Blonde On Blonde
Columbia C2S-841
6/28/66 T20 RS500 [UK: 8/66] T20
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Large vertical picture of Claudia Cardinale was replaced on second issue in 1968.
Reissue Inside Cover

The "whisperer" photo disappeared, too.
Side One
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 Dylan 4:35
Pledging My Time Dylan 3:55
Visions Of Johanna Dylan 7:30
One Of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later)† Dylan 4:57
Side Two
I Want You Dylan 3:10
Memphis Blues Again Dylan 7:07
Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat Dylan 3:50
Just Like A Woman Dylan 4:52
Side Three
Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine) Dylan 3:30
Temporary Like Achilles Dylan 5:07
Absolutely Sweet Marie Dylan 4:57
4th Time Around Dylan 4:37
Obviously 5 Believers Dylan 3:37
Side Four
Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands Dylan 11:20
Bob Dylan-guitar, harmonica, piano, vocals
with (in Nashville):
Joe South-guitar
Robbie Robertson-guitar
Wayne Moss-guitar, vocals
Charlie McCoy-guitar, bass, harmonica, trumpet
Al Kooper-organ, guitar, horn, keyboards
Paul Griffin-piano
Bill Atkins-keyboards
Hargus "Pig" Robbins-piano, keyboards
Henry Strzelecki-bass
Kenneth A. Buttrey-drums
Wayne Butler-trombone

†in New York:
Robbie Robertson-guitar
Paul Griffin-piano
Al Kooper-organ
Rick Danko-bass
Bobby Gregg-drums
§Cover Photo- Jerry Schatzberg
Produced by: Bob Johnston

Note: The commonly held belief that this came out in May was a hotly contested one. In Olof Björner's latest (2019) update ,
the date is set at 6/28/66 and that's the date used now.
Say, what happened to Claudia?

Wow, that was close. Dumps Triumph in Woodstock, July 29, breaking back.
During recovery, becomes neighbor and family guy, sings a few songs with a bunch of friends to pass the time . . . 
Just Like A Woman³ / Obviously 5 Believers
Dylan (2:56) / Dylan (3:31)
Columbia 43792, 8/66 BB


Greatest Hits
Columbia KCS-9463
3/27/67 T20 [UK: 12/66] T20
Back Cover

Glaser Poster

UK Cover

UK Back Cover

Side One
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 Dylan 4:35
Blowin' In The Wind Dylan 2:46
The Times They Are A-Changin' Dylan 3:12
It Ain't Me Babe Dylan 3:30
Like A Rolling Stone Dylan 5:59
Side Two
Mr Tambourine Man Dylan 5:25
Subterranean Homesick Blues Dylan 2:17
I Want You Dylan 3:10
Positively 4th Street(stereo mix of non-LP 45) Dylan 3:50
Just Like A Woman Dylan 4:52
§Cover Photo-Roland Scherman

Note: Listed here to link to the ground-breaking (at the time) Milt Glaser poster that was included—had that poster on my wall for years.
The cover (taken at a concert in Washington, DC in 1965) won a 1967 Grammy®.
The UK Hits album (released earlier) had three tracks in place of 4th Street (which wouldn't appear on Lp in the UK until 1971).

Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat³ / Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine)
Dylan (2:20) / Dylan (3:26)
Columbia 44069, 4/67 BB

Dont Look Back(5/17/67)
Bobby's 1965 British Tour, with current girl friend Joanie

The Hawks become The Band.

clips from Newport Folk Festivals 1963-1966

John Wesley Harding
Columbia CS-9604
12/27/67 T20 RS500 [UK: 1/68]  #1 
Back Cover

Side One
John Wesley Harding Dylan 2:55
As I Went Out One Morning Dylan 2:49
I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine Dylan 3:51
All Along The Watchtower Dylan 2:30
Ballad Of Frankie Lee And Judas Priest Dylan 5:34
Drifter's Escape Dylan 2:54
Side Two
Dear Landlord Dylan 3:15
I Am A Lonesome Hobo Dylan 3:19
I Pity The Poor Immigrant Dylan 4:12
The Wicked Messenger Dylan 2:02
Down Along The Cove Dylan 2:29
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight Dylan 2:41
Bob Dylan-guitar, harmonica, piano, vocals
Charlie McCoy-bass
Kenneth Buttrey-drums
Pete Drake-steel guitar (Dear Landlord, Down Along The Cove)
§Cover Photo-John Berg
Produced by: Bob Johnston

Note: The guys with Bobby on the cover are Luxman and Purna Das, two Indian musicians, and Charlie Joy, a local handyman.

Say, wasn't there a tribute concert for Woody that featured Dylan and The Crackers in Jan, 1968  ?? 

Nashville Skyline
Columbia KCS-9825
4/9/69 T20 [UK: 5/69]  #1 
Back Cover

Side One
Girl From The North Country Dylan 3:41
Nashville Skyline Rag Dylan 3:12
To Be Alone With You Dylan 2:05
I Threw It All Away Dylan 2:23
Peggy Day Dylan 1:59
Side Two
Lay Lady Lay Dylan 3:20
One More Night Dylan 2:25
Tell Me That It Isn't True Dylan 2:45
Country Pie Dylan 1:35
Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You Dylan 3:23
Bob Dylan-guitar, harmonica, keyboards, vocals
Pete Drake-steel guitar
Charlie McCoy-guitar, harmonica
Norman Blake-guitar
Wayne Moss-guitar
Kelton D. Herston-guitar
Hargus "Pig" Robbins-piano
Bob Wilson-organ, piano
Charlie Daniels-bass, guitar
Kenneth Buttrey-drums

on Girl From The North Country:
Bob Dylan-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Johnny Cash-vocal
Carl Perkins-guitar
Bob Wootton-guitar
Norman Blake-dobro
Marshall Grant-bass
W S Holland-drums
§Cover Photo-Elliott Landy
Produced by: Bob Johnston


I Threw It All Away / Drifter's Escape
Dylan (2:23) / Dylan (2:50)
Columbia 44826, 5/69 BB UK

TV Guide Close-up

OK City edition
TV Guide Program Ad

The Johnny Cash Show: 6/7/69,
Bob appears on Johnny Cash's premeire tv show (along with Joni).

Great White Wonder
No label or number, later Trade Mark Of Quality TMQ-72001
Side One
Candy Man*
Ramblin' 'Round*
Black Cross*
Ain't Got No Home*
Death Of Emmett Till*
Poor Lazarus*
Side Two
New Orleans Rag**
If You Gotta Go, Go Now**
Only A Hobo**
Sitting On A Barbed Wire Fence**
Mighty Quinn***
This Wheel's On Fire***
Side Three
Baby Please Don't Go*
Interview By Pete Seeger**
Dink's Song*
See That My Grave Is Kept Clean*
East Orange New Jersey*
Man Of Constant Sorrow*
Side Four
I Shall Be Released***
Open The Door, Homer***
Too Much Of Nothing***
Nothing Was Delivered***
Tears Of Rage***
Living The Blues****

* Minnesota Tapes, Dec 1961
** Outtakes, etc, 1963-69
*** Basement Tapes, with The Band, 1967
**** with Johnny Cash (outtake from TV show, May 1 69)

Note: Original issues did not have the title on the cover—or anywhere else for that matter. All blank.
Rolling Stone did an article on GWW (RS42) that led to a parody review that led to . . . 

For further info on the history of bootlegs, follow this link .

Gee, do ya think we'll ever get to hear those Basement Tapes  ?? 

Lay Lady Lay / Peggy Day
Dylan (3:20) / Dylan (1:59)
Columbia 44926, 8/69 T20 T20

Isle of Wight Festival of Music(8/31/69) with The Band
Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You / Country Pie
Dylan (3:32) / Dylan (1:52)
Columbia 45004, 10/69 BB


Self Portrait
Columbia C2X-30050
6/8/70 T20 [UK: 7/70]  #1 
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
All The Tired Horses Dylan 3:11
Alberta #1 Dylan 2:55
I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know Null 2:22
Days Of 49 Lomax-Lomax-Warner 5:42
Early Morning Rain Lightfoot 3:31
In Search Of Little Sadie Dylan 2:26
Side Two
Let It Be Me Becaud-Curtis-Delanoe 2:58
Little Sadie Dylan 1:59
Woogie Boogie Dylan 2:06
Belle Isle Dylan 2:28
Living The Blues - 2:41
Like A Rolling Stone† Dylan 5:14
Side Three
Copper Kettle Beddoe 3:32
Gotta Travel On Clayton-Ehrlich-Lazar-Six 3:04
Blue Moon Rodgers-Hart 2:26
The Boxer Simon 2:45
The Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo)† Dylan 2:54
Take Me As I Am Or Let Me Go Dylan 2:59
Side Four
Take A Message To Mary Bryant 2:44
It Hurts Me Too Dylan 3:16
Minstrel Boy† Dylan 3:29
She Belongs To Me† Dylan 2:42
Wigwam Dylan 3:08
Alberta #2 Dylan 3:20
Bob Dylan-guitar, harmonica, organ, piano, vocals
with: a cast of thousands
§Cover Painting-Bob Dylan
Produced by: Bob Johnston

Note: †Recorded live at the Isle of Wight, with The Band

Wigwam / Copper Kettle (The Pale Moonlight)
Dylan (3:08) / Dylan (3:32)
Columbia 45199, 7/70 BB


New Morning
Columbia KC-30290
10/21/70 T20 [UK: 11/70]  #1 
Back Cover

That's Bobby with Victoria Spivey at the 1962 recording session
where he played harmonica.
Side One
If Not For You† Dylan 2:40
Day Of The Locusts† Dylan 3:58
Time Passes Slowly† Dylan 2:35
Went To See The Gypsy Dylan 2:47
Winterlude Dylan 2:22
If Dogs Run Free Dylan 3:37
Side Two
New Morning Dylan 3:57
Sign On The Window Dylan 3:45
One More Weekend Dylan 3:08
The Man In Me Dylan 3:05
Three Angels Dylan 2:05
Father Of Night Dylan 1:38
Bob Dylan-guitar, harmonica, organ, piano, vocals
George Harrison-guitar (Sign On The Window)
David Bromberg-dobro, guitar
Ron Cornelius-guitar
Buzzy Feiten-guitar†
Al Kooper-organ, piano, guitar, French horn
Harvey Brooks-bass
Charlie Daniels-bass, guitar
Russ Kunkel-drums
Hilda Harris, Albertine Robinson, Maretha Stewart-vocals (Father Of Night)
§Cover Art-Bob Dylan
Produced by: Bob Johnston


Watching The River Flow / Spanish Is The Loving Tongue¹
Dylan (3:34) / [no credit] (3:34)
Columbia 45409, 6/71 BB UK

B-side is solo piano version

Greatest Hits Vol II
Columbia KG-31120
11/17/71 T20 [UK: 12/71] T20
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Watching The River Flow‡(non-LP 45) Dylan 3:34
Don't Think Twice It's Alright Dylan 3:38
Lay Lady Lay Dylan 3:17
Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again Dylan 7:05
Side Two
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight Dylan 2:38
All I Really Want To Do Dylan 4:02
My Back Pages Dylan 4:22
Maggie's Farm Dylan 3:52
Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You Dylan 3:23
Side Three
She Belongs To Me Dylan 2:48
All Along The Watchtower Dylan 2:32
The Mighty Quinn (Quinn, The Eskimo)* Dylan 2:45
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues Dylan 5:26
A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall Dylan 6:49
Side Four
If Not For You Dylan 2:40
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue Dylan 4:15
Tomorrow Is A Long Time**(prev unr) Dylan 3:03
When I Paint My Masterpiece‡(prev unr) Dylan 3:24
I Shall Be Released†(prev unr) Dylan 3:02
You Ain't Going Nowhere†(prev unr) Dylan 2:46
Down In The Flood†(prev unr) Dylan 2:47

† recorded September 24, 1971 with Happy Traum on bass, banjo, second guitar and vocal harmony
‡ see note for details
* rec 8/31/69, Isle Of Wight, England, with The Band
** rec 4/12/63, Town Hall, New York

Note: The three photos comprising the cover were taken by Barry Feinstein at the Concert For Bangladesh.

George Jackson (Big Band Version)¹ / George Jackson (Acoustic Version)¹
Dylan (5:33) / Dylan (3:38)
Columbia 45516, 11/71 BB

The "big band" consists of:
Ben Keith-steel guitar
Leon Russell-bass
Kenneth Buttrey-drums
Joshie Armstead and Rosie Hicks-background vocals
recorded 11/4/71 in New York


Bobby's Best Blood

What to pick for the "Post 71" album? There were two great albums with The Band in '74: studio (Planet Waves) or live (Before The Flood), but lets's jump ahead for what is now considered a Top 5 disc by Bobby.

And that would be the album that everybody refers to as "the breakup album," with ties to his disolving marriage to Sara. Not so fast, the composer doth protest: It's based on Anton Chekov short stories. Whatever. There's no denying that several of the songs rival "Positively 4th St" as slap-in-the-face tirades.

Even the album had a checkered history. Recorded in New York City in September, 1974 (as noted) and set to be issued around Christmastime. That is until Bobby's brother David heard the pre-release acetate. Too dark, he exclaimed. So David set up recording sessions in Minneapolis to redo five songs (as noted). Some have different lyrics and "Idiot Wind" was radically changed. The New York versions of those recordings have since became part of Sony/Legacy's Bootleg series (Vol 14: More Blood, More Tracks).

And then there was the fiasco with Pete Hamill's liner notes. After critics lambasted them, Columbia revised the back cover to eliminate them. Then, the fine folks at The Grammys© awarded Hamill "Best Liner Notes." Columbia was forced to reinstate them. A tip for collectors: black text liner notes: original issue; white liner notes: third issue. Details here .

Blood On The Tracks
Columbia PC-33235
1/20/75  #1  RS500 [UK: 2/75] T20
Back Cover

1st Reissue Back Cover

2nd Reissue Back Cover

Side One
Tangled Up In Blue(Minneapolis) Dylan 5:40
Simple Twist Of Fate Dylan 4:18
You're A Big Girl Now(Minneapolis) Dylan 4:36
Idiot Wind(Minneapolis) Dylan 7:45
You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go Dylan 2:58
Side Two
Meet Me In The Morning Dylan 4:19
Lily, Rosemary And The Jack Of Hearts(Minneapolis) Dylan 8:50
If You See Her, Say Hello(Minneapolis) Dylan 4:46
Shelter From The Storm Dylan 4:59
Buckets Of Rain Dylan 3:29
Bob Dylan-vocals, guitar, harmonica, organ, mandolin
with (New York City):
Tony Brown-bass
Paul Griffin-organ
Eric Weissberg & Deliverance (Meet Me In The Morning only)
Eric Weissberg-guitar
Charles Brown III-guitar
Buddy Cage-pedal steel guitar
Thomas McFaul-keyboards
Richard Crooks-drums
with (Minneapolis): [uncredited]
Kevin Odegard-guitar
Chris Weber-guitar, 12-string guitar
Gregg Inhofer-piano, organ
Peter Ostroushko-mandolin
Billy Peterson-bass
Bill Berg-drums
§Cover Art-Paul Till; Illustrations-David Oppenheim
Produced by: Bob Dylan


Post 71 Dylan followed a strange trajectory. Rolling Thunder tour. Born again albums. Sinatra sound-alike
Bob's "Never Ending Tour" started in 1988.


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