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Bobby & The Hawks!
You're a famous folkie turned rocker who just survived a terrible motorcycle accident. Some of your close musician friends live nearby in this idyllic country setting. But, you're bored—the recouperation process is taking longer than you thought. So you get the guys together and just hang out and play. Oldies, folk tunes, and, "Oh, hey, here's a couple things I jotted down. Wanna try 'em out?"

In an ugly house

Well, it is BIG and it is PINK...
in upstate New York, legends were born. For years, all we could hear of these magical meetings were scratchy bootlegs, like Great White Wonder (7 tracks, which came from a 14-song demo disc Albert Grossman was shopping around). Fans begged and pleaded with the suits in the city (and with the man himself) but they refused to let you hear them. You could hear other peoples versions, but not the genuine tapes.

Oh they teased us alright: Newer, more polished versions with Happy Traum and a ragged live version on a greatest hits package. No! We wanted the real deal. Finally, in 1975, our dreams were about to be realized: The Basement Tapes would finally see the light of day! We eagerly paid our money and took the record home, about to hear the magic for ourselves.

Wait, why is Ringo on the cover? Hey, these songs don't sound quite right—it's as if someone sweetened things a bit. And, what the hell are these rejects from The Band doing here? Turns out ole Robbie got his mix happy fingers all over the place. In desperation, we turned to the underground for The Genuine Basment Tapes, lovingly compiling as much of the tapes they could and gift wrap them in nice packages (with liner notes and everything).

When Sony began to issue the old stuff we'd been clamoring for, first with Biograph then The Bootleg Series, some real tracks started showing up. What were the chances we'd see the rest? With each new magnificent Bootleg Series release Halloween Concert, "Royal Albert Hall," No Direction Home soundtrack, Whitmark Demos our hopes were dashed and now leftovers from Self Portrait? Why do you hate us? We love you!

Then word spread about another volume to the series: #11 would be The Basement Tapes. You could spend hours on Steve Hoffman's always entertaing Music Corner to get the latest rumours. Two CDs, no 10, don't be daft—it'll be six—with a book.

And lo and behold, it came to pass: On November 4, 2014—47 years later and we got everything. And I mean everything! 139 tracks, almost overwhelming. Well, it is actually, so they also released a 2-CD cutdown, which is shown here.

Thanks Bobby!

The Basement Tapes: Raw
Columbia 88875019672
CD Back Cover

CD One
Open The Door Homer(Restored) Dylan -
Odds And Ends(Alt) Dylan -
Million Dollar Bash(Alt) Dylan -
One Too Many Mornings(Unreleased) Dylan -
I Don't Hurt Anymore(Unreleased) Rollins-Robertson -
Ain't No More Cane(Alt) Trad, Arr Dylan -
Crash On The Levee(Restored) Dylan -
Tears Of Rage(Without Overdubs) Dylan-Manuel -
Dress It Up, Better Have It All(Unreleased) Dylan -
I'm Not There Dylan -
Johnny Todd(Unreleased) Dylan -
Too Much Of Nothing (Alt) Trad, Arr Dylan -
Too Much Of Nothing(Alt) Dylan -
Quinn The Eskimo(Restored) Dylan -
Get Your Rocks Off(Unreleased) Dylan -
Santa-Fe Dylan -
Silent Weekend(Unreleased) Dylan -
Clothes Line Saga(Restored) Dylan -
Please Mrs. Henry(Restored) Dylan -
I Shall Be Released(Restored) Dylan -
CD Two
You Ain't Goin' Nowhere(Alt) Dylan -
Lo And Behold!(Alt) Dylan -
Minstrel Boy Dylan -
Tiny Montgomery(Without Overdubs) Dylan -
All You Have To Do Is Dream(Unreleased) Dylan -
Goin' To Acapulco(Without Overdubs) Dylan -
900 Miles From My Home(Unreleased) Trad, Arr Dylan -
One For The Road(Unreleased) Dylan -
I'm Alright(Unreleased) Dylan -
Blowin' In The Wind(Unreleased) Dylan -
Apple Suckling Tree(Restored) Dylan -
Nothing Was Delivered(Restored) Dylan -
Folsom Prison Blues(Unreleased) Cash -
This Wheel's On Fire(Without Overdubs) Danko-Dylan -
Yea! Heavy And A Bottle Of Bread(Restored) Dylan -
Don't Ya Tell Henry(Alt) Dylan -
Baby, Won't You Be My Baby(Unreleased) Dylan -
Sign On The Cross(Unreleased) Dylan -
You Ain't Goin' Nowhere (Take 2)(Without Overdubs) Dylan -
Bob Dylan-acoustic guitar, harmonica, piano, vocals
Robbie Robertson-electric guitar, drums, vocals
Garth Hudson-organ
Rick Danko-bass guitar, vocals
Richard Manuel-piano, drums, vocals
Levon Helm-drums, vocals (unknown select tracks)
Produced by: Bob & The Boys

The Bootleg Series Vol. 11 (@ wiki)
Great White Wonder Story
Bob Dylan 1967 recording sessions at Olof Björner's website.


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