It started out as a simple joke
Write a cynical review of the next super group album, dropping hints along the way that the review was a fake. But, they misunderestimated the readers. Soon demand for the latest album by The Masked Marauders was reaching fever pitch.

What to do then? Why get your friends together and make the album, which is what happened. And the results weren't that bad!

To read about the entire adventure, from review to the album being cut-out, please see The Masked Marauders: The Whole Story. The links at the bottom are Readers Digest versions; these are the genuine articles, in chronological order.

The Masked Marauders
Deity RS-6378
11/69 BB [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

The only way to properly listen

Original Review - RS44, Oct 18, 1969

Side One
I Can't Get No Nookie Masked Marauders 5:29
Duke Of Earl Dixon-Edwards-Williams 3:21
Cow Pie Masked Marauders 2:18
I Am The Japanese Sandman (Rang Tang Ding Dong) Williams 3:45
The Book Of Love David-Malone-Patrick 2:21
Side Two
Later Masked Marauders 1:11
More Or Less Hudson's Bay Again Masked Marauders 3:31
Season Of The Witch Leitch 10:13
Saturday Night At The Cow Palace Masked Marauders 1:30
Mick Jagger-harmonica, vocals
Paul McCartney-bass, piano, vocals
John Lennon-guitar, piano, vocals
George Harrison-guitar, vocals
Bob Dylan-guitar, vocals
Al Kooper-organ
§Cover Photo-Sharon Tate (from movie The Fearless Vampire Killers
Produced by: Al Kooper

OK, so who are they really ?? 

Cow Pie / I Can't Get No Nookie³
Masked Marauders (2:18) / Masked Marauders (5:02)
Deity 0870, 12/69



Masked Marauders Story
Masked Marauders Unmasked


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