The Masked Marauders: The Whole Story

Here are all the printed items about The Masked Marauders, from "review" to "cut-out bin."
The articles were sliced and diced to format them better, but not one word of the copyrighted Rolling Stone material has been cut.

First, the review which started the ball rolling (RS #44, 10/18/69):
RS 44 Review
Next, article setting Christmas release, with notes about leaked acetates (RS #45, 11/1/69):
RS 45 Release Info
Correspondence, Love Letter & Advice, wherein they are dumbfounded to have to explain that it was a JOKE! (RS #46, 11/15/69):
RS 46 Admits hoax
The entire Masked Marauders story is reveiled in detail, including making the album. (RS #48, 12/13/69):
RS 48 Whole Story
In the same issue, Ralph J Gleason is worried that these hoaxes are taken seriously. (RS #48, 12/13/69):
RS 48 Gleason
Story article about an AD for the record, again explaining that it's fake. (RS #50, 1/21/70):
RS 50 Ad story
Here's the ad (rotated to enable actual reading). (RS #50, 1/21/70):
RS 50 The Ad
Warner Bros reports The Masked Marauders have broken up. (RS #52, 2/21/70):
RS 52 Breakup
FCC Chairman Burch deems "I Can't Get No Nookie" obscene. Diety Records responds (RS #55 Random Notes, 4/2/70):
RS 55 FCC obscene
Album is relegated to the cut-out bin, thus ending the story. (RS #80 Random Notes, 4/15/71):
RS 80 End
That was the end, until Rhino Homemade Records released a CD in 2003 with the album and the mono singles to eager collectors.

Robert Christgau named it "Album Of The Year" - for all the RIGHT reasons!
Masked Marauders Unmasked


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