David Blue
S David Cohen

Singer Songwriter Project, 9/65
Contains several rare recordings.

David Blue
Elektra EKS-74003
8/66 [UK: 2/67]
Back Cover

Lyric Booklet

Side One
The Gasman Won't Buy Your Love Blue 3:00
About My Love Blue 2:35
So Easy She Goes By Blue 3:31
If Your Monkey Can't Get It Blue 2:58
Midnight Through Morning Blue 4:52
It Ain't The Rain That Sweeps The Highway Clean Blue 3:30
Side Two
Arcade Love Machine Blue 3:50
Grand Hotel Blue 4:03
Justine Blue 2:58
I'd Like To Know Blue 2:22
The Street Blue 6:10
It Tastes Like Candy Blue 4:08
David Blue-acoustic & electric guitars, vocals
Monte Dunn-acoustic & electric guitars
Paul Harris-piano, organ, electric piano, celesta
Harvey Brooks-electric bass
Herbert Lovelle-drums
Buddy Salzman-drums
§Cover Photo-Joel Brodsky
Produced by: Arthur Gorson


Newport Folk Festival(7/16/67)

These 23 Days In September
Reprise RS-6296
4/68 [UK: N/R]
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Inside Cover

Side One
These 23 Days In September Blue 5:22
Ambitious Anna Blue 3:24
You Need A Change Blue 3:05
The Grand Hotel Blue 4:04
The Sailor's Lament Blue 4:17
Side Two
You Will Come Back Again Blue 3:32
Scales For A Window Thief Blue 5:45
Slow And Easy Blue 3:24
The Fifth One Blue 2:45
David Blue-guitar, vocals
Bob Rafkin-guitar
§Cover Photo-Henry Diltz
Produced by: Gabriel Mekler


Beautiful Susan² / You Don't Need A Thing¹
Blue (3:10) / Blue (3:00)
Reprise 0830, 6/69


Reprise RS-6375
12/69 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Mama Tried Haggard 4:37
Lady Fair Cohen 3:12
Atlanta Fairwell Cohen 5:45
Turning Towards You Cohen 3:35
Isn't That The Way It's Supposed To Be Cohen 2:12
Side Two
Beautiful Susan Cohen 3:14
He Holds The Wings She Wore Cohen 3:56
Better Off Free Cohen 3:50
Me And Patty On The Moon Cohen 2:50
How Much My Life Means To Me Cohen 3:52
Sara Cohen 5:56
S David Cohen-guitar, vocals
Charlie McCoy-harmonica
§Cover Photo-Guy Webster
Produced by: Paul Tannen

Note: Released as by S David Cohen, his real name. Yet the single from the album was by David Blue.
Way to confuse your fans, bub

Asylum SD-5052
11/71 [UK: 1/72]
Back Cover

Inner Sleeve

Inner Sleeve

Side One
Looking For A Friend Blue 3:39
Sister Rose Blue 3:52
Another One Like Me Blue 3:15
House Of Changing Faces Blue 6:20
Side Two
Marianne Blue 4:35
Fire In The Morning Blue 3:51
Come On John Blue 3:33
The Blues (All Night Long) Blue 6:29
David Blue-guitar, piano, vocals
Bob Rafkin-bass, guitar
Ry Cooder-slide guitar
Ralph Shuckett-organ
Chris Ethridge-bass
Russ Kunkel, James Karstein, John Barbata-drums
Pete Jolly-accordion
Milton Holland-percussion
Rita Coolidge-backing vocals
strings arranged by Jack Nitzsche
§Cover Art-Anthony Hudson
Produced by: Bob Rafkin, David Blue, Henry Lewy


Another One Like Me / C'mon John
Blue (3:14) / Blue (3:36)
Asylum AS-11001, 11/71

Joined Bobby's Rolling Thunder tour in 75, made movies.
Died in December 72 whilst jogging in Washington Square Park.


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