The Rascals
The Young Rascals

Gotta Start Somewhere...

Note: Early 60s, Felix, Eddie and Gene were part of The Starliters—with Joey Dee. Yah, that Joey Dee & those Starlighters

Felix & The Escorts
The Syracuse / Save
Calagna-Cavaliere (2:15) / Leiber-Stoller (2:00)
Jag J-685, ?/62


Gene Cornish with The Gene Cornish Nobles
Winner Take All / Since I Lost You
Douglas-Glazier (2:36) / R Cornish-G Cornish (2:35)
Vassar V-319, ?/62


Gene Cornish with The Tomlin Sisters
Let's Do The Capri / Lonely Will I Stay
T Cornish-G Cornish (2:07) / T Cornish-G Cornish (2:25)
Dawn 550, 9/62


Gene Cornish & The Unbeetables
I Wanna Be A Beetle / Oh Misery
Baker-G Cornish (2:01) / Baker-G Cornish (2:06)
Dawn 551, 4/64


I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore / Slow Down
Burton-Sawyer (2:41) / Williams (3:10)
Atlantic 2312, 12/65 BB

Good Lovin' / Mustang Sally³
Clark-Resnick (2:28) / Rice (3:20)
Atlantic 2321, 3/66  #1 

The Ed Sullivan Show: 3/20/66,
Good Lovin', another?

The Young Rascals
Atlantic SD-8123
3/28/66 T20 [UK: 6/66]
Back Cover

Side One
Slow Down Williams 3:10
Baby Let's Wait Burton-Sawyer 3:19
Just A Little Durand-Elliott 2:59
I Believe Cavaliere 3:55
Do You Feel It Cavaliere-Cornish 3:18
Side Two
Good Lovin' Clark-Resnick 2:28
Like A Rolling Stone Dylan 6:09
Mustang Sally Rice 3:59
I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore Burton-Sawyer 2:41
In The Midnight Hour Cropper-Pickett 4:00
Felix Cavaliere-organ, piano, vocals
Eddie Brigati-guitar, vocals (lead: Baby Let's Wait, I Believe, I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore)
Gene Cornish-bass, vocals (lead: Just A Little, Like A Rolling Stone)
Dino Danelli-drums
David Brigati-harmony vocals [uncredited]
§Cover Photo-Jerry Schatzberg
Produced by: The Young Rascals


You Better Run / Love Is A Beautiful Thing
Brigati-Cavaliere (2:25) / Brigati-Cavaliere (2:30)
Atlantic 2338, 6/66 T20

Come On Up / What Is The Reason
Cavaliere (2:41) / Brigati-Cavaliere (2:23)
Atlantic 2353, 9/66 BB

11/30/66: Blaises Club, London
I've Been Lonely Too Long³ / If You Knew
Brigati-Cavaliere (2:04) / Brigati-Cavaliere (3:01)
Atlantic 2377, 1/67 T20


Atlantic SD-8134
1/9/67 T20 [UK: 2/67]
Back Cover

Side One
What Is The Reason Brigati-Cavaliere 2:23
Since I Fell For You Johnson 3:25
Lonely Too Long Brigati-Cavaliere 2:57
No Love To Give Cornish 2:42
Mickey's Monkey/Love Lights Holland-Dozier-Holland/Roslie 4:41
Side Two
Come On Up Cavaliere 2:41
Too Many Fish In The Sea Holland-Whitfield 2:16
More Ciorciolini-Newell-Olivero-Ortolani 4:20
Nineteen Fifty-Six Cornish-Danelli 2:28
Love Is A Beautiful Thing Brigati-Cavaliere 2:30
Land Of 1000 Dances Kenner 1:58
Felix Cavaliere-organ, piano, vocals
Eddie Brigati-guitar, vocals (lead: Since I Fell For You, More, Love Is A Beautiful Thing, Land Of 1000 Dances)
Gene Cornish-bass, vocals (lead: No Love To Give, Nineteen Fifty-Six)
Dino Danelli-drums
David Brigati-harmony vocals [uncredited]
§Cover Photos-George Rodriguez
Produced by: The Young Rascals

Note: Love Lights is actually Turn On Your Love Light (Malone-Scott), which was never corrected

The Ed Sullivan Show: 2/12/67,
Lonely Too Long, Come On Up, Mickey's Monkey
Groovin' / Sueño
Brigati-Cavaliere (2:25) / Brigati-Cavaliere (2:45)
Atlantic 2401, 4/67  #1  T20

The Ed Sullivan Show: 6/4/67,
A Girl Like You, Groovin'
A Girl Like You / It's Love
Brigati-Cavaliere (2:46) / Brigati-Cavaliere (3:10)
Atlantic 2424, 7/67 T20 UK

Groovin' (Italian Version) / Groovin' (Spanish Version)
Brigati-Cavaliere (2:25) / Brigati-Cavaliere (2:25)
Atlantic 2428, 7/67
Cool to make other language versions!

Atlantic SD-8148
7/31/67 T20 [UK: 8/67]
Back Cover

Side One
A Girl Like You Brigati-Cavaliere 2:46
Find Somebody Brigati-Cavaliere 3:40
I'm So Happy Now Cornish 2:46
Sueño Brigati-Cavaliere 2:45
How Can I Be Sure? Brigati-Cavaliere 2:50
Side Two
Groovin' Brigati-Cavaliere 2:25
If You Knew Brigati-Cavaliere 3:01
I Don't Love You Anymore Cornish 3:04
You Better Run Brigati-Cavaliere 2:25
A Place In The Sun Miller-Wells 4:50
It's Love Brigati-Cavaliere 3:10
Felix Cavaliere-organ, piano, vocals
Eddie Brigati-guitar, vocals (lead: Find Somebody, How Can I Be Sure?, A Place In The Sun)
Gene Cornish-bass, vocals (lead: I'm So Happy Now, I Don't Love You Anymore)
Dino Danelli-drums
David Brigati-harmony vocals [uncredited]
Hubert Laws-flute (It's Love)
§Cover Idea-Dino Danelli; Cover Art-Lynn Rubin
Produced by: The Young Rascals


How Can I Be Sure / I'm So Happy Now
Brigati-Cavaliere (2:50) / Cornish (2:46)
Atlantic 2438, 8/67 T20

The Ed Sullivan Show: 9/10/67,
Groovin', A Girl Like You, How Can I Be Sure?
It's Wonderful² / Of Course
Brigati-Cavaliere (Music 2:30, Effects :50) / Brigati-Cavaliere (2:40)
Atlantic 2463, 12/67 T20

The label makes the distinction of music and effects for the A-side

Note: About this time, they dropped the "Young" part of the name as they became "serious artists"

Once Upon A Dream
Atlantic SD-8169
2/19/68 T20 [UK: 4/68]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

12-page Booklet Cover

Side One
Intro   :20
Easy Rollin' Brigati-Cavaliere 2:55
Rainy Day Brigati-Cavaliere 3:37
Please Love Me Brigati-Cavaliere 2:02
Sound Effect   :10
It's Wonderful Brigati-Cavaliere 2:40
I'm Gonna Love You Cornish 2:17
Dave and Eddie   :16
My Hawaii Brigati-Cavaliere 4:09
Side Two
My World Brigati-Cavaliere 2:45
Silly Girl Brigati-Cavaliere 2:41
Singin' The Blues Too Long Brigati-Cavaliere 5:06
Bells   :09
Sattva Brigati-Cavaliere 4:12
Finale: Once Upon A Dream Brigati-Cavaliere 3:20
Felix Cavaliere-organ, piano, sitar (Sattva), vocals
Eddie Brigati-guitar, tamboura (Sattva), vocals (lead on Rainy Day, My Hawaii, Silly Girl)
Gene Cornish-bass, vocals (lead on I'm Gonna Love You)
Dino Danelli-drums, tabla (Sattva)
David Brigati-lead vocal (Finale: Once Upon A Dream)
Hubert Laws-flute (Silly Girl)
King Curtis-sax
Steve Marcus-sax
Mel Lastie-trumpet
Richard Davis, Ron Carter, Chuck Rainey-bassists extraordinaire
Buddy Lucas-harmonica
Gene Orloff & His Strings
Adrian Barber-sound effects engineer
§Cover Sculpture-Dino Danelli
Produced by: The Rascals in cooperation with Arif Mardin

Note: Came with 12-page booklet. See note 2 and 45worlds for the rest.

A Beautiful Morning / Rainy Day
Brigati-Cavaliere (2:32) / Brigati-Cavaliere (3:26)
Atlantic 2493, 4/68 T20

A Beautiful Morning was the "new" track on the Time Peace hits disc (see next item)
Time Peace - The Rascals' Greatest Hits
Time Peace - The Rascals' Greatest Hits

Atlantic SD-8190, 6/14/68  #1  [UK: 8/68]
"New" track: A Beautiful Morning
People Got To Be Free / My World
Brigati-Cavaliere (2:57) / Brigati-Cavaliere (2:52)
Atlantic 2537, 7/68  #1 

A Ray Of Hope² / Any Dance'll Do!
Brigati-Cavaliere (3:40) / Brigati-Cavaliere (2:19)
Atlantic 2584, 11/68 BB

Heaven / Baby I'm Blue
Cavaliere (3:22) / Cavaliere (2:47)
Atlantic 2599, 2/69 BB


Freedom Suite
Atlantic SD 2-901
3/17/69 T20 [UK: 4/69]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Inner Sleeve

Black Ink Drawing by Eddie Brigati

Red & Blue Line Drawing by Gene Cornish

El Greco's Christ by Dino Danelli

Freedom Suite
Side One
America The Beautiful Bates-Ward 2:50
Me And My Friends Cornish 2:42
Any Dance'll Do Cavaliere 2:19
Look Around Brigati-Cavaliere 3:01
A Ray Of Hope Brigati-Cavaliere 3:40
Side Two
Island Of Love Brigati-Cavaliere 2:23
Of Course Brigati-Cavaliere 2:40
Love Was So Easy To Give Cornish 2:42
People Got To Be Free Brigati-Cavaliere 2:57
Baby I'm Blue Cavaliere 2:47
Heaven Cavaliere 3:22
Side Three
Adrian's Birthday(instrumental) Cavaliere-Cornish-Danelli 4:46
Boom(Dino's drum workout) Danelli 13:34
Side Four
Cute(instrumental) Brigati-Cavaliere-Cornish-Danelli 15:10
Felix Cavaliere-organ, piano, vocals
Eddie Brigati-vocals (lead: Any Dance'll Do, Island Of Love)
Gene Cornish-bass, vocals (lead: Me And My Friends, Love Was So Easy To Give)
Dino Danelli-drums
Chuck Rainey, Gerald Jemmott, Richard Davis-bass
David "Fathead" Newman-sax (Adrian's Birthday)
King Curtis-sax (Of Course)
§Cover Photo-Ira Mazur
Produced by: The Rascals in cooperation with Arif Mardin

Note: Three pieces of artwork were included (see notes). David Brigati did the inside panel.

See³ / Away Away
Cavaliere (4:34) / Cornish (3:20)
Atlantic 2634, 5/69 BB

Newport 69(5/22/69)
Carry Me Back / Real Thing
Cavaliere (2:50) / Cavaliere (2:44)
Atlantic 2664, 9/69 BB


Atlantic SD-8246
12/15/69 BB [UK: 12/69]
Back Cover

Lyric Sheet Front

Lyric Sheet Back

Side One
See Cavaliere 5:01
I'd Like To Take You Home Cavaliere 2:39
Remember Me Cornish 2:11
I'm Blue Brigati-Cavaliere 4:34
Stop And Think Cavaliere 4:11
Temptation's 'Bout To Get Me Diggs 3:31
Side Two
Nubia Cavaliere 3:42
Carry Me Back Cavaliere 2:48
Away Away Cornish 3:20
Real Thing Cavaliere 2:44
Death's Reply Cavaliere 4:42
Hold On Cavaliere 3:50
Felix Cavaliere-organ, piano, vocals
Eddie Brigati-guitar, vocals
Gene Cornish-bass, vocals
Dino Danelli-drums
Chuck Rainey-bass
Ron Carter-bass (Nubia, Carry Me Back)
Joe Bushkin-piano (Carry Me Back)
Hubert Laws-flute
Danny Labbate-soprano sax
§Cover Art-La Grande Famille (1947) by René Magritte.
Produced by: The Rascals in cooperation with Arif Mardin


I Believe / Hold On
Cavaliere (3:53) / Cavaliere (3:33)
Atlantic 2695, 12/69 BB

B-side was the hit side
Winter Festival For Peace(1/28/70)
Glory Glory / You Don't Know
Cavaliere (3:24) / Cornish (4:10)
Atlantic 2743, 7/70 BB

A-side vocal backing by The Sweet Inspirations
Felix produces Christmas And The Beads Of Sweat for Laura Nyro
Summer Festival For Peace(8/6/70)

Eddie and Gene call it quits (after recordng Search And Nearness)

Right On / Almost Home
Cavaliere (3:47) / Cavaliere (3:48)
Atlantic 2773, 12/70


Search And Nearness
Atlantic SD-8276
3/1/71 BB [UK: 10/71]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Inner Sleeve

Side One
Right On‡ Cavaliere 3:46
I Believe‡ Cavaliere 3:55
Thank You Baby† Cavaliere 3:09
You Don't Know Cornish 4:10
Nama‡ Danelli 5:31
Side Two
Almost Home† Cavaliere 3:49
The Letter‡ Thompson 4:07
Ready For Love† Cavaliere 4:07
Fortunes‡ Danelli 3:10
Glory, Glory† Cavaliere 3:30
Felix Cavaliere-organ, piano, vocals
Eddie Brigati-guitar, vocals (lead: You Don't Know, The Letter, Fortunes)
Gene Cornish-guitar, vocals
Dino Danelli-drums
Harold Cowart-bass†
Chuck Rainey-bass‡
Ron Blanco-bass (You Don't Know)
Joe Newman-trumpet
Seldon Powell-sax
Joe Farrell-sax
The Sweet Inspirations-background vocals (Glory Glory)
Cissy Houston & Tasha Thomas-background vocals (I Believe)
Seldon Powell-trumpet, sax
The Sweet Inspirations-vocals
§Front Cover Art-Ballspielendes Madchen, Back Cover Art Mittag both by Wolfgang Hutter
Produced by: The Rascals in cooperation with Arif Mardin

Note: Recording finished in October 70. Eddie only sings one a few tracks.
He's missing in the the rooftop photo, but a photo was inserted into a window across the street.

Buzzy Feiten in from Paul Butterfield

Peaceful World
Columbia G-30462
5/5/71 BB [UK: 6/71]
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Sky Trane Cavaliere 5:47
In And Out Of Love Feiten 3:22
Bit Of Heaven Cavaliere 3:28
Love Me Cavaliere 3:46
Side Two
Mother Nature Land Cavaliere 3:28
Icy Water Feiten 4:28
Happy Song Cavaliere 3:40
Love Letter Cavaliere 5:26
Side Three
Little Dove Cavaliere 6:39
Visit To Mother Nature Land Cavaliere 5:03
Getting Nearer Cavaliere 8:56
Side Four
Peaceful World Cavaliere 21:25
Felix Cavaliere-organ, piano, marimba, vocals
Buzzy Feiten-guitar, bass, vocals (In And Out Of Love, Icy Water)
Dino Danelli-drums, percussion
Link Chamberlain-guitar
Chuck Rainey-bass
Ron Carter-bass
Jerry Jemmott-bass
William Salter-bass
Pepper Adams-sax
Joe Farrell-sax, flute (solos on Peaceful World)
Jon Smith-sax
Ernie Wilking-sax
Joe Newman-trumpet
Ernie Royal-trumpet
Garnett Brown-trombone
Hubert Laws-flute (Mother Nature Land, Little Dove, Visit To Mother Nature Land)
Alice Coltrane-harp (Little Dove)
Ralph MacDonald-percussion
Cynthia Webb-background voice (Sky Trane)
Bruce Buono, Buddy Buono-vocals (Bit Of Heaven, Happy Song)
Molly Holt-vocals (Love Me, Peaceful World)
Annie Sutton-vocals (Mother Nature Land, Visit To Mother Nature Land)
§Cover Art-Tahitian Landscape (1897) by Paul Gaugain
Produced by: Felix Cavaliere


Love Me / Happy Song
Cavaliere (3:48) / Cavaliere (3:42)
Columbia 45400, 6/71 BB

One more lackluster album, The Island Of Real in 1972 and then they faded away...
Couple of reunion tours in the 80s.


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