The Who
John Entwistle

Gotta Start Somewhere...

The High Numbers
Zoot Suit / I'm The Face
Meaden (1:59) / Meaden (2:27)
Fontana TF-480 [UK], 7/64


The Who Alpha Listing
Complete title listing for UK/US 45s/EPs/LPs.
I Can't Explain / Bald Headed Woman¹
Townshend (2:05) / arr Talmy (2:09)
Decca 31725, 12/64 BB T20

Was also their first UK single (Brunswick 05926, 1/65)
Anyway Anyhow Anywhere / Anytime You Want Me¹
Daltrey-Townshend (2:35) / Mimms-Ragavoy (2:30)
Decca 31801, 5/65 T20

My Generation / Out In The Street
Townshend (3:15) / Townshend (2:30)
Decca 31877, 11/65 BB T20

Substitute¹ / Waltz For A Pig
Townshend (2:58) / Butcher (2:25)
Atco 6409, 4/66 T20

B-side: Although credited to The Who, it's actually The Graham Bond Organization, with Clapton on guitar!

Sings My Generation
Decca DL-74664
4/26/66 RS500 [UK: 12/3/65] T20
Back Cover

UK Cover

UK Back Cover

Side One
Out In The Street Townshend 2:30
I Don't Mind Brown 2:32
The Good's Gone Townshend 3:59
La La La Lies Townshend 2:15
Much Too Much Townshend 2:45
My Generation Townshend 3:15
Side Two
The Kids Are Alright Townshend 2:42
Please, Please, Please Brown-Terry 2:45
It's Not True Townshend 2:30
The Ox Entwistle-Hopkins-Moon-Townshend 3:49
A Legal Matter Townshend 2:47
Instant Party Townshend 3:05
Roger Daltrey-harmonica, vocals
Pete Townshend-guitar, keyboards, vocals
John Entwistle-bass, keyboards, vocals
Keith Moon-drums, vocals
Nicky Hopkins-keyboards
§US Cover Photo-uncredited; UK Cover Photo-David Wedgbury
Produced by: Shel Talmy

Note: Instant Party (which is actually Circles retitled) replaced I'm A Man from the UK album

The Kids Are Alright / A Legal Matter
Townshend (2:42) / Townshend (2:47)
Decca 31988, 7/66 UK

UK chart info is for the B-side

Say, wasn't there a famous UK EP released about this time  ?? 

I'm A Boy¹ / In The City¹
Townshend (2:34) / Moon (2:20)
Decca 32058, 12/66 T20

Happy Jack / Whiskey Man
Townshend (2:14) / Entwistle (2:57)
Decca 32114, 3/67 BB T20

Cover art by Ralph Steadman, you know, the Fear & Loathing... guy
3/25-4/2/67: RKO 58th St Theatre
Murray The K's Music In The Fifth Dimension
Two songs only, many times a day

Happy Jack
Decca DL-74892
5/67 BB RS500 [UK: 12/9/66] T20
Back Cover

UK Cover

UK Back Cover

Side One
Run Run Run Townshend 2:43
Boris The Spider Entwistle 2:29
I Need You Moon 2:25
Whiskey Man Entwistle 2:58
Cobwebs And Strange Moon 2:31
Happy Jack Townshend 2:11
Side Two
Don't Look Away Townshend 2:54
See My Way Daltrey 1:53
So Sad About Us Townshend 3:04
A Quick One, While He's Away Townshend 9:11
Roger Daltrey-harmonica, vocals
Pete Townshend-guitar, keyboards, vocals
John Entwistle-bass, keyboards, vocals (Boris The Spider, Whiskey Man)
Keith Moon-drums, vocals (I Need You)
Nicky Hopkins-keyboards
§Cover Art-Alan Aldridge
Produced by: Kit Lambert

Note: Happy Jack replaced Heatwave from the UK album (titled: A Quick One)
More about the cover @ wiki .

Pictures Of Lily / Doctor, Doctor
Townshend (2:43) / Entwistle (3:02)
Decca 32156, 6/67 BB T20

Monterey International Pop Festival(6/18/67)
The Last Time / Under My Thumb
Jagger-Richards (2:40) / Jagger-Richards (2:25)
Track 604006 [UK], 6/30/67 UK

rec 6/28 and rush-released to support Mick & Keith whilst they were in jail on drug charges
I Can See For Miles / Mary-Anne With The Shaky Hand¹
Townshend (3:55) / Townshend (3:15)
Decca 32206, 9/67 T20 T20

Al Kooper plays organ on the b-side, recorded in NYC

Sell Out
Decca DL-74950
12/67 BB RS500 [UK: 12/15/67] T20
Back Cover

Promo Side 1

UK Only Poster

Side One
Armenia City In The Sky - Heinz Baked Beans Keen - Entwistle 4:11
Mary-Anne With The Shaky Hand Townshend 2:06
Odorono Townshend 2:18
Tattoo Townshend 3:45
Our Love Was, Is Townshend 3:07
I Can See For Miles Townshend 4:05
Side Two
I Can't Reach You - Spotted Henry Townshend - Entwistle 3:31
Relax Townshend 2:38
Silas Stingy Entwistle 3:00
Sunrise(Pete solo) Townshend 3:00
Rael Townshend 5:38
Roger Daltrey-harmonica, vocals
Pete Townshend-guitar, keyboards, vocals
John Entwistle-bass, trumpet, keyboards, vocals (Heinz Baked Beans, Spotted Henry, Silas Stingy)
Keith Moon-drums, vocals
Speedy Keen-vocal (Armenia City In The Sky) [uncredited]
Al Kooper-organ (Rael)
§Cover Photos-David Montgomery
Produced by: Kit Lambert

Note: The promo album had banded tracks and side one track order was different (see note 2).
Track listings as per original issue labels. Spotted Henry retitled Medac on future releases.
An "ad" for Charles Atlas (unlisted) starts off Side Two. The radio thing fizzles out after that.
US release date from booklet included with 1995 CD reissue (which contained extra radio goodies).
Side Two ended with an inner groove with a Track Records jingle repeating.
According to Pete (via Speedy) , "Armenia, City In The Sky" is actually titled "I'm An Ear, Sitting In The Sky"—ahh drugs!
More about the cover @ wiki .

Call Me Lightning / Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde
Townshend (2:21) / Entwistle (2:24)
Decca 32288, 3/68 BB


 ➜ Live: 4/6/68, Fillmore East; released 2018: Live At The Fillmore East 1968 

Magic Bus² / Someone's Coming
Townshend (3:10) / Entwistle (2:26)
Decca 32362, 7/68 BB UK

Direct Hits
Direct Hits

Track 613 006 [UK], N/R [UK: 10/68]
UK only release, similar to the US only release below

Magic Bus: The Who On Tour
Decca DL-75064
10/68 BB [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Disguises(UK 45) Townshend 3:04
Run Run Run Townshend 2:36
Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde(non-LP 45) Entwistle 2:24
I Can't Reach You Townshend 2:56
Our Love Was, Is Townshend 3:00
Call Me Lightning(non-LP 45) Townshend 2:21
Side Two
Magic Bus(alt stereo version) Townshend 3:10
Someone's Coming(non-LP 45) Entwistle 2:26
Doctor Doctor(non-LP 45) Entwistle 2:56
Bucket "T"(UK EP) Altfeid-Christian-Torrence 2:05
Pictures Of Lily(non-LP 45) Townshend 2:37
Roger Daltrey-harmonica, vocals
Pete Townshend-guitar, keyboards, vocals
John Entwistle-bass, trumpet, keyboards, vocals (Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde, Doctor Doctor)
Keith Moon-drums, vocals (Bucket "T")
§Cover Photo-uncredited
Produced by: Kit Lambert

Note: US only release and if you haven't heard—it's not live recordings

Rock 'N' Roll Circus: never aired (filmed 12/11/68)
The Who join The Stones & Friends to record TV special—never aired (now on DVD).
Monterey Pop(12/26/68)
First and best rockumentary on festivals
Pinball Wizard / Dogs Part Two¹
Townshend (2:55) / Moon (2:21)
Decca 732465, 3/69 T20 T20


Decca DXSW-7205
5/17/69 T20 RS500 [UK: 5/23/69] T20
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Booklet Cover

Side One
Overture/It's A Boy Townshend 5:58
You Didn't Hear It Townshend 2:49
Amazing Journey/Sparks Townshend 7:09
Eyesight To The Blind Williamson 2:11
Side Two
Christmas Townshend 4:31
Cousin Kevin Entwistle 4:03
The Acid Queen Townshend 3:33
Underture Townshend 9:59
Side Three
Do You Think It's Alright?/Fiddle About Townshend/Entwistle 1:51
Pinball Wizard Townshend 3:00
There's A Doctor I've Found Townshend :23
Go To The Mirror Boy Townshend 3:46
Tommy, Can You Hear Me? Townshend 1:34
Smash The Mirror Townshend 1:32
Sensation Townshend 2:24
Side Four
Miracle Cure Townshend :11
Sally Simpson Townshend 4:08
I'm Free Townshend 2:39
Welcome Townshend 4:30
Tommy's Holiday Camp Moon 1:01
We're Not Gonna Take It Townshend 7:02
Roger Daltrey-harmonica, vocals
Pete Townshend-guitar, keyboards, vocals
John Entwistle-bass, trumpet, keyboards, vocals (Cousin Kevin)
Keith Moon-drums, vocals (Tommy's Holiday Camp)
§Cover Design-Mike McInnerney
Produced by: Kit Lambert

Note: Album came with 12-page lyric booklet
Tommy had quite the Top 200 Album chart journey: entered 6/17 and reached #7 on 7/19 and dropped off 3/28/70; re-enters 7/18/70
and peaks at #4 Sep 19, 1970 and stuck around to 10/23/71: 110 wks
More about the cover @ wiki and view the complete booklet @ 45worlds .

Special Tommy Promo Box
4 singles in box, with 4-page booklet
Decca 734610-734613, 5/69

See this unique promo at 45cat .
Tommy's Afterlife
The Pinball Wizard spawned three other records (rollover for covers):

In 1972, Lou Reizner
Tommy: LSO Version

assembled an all-star line-up (Sandy Denny, Richie Havens, Merry Clayton, and Rod Stewart among others) and used the London Symphony Orchestra to present an over-blown, but interesting Tommy. Complete in hard slip case and 32-page booklet. See the booklet at the 45worlds link.

In 1975, Ken Russell
Tommy: Movie Version

directed another over-blown, but interesting take on our boy in the movie version. It starred that fabulous singer Oliver Reed and also included Ann-Margret slithering around the floor covered in baked beans. It's true: they don't make movies like that anymore!

Our boy made his Broadway
Tommy: Broadway Version

debut in Tommy (The Musical) on April 22, 1993, with 899 performances (couldn't do 1 more???). The show was produced by Sir George Martin, with a few new songs to help the story along. It's been touring in various countries since then. See the CD booklet at the Discogs link (this time).

I'm Free / We're Not Gonna Take It
Townshend (2:39) / Townshend (7:02)
Decca 732519, 7/69 BB

Woodstock Music & Art Fair(8/16/69)
Isle of Wight Festival of Music(8/30/69)
10/20-25/69: The Who performed Tommy at the Fillmore East
Fillmore East Poster

for a week!
So, who else was on the bill ??
From Richie to Jimi—3 days of music, mud, and meandering
The Seeker / Here For More¹
Townshend (3:12) / Daltrey (2:23)
Decca 32670, 4/70 BB T20


Live At Leeds
Decca DL-79175
5/16/70 T20 RS500 [UK: 5/3/70] T20
Back Cover


Pete's Handwritten Label

Woodstock "Contract"

Maximum R&B Poster

Side One
Young Man Blues Allison 4:45
Substitute Townshend 2:06
Summertime Blues Capehart-Cochran 3:20
Shakin' All Over Heath 4:15
Side Two
My Generation Townshend 14:27
The Magic Bus Townshend 7:30
Roger Daltrey-harmonica, vocals
Pete Townshend-guitar, keyboards, vocals
John Entwistle-bass, trumpet, keyboards, vocals
Keith Moon-drums, vocals
§Cover Art-Graphreaks
Produced by: Jon Astley, Kit Lambert, and The Who

Note: Recorded live at the University of Leeds, England, February 14, 1970
Made to look like a bootleg, and came with a raft of reproduced "artifacts" like the Woodstock contract and Marquee Club poster
More about the cover @ wiki and see all the stuff @ 45worlds .

6/7/70: The Pinball Wizard rocks the staid Metropolitan Opera House

in New York City.
Summertime Blues / Heaven And Hell¹
Capehart-Cochran (3:22) / Entwistle (3:31)
Decca 32708, 7/70 BB UK

A-side from Live At Leeds, B-side 1970 studio recording
Isle of Wight Festival(8/29/70)
See Me, Feel Me³ / Overture From Tommy³
Townshend (3:22) / Townshend (4:00)
Decca 732729, 9/70 T20

See Me, Feel Me is an edit of We're Not Gonna Take It
Young Man Blues / Substitute
Allison (4:45) / Townshend (2:06)
Decca 32737, 9/70


 ➜ Live: 4/26/71, The Young Vic Theatre, London; released 2003: Who's Next Deluxe—honing the material 

Won't Get Fooled Again³ / I Don't Even Know Myself¹
Townshend (3:37) / Townshend (4:58)
Decca 32846, 7/71 T20 T20

A-side credit: From The Motion Picture "Lifehouse"

Who’s Next
Decca DL-79182
8/14/71 T20 RS500 [UK: 8/25/71]  #1 
Back Cover

Side One
Baba O'Riley(AKA Teenage Wasteland) Townshend 5:08
Bargain Townshend 5:34
Love Ain't For Keeping Townshend 2:10
My Wife Entwistle 3:41
The Song Is Over Townshend 6:14
Side Two
Getting In Tune Townshend 4:50
Going Mobile Townshend 3:43
Behind Blue Eyes Townshend 3:42
Won't Get Fooled Again Townshend 8:33
Roger Daltrey-harmonica, vocals
Pete Townshend-guitar, organ, piano, ARP Synthesizer, vocals
John Entwistle-bass, brass, piano, vocals (My Wife)
Keith Moon-percussion, drums, vocals
Dave Arbus-violin (Baba O'Riley)
Nicky Hopkins-piano (The Song Is Over, Getting In Tune)
§Cover Photo-Ethan Russell (at Easington Colliery)
Produced by: The Who, Glyn Johns (associate producer)

Note: Several of these same tracks were first recorded in The Big Apple™ with Leslie West and Al Kooper (all unused).
Released on various deluxe CDs.

Mississippi River Festival(8/16/71)

Smash Your Head Against The Wall
Decca DL-79183
10/71 BB [UK: 5/71]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Inner Sleeve

Side One
My Size Entwistle 3:43
Pick Me Up (Big Chicken) Entwistle 3:43
What Are We Doing Here? Entwistle 3:49
What Kind Of People Are They? Entwistle 2:44
Heaven And Hell Entwistle 4:50
Side Two
Ted End Entwistle 2:33
You're Mine Entwistle 4:39
No. 29 External Youth Entwistle 5:25
I Believe In Everything Entwistle 3:07
John Entwistle-bass, trombone, trumpet, flugelhorn, keyboards, vocals
Cyrano [Dave Langston]-guitar
Dave Layston-guitar
Jerry Shirley-drums
Greg Ridley-drums (My Size, I Believe In Everything)
Keith Moon-percussion
Neil Innes-percussion
Viv Stanshall-percussion (No. 29 (External Youth))
§Album Design & Photo-Graham Hughes (idea of John's)
Produced by: John Entwistle


Meaty Beaty Big And Bouncy
Decca DL-79184
10/30/71 T20 [UK: 12/3/71] T20
Back Cover

Inside Cover

4-pager with Notes by Pete

Booklet Inside

Side One
I Can't Explain Townshend 2:05
The Kids Are Alright Townshend 2:45
Happy Jack Townshend 2:12
I Can See For Miles Townshend 4:06
Pictures Of Lily Townshend 2:43
My Generation Townshend 3:18
The Seeker(non-LP 45) Townshend 3:11
Side Two
Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere Daltrey-Townshend 2:42
Pinball Wizard Townshend 2:59
A Legal Matter Townshend 2:48
Boris The Spider Entwistle 2:28
The Magic Bus(alt take) Townshend 3:21
Substitute(unedited) Townshend 3:49
I'm A Boy(unedited) Townshend 3:41
Roger Daltrey-harmonica, vocals
Pete Townshend-guitar, organ, piano, vocals
John Entwistle-bass, brass, vocals (Boris The Spider)
Keith Moon-percussion, drums, vocals
§Cover Photo-Graham Hughes
Produced by: Shel Talmy, Kit Lambert

Note: Read Pete's notes @ 45world .

Behind Blue Eyes / My Wife
Townshend (3:40) / Entwistle (3:36)
Decca 32888, 11/71 BB

My Size / I Believe In Everything
Entwistle (3:45) / Entwistle (3:07)
Decca 32896, 11/71



What, another "rock opera"?

Yeah, well, at least this one makes more sense. Mods vs Rockers in Brighton Beach. Probably the best piece that Pete Townshend wrote (since Lifehouse was left in pieces scattered about the studio floor).


Track MCA2-10004
11/3/73 T20 RS500 [UK: 11/16/73] T20
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Booklet Cover

Side One
I Am The Sea Townshend 2:08
The Real Me Townshend 3:22
Quadrophenia Townshend 6:15
Cut My Hair Townshend 3:46
The Punk Meets The Godfather Townshend 5:10
Side Two
I'm One Townshend 2:39
The Dirty Jobs Townshend 4:30
Helpless Dancer Townshend 2:32
Is It In My Head Townshend 3:46
I've Had Enough Townshend 6:14
Side Three
5:15 Townshend 5:00
Sea And Sand Townshend 5:01
Drowned Townshend 5:28
Bell Boy Townshend 4:56
Side Four
Doctor Jimmy Townshend 8:42
The Rock Townshend 6:37
Love, Reign O'er Me Townshend 5:48
Roger Daltrey-lead vocals
Pete Townshend-guitars, keyboards, special effects, vocals
John Entwistle-bass, horns, vocals
Keith Moon-percussion, vocals (Bell Boy)
Chris Stainton-piano (The Dirty Jobs, 5:15, Drowned)
John Curie-news reader
§Cover Photo-Graham Hughes
Produced by: The Who, with Glyn Johns

Note: Came with 44-page booklet, which you can view @ 45worlds .


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