Belfast Gipsies

Don't Start Crying Now¹ / One Two Brown Eyes
Moore-West (2:03) / Morrison (2:41)
Parrot 9702, 10/64

Was also their first UK single (Decca F-11973, 9/64
Gloria / Baby Please Don't Go¹
Morrison (2:37) / Williams (2:40)
Parrot 9727, 1/65 BB T20

Charted #71 in May 66 reissue; UK chart info is for the B-side
Here Comes The Night / All For Myself¹
Berns (2:44) / Morrison (2:45)
Parrot 9747, 4/65 BB T20


Parrot PAS-71005
 6/65 BB [UK: 7/65]
Back Cover

Reissue Cover (after Gloria hit big)

UK Cover

Side One
Here Comes The Night Berns 2:45
Mystic Eyes Morrison 2:41
Don't Look Back Hooker 3:23
Little Girl Morrison 2:21
One Two Brown Eyes Morrison 2:39
Gloria‡ Morrison 2:38
Side Two
One More Time Morrison 2:47
If You And I Could Be As Two Morrison 2:47
I Like It Like That Morrison 3:35
I'm Gonna Dress In Black Gillon-Howe 3:34
(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 Troup 2:22
Go On Home Baby† Berns-Farrell 2:39
Van Morrison-vocals, harmonica, tenor saxophone
Billy Harrison-guitar
Eric Wrixon-keyboards, organ (portions)
Pat McAuley-keyboards, organ
Alan Henderson-bass
Ronnie Millings-drums
§Cover Photo-uncredited
Produced by: Tommy Scott, Bert Berns†, Dick Rowe‡


Half As Much¹ / Gonna Dress In Black
Williams (3:06) / Gillon-Howe (3:34)
Parrot 9784, 8/65

Mystic Eyes / If You And I Could Be As Two
Morrison (2:40) / Morrison (2:50)
Parrot 9796, 10/65 BB

Call My Name² / Bring 'Em On In²
Scott (2:20) / Morrison (3:44)
Parrot 9819, 2/66


Them Again
Parrot PAS-71008
3/66 BB [UK: 1/66]
Back Cover

UK Cover

Side One
Could You Would You Morrison 3:05
Something You Got Kenner 2:31
Call My Name Scott 2:20
Turn On Your Love Light Malone-Scott 2:20
I Can Only Give You Everything Coulter-Scott 2:40
My Lonely Sad Eyes Morrison 2:28
Side Two
Out Of Sight Brown-Wright 2:21
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue Dylan 3:48
Bad Or Good Morrison 2:07
How Long Baby Gillon 3:38
Don't You Know Scott 2:24
Bring 'Em On In Morrison 3:44
Van Morrison-vocals, harmonica, tenor saxophone
Billy Harrison-guitar
John McAuley-keyboards, organ
Alan Henderson-bass
Pat McAuley-drums, piano, harmonica
§Cover Photo-uncredited
Produced by: Tommy Scott


Van Morrison to solo career

After Van
Them split into two groups after Van went solo. John & Pat McAuley formed one group, better know as the Belfast Gipsies. Two 45s here and one album in Sweden.

Alan Henderson, owner of the group name, relocated to California and continued the group until 1971.

Richard Cory¹ / Don't You Know
Simon (2:43) / Scott (2:22)
Parrot 3003, 5/66

Gloria's Dream (Round And Around) / Secret Police
Fowley-McAuley-McAuley-McLeod-Scott (2:05) / Fowley-Hardesty-Waltner (2:35)
Loma 2051, 8/66

both 45s produced by Kim Fowley
I Can Only Give You Everything / Don't Start Crying Now¹
Coulter-Scott (2:40) / Morrison (2:05)
Parrot 3006, 8/66

Portland Town / People, Lets Freak Out
arr Fowley (3:15) / Fowley-McAuley-McAuley-McLeod-Scott (2:30)
Loma 2060, 10/66

Dirty Old Man (At the Age of Sixteen)¹ / Square Room¹
Hale (1:56) / Them (3:08)
Sully Records 1021, 8/67

both re-recorded for Tower album
Walking In The Queens Garden / I Happen To Love You
Them (2:45) / Goffin-King (2:40)
Ruff Records 1088, 11/67

reissued on Tower 384, 12/67

Now—And "Them"
Tower ST-5104
3/68 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Witch Doctor Mayall 2:33
What's The Matter Baby Byers-Otis 2:45
Truth Machine Thornton 2:05
Square Room‡ Them 9:51
Side Two
You're Just What I Was Looking For Today Goffin-King 2:55
Dirty Old Man (At The Age Of Sixteen) Lane 1:44
Nobody Loves You When You're Down And Out Cox 3:33
Walking In The Queen's Garden‡ Them 3:02
I Happen To Love You† Goffin-King 2:53
Come To Me Them 2:20
Kenny McDowell-vocals
Jim Armstrong-lead guitar
Ray Elliott-saxophone, organ, flute
Alan Henderson-bass
Dave Harvey-drums
§Cover Art-Bob Zoell
Produced by: Ray Ruff, with Marty Cooper†, Them‡


But It's Alright¹ / Square Room³
Jackson-Tubbs (2:38) / Them (3:12)
Tower 407, 4/68


Time Out! Time In For Them
Tower ST-5116
10/68 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Time Out For Time In Lane-Pulley 2:52
She Put A Hex On You Lane-Pulley 2:21
Bent Over You Lane-Pulley 3:17
Waltz Of The Flies Lane 2:21
Black Widow Spider Lane-Pulley 4:29
Side Two
We've All Agreed To Help Dunn-McCashen 2:18
Market Place Lane-Pulley 3:02
Just One Conception Them 5:00
Young Woman Lane-Pulley 2:40
The Moth Lane-Pulley 3:20
Kenny McDowell-vocals
Jim Armstrong-lead guitar
Alan Henderson-bass
Dave Harvey-drums
§Cover Art-Phil Smee
Produced by: Ray Ruff


We've All Agreed To Help / Waltz Of The Flies
Dunn-McCashen (2:18) / Lane (2:22)
Tower 461, 1/69

Dark Are The Shadows¹ / Corinna¹
Budnick-Monda (2:38) / adap Mahal (2:38)
Tower 493, 7/69


Happy Tiger HT-1004
1/70 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Keep Singing Cole 4:25
Lonely Weekends Rich 2:33
Take A Little Time Joelson 2:14
You Got Me Good Rudd 2:30
Jo Ann Knox-Smith 2:55
Side Two
Memphis Lady Cole 3:00
In The Midnight Hour Cropper-Pickett 2:46
Nobody Cares Duncan-Garrett 2:46
I Am Waiting Jagger-Richards 3:24
Just A Little Elliott 1:54
Jerry Cole-lead vocals, guitar, drums, percussion
Alan Henderson-bass
Ry Cooder
Jack Nitzche
§Cover Design-See/Hear!
Produced by: Ray Ruff


Lonely Weekends / I Am Waiting²
Rich (2:37) / Jagger-Richards (2:43)
Happy Tiger HT-525, 11/69

Nobody Cares / Memphis Lady
Duncan-Garrett (2:46) / Cole (3:00)
Happy Tiger HT-534, 2/70


In Reality
Happy Tiger HT-1012
9/70 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Gloria Morrison 6:00
Baby Please Don't Go Williams 4:43
Laugh Conrad-Williams 2:59
Let My Song Through Parker-Stark 2:32
Side Two
California Man Parker-Stark 2:06
Lessons Of The Sea Parker-Stark 3:40
Rayn Parker-Stark 2:45
Back To The Country Parker-Stark 3:24
Can You Believe Parker-Stark 2:40
Jim Parker-guitar, vocals
Alan Henderson-bass
John Stark-drums, lead vocals
§Cover Design-Nancy Chester, See Hear & How!
Produced by: Ray Ruff


records didn't sell, finally pulled the plug


Them story @ garage hangover


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