Van Morrison

Don't Start Crying Now¹ / One Two Brown Eyes
Moore-West (2:03) / Morrison (2:41)
Parrot 9702, 9/64

Gloria / Baby Please Don't Go¹
Morrison (2:37) / Williams (2:40)
Parrot 9727, 2/65 BB

Charted #71 in May 66 reissue
Here Comes The Night / All For Myself¹
Morrison (2:44) / Morrison (2:45)
Parrot 9747, 5/65 BB


Parrot PAS-71005
 6/65 BB [UK: 7/65]
Back Cover

Reissue Cover (after Gloria hit big)

UK Cover

Side One
Here Comes The Night Morrison 2:45
Mystic Eyes Morrison 2:41
Don't Look Back Hooker 3:23
Little Girl Morrison 2:21
One Two Brown Eyes Morrison 2:39
Gloria‡ Morrison 2:38
Side Two
One More Time Morrison 2:47
If You And I Could Be As Two Morrison 2:47
I Like It Like That Morrison 3:35
I'm Gonna Dress In Black Gillon-Howe 3:34
(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 Troup 2:22
Go On Home Baby† Berns-Farrell 2:39
Van Morrison-vocals, harmonica, tenor saxophone
Billy Harrison-guitar
Eric Wrixon-keyboards, organ (portions)
Pat McAuley-keyboards, organ
Alan Henderson-bass
Ronnie Millings-drums
§Cover Photo-uncredited
Produced by: Tommy Scott, Bert Berns†, Dick Rowe‡


Half As Much¹ / Gonna Dress In Black
Williams (3:06) / Gillon-Howe (3:34)
Parrot 9784, 8/65

Mystic Eyes / If You And I Could Be As Two
Morrison (2:40) / Morrison (2:50)
Parrot 9796, 10/65 BB

Call My Name² / Bring 'Em On In²
Scott (2:20) / Morrison (3:44)
Parrot 9819, 3/66


Them Again
Parrot PAS-71008
3/66 BB [UK: 1/66]
Back Cover

UK Cover

Side One
Could You Would You Morrison 3:05
Something You Got Kenner 2:31
Call My Name Scott 2:20
Turn On Your Love Light Malone-Scott 2:20
I Can Only Give You Everything Coulter-Scott 2:40
My Lonely Sad Eyes Morrison 2:28
Side Two
Out Of Sight Brown-Wright 2:21
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue Dylan 3:48
Bad Or Good Morrison 2:07
How Long Baby Gillon 3:38
Don't You Know Scott 2:24
Bring 'Em On In Morrison 3:44
Van Morrison-vocals, harmonica, tenor saxophone
Billy Harrison-guitar
John McAuley-keyboards, organ
Alan Henderson-bass
Pat McAuley-drums, piano, harmonica
§Cover Photo-uncredited
Produced by: Tommy Scott


Van Morrison to solo career (see below)

Richard Cory¹ / Don't You Know
Simon (2:43) / Scott (2:22)
Parrot 3003, 5/66

Brown Eyed Girl / Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye)
Morrison (2:53) / Berns-Farrell (2:57)
Bang 545, 6/67 BB

I Can Only Give You Everything / Don't Start Crying Now¹
Coulter-Scott (2:40) / Morrison (2:05)
Parrot 3006, 8/66


Blowin' Your Mind!
Bang BPS-218
9/67 BB [UK: 2/68]
Back Cover

Side One
Brown Eyed Girl Morrison 3:03
He Ain't Give You None Morrison 5:13
TB Sheets Morrison 9:44
Side Two
Spanish Rose Morrison 3:06
Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye) Berns-Farrell 2:57
Ro Ro Rosey Morrison 3:03
Who Drove The Red Sports Car? Morrison 5:35
Midnight Special Morrison 2:51
Van Morrison-guitar, keyboards, sax, vocals
NY Studio musicians:
Eric Gale, Al Gorgoni, Hugh McCracken-guitars
Paul Griffin-piano
Garry Sherman-organ, conductor
Russ Savakus-bass
Gary Chester-drums
The Sweet Inspirations-back-up vocals (Brown Eyed Girl and Midnight Special)
§Cover Photo-Rodriguez Of Los Angeles
Produced by: Bert Berns


Ro Ro Rosey / Chick-A-Boom¹
Morrison (2:58) / Morrison (3:12)
Bang 552, 10/67


Astral Weeks
Warner Bros WS-1768
11/68 RS500 [UK: 9/69]
Back Cover

Part One: In The Beginning
Astral Weeks Morrison 7:00
Beside You Morrison 5:10
Sweet Thing Morrison 4:10
Cyprus Avenue Morrison 6:50
Part Two: Afterwards
The Way Young Lovers Do Morrison 3:10
Madame George Morrison 9:25
Ballerina Morrison 7:00
Slim Slow Slider Morrison 3:20
Van Morrison-guitar, keyboards, sax, vocals
Jay Berliner-guitars
Richard Davis-double bass
Connie Kay-drums
Warren Smith, Jr-percussion, vibraphone
John Payne-flute, soprano sax (Slim Slow Slider)
Larry Fallon-harpsichord (Cyprus Avenue)
Barry Kornfeld-acoustic guitar (The Way Young Lovers Do)
String arrangements and conducting: Larry Fallon
§Cover Photo-Joel Brodsky
Produced by: Lewis Merenstein

Note: The flute player on Beside You and Cyprus Avenue is unknown—nobody seems to remember

Newport Folk Festival(7/20/69)

Warner Bros WS-1835
1/70 BB RS500 [UK: 3/70] #32
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
And It Stoned Me Morrison 4:30
Moondance Morrison 4:35
Crazy Love Morrison 2:34
Caravan Morrison 4:57
Into The Mystic Morrison 3:25
Side Two
Come Running Morrison 2:30
These Dreams Of You Morrison 3:50
Brand New Day Morrison 5:09
Everyone Morrison 3:31
Glad Tidings Morrison 3:13
Van Morrison-guitar, keyboards, sax, tabla, tambourine, vocals
John Platania-guitar
Jeff Labes-piano, organ, clavinette
Jack Schroer-piano, sax
John Klingberg-bass
Gary Mallaber-drums, percussion, vibraphone
Guy Masson-conga
David Shaw-clarinet, percussion
Collin Tillton-flute, sax
Judy Clay, Emily Houston, Jackie Verdell-vocals (Crazy Love, Brand New Day)
§Cover Photos-Elliott Landy
Produced by: Van Morrison, Lewis Merenstein


Come Running / Crazy Love
Morrison (2:30) / Morrison (2:34)
Warner Bros 7383, 4/70 BB

New York Pop(7/19/70)
Domino / Sweet Jannie
Morrison (3:06) / Morrison (2:11)
Warner Bros 7434, 10/70 BB


His Band And The Street Choir
Warner Bros WS-1884
11/70 BB [UK: 12/70] #18
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Lyric Insert

Side One
Domino Morrison 3:06
Crazy Face† Morrison 2:55
Give Me A Kiss Morrison 2:30
I've Been Working Morrison 3:25
Call Me Up In Dreamland† Morrison 3:52
I'll Be Your Lover Too Morrison 3:57
Side Two
Blue Money Morrison 3:40
Virgo Clowns Morrison 4:10
Gypsy Queen Morrison 3:16
Sweet Jannie Morrison 2:11
If I Ever Needed Someone Morrison 3:45
Street Choir Morrison 4:53
Van Morrison-guitar, harmonica, keyboards, tenor sax†, vocals
His Band:
John Platania-guitar, mandolin
Alan Hand-Hammond organ, piano, celeste
Jack Schroer-piano, saxes
Keith Johnson-organ, trumpet, keyboards
John Klingberg-bass
Dahaud Elias Shaar-drums, percussion, clarinet, vocals
David Shaw-clarinet, percussion
The Street Choir:
Janet Planet, Martha Velez, Ellen Schroer, Andrew Robinson, Larry Goldsmith-vocals
§Cover Design-Janet; Photos-David Gahr
Produced by: Van Morrison


Blue Money / Sweet Thing
Morrison (3:40) / Morrison (4:10)
Warner Bros 7462, 1/71 BB

Spanish Rose / Midnight Special
Morrison (3:06) / arr, Morrison (2:51)
Bang 585, 4/71

Call Me Up In Dreamland / Street Choir
Morrison (3:52) / Morrison (4:53)
Warner Bros 7488, 5/71 BB

Wild Night / When That Evening Sun Goes Down
Morrison (3:30) / Morrison (3:06)
Warner Bros 7518, 9/71 BB


Tupelo Honey
Warner Bros WS-1950
10/71 BB [UK: 11/71]
Back Cover

Inside Cover


Side One
Wild Night Morrison 3:29
(Straight To Your Heart) Like A Cannonball Morrison 3:37
Old Old Woodstock† Morrison 4:14
Starting A New Life† Morrison 2:06
You're My Woman Morrison 6:40
Side Two
Tupelo Honey† Morrison 6:53
I Wanna Roo You (Scottish Derivative) Morrison 3:22
When That Evening Sun Goes Down† Morrison 3:02
Moonshine Whiskey Morrison 6:45
Van Morrison-guitar, harmonica, keyboards, sax, vocals
Ronnie Montrose-guitar, mandolin, vocals
John McFee-steel guitar
Jack Schroer-piano, sax
Mark Jordon-piano
Ted Templeman-organ (Tupelo Honey)
Bill Church-bass
Rick Schlosser-drums
Connie Kay-drums†
Gary Mallaber-drums, percussion, vibraphone
Walter Samuel
Janet Planet-vocals
Ellen Schroer-vocals
Stuart "Boots" Houston-flute, vocals
Bruce Royston-flute
Luis Gasca-trumpet
§Cover Photo-Mike Maggid
Produced by: Van Morrison, Ted Templeman


Tupelo Honey³ / Starting A New Life
Morrison (3:59) / Morrison (2:06)
Warner Bros 7543, 11/71 BB



Another Candidate For Best Live Rock Album Ever

Yup, that'd be Van The Man's 1974 release, It's Too Late To Stop Now. With his Caledonia Soul Orchestra, Van reached back to his soul & blues roots to dazzle the crowds. There are NO overdubs or other post concert "fixes." What you hear is what was played.
Warners had plans for this being a triple album (thus the tri-fold cover?), but decided against it. These songs would've been included: Young Lovers Do, Purple Heather, Come Running, Sweet Thing, Blue Money, Green, and Wild Night.

Big reissue in 2008, with a complete shows from each venue on audio and one live Rainbow concert DVD.

It's Too Late To Stop Now
Warner Bros 2BS-2760
2/1/74 BB [UK: 2/74]
Back Cover

Tri-fold Outside Cover

Tri-fold Inside Cover

Side One
Ain't Nothin' You Can Do Malone-Scott 3:36
Warm Love Morrison 3:03
Into The Mystic Morrison 4:28
These Dreams Of You Morrison 3:31
I Believe To My Soul Charles 4:00
Side Two
I've Been Working Morrison 3:50
Help Me Williamson 3:00
Wild Children Morrison 4:54
Domino Morrison 4:28
I Just Wanna Make Love To You Dixon 4:45
Side Three
Bring It On Home To Me Cooke 4:26
Saint Dominic's Preview Morrison 6:13
Take Your Hand Out Of My Pocket Williamson 3:58
Listen To The Lion Morrison 8:25
Side Four
Here Comes The Night Berns 3:12
Gloria Morrison 3:53
Caravan Morrison 8:45
Cypress Avenue Morrison 9:25
Van Morrison-vocal, saxophone, keyboards, guitar
with The Caledonia Soul Orchestra:
John Platania-guitar, backing vocals
Jeff Labes-piano, organ
David Hayes-bass guitar, backing vocals
Dahaud Shaar [David Shaw]-drums, backing vocals
Nathan Rubin-first violin
Tom Halpin or Tim Kovatch-violin
Nancy Ellis-viola
Teressa Adams-cello
Bill Atwood-trumpet, backing vocals
Jack Schroer-alto, tenor and baritone saxophones, tambourine, backing vocals
Horns arranged by Jack Schroer
Strings arranged by Jeff Labes
§Cover Photo-Ed Caraeff
Produced by: Ted Templeman & Van Morrison

Note: Recorded live in concert at The Troubadour in LA (5/24-27/73), Santa Monica Civic Auditorium (6/29/73),
and Rainbow Theatre in London (7/23-24/73)


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