Mark Spoelstra

Gotta Start Somewhere...

Mark & The Two-Timers
Walking Around Town / Corinna
Spoelstra (2:10) / Spoelstra (1:53)
Folkways F-45001, 4/63

Sugar Babe / Buck Dance No. 2
Lipscomb (1:58) / ? (?)
Folkways F-45002, ?/63


The Songs Of Mark Spoelstra
(With Twelve String Guitar)
Folkways FA-2444
?/63 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

6-page Lyric Booklet

1968 Reissue Cover

Side One
The Times I've Had arr Spoelstra 2:25
Sugar Babe Lipscomb 1:57
Slip Knot (Hangnot, Slipknot) Guthrie 2:28
Buckdancer's Choice arr Spoelstra 2:30
Wreck Of The Number Nine Robison 2:38
Drowsy Sleeper arr Spoelstra 3:02
Working On The Building arr Spoelstra 3:00
Side Two
Corinna Blues arr Spoelstra 3:15
Stranger Blues arr Spoelstra 3:05
Poor Boy arr Spoelstra 2:35
Deep Blue Sea Blues Brown 2:47
Jail House Now Trad 3:04
Children's Blues arr Spoelstra 3:05
The Way My Baby Walks arr Spoelstra 1:56
Mark Spoelstra-12-string guitar, vocals
§Cover Photo-Kirk Smallman; Reissue Cover Photo-Charles Stewart
Produced by: ?

Note: reissued in 1968 as The Times I've Had (see last note)

Recorded At Club 47 Inc
Folkways FG-3572
?/63 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

6-page Lyric Booklet

Side One
Don't Say It So Slow - 3:35
Farewell Train - 2:25
Let Us Pray - 2:05
My Love Is (Like) A Dewdrop - 3:30
Dead Thumb Roll #1 - 2:08
You Don't Worry My Mind - 2:44
Follow Me Baby - 3:28
Goin' Home - 3:38
Side Two
Somebody's Gonna Miss Me - 2:39
Born To Die - 4:15
Willow Tree - 2:35
Dead Thumb Roll #2 - 1:52
Wild About My Lovin' - 3:22
Civil Defense Sign - 4:05
K C Moan Blues - 3:45
Mark Spoelstra-12-string guitar, vocals
§Cover Photo-Kirk Smallman
Produced by: ?


The Blues Project, 3/64
Two early tracks: France Blues and She's Gone
Big Sur Folk Festival(6/21/64)

Five & Twenty Questions
Elektra EKS-7283
1/65 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Five And Twenty Questions Spoelstra 4:48
On The Road Again Spoelstra 2:53
My Love Is Like A Dewdrop Spoelstra 3:53
White Winged Dove Spoelstra 4:04
Jesse's Jump Spoelstra 2:06
Ballad Of 12th Avenue Spoelstra 6:31
Side Two
Won't Allow Mankind To Rest Spoelstra 4:31
Somebody's Gonna Miss Me Spoelstra 2:26
The Leaves Spoelstra 3:23
Fife And Drum Spoelstra 5:19
Untitled Instrumental Spoelstra 2:36
Just A Hand To Hold Spoelstra 5:18
Mark Spoelstra-12-string guitar, vocals
Richard Fariņa-liner notes
§Cover Photo-William S Harvey
Produced by: Jac Holzman


Newport Folk Festival(7/25/65)
Big Sur Folk Festival(8/1/65)

State Of Mind
Elektra EKS-7307
2/66 [UK: 6/66]
Back Cover

Side One
Too Late Spoelstra 2:25
State Of Mind Spoelstra 4:35
Guns Of Our Cities Spoelstra 3:09
Bubble Gum Song Spoelstra 1:58
Dizzy Spell Blues Spoelstra 3:01
This Man Spoelstra 3:34
Side Two
Gimme Gimme Spoelstra 3:09
Souless Blues Spoelstra 3:08
Full Time Man Spoelstra 2:22
Sacred Life Spoelstra 4:00
Play Run Run Spoelstra 2:57
Farewell To North Avenue Spoelstra 2:53
Mark Spoelstra-12-guitar, vocals
§Cover Photo-William S Harvey
Produced by: Paul Rothchild, Peter Siegel


Big Sur Folk Festival(7/10/66)
10/21/66: The Cochrane Theatre, London
Big Sur Folk Festival(6/28-29/67)
Big Sur Folk Festival(9/7-8/68)

Mark Spoelstra
Columbia CS-9793
3/69 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Hobo Poet Spoelstra 2:50
Not So Inclined To Be Kind Spoelstra 2:57
Thanks Anyway† Spoelstra 3:21
Sound Of The Rainbow Spoelstra 2:55
You Should Know Spoelstra 3:10
Meadow Mountain Top Spoelstra 2:49
Side Two
Don Juan's Turn To Bow Spoelstra 2:48
Song Of Sad Bottles† Spoelstra 4:06
Mona Sue Spoelstra 3:09
Dim Lights And Bar Fights Spoelstra 3:24
Child Statue† Spoelstra 3:58
Empty Words Spoelstra 3:03
Mark Spoelstra-12-string guitar, vocals
Mitch Greenhill-guitar, Hammond organ, piano
Harvey Brooks-bass (except †)
Roy Blumenfeld-drums (except †)
Mike Deasy-guitar (Thanks Anyway, Song Of Sad Bottles, Child Statue)
David Cohen-guitar (Child Statue)
James Burton-steel guitar (Thanks Anyway), dobro (Song Of Sad Bottles, Child Statue)
Sneaky Pete-pedal steel (Meadow Mountain Top, Mona Sue, Dim Lights And Bar Fights, Empty Words)
Larry Knechtel-piano (Song Of Sad Bottles)
Ed Trickett-pedal dulcimer (Sound Of The Rainbow)
Meyer Snifin-violin (Hobo Poet, Meadow Mountain Top, Empty Words)
Joe Osborn-bass†
James Gordon-drums†
Clem Wretched-background vocal (Hobo Poet, Dim Lights And Bar Fights)
§Cover Art-Michael J Phillips
Produced by: James William Guercio


Sky River Rock Festival & Lighter Than Air Fair(8/30-9/1/69)
Workin' With A Woman / Tonight's For Lovin'³
Spoelstra (2:33) / Spoelstra (2:32)
Fantasy 664, 7/71


This House
Fantasy 8412
Back Cover

Side One
Dirty Movie Show Spoelstra 3:47
Better Butter Spoelstra 2:38
Amazon Song Spoelstra 3:34
Pretty Bird Spoelstra 2:38
Let Your Fingers Do The Talkin' Spoelstra 3:22
This House Spoelstra 4:40
Side Two
Bucket Of Grease Spoelstra 4:05
Workin' With A Woman Spoelstra 2:40
Henry And Henrietta Spoelstra 2:33
Tonight's For Lovin' Spoelstra 3:40
Another Mother For Peace Spoelstra 3:48
Mark Spoelstra-guitar, vocals
Steve Miller-piano, organ
Duck Dunn-bass guitar
Doug Clifford-drums
Stu Cook-rhythm guitar (Bucket Of Grease)
The Stovall Sisters-backing vocals (This House)
§Cover Photo-Stu Cook
Produced by: Doug Clifford



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