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Note: Because of the haphazard US issues of the solo albums by Jansch and Renbourn, I have decided to place them according to the UK
issue dates. This will allow them to flow more naturally with The Pentangle albums (which had much closer UK and US release dates).

Stepping Stones
Vanguard VSD-6506
12/68 [UK: 9/66]
Back Cover

UK Cover

UK Back Cover

Side One
East Wind Jansch-Renbourn 1:22
Piano Tune Renbourn 1:27
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat Mingus 3:49
Soho Jansch 2:59
Tic-Tocative Jansch-Renbourn 1:55
Orlando Jansch-Renbourn 1:37
My Lover Jansch 4:04
Side Two
Stepping Stones Jansch-Renbourn 2:41
Red's Favourite Jansch-Renbourn 1:31
It Don't Bother Me Jansch 4:25
No Exit Jansch-Renbourn 1:22
Along The Way Jansch 2:02
The Time Has Come Briggs 2:52
After The Dance Jansch-Renbourn 2:25
Bert Jansch-guitar, piano, vocals
John Renbourn-guitar
Produced by: Bill Leader

Note: UK title was Bert & John

Jack Orion
Vanguard VSD-6544
?/70 [UK: 9/66]
Back Cover

UK Cover

UK Back Cover

Side One
The Waggoner's Lad arr Jansch 3:26
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face McColl 1:43
Jack Orion arr Jansch 9:52
Side Two
The Gardener arr Jansch 1:44
Nottamun Town arr Jansch 4:33
Henry Martin arr Jansch 3:11
Black Water Side arr Jansch 3:47
Pretty Polly arr Jansch 4:03
Bert Jansch-banjo, guitar, piano, vocals
John Renbourn-guitar
§Cover Design-Jules Halfant; Drawing-Bert Jansch
Produced by: Bill Leader


Sir John Alot Of Merrie Englandes Musyk Thyng & Ye Greene Knyght
Reprise RS-6344
?/68 [UK: 6/68]
Back Cover

Side One
The Earle Of Salisbury arr Renbourn 1:19
The Trees They Do Grow High arr Renbourn 3:26
Lady Goes To Church Renbourn 2:50
Morgana Renbourn 7:22
Side Two
Transfusion Lloyd 1:58
Forty-Eight Renbourn-Cox 2:51
My Dear Boy Renbourn 1:15
White Fishes Renbourn-Warleigh 3:46
Sweet Potato Jones-Cropper-Jackson 3:17
Seven Up Renbourn-Cox 3:45
John Renbourn-guitar
Terry Cox-finger cymbals, African drums, glockenspiel
Ray Warleigh-flute
§Cover Design-Jules Halfant; Photo-Brian Shuel
§Cover Art-Osiris (Visions) Ltd
Produced by: Nathan Joseph


The Pentangle
Reprise RS-6315
10/68 BB [UK: 5/68] #21
Back Cover

UK Cover

Side One
Let No Man Steal Your Thyme arr Cox-Jansch-McShee 2:37
Bells Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 3:52
Hear My Call Staple Singers 3:01
Pentangling Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 7:02
Side Two
Mirage Jansch 2:00
Way Behind The Sun arr Cox-Jansch-Jansch-McShee-Thompson 3:01
Bruton Town arr Cox-Jansch-Jansch-McShee-Thompson 5:05
Waltz Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbrourn-Thompson 4:54
Jacqui McShee-vocals
Bert Jansch-guitar, vocals
John Renbourn-guitar, sitar, vocals
Danny Thompson-bass, double bass
Terry Cox-percussion, drums, vocals
§Cover Design-Osiris (Visions) Ltd; Photo-Robert Dowling
Produced by: Shel Talmy


Let No Man Steal Your Thyme / Way Behind The Sun
arr Cox-Jansch-Jansch-McShee-Thompson (2:37) / arr Cox-Jansch-Jansch-McShee-Thompson (3:01)
Reprise 0784, 11/68


Birthday Blues
Reprise RS-6343
?/69 [UK: 1/69]
Back Cover

Side One
Come Sing Me A Happy Song To Prove We Can All Get Along
   The Lumpy, Bumpy, Long And Dusty Road
Jansch 2:05
The Bright New Year Jansch 1:34
Tree Song Jansch 2:37
Poison Jansch 3:16
Miss Heather Rosemary Sewell Jansch 2:10
I've Got A Woman Jansch 5:15
Side Two
A Woman Like You Jansch 4:22
I Am Lonely Jansch 2:29
Promised Land Jansch 2:47
Birthday Blues Jansch 1:10
Wishing Well Jansch 2:15
Blues Jansch 2:40
Bert Jansch-guitar, piano, vocals
Duffy Power-harmonica
Ray Warleigh-flute, sax
Danny Thompson-bass
Terry Cox-drums
§Cover Photo-Hans Feurer
Produced by: Shel Talmy


Sweet Child
Reprise 2RS-6334
2/69 [UK: 11/68]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One: "Live" At The Royal Festival Hall, London, June 29, 1968
Market Song Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 3:39
No More, My Lord arr Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 3:55
Turn Your Money Green Lewis 2:16
Hatian Fight Song Mingus 3:31
A Woman Like You Jansch 4:00
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat Mingus 3:43
Side Two: "Live" At The Royal Festival Hall, London, June 29, 1968
Three Dances: Brentzel Gay/La Rotta/The Earl Of Salisbury Geravise/arr Renbourn-Cox/Byrd 4:32
Watch The Stars arr Renbourn-McShee 3:03
So Early In The Spring arr McShee 3:06
No Exit Jansch-Renbourn 2:16
The Time Has Come Briggs 3:04
Bruton Town arr Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 5:31
Side Three: Recorded At IBC Studios, London, August 1968
Sweet Child Cox-Jansch-Jansch-McShee-Thompson 5:13
I Loved A Lass arr Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 2:40
Three-Part Thing Jansch-Renbourn-Thompson 2:26
Savoy arr Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 2:49
In Time Cox-Jansch-Renbourn-Thompson 5:07
Side Four: Recorded At IBC Studios, London, August 1968
In Your Mind Cox-Jansch-Renbourn-Thompson 2:14
I've Got A Feeling Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 4:26
The Trees They Do Grow High arr Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 3:48
Moon Dog Cox 2:42
Hole In The Coal McColl 5:20
Jacqui McShee-vocals
Bert Jansch-guitar, vocals
John Renbourn-guitar, Sitar, vocals
Danny Thompson-bass, double bass
Terry Cox-percussion, drums, glockenspiel, vocals
§Cover Art-Peter Blake
Produced by: Shel Talmy


The Lady And The Unicorn
Reprise RS-6407
?/71 [UK: 12/70]
Back Cover

UK Label

Side One
1a Trotto arr Renbourn :40
  b Saltarello arr Renbourn 1:53
2a Lamento Di Tristan arr Renbourn 1:58
  b La Rotta arr Renbourn :55
3a Veri Floris arr Renbourn :44
  b Triple Ballade arr Renbourn 2:00
4a Bransle Gay arr Renbourn 1:13
  b Bransle de Bourgogne arr Renbourn 1:34
5a Alman arr Renbourn 1:25
  b Melancholy Galliard Dowland 2:47
Sarabande Bach 2:41
Side Two
The Lady and the Unicorn Renbourn 3:21
2a My Johnny Was a Shoemaker arr Renbourn 4:16
  b Westron Wynde arr Renbourn 1:25
  c Scarborough Fair arr Renbourn 7:22
John Renbourn-guitar, sitar
Terry Cox-hand drums, glockenspiel
Dave Swarbrick-violin
Tony Roberts-flute
Ray Warleigh-flute
Don Harper-violin
Lee Nicholson-concertina
§Cover Painting-The Lady And The Unicorn (late 1500s) series of tapestries [uncredited]
Produced by: Bill Leader


Once I Had A Sweetheart / I Saw An Angel¹
arr Cox-Jansch-Jansch-McShee-Thompson (4:40) / Cox-Jansch-Jansch-McShee-Thompson (2:53)
Reprise 0843, 7/69

Newport Folk Festival(7/20/69)
Isle of Wight Festival of Music(8/31/69)

Basket Of Light
Reprise RS-6372
12/69 BB [UK: 10/69] #5
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Light Flight (Theme from Take Three Girls) Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 3:17
Once I Had A Sweetheart arr Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 4:41
Springtime Promises Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 4:07
Lyke Wake Dirge arr Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 3:34
Train Song Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 4:45
Side Two
Hunting Song Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 6:44
Sally, Go 'Round The Roses Sanders-Stevens 3:38
The Cuckoo arr Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 4:28
House Carpenter arr Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 5:28
Jacqui McShee-vocals
Bert Jansch-banjo, guitar, vocals
John Renbourn-guitar, sitar, vocals
Danny Thompson-bass, double bass
Terry Cox-percussion, drums, glockenspiel, hand drums, vocals
§Cover Photo-Peter Smith
Produced by: Shel Talmy


Light Flight (Theme From "Take Three Girls") / Sally Go Round The Roses
Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson (3:14) / Sanders-Stevens (3:36)
PRO 391, 4/70

DJ Promo only issue
Isle of Wight Festival(8/30/70)

Cruel Sister
Reprise RS-6430
1/71 BB [UK: 11/70] #51
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
A Maid That's Deep In Love arr Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 5:26
When I Was In My Prime(Jacqui McShee-acapella) arr Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 2:52
Lord Franklin arr Jansch-McShee-Renbourn 3:21
Cruel Sister arr Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 6:59
Side Two
Jack Orion arr Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 18:39
Jacqui McShee-vocals
Bert Jansch-Dulcimer, guitar, concertina, recorder, vocals
John Renbourn-guitar, recorder, sitar, vocals
Danny Thompson-bass, double bass
Terry Cox-percussion, drums, tambourine, triangle, dulcitone, vocals (Cruel Sister)
§Cover Design-Hamish & Gustav; Engravings–Albrecht Dürer
Produced by: Bill Leader

Note: The front engraving is The Men's Bath (unknown) and the back is The Sea Monster (1496–1500)

Rosemary Lane
Reprise RS-6455
?/71 [UK: 6/71]
UK Back Cover

US cover artwork is the same
Side One
Tell Me What Is True Love? Jansch 2:02
Rosemary Lane arr Jansch 4:04
M'Lady Nancy Jansch 2:34
A Dream, A Dream, A Dream Jansch 2:43
Alman Johnson 1:23
Wayward Child Jansch 2:07
Nobody's Bar Jansch 3:03
Side Two
Reynardine arr Jansch 5:22
Silly Women Jansch 3:16
Peregrinations Jansch-Renbourn 1:49
Sylvie arr Jansch 4:30
Sarabanda Corelli 1:32
Bird Song Jansch 2:56
Bert Jansch-guitar, piano, vocals
Produced by: Bill Leader


Reprise RS-6463
10/71 BB [UK: 10/71]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Wedding Dress arr Pentangle 4:48
Omie Wise arr Pentangle 4:23
Will The Circle Be Unbroken arr Pentangle 4:06
When I Get Home Pentangle 4:55
Rain And Snow arr Pentangle 3:49
Side Two
Helping Hand Pentangle 3:27
So Clear Pentangle 4:49
Reflection Pentangle 11:14
Jacqui McShee-vocals
Bert Jansch-guitar, vocals
John Renbourn-guitar, sitar, vocals
Danny Thompson-bass
Terry Cox-percussion, drums
§Cover Design, Photos-Shepard Sherbell
Produced by: Bill Leader



End Of The Line

While not their best work, Solomon's Seal marked the end of the line for Pentangle. Jacqui would form a new band under The Pentangle banner which continued for many years.

Solomon's Seal
Reprise MS-2100
10/72 BB [UK: 9/72]
Back Cover

Lyric Sheet

Side One
Sally Free And Easy Tawney 3:55
The Cherry Tree Carol arr Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 2:57
The Snows arr Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 3:43
High Germany arr Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 3:15
People On The Highway Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 4:46
Side Two
Willy O'Winsbury arr Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 6:50
No Love Is Sorrow Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 2:41
Jump, Baby, Jump Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 3:10
Lady Of Carlisle arr Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 4:41
Jacqui McShee-vocals
Bert Jansch-acoustic guitar, banjo, recorder, sitar, dulcimer, harmonica, lead vocals
John Renbourn-electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Danny Thompson-double bass
Terry Cox-drums, finger cymbals, vocals (Lady Of Carlisle)
§Cover Art-Chris Ayliffe
Produced by: Pentangle, John Wood



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