Mother Earth
Tracy Nelson

Deep Are The Roots
Prestige PR-7393
Back Cover

Side One
Motherless Child Blues Thomas 3:05
Long Old Road Smith 3:15
Startin' For Chicago Trad 4:35
Baby Please Don't Go† Trad 2:05
Oh My Babe Rainey 3:10
Ramblin' Man Trad 2:20
Side Two
Candy Man Trad 1:55
Grieving Hearted Blues Rainey 3:15
Black Cat Hoot Owl Blues† Rainey 4:00
House Of The Rising Sun Trad 2:15
Jesus Met The Woman At The Well Trad 3:00
Trust No Man Rainey 2:25
Tracy Nelson-guitar, piano†, vocals
Peter Wolfe-guitar
Charlie Musselwhite-harmonica
Harvey Smith-piano
§Design-Don Schlitten
Produced by: Samuel Charters

Note: Reissued in 1969 as PR-7726 (those are the cover and back images)

Revolution / Stranger In My Home Town³
Martin-O'Connell (2:56) / Mayfield (2:20)
United Artists 50303, 5/68

from the movie Revolution
Soundtrack album has unique cuts

Living With The Animals
Mercury SR-61194
11/68 BB [UK: 3/69]
Back Cover

Fold-over Inside Cover

Inside Cover

UK Cover (and a different name!)

Side One
Marvel Group St John 3:14
Mother Earth Memphis Slim 6:03
I Did My Part Neville 2:53
Living With The Animals St John 4:46
Down So Low Nelson 3:34
Side Two
Cry On Toussaint 4:26
It Won't Be Long McFarland 3:33
My Love Will Never Die Dixon 4:48
Goodnight Nelda Grebe The Telephone Company Has Cut Us Off Caldwell-Nelson 2:39
Kingdom Of Heaven (Is Within You) St John 4:59
Tracy Nelson-piano, keyboards, vocals
John 'Toad' Andrews-guitar
Mark Naftalin-keyboards
Martin Fierro-synthesizer, saxophone, vocals
R P St John-harmonica, vocals
Bob Arthur-bass, vocals
George Rains-drums, saxophone
Spencer Perskin-violin
Bob Salisbury-saxophone, vocals
Frank Morin-saxophone
Luis Gasca-trumpet
Link Davis-saxophone
Ron Taormina-saxophone
The Earthettes (Shalimar Samuelson, Sylvia Caldwell, Losella Funque)-vocals
Barry Goldberg-organ (Mother Earth)
Makal Blumfeld [not too obvious, huh?]-guitar (Mother Earth)
José Rodríguez-drums
§Graphics-Lester Dore; TypographyS F Territorial News, The Bindweed Press
Produced by: Barry Goldberg


Down So Low / Good Night Nelda Grebe, The Telephone Company Has Cut Us Off
Nelson (3:34) / Caldwell-Nelson (2:39)
Mercury 72878, 11/68

Mother Earth³ / I Did My Part
Chatman-Simpkins (3:04) / Neville (2:41)
Mercury 72909, 4/69

Newport 69(5/22/69)
Atlantic City Pop Festival(8/1/69)
Wait, Wait, Wait / I Wanna Be Your Mama Again
Neville (2:47) / Sahm (3:30)
Mercury 72943, 7/69


Make A Joyous Noise
Mercury SR-61226
8/69 BB [UK: ?/69]
Back Cover

Fold-over Inside Cover

Inside Cover

City Side
Stop The Train Stallings 3:21
What Are You Trying To Do - 3:56
I Need Your Love So Bad John 5:23
The Soul Of A Man Sain 3:03
Blues For The Road Stallings 3:35
Country Side
You Win Again Williams 4:15
Come On And See Arthur 3:12
Then I'll Be Moving On St. John 3:24
I, The Fly St. John 3:33
I Wanna Be Your Mama Again Sahm 3:30
Wait, Wait, Wait Neville 2:47
Tracy Nelson-vocals, piano
John 'Toad' Andrews-guitar
Bob Cardwell-guitar
R Powell St John-vocals, harp
Clayhorn Butler Cotton-keyboards
Robert Arthur-bass
Karl Himmel-drums
Pig Robbins-organ
Pete Drake-steel guitar
Ben Keith-dobro (Wait, Wait, Wait)
Joseph Arnold-tsax
Johnny Gimble, Sammy Dodge-fiddle
Earthettes: Irma Routen, Joyce Dunn, Shalimar Samuelson-backing vocals
Earthmen: Robert Arthur, Boz Scaggs, Clayborne Butler Cotton, Lonni Castille, Ronald Stallings-backing vocals
Rev Ronald Stallings-vocals (Stop The Train, Blues For The Road)
The Jordanaires-vocals (Wait, Wait, Wait)
§Album Design-Lester Dore, Travis Rivers
Produced by: Tracy Nelson, Travis Rivers


Presents Tracy Nelson Country
Mercury SR-61230
9/69 [UK: ?/69]
Back Cover

Alternate Back Cover

Side One
Sad Situation Pitts 3:35
I Fall To Pieces Cochran-Howard 2:58
Stay As Sweet As You Are Arthur-Nelson 2:30
Stand By Your Man Sherrill-Wynette 2:33
Blue Blue Day Gibson 1:58
That's All Right Crudup 2:22
Side Two
I Can't Go on Loving You Mills 2:45
You're Still My Baby Willis 3:36
Now You're Gone Scaggs 4:11
Why, Why, Why Owens-Parton 1:58
I'm So Lonsome I Could Cry Willams 3:07
Tracy Nelson-keyboards, vocals
John Andrews-guitar
R Powell St John-vocals, harp
Bob Arthur-bass, vocals
Lonnie Castille-drums
Pete Drake-steel guitar
Scotty Moore-guitar
Jack Drake-bass
Johnny Gimble-violin
Shorty Lavender-violin
The Jordanaires-vocals
§Cover Photo-Martin Dean
Produced by: Pete Drake, Scotty Moore, Travis Rivers


Sad Situation / Stay As Sweet As You Are
Pitts (3:35) / Arthur-Nelson (2:30)
Mercury 72995, 11/69

Winter Festival For Peace(1/28/70)
Summer Festival For Peace(8/6/70)
Tracy records a couple of tracks with Happy & Artie Traum

Mercury SR-61270
9/70 [UK: ?/70]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Photo Booklet

Side One
Satisfied Carson 3:55
Groovy Way Taylor 4:16
Get Out Of Here Charles 4:19
Ruler Of My Heart Levell 6:19
Side Two
Andy's Song Nelson 4:27
Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While) Holland-Dozier-Holland 3:09
You Won't Be Passing Here No More Thomas 4:58
This Feeling Miller 6:27
Tracy Nelson-vocals, piano
John Andrews-guitar
Bob Cardwell-guitar
Andy McMahon-organ, piano
David Zettner-bass
Karl Himmel-drums
Ben Keith-dobro
James Day-pedal steel guitar
John Gimbel-fiddle
Sammy Dodge-fiddle
Farrell Morris-percussion
Earthettes, Earthmen, Irma Routen, Sandie Cantrell-backing vocals
§Art Direction-Des Strobel
Produced by: Travis Rivers

Note: Came with 8-page photo booklet—see it at 45worlds .

Satisfied / Andy's Song
Carson (3:55) / Nelson (4:27)
Mercury 73116, 9/70


Bring Me Home
Reprise RS-6431
4/71 BB [UK: ?/71]
Back Cover

Side One
Temptation Took Control Of Me And I Fell Kaz 3:21
There Is No End Andreolli-Kaz 3:13
Soul Of Sadness Nelson 3:23
I'll Be Long Gone Scaggs 4:00
Bring Me Home Carp 3:22
Side Two
Tonight The Sky's About To Cry Andreolli-Kaz 4:57
Seven Bridges Road Young 4:00
Lo And Behold Taylor 4:06
Deliver Me Kaz 3:54
Tracy Nelson-vocals, piano, backing vocals
John Andrews-electric guitar
Bob Cardwell-electric guitar, backing vocals
Andy McMahon-organ, piano, backing vocals
David Zettner-bass, backing vocals
Karl Himmel-drums
Ben Keith-dobro
James Day-pedal steel guitar
John Gimbel-fiddle
Sammy Dodge-fiddle
Farrell Morris-percussion
Earthettes, Earthmen, Irma Routen, Sandie Cantrell-backing vocals
Produced by: Travis Rivers


Temptation Took Control Of Me And I Fell / Soul Of Sadness
Kaz (3:21) / Nelson (3:22)
Reprise 1019, 5/71

I'll Be Long Gone / Bring Me Home
Scaggs (4:00) / Carp (3:22)
Reprise 1041, 10/71



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