Tim Buckley

Wings / Grief In My Soul
Buckley (2:28) / Beckett-Buckley (2:03)
Elektra 45606, 10/66


Tim Buckley
Elektra EKS-74004
10/66 [UK: 12/66]
Back Cover

Side One
I Can't See You Beckett-Buckley 2:40
Wings Buckley 2:28
Song Of The Magician Beckett-Buckley 3:05
Strange Street Affair Under Blue Beckett-Buckley 3:10
Valentine Melody Beckett-Buckley 3:40
Aren't You The Girl Buckley 2:01
Side Two
Song Slowly Song Beckett-Buckley 4:13
It Happens Every Time Buckley 1:49
Song For Jainie Buckley 2:43
Grief In My Soul Beckett-Buckley 2:03
She Is Beckett-Buckley 3:05
Understand Your Man Buckley 3:06
Tim Buckley-guitar, vocals
Lee Underwood-guitar
Van Dyke Parks-piano, celeste, harpsichord
Jim Fielder-bass
Billy Mundi-percussion, drums
§Cover Photo-William S Harvey
Produced by: Jac Holzman & Paul Rothchild


Aren't You The Girl / Strange Street Affair Under Blue
Buckley (2:01) / Beckett-Buckley (3:10)
Elektra 45612, 3/67

Magic Mountain Music Festival(6/11/67)
Once Upon A Time¹ / Lady, Give Me Your Key¹
Buckley (2:20) / Buckley (2:38)
Elektra 45618

Although scheduled for summer 67, this single was never released.

Goodbye And Hello
Elektra EKS-7318 [EKS-74028]
9/67 BB [UK: 12/67]
Back Cover

First Inside Cover

Second Inside Cover

Side One
No Man Can Find The War Beckett-Buckley 2:58
Carnival Song Buckley 3:10
Pleasant Street Buckley 5:15
Hallucinations Beckett-Buckley 4:55
I Never Asked To Be Your Mountain Buckley 6:02
Side Two
Once I Was Buckley 3:22
Phantasmagoria In Two Buckley 3:29
Knight-Errant Beckett-Buckley 2:00
Goodbye And Hello Beckett-Buckley 8:38
Morning Glory Beckett-Buckley 2:52
Tim Buckley-guitar, kalimba, vibes, vocals
Lee Underwood-guitar
Brian Hartzler-guitar
John Farsha-guitar
Don Randi-piano, harmonium, harpsichord
Jerry Yester-piano, organ, harpsichord
Jim Fielder-bass
Jimmy Bond-bass
Eddie Hoh-drums
Carter C C Collins-conga, percussion
Dave Guard-percussion
Henry Diltz-harmonica (Once I Was)
§Cover Photo-Guy Webster
Produced by: Jerry Yester

Note: At some point, the catalog number was changed. Gatefold inside also changed.

Morning Glory / Once I Was
Beckett-Buckley (2:52) / Buckley (3:22)
Elektra 45623, 12/67

The Monkees TV show, 3/25/68
It's their last show—Tim sings Song To The Siren (previous link 86'd).
3/30/68: Royal Festival Hall, London
with The Incredible String Band (headliners)
Newport Folk Festival(7/28/68)

 ➜ Live: 10/7/68, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London; released 1990: Dream Letter: Live in London 1968 

Pleasant Street / Carnival Song
Buckley (5:15) / Buckley (3:10)
Elektra 45041, 10/68

Film contains several of Tim's songs that don't appear on albums

Happy Sad
Elektra EKS-74045
4/69 BB [UK: 7/69]
Back Cover

Side One
Strange Feelin' Buckley 7:49
Buzzin' Fly Buckley 6:00
Love From Room 109 At The Islander (On Pacific Coast Highway) Buckley 10:47
Side Two
Dream Letter Buckley 5:10
Gypsy Woman Buckley 12:19
Sing A Song For You Buckley 2:36
Tim Buckley-guitar, vocals
Lee Underwood-guitar
John Miller-bass
David Friedman-vibes, marimba
Carter C C Collins-congas
§Cover Photo-Ed Caraeff
Produced by: Jerry Yester & Zal Yanovsky


Denver Pop Festival(6/28/69)
Seattle Pop Festival(7/25, 26/69)
Atlantic City Pop Festival(8/2/69)

Blue Afternoon
Straight STS-1060
11/24/69 BB [UK: 2/70]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Happy Time Buckley 3:15
Chase The Blues Away Buckley 5:10
I Must Have Been Blind Buckley 3:40
The River Buckley 5:47
Side Two
So Lonely Buckley 3:27
Cafe Buckley 5:40
Blue Melody Buckley 4:55
The Train Buckley 7:53
Tim Buckley-guitar, vocals
Lee Underwood-guitar, piano
Steve Khan-guitar (Happy Time, So Lonely)
John Miller-bass
James Madison-drums
David Friedman-vibes
Carter C C Collins-congas (Blue Melody)
§Cover Photo-John Williams
Produced by: Tim Buckley


Elektra EKS-74074
7/70 [UK: 10/70]
Back Cover

Side One
Lorca Buckley 9:59
Anonymous Proposition Buckley 7:48
Side Two
I Had A Talk With My Woman Buckley 6:01
Driftin' Buckley 8:12
Nobody Walkin' Buckley 7:35
Tim Buckley-guitar, vocals
Lee Underwood-guitar, piano
John Balkin-bass, pipe organ
Carter C C Collins-congas
§Cover Art-J Seeley
Produced by: Dick Kunc


Straight STS-1064
11/70 [UK: 1/71]
Back Cover

Side One
Come Here Woman Buckley 4:09
I Woke Up Beckett-Buckley 4:02
Monterey Beckett-Buckley 4:30
Moulin Rougue Beckett-Buckley 1:57
Song To The Siren Buckley 3:20
Side Two
Jungle Fire Buckley 4:42
Star Sailor Balkin-Beckett-Buckley 4:36
Healing Festival Buckley 3:16
Down By The Borderline Buckley 5:22
Tim Buckley-guitar, vocals
Lee Underwood-guitar, piano, pipe organ
John Balkin-double bass
Buzz Gardner-trumpet, flugelhorn
Bunk Gardner-flute, sax
Maury Baker-tympani, traps
§Cover Photo-Ed Trasher
Produced by: Tim Buckley


Tim's "sex funk" band released 3 album, including Greetings From LA (8/72).
Like others, Tim struggled with drugs. An OD of heroin ended his life in June 75.


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