Sir Douglas Quintet
Sir Douglas

She's About A Mover / We'll Take Our Last Walk Tonight
Sahm (2:20) / Sahm (2:40)
Tribe 8308, 3/65 T20 T20

The Tracker / Blue Northern¹
Kline (2:32) / Allen/Nilsen (2:15)
Tribe 8310, 6/65

In Time¹ / The Story Of John Hardy¹
Sahm (2:16) / Trad (2:40)
Tribe 8312, 9/65

The Rains Came / Bacon Fat¹
Meaux (2:13) / Williams (2:23)
Tribe 8314, 12/65 BB

Quarter To Three / She's Gotta Be Boss¹
Barge-Bonds-Guida-Royster (1:45) / Sahm (2:12)
Tribe 8317, 4/66

The Beginning Of The End / Love Don't Treat Me Fair¹
Duncan (2:51) / Sahm (1:29)
Tribe 8318, 7/66


The Best Of
Tribe TRS 47001
Back Cover

Side One
She's About A Mover Sahm 2:23
Beginning Of The End Duncan 2:58
The Tracker Kline 2:33
You're Out Walking The Streets Tonight Sahm 2:16
In The Pines Leadbelly 2:23
In The Jailhouse Now Rodgers 2:22
Side Two
Quarter To Three Barge-Bonds-Guida-Royster 1:45
It's A Man Down There Williamson 3:12
The Rains Came Meaux 2:14
Please Just Say So Sahm-Schneider 2:25
We'll Take Our Last Walk Tonight Sahm 2:44
Doug Sahm-guitar, lead vocals
Augie Meyers-organ
Jack Barber-bass
Johnny Perez-drums
Frank Morin-saxophone, percussion
§Design-Harry Farmlett
Produced by: Huey P Meaux


She Digs My Love¹ / When I Sing The Blues¹
Sahm (2:47) / Picard-Walsh (2:31)
Tribe 8321, 10/66

Are Inlaws Really Outlaws / Sell A Song
Sahm (3:15) / Sahm (5:25)
Smash 2169, 6/68

as by Sir Douglas Quintet + 2 = (Honkey Blues)

Honkey Blues
Smash SRS-67108
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Are Inlaws Really Outlaws Sahm 3:15
Sell A Song Sahm 5:25
Song Of Everything Sahm 4:04
Side Two
Can You Dig My Vibrations Sahm 3:12
Glad For Your Sake Public Domain 4:30
Whole Lotta Peace Of Mind Sahm 5:50
You Never Get Too Big And You Sure Don't Get Too Heavy, That
   You Don't Have To Stop And Pay Some Dues Sometime
Sahm 2:37
Doug Sahm-fiddle, guitar, vocals
Wayne Talbert-piano
Whitney "Hershey" Freeman-bass
George Rains-drums
Bill Atwood, Mel Martin, Terry Henry, Frank Morin, Martin Fierro-horns
§Head Of Art-Charles Winans
Produced by: Doug Sahm


Mendocino / I Wanna Be Your Mama Again
Sahm (2:40) / Sahm (2:55)
Smash 2191, 10/68 BB


Smash SRS-67115
3/69 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Mendocino Sahm 2:40
I Don't Want Sahm 3:45
I Wanna Be Your Mama Again Sahm 3:10
At The Crossroads Sahm 4:30
If You Really Want Me To I'll Go McClinton 2:35
Side Two
And It Didn't Even Bring Me Down Ferrio-Morin-Sahm 2:30
Lawd I'm Just A Country Boy In This Great Big Freaky City Sahm 2:45
She's About A Mover Sahm 3:20
Texas Me Meyer-Morin-Perez-Sahm 2:35
Oh, Baby It Just Don't Matter Sahm 3:15
Doug Sahm-fiddle, guitar, pedal steel, violin, vocals
Augie Meyers-organ, piano
Harvey Regan-bass
John Perez-drums
Frank Morin-horn, vocals
§Cover Photo-Dick Powers
Produced by: Amigos de Musica (Doug Sahm)


It Didn't Even Bring Me Down / Lawd, I'm Just A Country Boy In This Great Big Freaky City
Ferrio-Morin-Sahm (2:30) / Sahm (2:45)
Smash 2222, 4/69

Dynamite Woman¹ / Too Many Dociled Minds¹
Sahm (3:40) / Hall (2:25)
Smash 2233, 7/69 BB

Atlantic City Pop Festival(8/3/69)
Philadelphia Folk Festival(8/22/69)
At The Crossroads³ / Texas Me
Sahm (3:12) / Meyer-Morin-Perez-Sahm (2:30)
Smash 2253, 11/69


Together After Five
Smash SRS-67130
Back Cover

Side One
Nuevo Laredo Sahm 2:42
Dallas Alice Sahm 3:12
T-Bone Shuffle Sahm 3:03
I Don't Want To Go Home Sahm 3:04
Son of Bill Baety/Backwoods Girl Sahm 4:55
Side Two
Revolutionary Ways Sahm 2:26
Seguin Sahm 2:43
If She'd Only Come To Me Sahm 6:44
Magic Illusion Sahm 2:50
One Too Many Mornings/Sing A Happy Song Dylan/Sahm 4:59
Doug Sahm-fiddle, guitar, pedal steel, violin, vocals
Augie Meyers-organ, piano
Harvey Regan-bass
John Perez-drums
Frank Morin-horn
§Cover Photo-Dick Powers
Produced by: Huey Meaux


Nuevo Loredo / I Don't Wanna Go Home
Sahm (2:27) / Sahm (3:02)
Smash 2259, 2/70

What About Tomorrow? / A Nice Song
Sahm (2:28) / Sahm (2:49)
Philips 40676, 5/70

Pretty Flower / Catch The Man On The Rise
Sahm (4:12) / Sheppard (2:20)
Philips 40687, 7/70


Philips PHS-600-344
Back Cover

Opened Inside Cover

Sleeve with lyrics

Side One
Yesterday Got In The Way Sahm 3:06
In The Dark Malone-Parker 3:00
Don't Bug Me Fierro-Morris-Talbert 4:00
Be Real* Sahm 2:55
Pretty Flower Sahm 4:12
Side Two
What About Tomorrow? Sahm 2:28
Catch The Man On The Rise Sheppard 2:20
Tortilla Flats Murrey 2:43
A Nice Song Sahm 2:55
Monterey Sun Meyer-Morin-Sahm 1:14
Sixty Minutes Of Your Love Hayes-Porter 2:27
Doug Sahm-guitar, vocals
Augie Meyers-organ, piano
Hershey Freeman-bass
JP Perez-drums
Bill Atwood-trumpet
Frank Morin-horn, sax
Martin Fierro-sax
Mel Martin-sax
Harvey Kagen-bass
Wayne Talbert-piano
John Harris-piano
George Rains-drums
Jim Jenkins-drums
Gordon Mussick-trombone

*recorded in Nashville, with:
Wayne Douglas-vocals
Chip Young-guitar
Ray Edenton-guitar
Pete Drake-pedal steel guitar
Hargus "Pig" Robbins-piano
Bob Moore-bass
Kenneth Buttrey-drums
Buddy Spicher, Tommy Jackson-fiddle
§Cover Art-Desmond Strobel
Produced by: Amigos De Musica (except Be Real by Jerry Kennedy)


Me And My Destiny / Wasted Days And Wasted Nights
Sahm (3:16) / Duncan-Fender-Huerta-Meaux (3:38)
Philips 40708, 7/71


The Return Of Doug Saldaņa
Philips PHS-600-353
Back Cover

Side One
Preach What You Live Live What You Preach Sahm 2:45
She's Huggin' You, But She's Lookin' At Me Sahm 3:01
Keep Your Soul Sahm 3:10
Papa Ain't Salty McDaniel-Walker 3:55
Stone Faces Don't Lie Sahm 4:38
Side Two
Me And My Destiny Sahm 3:14
Wasted Days And Wasted Nights Duncan-Fender-Huerta-Meaux 3:38
Railpak Dun Done In The del Monte Sahm 3:52
Oh Lord, Please Let It Rain In Texas Sahm 2:42
Gypsy Reid 3:35
Doug Sahm-guitar, piano
Augie Meyers-organ, piano
Atwood Allen-harmony vocals
Jack Barber- bass
Jim Stallings-bass
John Perez-drums
Rocky Morales-sax
Leonides Baety-percussion
§Cover Photo-Ike Baruch
Produced by: Huey Meaux



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