Core of group created by Jack Holzman (Elektra chief) during recording sessions for David Ackles' first album

You're My Girl (I Don't Want To Discuss It) / I Will Serenade You
Beatty-Cooper-Shelby (4:43) / Finlay (3:16)
Elektra EK-45640, 11/68


Elektra EKS-74030
11/68 BB [UK: ?/69]
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
When You Say You're Sorry Gerber 3:53
Same Old Way Finley 2:02
Apricot Brandy Fonfara-Weis 1:57
That Time Of The Year Gerber 4:12
You're My Girl (I Don't Want To Discuss It) Beatty-Cooper-Shelby 4:43
Side Two
I Need Love Williams 4:23
I've Been There Finley-Gerber 4:24
Belbuekus Finley-Weis 2:25
Along Comes Tomorrow Gerber 4:37
I Will Serenade You Finley 3:16
John Finley-vocals
Danny Weis-guitar, piano, keyboards
Douglas Hastings-guitar
Michael Fonfara-organ, keyboards
Alan Gerber-piano, keyboards, vocals
Jerry Penrod-bass
Billy Mundi-percussion, drums
§Cover Art-Gene Szafran
Produced by: Paul Rothchild


Apricot Brandy / When You Say You're Sorry
Fonfara-Weis (2:00) / Gerber (3:53)
Elektra EK-45647, 1/69 BB

I Need Love³ / Belbeukus
Williams (2:43) / Finley-Weis (2:25)
Elektra EK-45659, 5/69


Satin Chickens
Elektra EKS-74056
9/69 BB [UK: 1/70]
Back Cover

Side One
Satin Doll Ellington 0:50
Monkee Man Finley-Weis 4:08
Find My Hand Gerber 3:38
Top Of The Ladder Finley-Weis 5:00
Sugar Foot Rag - 0:37
Don't Come Crying Finley 4:04
Side Two
Chicken Hastings-Weis 3:24
It's The Same Thing Gerber 3:25
In A Little Room Finley 4:27
Funk Butt Fonfara 3:21
Back Door Hastings 3:42
John Finley-vocals
Danny Weis-guitar, piano
Doug Hastings-guitar
Michael Fonfara-organ, piano
Alan Gerber-piano, vocals
Peter Hodgson-bass
Billy Mundi-drums
§Cover Art-Gene Szafran
Produced by: David Anderle (The Frog)


Back Door³ / In A Little Room
Hastings (3:05) / Finley (4:27)
Elektra EK-45677, 9/69

Let's Party³ / Old Age
Draper (2:42) / Edwards-Leishman (3:00)
Elektra EK-45691, 5/70


Better Times Are Coming
Elektra EKS-74075
6/70 BB [UK: 11/70]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Better Times Edwards-Finley-Fonfara 2:44
Old Age Edwards-Leishman 3:00
Sweet, Nice 'N' High Edwards-Leishman 3:31
Just Me Draper 2:11
Happiness Draper 3:40
Somewhere Finley-Weis 4:04
Side Two
It's A Groovy World Draper 2:55
Insanity Draper 2:20
Lady Of Fortune Edwards-Leishman 3:04
Let's Party Draper 3:04
Rain Child Edwards-Leishman 5:27
John Finley-vocals
Danny Weis-guitar
Larry Leishman-guitar
Michael Fonfara-organ
Peter Hodgson-bass
Duke Edwards-drums, vocals
§Art Direction-William S Harvey; Inside Art-Robert Logrippo
Produced by: Guy Draper


Better Times / It's A Groovy World
Edwards-Finley-Fonfara (2:44) / Draper (2:55)
Elektra EK-45694, 7/70

New York Pop(7/19/70)
Done in 1970, shortly after Better Times Are Coming was cut...


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