Pink Floyd
Syd Barrett

Arnold Layne / Candy And A Current Bun¹
Barrett (2:52) / Barrett (2:43)
Tower 333, 4/67 T20

US and UK picture sleeve issued with promo copies only; First UK single (Columbia DB-8156, 3/67)
The 14 Hour Technicolour Dream(4/29/67)
See Emily Play / The Scarecrow
Barrett (2:55) / Barrett (2:07)
Tower 356, 7/67 T20

Picture sleeve was issued with promo copies only
Tonite Let's All Make Love In London(9/26/67)
Swingin' London, featuring Pink & The Boys

The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn
Tower ST-5093
10/26/67 BB RS500 [UK: 8/4/67] T20
Back Cover

UK Labels

Red circled tacks replaced on US version.
Side One
See Emily Play Barrett 2:55
Pow R Toc H Barrett-Mason-Waters-Wright 4:16
Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk Waters 3:06
Lucifer Sam Barrett 3:05
Matilda Mother Barrett 2:59
Side Two
The Scarecrow Barrett 2:07
The Gnome Barrett 2:11
Chapter 24 Barrett 3:51
Interstellar Overdrive Barrett-Mason-Waters-Wright 9:42
Syd Barrett-guitars, vocal
Richard Wright-organ, vocals
Roger Waters-bass, vocals
Nick Mason-drums, vocals
§Cover Photo-Vic Singh
Produced by: Norman Smith


First US Tour

Pink and the boys had quite a disastrous inaugural American tour. Visa issues led to numerous cancelled concerts on the left coast, before finally debuting at Bill Graham's Winterland on Nov 4. Then there was Syd's, shall we say, odd behaviour during the taping of The Pat Boone Show (Syd was smart). And a stoned turn on American Bandstand.

2023 update: New link includes the video. Remembering Pink Floyd's bizarre US TV debut on 'American Bandstand' in 1967. The Syd Barrett Blog has disappeared. There is now a documentary on Syd. Read more here (American Songwriter website).

Flaming¹ / The Gnome
Barrett (2:44) / Barrett (2:11)
Tower 378, 11/67

Apples And Oranges¹ / Paint Box
Barrett (3:02) / Wright (3:28)
Columbia DB-8310 [UK], 11/67

Syd's last gasp. Timing from German 45.

In December, Syd's friend, David Gilmour, is asked to join and provide lead guitar work.

Syd Barrett quits in March, 1968 (after recording parts of Saucerful).

It Would Be So Nice¹ / Julia Dream
Wright (3:10) / Waters (2:28)
Tower 426, 6/68


A Saucerful Of Secrets
Tower ST-5131
7/27/68 [UK: 6/29/68] T20
Back Cover

Colourful second label (1st issue were plain brown)

UK Cover

Side One
Let There Be More Light Waters 5:32
Remember A Day Wright 4:27
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun Waters 5:23
Corporal Clegg Waters 4:07
Side Two
A Saucerful Of Secrets Gilmour-Mason-Waters-Wright 11:52
See Saw Wright 4:30
Jugband Blues Barrett 2:57
Syd Barrett-guitar, vocal (Remember A Day, Set The Controls..., Jugband Blues only)
David Gilmour-guitars, vocal
Richard Wright-organ, piano, mellotron, vibraphone, xylophone, vocal
Roger Waters-bass, vocal
Nick Mason-drums, vocal (Corporal Clegg)
Norman Smith-drums (Remember A Day), voice (Corporal Clegg)
The International Staff Band-horns (Jugband Blues)
§Cover Design & Photos-Hipgnosis (Storm Thorgerson)
Produced by: Norman Smith


Let There Be More Light³ / Remember A Day³
Waters (3:00) / Wright (2:40)
Tower 440, 8/68

Point Me At The Sky / Careful With That Axe, Eugene
Gilmour-Waters (3:37) / Gilmour-Mason-Waters-Wright (5:43)
Columbia DB-8511 [UK], 12/68

Why didn't we get this?, what a b-side! (Relax, it's on Relix in 71). Timing from German 45.

Where was Pink Floyd playing on July 20, 1969  ?? 

Soundtrack album below

More (Soundtrack)
Tower ST-5169
8/9/69 BB [UK: 6/13/69] T20
Reissue Back Cover

Side One
Cirrus Minor Waters 5:16
The Nile Song Waters 3:24
Crying Song Waters 3:25
Up The Khyber Mason-Wright 2:07
Green Is The Colour Waters 2:53
Cymbaline Waters 4:45
Party Sequence Gilmour-Mason-Waters-Wright 1:10
Side Two
Main Theme Gilmour-Mason-Waters-Wright 5:27
Ibiza Bar Gilmour-Mason-Waters-Wright 3:17
More Blues Gilmour-Mason-Waters-Wright 2:13
Quicksilver Gilmour-Mason-Waters-Wright 7:03
A Spanish Piece Gilmour 1:00
Dramatic Theme Gilmour-Mason-Waters-Wright 2:11
David Gilmour-guitars, vocals
Richard Wright-organ, Farfisa organ, piano
Roger Waters-bass, vocal
Nick Mason-drums, percussion
Lindy Mason-tin whistle (Green Is The Colour, Party Sequence)
§Cover Art-Hipgnosis
Produced by: Pink Floyd


Music Power & European Music Revolution, Festival Actuel: "Zappa joins Pink Floyd," 10/25/69,
Frank jams on Interstellar Overdrive. Nobody involved remembers this. Read about it at Best Classic Bands

Harvest STBB-388
11/10/69 BB [UK: 11/7/69] T20
Back Cover

Inside Cover

UK Cover

Gigi album cover in all its glory.
Live Album
Side One
Astronomy Domine† Barrett 8:25
Careful With That Axe, Eugene‡ Gilmour-Mason-Waters-Wright 8:47
Side Two
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun‡ Waters 9:21
A Saucerful Of Secrets†
   a. Something Else
   b. Syncopated Pandemonium
   c. Storm Signals
   d. Celestial Voices
Gilmour-Mason-Waters-Wright 12:51
Studio Album
Side Three
   Part 1
   Part 2
   Part 3
   Part 4
Grantchester Meadows Waters 7:23
Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered
   Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict
Waters 4:47
Side Four
The Narrow Way (Parts I, II, III) Gilmour 12:14
The Grand Vizier's Garden Party
   Part I—Entrance
   Part II—Entertainment
   Part III—Exit
Mason 8:55
David Gilmour-guitars, vocal
Richard Wright-keyboards, vocal
Roger Waters-bass, vocals
Nick Mason-drums, percussion
Lindy Mason-flute (The Grand Vizier's Garden Party) [uncredited]
§Cover Design & Photos-Hipgnosis
Produced by: Pink Floyd (Live Album) and Norman Smith (Studio Album)

Note: † recorded at Mothers Club, Birmingham (4/27/69) and ‡ at Manchester College of Commerce (5/2/69)
Each of the pieces of the studio album are performed by that one band member only. Looking back at the project, they don't like it too much.
More about the cover @ wiki.

The Madcap Laughs
Harvest SABB-765 [UK]
N/R [UK: 1/70] UK
UK Back Cover

UK Inside Cover

Side One
Terrapin Barrett 5:04
No Good Trying Barrett 3:26
Love You Barrett 2:30
No Man's Land Barrett 3:03
Dark Globe Barrett 2:02
Here I Go Barrett 3:11
Side Two
Octopus Barrett 3:47
Golden Hair Barrett-Joyce 1:59
Long Gone Barrett 2:50
She Took A Long Cold Look At Me Barrett 1:55
Feel Barrett 2:17
If It's In You Barrett 2:26
Late Night Barrett 3:10
Syd Barrett-guitar, vocals
David Gilmour-guitar, bass, drums (Octopus)
Willie Wilson-drums
and The Soft Machine on No Good Trying, Love You, overdubbed later:
   Mike Ratledge-keyboards
   Hugh Hopper-bass
   Robert Wyatt-drums
Jerry Shirley-drums (No Man's Land, Here I Go)
§Cover Design & Photos-Hipgnosis
Produced by: David Gilmour & Roger Waters, Syd Barrett, Peter Jenner, Malcolm Jones

Note: This albumn never got much airplay on WNEW-FM (maybe Terrapin) and it is kinda weird, but Syd belongs here with his creation.
Released here as a two-fer with his second album, Barrett, in Sept, 1974

Zabriskie Point(2/9/70)
Several unique tracks on the soundtrack album
An Hour With Pink Floyd

April 30, 1970: Pink Floyd record several tunes at the old, empty Fillmore Auditorium for the local public broadcasting station in San Francisco. The show, complete with artsy intros (it's the 70s damn it!), is broadcast locally only on KQED-TV and stereo simulcast on KQED-FM on January 26, 1971 (see link below). The special would be broadcast nationally by PBS in 1973. It was finally released in 2016 as part of the giant Pink Floyd box set The Early Years. Read more about this concert at KQED.

Atom Heart Mother
Harvest SKAO-382
10/10/70 BB [UK: 10/2/70]  #1 
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Cover with sticker

Side One
Atom Heart Mother Suite
   a) Father's Shout
   b) Breast Milky
   c) Mother Fore
   d) Funky Dung
   e) Mind Your Throats Please
   f) Remergence
Geesin-Gilmour-Mason-Waters-Wright 23:38
Side Two
If Waters 4:25
Summer '68 Wright 5:29
Fat Old Sun Gilmour 5:19
Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast
   a) Rise And Shine
   b) Sunny Side Up
   c) Morning Glory
Gilmour-Mason-Waters-Wright 12:55
David Gilmour-guitars, vocal
Richard Wright-piano, organ, mellotron, vocal (Summer '68)
Roger Waters-bass, acoustic guitar and vocals (If), tape editing, tape collage
Nick Mason-drums, percussion, tape editing, tape collage
Ron Geesin-orchestration (Atom Heart Mother Suite)
The John Aldiss Choir-chorus (Atom Heart Mother Suite)
Abbey Road Session Pops Orchestra-brass section (Atom Heart Mother Suite)
Alan Stiles-spoken commentary (Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast)
§Cover Design & Photos-Hipgnosis
Produced by: Pink Floyd

Note: That's Lulubelle III on the cover (under the original mottled blue sky—since flattened to plain blue).

KQED-TV, San Francisco: "An Hour With Pink Floyd," 1/26/71,
Here's a rare group performance of Grantchester Meadows from that KQED special.
The Body(2/24/71)
Roger and David help Ron Geesin's soundtrack

A Bizarre Collection of Antiques & Curios
Harvest SW-759
7/15/71 BB [UK: 5/14/71] UK
Back Cover

UK Cover

That's Nick Mason's drawing!
UK Back Cover

1996 CD Reissue Cover

Storm Thorgerson made a model of Nick's drawing
Side One
Arnold Layne†(45) Barrett 2:52
Insterstellar Overdrive† Barrett-Mason-Waters-Wright 9:38
See Emily Play† Barrett 2:54
Remember A Day† Wright 4:28
Paintbox†(UK 45) Wright 3:35
Side Two
Julia Dream(45) Waters 2:35
Careful With That Axe, Eugene(UK 45) Gilmour-Mason-Waters-Wright 5:40
Cirrus Minor Waters 5:13
The Nile Song Waters 3:23
Biding My Time(prev unr) Waters 5:03
Bike†(UK 1st LP) Barrett 3:21
Syd Barrett-guitar, lead vocal (Syd only appears on†)
David Gilmour-guitar, lead vocal (Julia Dream, Cirrus Minor, The Nile Song)
Richard Wright-organ, vocal (lead on Remember A Day, Paintbox
Roger Waters-bass, vocals (lead on Biding My Time)
Nick Mason-drums, percussion
Norman Smith-drums (Remember A Day)
§US Cover Art-David Coleman; UK Cover Art-Nick Mason
Produced by: Pink Floyd, Norman Smith, Joe Boyd

Note: For the 1996 CD reissue, a sculpture based on Nick's 1971 UK cover art was created by Storm Thorgerson (of Hipgnosis) (last note).

Harvest SMAS-832
10/30/71 BB [UK: 11/5/71] T20
Full Cover

Inside Cover

UK Full Cover

The UK cover was textured and more clearly shows an ear
Side One
One Of These Days Gilmour-Mason-Waters-Wright 5:43
A Pillow Of Winds Gilmour-Waters 5:29
Fearless (interpolating "You'll Never Walk Alone") Gilmour-Waters (Rodgers-Hammerstein) 6:08
San Tropez Waters 3:43
Seamus Gilmour-Mason-Waters-Wright 2:14
Side Two
Echoes Gilmour-Mason-Waters-Wright 23:32
David Gilmour-guitar, vocals
Richard Wright-piano, organ
Roger Waters-bass
Nick Mason-drums, vocals
'The KOP' (Fans of Liverpool Football Club)-chorus
§Cover Design-Pink Floyd; Photo-Bob Dowling
Produced by: Pink Floyd

Note: More about the cover @ wiki.

One Of These Days³ / Fearless (*Interpolating "You'll Never Walk Alone")³
Gilmour-Mason-Waters-Wright (3:29) / Gilmour-Waters (*Rodgers-Hammerstein) (3:13)
Capitol 3240, 11/71



We're not in Kansas, Toto!

The album that (finally) put Pink Floyd on the map.

After knocking out a soundtrack album (1972 French film, La Vallee), Pink and the group descended into Apple Studios (yes, same one that gave us The Beatles and S F Sorrow) to work on what would become their ticket to the stars. Reusing some music from The Body and Zabriskie Point, they honed the music to tell the story of life—from birth to death. They presented the work (then titled Dark Side of the Moon: A Piece for Assorted Lunatics) at the Rainbow Theatre on Feb 17, 1972.

Work then proceeded on smoothing out the edges and was finally released as an album a year later.

The Dark Side Of The Moon
Harvest SMAS-11163
3/1/73  #1  RS500 [UK: 3/23/73] T20
Full Cover

Inside Cover


Another Poster

And stickers, too!

Side One
Speak To Me Mason 1:30
Breathe Gilmour-Waters-Wright 2:43
On The Run Gilmour-Waters 3:30
Time Gilmour-Mason-Waters-Wright 6:53
The Great Gig In The Sky Wright 4:15
Side Two
Money Waters 6:30
Us And Them Waters-Wright 7:34
Any Colour You Like Gilmour-Mason-Wright 3:24
Brain Damage Waters 3:50
Eclipse Waters 1:45
David Gilmour-electric guitar, VCS3 synthesizer, vocals
Richard Wright-keyboards, VCS3 synthesizer, vocals
Roger Waters-bass guitar, VCS3 synthesizer, tape effects, vocals
Nick Mason-percussion, tape effects
Clare Torry-vocals (The Great Gig In The Sky)
Dick Parry-saxophone (Money, Us And Them)
Barry St John, Doris Troy, Leslie Duncan, Liza Strike-backing vocals
§Cover Design & Photos-Hipgnosis
Produced by: Pink Floyd

Note: Dark Side was on the Billboard Top 200 Album charts for 923 weeks (that's 17+ YEARS)
More about the packaging @ wiki


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