Moby Grape
Alexander (Skip) Spence

Gotta Start Somewhere...

The San Diego Misfits
The Uncle Willie / Big Bad Wolf
Mosley (2:15) / Mosley (3:05)
Troy 222-101, ?/64

early, rowdy San Diego bar band from whence Bob appeared

The Misfits
This Little Piggy (I'm A Hog For You) / Lost Love
Leiber-Stoller (1:42) / Mosley (2:07)
Imperial 66054, 8/64


The Frantics
Human Monkey / Someday
Miller-Stevenson (2:10) / Miller-Stevenson (2:34)
Action AF-1113, 7/66

Seattle surf band who saw the light (with Jerry and Don)

Fall On You / Changes
Lewis (1:56) / Miller-Stevenson (3:24)
Columbia 44170, 5/67

Sitting By The Window / Indifference³
Lewis (2:55) / Spence (2:46)
Columbia 44171, 5/67

8:05 / Mister Blues
Mosley (2:17) / Mosley (2:00)
Columbia 44172, 5/67

Omaha / Someday
Spence (2:24) / Miller-Stevenson (2:39)
Columbia 44173, 5/67 BB

Hey Grandma / Come In The Morning
Miller-Stevenson (2:29) / Mosley (2:17)
Columbia 44174, 5/67


Note: In a brilliant marketing move, Columbia released all the above 45s on the same day! One ping only.

Moby Grape
Columbia CS-9498
6/67 BB RS500 [UK: 6/67]
Back Cover


Infamouse "bird" poster
Original cover photo

Used for Edsel's 1984 mono reissue
Side One
Hey Grandma Miller-Stevenson 2:29
Mr Blues Mosley 2:00
Fall On You Lewis 1:56
8:05 Miller-Stevenson 2:21
Come In The Morning Mosley 2:17
Omaha Spence 2:24
Naked, If I Want To Miller 1:58
Side Two
Someday Miller-Stevenson 2:39
Ain't No Use Miller-Stevenson 1:40
Sitting By The Window Lewis 2:55
Changes Miller-Stevenson 3:24
Lazy Me Mosley 1:47
Indifference Spence 4:15
Jerry Miller-guitar, vocals
Skip Spence-guitar, vocals
Peter Lewis-guitar, vocals
Bob Mosley-bass, vocals
Don Stevenson-drums, vocals
§Cover Photo-Jim Marshall
Produced by: David Rubinson

Note: Don "giving it to The Man"—that was airbrushed out for future releases. That red flag? Yup—airbrushed Ole Glory (see last note)

Monterey International Pop Festival(6/17/67)
Steve Paul's Scene: "Short film," 10/4/67,
perfoming Hey Grandma and Sitting By The Window.

Columbia CS-9613
4/68 BB [UK: 7/68]
Full Cover

Inside Cover

UK Cover

Brits rearranged non-gatefold cover...
UK Back Cover

...and didn't include Grape Jam
Side One
The Place And The Time Miller-Stevenson 2:04
Murder In My Heart For The Judge Miller-Stevenson 2:58
Bitter Wind Mosley 3:07
Can't Be So Bad Miller-Stevenson 3:28
Just Like Gene Autry; A Foxtrot* Spence 2:55
  Featuring Lou Waxman and his Orchestra,
  and starring Arthur Godfrey, Banjo and Ukulele
Side Two
He Lewis 3:33
Motorcycle Irene Spence 2:24
Three-Four Mosley 5:00
Funky-Tunk Spence-Miller 2:09
Rose Colored Eyes Mosley 4:00
Miller's Blues Miller-Mosley 5:24
Naked, If I Want To Miller 0:46
Jerry Miller-guitar, vocals
Skip Spence-guitar, vocals
Peter Lewis-guitar, vocals
Bob Mosley-bass, vocals
Don Stevenson-drums, vocals
Arthur Godfrey-voice and ukulele
Horm & string arrangements-David Rubinson and/or Joey Scott
§Cover Art-Bob Cato
Produced by: David Rubinson

Note: *This track had to be played at 78 RPM

Grape Jam
Columbia MGS-1
(companion album to Wow in the US)
Back Cover

Side One
Never Mosley 6:11
Boysenberry Jam   6:00
Black Currant Jam   7:13
Side Two
Marmalade   13:51
Lake Hayworth-Moby Grape 4:04
Jerry Miller-guitar
Skip Spence-guitar
Peter Lewis-guitar
Bob Mosley-bass, vocals
Don Stevenson-drums
Al Kooper-piano (Black Currant Jam)
Michael Bloomfield-piano (Marmalade)
§Cover Photo-Jim Marshall
Produced by: David Rubinson

Note: The song Never would resurface two years later as Since I've Been Loving You—another rip-off by Jimmy Page.

Can't Be So Bad / Bitter Wind²
Miller-Stevenson (3:22) / Mosley (2:42)
Columbia 44567, 6/68


Skip Spence to solo career

Columbia CS-9696
1/69 BB [UK: 2/69]
Back Cover

1972 Reissue Cover

Side One
Ooh Mama Ooh Miller-Stevenson 2:28
Ain't That A Shame Lewis-Miller-Stevenson 2:30
I Am Not Willing Lewis 3:00
It's A Beautiful Day Today Mosley 3:07
Hoochie Mosley 4:25
Side Two
Trucking Man Mosley 2:02
If You Can't Learn From My Mistakes Lewis 1:26
Captain Nemo Miller-Stevenson 1:46
What's To Choose? Lewis 1:57
Going Nowhere Miller-Stevenson 2:04
Seeing Spence 3:43
Jerry Miller-guitar, vocals
Peter Lewis-guitar, vocals
Bob Mosley-bass
Don Stevenson-drums
Skip Spence-guitar, vocal (Seeing)
§Cover Photo-Bobby Klein
Produced by: David Rubinson

Note: Reissued on the budget Harmony label, knocking off Ooh Mama Ooh and Seeing, but adding Omaha—see last note

2/1/69: Middle Earth Club, London
Trucking Man / If You Can't Learn From My Mistakes
Mosley (2:02) / Lewis (2:34)
Columbia 44789, 2/69


Columbia CS-9831
5/69 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Little Hands Spence 3:44
Cripple Creek Spence 2:16
Diana Spence 3:32
Margaret-Tiger Rug Spence 2:17
Weighted Down (The Prison Song) Spence 6:27
War In Peace Spence 4:05
Side Two
Broken Heart Spence 3:29
All Come To Meet Her Spence 2:04
Books Of Moses Spence 2:42
Yin For My Yang Spence 2:53
Lawrence Of Euphoria Spence 1:31
Grey/Afro Spence 9:39
Skip Spence-all instruments, vocals
§Cover Design-Lloyd Ziff
Produced by: David Rubinson


Bob Mosley joins the Marines (discharged shortly thereafter)

Ooh Mama Ooh / It's A Beautiful Day Today
Miller-Stevenson (2:28) / Mosley (3:07)
Columbia 44885, 5/69


Truly Fine Citizen
Columbia CS-9912
7/69 BB [UK: 9/69]
Back Cover

Side One
Changes, Circles Spinning Lewis 2:19
Looper Lewis 2:54
Truly Fine Citizen Miller-Stevenson 1:40
Beautiful Is Beautiful Miller-Stevenson 2:22
Love Song Miller-Stevenson 2:20
Right Before My Eyes Lewis 1:55
Side Two
Open Up Your Heart Miller-Stevenson 2:28
Now I Know High Lewis 8:00
Treat Me Bad Miller-Stevenson 2:10
Tongue Tied Miller-Spence 1:04
Love Song, Part Two Miller-Stevenson 1:08
Jerry Miller-guitar, vocals
Peter Lewis-guitar, vocals
Don Stevenson-drums
Bob Mooore-bass
§Cover Photo-Ron Coro
Produced by: Bob Johnston


Going nowhere fast
Poor album sales, fights lead to dissolution of band only to reunite in '71 for one last shot

20 Granite Creek
Reprise RS-6460
8/71 BB [UK: 1/72]
Back Cover

Side One
Gypsy Wedding Mosley 2:30
I'm The Kind Of Man That Baby You Can Trust Miller 2:38
About Time Stevenson 2:52
Goin' Down To Texas Lewis 2:00
Road To The Sun Mosley 2:48
Apocalypse Lewis 2:11
Side Two
Chinese Song Spence 5:42
Roundhouse Blues Miller 2:45
Ode To The Man At The End Of The Bar Mosley 3:43
Wild Oats Moan Miller/Stevenson 3:12
Horse Out In The Rain Lewis 2:20
Jerry Miller-guitar, vocals
Skip Spence-guitar, drums, vocals
Peter Lewis-guitar, vocals
Bob Mosley-bass, vocals
Don Stevenson-drums, guitar (About Time)
Jeffrey Cohen-bass (Ode To The Man At The End Of The Bar)
Gordon Stevens-dobro, mandolin, violin
Andy Narell-percussion, steel drums
David Rubinson-conga, piano
§Album Design-Dave Bhang
Produced by: David Rubinson


The Satsop River Fair And Tin Cup Races(9/3-6/71)
Gypsy Wedding / Apocalypse
Mosley (2:30) / Lewis (2:11)
Reprise 1040, 9/71

Goin' Down To Texas / About Time
Lewis (2:00) / Stevenson (2:52)
Reprise 1055, 11/71



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