Love Sculpture
Dave Edmunds

Sabre Dance³ / Think of Love¹
Khachaturian, arr Edmunds (4:51) / Edmunds (3:04)
Parrot 335, 2/69

Huge hit in the UK, due mostly to John Peel. Reads about it in the comments at 45cat.

Blues Helping
Rare Earth RS-505
10/69 [UK: 12/68]
Back Cover

UK Cover

Back Cover

Side One
The Stumble King-Thompson 3:01
3 O'Clock Blues King-Taub 5:07
I Believe To My Soul Charles-Learner 3:44
So Unkind Sehorn 2:56
Summertime Gershwin-Gershwin-Heyward 4:01
On The Road Again Jones-Wilson 3:34
Side Two
Don't Answer The Door Johnson 5:59
Wang Dang Doodle Dixon 3:33
Come Back Baby Charles 2:40
Shake Your Hips Moore 3:20
Blues Helping Edmunds-Jones-Williams 3:44
Dave Edmunds-guitar, piano, organ, vocals
John Williams-bass, piano, vocals
Bob "Congo" Jones-drums, vocals (I Believe To My Soul, Summertime)
§US Cover Design-Craig Braun, Inc; UK Cover Design-Hipgnosis
Produced by: Malcolm Jones & Kingsley Ward


Farandole / In The Land Of The Few³
Bizet, arr Edmunds (3:42) / Edmunds-Finesilver-Ker (3:20)
Parrot 362, 2/70


Forms And Feelings
Parrot PAS-71035
2/70 [UK: 1/70]
Back Cover

UK Cover

Side One
In The Land Of The Few Edmunds-Finesilver-Ker 3:55
Seagull Korda 3:28
Nobody's Talking Finesilver-Ker 3:37
Why (How-Now) Finesilver-Ker 7:42
Farandole Bizet, arr Edmunds 3:42
Side Two
You Can't Catch Me Berry 3:25
People People Finesilver-Ker 3:23
Mars (From "The Planets") Holst, arr Edmunds 1:58
Sabre Dance Khachaturian, arr Edmunds 11:12
Dave Edmunds-guitar, piano, organ, vocals
John Williams-bass, piano, vocals
Bob "Congo" Jones-drums, vocals
§Cover Art-John Thorne
Produced by: Dave Edmunds, Mike Finesilver, Pete Ker

Note: The US album added Mars to side two

Dave Edmunds begins solo career (sometimes with Nick Lowe in Rockpile)
I Hear You Knockin'² / Black Bill¹
Bartholomew-King (2:46) / Edmunds (3:05)
MAM 3601, 11/70 BB

I'm Comin' Home¹ / Country Roll¹
arr Edmunds (3:00) / Edmunds (3:09)
MAM 3608, 4/71 BB

Blue Monday¹ / I'll Get Along¹
Bartholomew-Domino (2:47) / Williams (2:50)
MAM 3611, 7/71



English rockabilly goes solo

Since adding these few "Post 71 extras," I've be able to include some of my favorites that were on the outside (looking in). One-man band Dave Edmunds' album was worn out on my turntable that summer. And still gets playtime today.

Dave would go on to lead one of the best 70s/80s bands, Rockpile, as well as produce many outstanding albums for his friends (like The Flamin' Groovies).

3/72 [UK: 6/72]
Back Cover

Side One
Down, Down, Down Burton 2:51
I Hear You Knocking Bartholomew-King 2:49
Hell Of A Pain Edmunds-Williams 2:59
It Ain't Easy Davies 3:23
The Promised Land Berry 2:27
Side Two
Dance, Dance, Dance Young 3:01
Lover Not A Fighter Collier 3:34
Egg Or The Hen Dixon 4:20
Sweet Little Rock And Roller Berry 2:39
Outlaw Blues Dylan 5:13
Dave Edmunds-all other instruments, vocals
John Williams-bass, backing vocals
Terry Williams-drums-(Down, Down, Down, Outlaw Blues)
Andy Fairwater-Low-guitar, drums (Egg Or The Hen)
B J Cole-pedal steel guitar (Down, Down, Down, Dance, Dance, Dance, Outlaw Blues)
§Cover Photo-Neil Jones
Produced by: Dave Edmunds

Note: Promised Land recorded live, summer 1966


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