Gotta Start Somewhere...

Arthur Lee & The L.A.G.'s
The Ninth Wave / Rumble-Still-Skins
Lee (2:43) / Lee (2:19)
Capitol 4980, 5/63


Note: Arthur and his pal Johnny Echols formed this band and the next one

The American Four
Luci Baines / Soul Food
Lee (3:00) / Echols-Lee (2:40)
Selma 2001, 10/64

That's LBJ's daughter, Luci

My Little Red Book / A Message To Pretty³
Bacharach-David (2:30) / Lee (2:56)
Elektra 45603, 3/66 BB


Elektra EKS-74001
3/66 BB [UK: 9/66]
Back Cover

Side One
My Little Red Book Bacharach-David 2:30
Can't Explain† Echols-Fleckstein-Lee 2:35
A Message To Pretty Lee 3:10
My Flash On You Lee 2:05
Softly To Me MacLean 3:10
No Matter What You Do† Lee 2:40
Emotions Echols-Lee 1:55
Side Two
You I'll Be Following Lee 2:25
Gazing† Lee 2:40
Hey Joe Roberts 2:38
Signed D C Lee 2:44
Colored Balls Falling Lee 1:50
Mushroom Clouds Echols-Forssi-Lee-MacLean 2:45
And More† Lee-MacLean 2:56
Arthur Lee-vocals, guitar, piano, harmonica, drums†
Bryan MacLean-guitar, vocals (Softly To Me, Hey Joe)
John Echols-lead guitar
Ken Forssi-bass
Alban "Snoopy" Pfisterer-drums
§Cover Design & Photo-William S Harvey
Produced by: Jac Holzman, Mark Abramson


7 And 7 Is / No. Fourteen¹
Lee (2:15) / Lee (1:50)
Elektra 45605, 7/66 BB

Stephanie Knows Who / Orange Skies
Lee (2:29) / MacLean (2:49)
Elektra 45608, 10/66

She Comes In Colours³ / Orange Skies
Lee (2:06) / MacLean (2:49)
Elektra 45608, 11/66

A-side replaced and reissued

Da Capo
Elektra EKS-74005
1/67 BB [UK: 2/67]
Back Cover

Side One
Stephanie Knows Who Lee 2:33
Orange Skies MacLean 2:49
¡Que Vida! Lee 3:37
7 And 7 Is† Lee 2:15
The Castle Lee 3:00
She Comes In Colors Lee 2:43
Side Two
Revelation Echols-Forssi-Lee-MacLean 18:57
Arthur Lee-vocals, guitar, piano, harmonica, percussion
Bryan MacLean-guitar, vocals
John Echols-lead guitar
Alban "Snoopy" Pfisterer-harpsichord, organ, drums†
Ken Forssi-bass
Michael Stuart-drums, percussion
Tjay Cantrelli-sax, flute
§Cover Design & Photo-William S Harvey
Produced by: Paul Rothchild

Note: Snoopy was classically trained pianist—moving from drums a wise idea

¡Que Vida!³ / Hey Joe
Lee (2:07) / Roberts (2:38)
Elektra 45613, 3/67


Snoopy and Tjay out

Forever Changes
Elektra EKS-74013
11/67 BB RS500 [UK: 2/68] UK
Back Cover

Side One
Alone Again Or MacLean 3:15
A House Is Not A Motel Lee 3:25
Andmoreagain† Lee 3:15
The Daily Planet† Lee 3:25
Old Man MacLean 2:57
The Red Telephone MacLean 4:45
Side Two
(Maybe The People Would Be The Time Or) Between
   Clark And Hilldale
Lee 3:30
Live And Let Live Lee 5:24
The Good Humor Man (He Sees Everything Like This) Lee 3:00
Bummer In The Summer Lee 2:20
You Set The Scene Lee 6:49
Arthur Lee-vocals, guitar, piano, harmonica, percussion
Bryan MacLean-guitar, vocals (lead on Alone Again Or and Old Man)
John Echols-lead guitar
Ken Forssi-bass
Michael Stuart-drums, percussion
The Wrecking Crew:
Billy Strange-guitar
Don Randi-piano (also on Old Man, Bummer In The Summer)
Carol Kaye-bass, guitar
Hal Blaine-drums
along with Lee and MacLean
David Angel [& Arthur Lee]-horn and string arrangments
Bud Brisbois-trumpet (Alone Again Or)
§Cover Art-Bob Pepper; Design-William S Harvey
Produced by: Arthur Lee, Bruce Botnick


Alone Again Or³ / A House Is Not A Motel
Lee (2:49) / Lee (3:25)
Elektra 45629, 3/68

Your Mind And We Belong Together / Laughing Stock¹
Lee (4:22) / Lee (2:33)
Elektra 45633, 6/68

Arthur Lee forms new Love group
Newport 69(6/21/69)

Four Sail
Elektra EKS-74049
8/69 BB [UK: 11/69]
Back Cover

Side One
August Lee 5:00
Your Friend And Mine - Neil's Song† Lee 3:40
I'm With You† Lee 2:45
Good Times† Lee 3:30
Singing Cowboy Donnellan-Lee 4:30
Side Two
Dream Lee 2:49
Robert Montgomery Lee 3:34
Nothing Lee 4:44
Talking In My Sleep Lee 2:50
Always See Your Face Lee 3:30
Arthur Lee-vocals, piano, harmonica, guitar, percussion
Jay Donnellan-lead guitar
Frank Fayad-bass, vocals
George Suranovich-drums, vocals
Drachen Theaker-drums†
§Cover Photo-Ed Caraeff; Back Cover Illustration-Peter Schaumann
Produced by: Arthur Lee


Medium Cool(8/27/69)
One unique song in the film
I'll Pray For You³ / Stand Out
Lee (3:00)/ Lee (3:00)
Blue Thumb 106, 10/69


Out Here
Blue Thumb BTS-9000
11/69 BB [UK: 5/70] UK
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
I'll Pray For You Arthurly 3:50
Abalony Arthurly 1:50
Signed D C Arthurly 5:15
Listen To My Song Arthurly 2:28
I'm Down Arthurly 4:48
Side Two
Stand Out Arthurly 3:00
Discharged Arthurly 1:30
Doggone Arthurly 12:00
Side Three
I Still Wonder Arthurly-Donnellan 3:05
Love Is More Than Words Or Better Late Than Never Arthurly 11:20
Nice To Be Arthurly 1:50
Car Lights On In The Daytime Blues Arthurly 1:10
Side Four
Run To The Top Arthurly 3:00
Willow Willow Arthurly 3:22
Instra-Mental Arthurly 3:00
You Are Something Arthurly 2:05
Gather Round Arthurly 5:50
Arthurly [Arthur Lee]-vocals, guitar
Jay Donnellan-lead guitar
Frank Fayad-bass
George Suranovich-drums
Paul Martin-lead guitar (I'm Down)
Gary Rowles-lead guitar (Love Is More Than Words)
Jim Hobson-piano (I'll Pray For You), organ (Run To The Top)
Drachen Theaker-drums (Signed D C)
§Cover Painting-Burt Shonberg
Produced by: Arthurly


2/19/70: Speakeasy, London

Elektra EKS 74058, 8/70 BB [UK: 12/70]
includes non-lp 45 Your Mind And We Belong Together
Keep On Shining³ / The Everlasting First
Lee (2:23) / Lee (3:01)
Blue Thumb 116, 11/70


False Start
Blue Thumb BTS-8822
11/70 BB [UK: 1/71]
Inside Cover

Note: Back art same as front art
Side One
The Everlasting First Hendrix-Lee 3:00
Flying Lee 2:40
Gimi A Little Break Lee 2:05
Stand Out† Lee 4:22
Keep On Shining Lee 3:00
Side Two
Anytime Lee 3:27
Slick Dick Lee 3:12
Love Is Coming Lee 1:30
Feel Daddy Feel Good Lee 3:16
Ride That Vibration Lee 3:42
Arthur Lee-vocals, guitar, piano
Gary Rowles-lead guitar
Noony Ricket-guitar, vocals
Frank Fayad-bass
George Suranovich-drums
Jimi Hendrix-lead guitar (The Everlasting First)
§Cover Photo-Ross Shifman; Design-Camouflage Productions
Produced by: Arthur Lee

Note: †Recorded live in London, February 27, 1970 at The Waltham Forest Tech College

Arthur released a solo album, Vindicator (8/72) and the last Love album, Reel To Real (12/74).
Lee spent six years in prison and reformed Love in the early 00s. Lee passed away on August 3, 2006.
A couple of album recorded in the 80s were finally issued in the 00s.


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