The Left Banke
Montage ♦ Steve Martin 

Gotta Start Somewhere...

Christopher & The Chaps
It's Alright Ma, I'm Only Bleeding / They Just Don't Care
Dylan (2:40) / Jerome-Lookofsky (2:28)
Fontana F-1530, 11/65

Group with M. Lookofsky [Michael Brown]

The Magic Plants
I'm A Nothing / I Know She's Waiting There
Wexler (2:43) / Jerome-Shekeryk-Wexler (2:07)
Verve VK-10377, 12/65

Tom Finn was in this garage band (but not on this record )

Personel Not As It May Appear

The comings and goings of the folks who made these records is a story in itself. The two big hits, Renee & Ballerina had just the vocals by Steve Martin (backing vocals by Cameron and Finn) and Brown's harpsichord, with New York studio cats providing the rest. Lead guitarists came and went during the recording of the albums. The band broke up then partially reformed. More than would fit here comfortably. Check this article for the details: Going For Baroque: The Left Banke Story .

Carmelo Esteban "Steve" Martin Caro added Caro back to his name in the 80s to distinguish himeslf from that wild and crazy guy. Did not change writer credits.

Walk Away Renee / I Haven't Got The Nerve
Brown-Calilli-Sansone (2:42) / Cameron-Martin (2:10)
Smash 2041, 6/66 T20

Went nowhere until fall, when "broken" on Mid-West stations (WCOL, WING)
Pretty Ballerina / Lazy Day
Brown (2:35) / Brown-Martin (2:23)
Smash 2074, 12/66 T20


Walk Away Renee/Pretty Ballerina
Smash SRS-67088
2/67 BB [UK: 4/67]
Back Cover

Side One
Pretty Ballerina Brown 2:35
She May Call You Up Tonight Brown-Martin 2:16
Barterers And Their Wives Brown-Feher 3:18
I've Got Something On My Mind Brown-Cameron-Martin 2:47
Let Go Of You Girl Brown-Cameron-Martin 2:51
Evening Gown Brown-Feher 1:46
Side Two
Walk Away Renee Brown-Calilli-Sansone 2:42
What Do You Know? Brown-Feher 3:02
Shadows Breaking Over My Head Brown-Martin 2:35
I Haven't Got The Nerve Cameron-Martin 2:10
Lazy Day Brown-Martin 2:23
Steve Martin [Caro]-vocals
Mike Brown-organ, piano, clavichord, vocals (lead on What Do You Know)
Rick Brand-guitar, banjo
Tom Finn-bass, vocals
George Cameron-drums, percussion, vocals
Jeff Winfield, Hugh McCracken, Al Gorgoni-guitar
Joe Mack, Seymour Barab-bass
Al Rogers, Buddy Saltzman-drums
Jackie Kelso-flute
§Cover Art-uncredited
Produced by: Gene Radice & Artie Schroeck


Ivy Ivy¹ / And Suddenly¹
Brown-Feher (3:11) / Brown-Sommer (2:05)
Smash 2089, 3/67

Bert Sommer-lead vocal, guitar
She May Call You Up Tonight / Barterers And Their Wives
Brown-Martin (2:16) / Brown-Feher (3:18)
Smash 2097, 6/67

Desirée / I've Got Something On My Mind
Brown-Feher (2:42) / Brown-Cameron-Martin (2:47)
Smash 2119, 9/67 BB


Mike Brown drifts in-and-out, eventually forms Montage

I Shall Call Her Mary / An Audience With Miss Priscilla
Brown-Feher (2:21) / Brown-Feher (1:59)
Laurie LR-3438, 4/68

Dark Is The Bark / My Friend Today
Cameron-Finn-Martin (3:28) / Finn (3:03)
Smash 2165, 6/68

Wake Up, Jimmy (Something's Happening Outside) / Tinsel And Ivey
Brown-Sommer (3:08) / Brown-Feher (2:25)
Laurie LR-3453, 7/68

Goodbye Holly / Sing Little Bird Sing
Feher (2:56) / Finn (4:16)
Smash 2198, 11/68


The Left Banke Too
Smash SRS-67113
12/68 [UK: 3/69]
Back Cover

Side One
Goodbye Holly Feher 2:56
There's Gonna Be A Storm Finn 4:16
Sing Little Bird Sing Feher 3:09
Nice To See You Finn 2:41
Give The Man A Hand Popocki 2:33
Side Two
Bryant Hotel Feher 3:24
Desirée Brown-Feher 2:42
Dark Is The Bark Cameron-Finn-Martin 3:28
In The Morning Light Brown-Feher 2:50
My Friend Today Finn 3:03
Steve Martin [Caro]-vocals
Rick Brand-guitar, banjo
Tom Finn-bass, vocals (Nice To See You, There's Gonna Be A Storm
George Cameron-drums, vocals (Goodbye Holly, Bryant Hotel)
Tom Feher-piano, guitar (Sing Little Bird, Bryant Hotel)
Michael Brown-piano, organ (Desirée, In The Morning Light)
Paul Griffin-keyboards (Dark Is The Bark)
Rick Brand-banjo (Bryant Hotel)
Hugh McCracken-guitar (Desirée, Dark Is The Bark)
Steve Tallarico [Tyler]-backing vocals
others listed @ wiki
§Cover Art-uncredited
Produced by: Gene Radice & Artie Schroeck


Laurie SP-2049
6/69 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
I Shall Call Her Mary Brown-Feher 2:21
She's Alone Brown-Sommer 2:56
Grand Pianist Brown-Sommer 2:25
Men Are Building Sand Brown-Sommer 2:10
Desirée Brown-Feher 2:44
Side Two
Song Is Love Brown-Sommer 1:42
Tinsel And Ivey Brown-Feher 2:25
An Audience With Miss Priscilla Gray Brown-Feher 1:59
My Love Feher 2:56
Wake Up, Jimmy (Something's Happening Outside) Brown-Sommer 3:08
Bob Steurer-vocals
Mike Smyth-guitar, vocals
Lance Cornelius-bass, vocals
Vance Chapman-drums, vocals
Michael Brown-keyboards, vocals
§Cover Art-Michel Goldberg
Produced by: Michael Brown


Bryant Hotel / Give The Man A Hand
Feher (3:24) / Popocki (2:33)
Smash 2209, 3/69

Nice To See You / There's Gonna Be A Storm
Finn (2:41) / Finn (4:16)
Smash 2226, 6/69

Myrah¹ / Pedestal¹
Brown-Martin (3:21) / Kaye-Kupersmith (3:45)
Smash 2243, 11/69

Two By Two (I'm Losing You) / Love Songs In The Night
Brown (3:02) / Brown (2:08)
Buddah BDA-219, 2/71

Both songs (by Michael Brown) from the movie soundtrack Ultra Violet's Hot Parts


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