Led Zeppelin

Gotta Start Somewhere...

Jimmy Page
She Just Satisfies / Keep Moving
Mason-Page (?) / Mason-Page (?)
Fontana TF-533 [UK], 2/65


You Better Run / Everybody's Gonna Say
Brigati-Cavaliere (2:28) / Beamer-Crutchley-Plant-Thompson (2:12)
Columbia 4-43967, 12/66

Listen's lead singer was Robert Plant

12/26/68: Denver Auditorium Arena, Denver, CO
opened for Spirit and Vanilla Fudge

Led Zeppelin
Atlantic SD-8216
1/12/69 T20 RS500 [UK: 3/69] T20
Back Cover

Side One
Good Times Bad Times Page-Jones-Bohnam 2:47
Babe I'm Gonna Leave You trad, arr Page 6:41
You Shook Me Dixon 6:27
Dazed And Confused Page 6:26
Side Two
Your Time Is Gonna Come Page-Jones 4:34
Black Mountain Side Page 2:12
Communication Breakdown Page-Jones-Bonham 2:29
I Can't Quit You Baby Dixon 4:42
How Many More Times Page-Jones-Bonham 3:30
Robert Plant-harmonica, vocals
Jimmy Page-guitar
John Paul Jones-organ, bass, keyboards
John Bonham-drums, tympani
Viram Jasani-tabla (Black Mountain Side)
§Cover Photo-Hindenberg disaster (1937) by Sam Shere
Produced by: Jimmy Page

Note: How Many More Times is actually 8:28; the time was "misprinted" so as to not scare off DJs
More on the cover art @ wiki .

Heard Any Good Tunes Lately, Jimmy?

Dazed And Confused was "stolen" from Jake Holmes (see Aug 25 on the 1967 calendar) and Black Mountain Side was "stolen" from Bert Jansch. For more crimes against music, see: The Thieving Magpies or
ZEPPELIN TOOK MY BLUES AWAY Trading Cards @ Willard's Wormholes is now closed

Good Times Bad Times / Communication Breakdown
Page-Jones-Bonham (2:46) / Page-Jones-Bonham (2:27)
Atlantic 2613, 3/69 BB

Flip the sides and it's their first UK single (Atlantic 584269 [UK], 5/69
Atlanta International Pop Festival(7/5/69)
Newport Jazz Festival(7/6/69)
Laurel Pop Festival(7/11/69)
Mid-West Rock Festival(7/25/69)
Seattle Pop Festival(7/27/69)
Texas International Pop Festival(8/31/69)

Atlantic SD-8236
10/22/69  #1  RS500 [UK: 10/69]  #1 
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Whole Lotta Love Page-Plant-Jones-Bonham 5:33
What Is And What Should Never Be Page-Plant 4:47
The Lemon Song Page-Plant-Jones-Bonham 6:20
Thank You Page-Plant 3:50
Side Two
Heartbreaker Page-Plant-Jones-Bonham 4:15
Living Loving Maid (She's Just A Woman) Page-Plant 2:40
Ramble On Page-Plant 4:35
Moby Dick Bonham-Jones-Page 4:25
Bring It On Home Page-Plant 4:19
Robert Plant-harmonica, vocals
Jimmy Page-guitars
John Paul Jones-bass, organ, keyboards
John Bonham-drums, tympani
§Cover & Inside Art-David Juniper
Produced by: Jimmy Page


Whole Lotta Love³ / Living Loving Maid (She's Just A Woman)
Page-Plant-Jones-Bonham (4:50) / Page-Plant (2:39)
Atlantic 2690, 11/69 T20 / BB


Atlantic SD-7201
10/5/70  #1  [UK: 10/70]  #1 
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Wheel inside cover

Wheel spinning

Side One
Immigrant Song Page-Plant 2:26
Friends Page-Plant 3:55
Celebration Day Page-Plant-Jones 3:29
Since I've Been Loving You Page-Plant-Jones 7:25
Out On The Tiles Page-Plant-Bonham 4:04
Side Two
Gallows Pole arr Page-Plant 4:58
Tangerine Page 3:12
That's The Way Page 5:38
Bron-Y-Aur Stomp Page-Plant-Jones 4:20
Hats Off To (Roy) Harper arr Obscure 3:41
Robert Plant-harmonica, vocals
Jimmy Page-guitars, pedal steel guitar, banjo
John Paul Jones-bass, Hammond organ, Moog synthesizer, mandolin
John Bonham-drums, tympani
§Cover Art-Zacron
Produced by: Jimmy Page

Note: The cover featured a wheel disc that you could rotate. See note three to see the wheel and note four to see it in action!

Immigrant Song / Hey Hey What Can I Do¹
Page-Plant (2:23) / Page-Plant-Jones-Bonham (3:56)
Atlantic 2777, 11/70 T20


Untitled (IV, Zozo, Runes, The Hermit - take your pick!)
Atlantic SD-7208
11/8/71 T20 RS500 [UK: 11/8/71]  #1 
Full Cover

Inside Cover


Other Side

Side One
Black Dog Page-Plant-Jones 4:55
Rock And Roll Page-Plant-Jones-Bonham 3:40
The Battle Of Evermore Page-Plant 5:38
Stairway To Heaven Page-Plant 7:55
Side Two
Misty Mountain Hop Page-Plant-Jones 4:39
Four Sticks Page-Plant 4:49
Going To California Page-Plant 3:36
When The Levee Breaks Page-Plant-Jones-Bonham-Memphis Minnie 7:08
Robert Plant-harmonica, vocals
Jimmy Page-guitars, mandolin (The Battle Of Evermore)
John Paul Jones-bass, organ, keyboards
John Bonham-drums, tympani
Sandy Denny-vocals (The Battle Of Evermore)
Ian Stewart-piano (Rock and Roll)
§Cover Photo-Keith Morris; Inside Painting-The Hermit by Barrington Colby
Produced by: Jimmy Page

2023 Update: 52 years later we now know who "The Hermit" is: Lot Long, a Wiltshire thatcher, taken circa 1880.
Full details and the original photo found at the University of the West of England at The Guardian .


There's A Treat At The Top

Finally an album with a real title! Houses wraps up Zep's first five. Physical Grafitti would be a couple of years away.

Not their best, but plenty of concert faves here.

Houses Of The Holy
Atlantic SD-7255
3/28/73  #1  [UK: 3/30/73]  #1 
Full Cover

Inside Cover


Other Side

Side One
The Song Remains The Same Page-Plant 5:24
The Rain Song Page-Plant 6:32
Over The Hills And Far Away Page-Plant 4:06
The Crunge Bonham-Jones-Page-Plant 3:52
Side Two
Dancing Days Page-Plant 3:40
D'yer Mak'er Bonham-Jones-Page-Plant 4:18
No Quarter Page-Plant 6:52
The Ocean Bonham-Jones-Page-Plant 4:16
Robert Plant-vocals
Jimmy Page-guitars
John Paul Jones-bass, mellotron (The Rain Song), keyboards
John Bonham-drums
§Cover Art-Hipgnosis
Produced by: Jimmy Page


Zep made millions on records and tours, but when Bonzo died in 1980 the band died too.
Page did movie music, Plant returned to his folky ways with Alison Krauss, and JPJ went back to production work.


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