Dr John, The Night Tripper
Dr John's real name is Mac Rebennack. He dropped "The Night Tripper" after The Sun... album

Gotta Start Somewhere...

Mac Rebennack
Storm Warning / Foolish Little Girl
Rebennack (2:52) / Rebennack (2:24)
Rex 1008, 8/59


Mac Rebennack & His Orch.
Good Times / Sahara
Frank-Scott (2:35) / Rebennack (2:18)
Ace 611, 1/61


Mac Rebennack & The Soul Orch
The Point / One Naughty Flat
Rebennack (2:09) / Montrell (2:27)
A.F.O. 309, 12/62


Drits & Dravy
Talk That Talk - Part I / Talk That Talk - Part II
Rebennack (2:30) / Rebennack (2:30)
Another Record 100/101, ?/63

Mac Rebennack and Ronnie Barron

Atco SD 33-234
1/22/68 RS500 [UK: ?/68]
Back Cover

Side One
Gris-Gris Gumbo Ya Ya Creaux 5:34
Danse Kalinda Ba Boom Battiste-Creaux 3:44
Mama Roux Creaux-Hill 2:55
Danse Fambeaux Creaux 4:53
Side Two
Croker Courtbullion Battiste 5:57
Jump Sturdy Creaux 2:19
I Walk On Guilded Splinters Creaux 7:57
My group consists of Dr. Poo Pah Doo of Destine Tambourine and Dr. Ditmus of Conga, Dr. Boudreaux of Funky Knuckle
Skins and Dr. Battiste of Scorpio in Bass Clef, Dr. McLean of Mandolin Comp. School, Dr. Mann of Bottleneck Learning,
Dr. Bolden of The Immortal Flute Fleet, The Baron of Ronyards, Dido, China, Goncy O'Leary, Shirley Marie Laveaux,
Dr. Durden, Governor Plas Johnson, Senator Bob West Bowing, Croaker Jean Freunx, Sister Stephanie and St. Theresa,
John Gumbo, Cecilia La Favorite, Karla Le Jean who were all dreged up from The Rigolets by the Zombie of the Second Line.
Under the eight visions of Professor Longhair reincannted the charts of now.

For the actual musicians, see blue note!
§Cover Art-Marvin Israel; Photo-Raphael
Produced by: Harold Battiste Jr

Note: All the ambience of a swampy New Orleans midnight voodoo-inspired gathering (actually Gold Star Studios in LA).

I Walk On Gilded Splinters, Pt 1 / I Walk On Gilded Splinters, Pt 2
Dr John Creaux (2:50) / Dr John Creaux (2:57)
Atco 6607, 8/68

Mama Roux / Jump Sturdy
Creaux-Hill (2:55) / Dr John Creaux (2:19)
Atco 6635, 11/68


Atco SD 33-270
1/17/69 [UK: 4/69]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Babylon Creaux 5:13
Glowin' Creaux 5:37
Black Widow Spider Rebennack 4:45
Barefoot Lady Battiste-Creaux 3:00
Side Two
Twilight Zone Rebennack 8:10
The Patriotic Flag-Waiver Creaux 4:53
The Lonesome Guitar Strangler Creaux 5:35
Dr John-keyboards, guitar, vocals
Alvin Robinson-guitar
Steve Mann-guitar
Richard 'Didimus' Washington-guitar, percussion
John McAlister-quarter-tone piano, gongs, celesta
Ronnie Barron-organ
Al Frazier-bass
John Boudreaux-drums
Plas Johnson-saxophone
Morris Bachamin-tenor saxophone
Jessie Hill-backing vocals, percussion
Shirley Goodman, Tami Lynn-backing vocals
§Album Design-Stanislaw Zagorski; Photo-Norton
Produced by: Harold Battiste Jr


Toronto Pop Festival(6/22/69)
Atlantic City Pop Festival(8/3/69)
New Orleans Pop Festival(9/1/69)

Atco SD 33-316
4/9/70 [UK: 8/70]
Back Cover

Side One
Loop Garoo Rebennack 4:42
What Goes Around Comes Around Rebennack 2:55
Wash, Mama, Wash Rebennack 3:35
Chippy, Chippy Rebennack 3:30
Mardi Gras Day Rebennack 8:08
Side Two
Angola Anthem Rebennack 17:33
Dr John-keyboards, guitar, vocals
Cold Grits-guitars, bass, drums
Jessie Hill-backing vocals, percussion
Shirley Goodman, Tami Lynn-backing vocals
§Cover Photo-Steve LaVere
Produced by: Tom Dowd & Charles Greene


Wash, Mama, Wash / Loop Garoo
Rebennack (3:42) / Rebennack (4:43)
Atco 6755, 5/70

6/28/70: Bath Festival 1970
Bath and West Showground, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, England
New York Pop(7/19/70)

The Sun, Moon & Herbs
Atco SD 33-362
8/31/71 BB [UK: 11/71]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Inner Sleeve Front

Inner Sleeve Back

Side One
Black John The Conqueror Rebennack 6:20
Where Ya At Mule Rebennack 4:55
Craney Crow Rebennack 6:40
Side Two
Familiar Reality-Opening* Hill-Rebennack 5:25
Pots On Fiyo (Filé Gumbo) / Who
   I Got To Fall On (If The Pot Get Heavy)
Rebennack 5:48
Zu Zu Mamou Rebennack 7:57
Familiar Reality-Reprise Hill-Rebennack 1:53
Dr John-piano, organ, guitar, vibes, percussion, vocals
Eric Clapton-slide guitar
Tommy Ferrone-guitar
Vic Brox-pocket trumpet, organ
Ray Draper-tuba, percussion, vocals
Fred Staehle-trap drums
Mick Jagger, Shirley Goodman, Tammi Lynn, P P Arnold, Joni Jonz-vocals
John Boudreaux-drums
Ron Johnson-bass
Ronnie Barron-organ
Ed Hoerner-trumpet
Jerry Jumonville-saxophone
The Memphis Horns
Graham Bond-sax
Bobby Keys-sax
Chris Mercer-sax
Jim Price-trumpet
Kenneth Terroade-flute
Walter Davis, Jr.-piano
Steve York-bass
Jesse Boyce-bass
Carl Radle-bass
Jim Gordon-percussion
Freeman Brown-percussion
Fuzzy Samuels-percussion
Calvin Samuels-conga
Bobby Whitlock-vocals
Doris Troy-vocals
§Cover Art-John John Millerburg
Produced by: Mac Rebennack & Charles Green



New Orleans Roots

Mac dropped The Night Tripper tag and returned to his real New Orleans R&B roots, recording this fabulous album of "local" songs. By gum, he even had a "hit" single!


Iko Iko³ / Huey Smith Medley
Crawford (3:10) / Smith-Vincent (3:17)
Atco 45-6882, 3/72 BB

The title on the B-side lists all the medley titles—I didn't

Dr John's Gumbo
Atco SD-7006
4/20/72 BB  RS500 [UK: 7/72]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Song story insert

Side One
Iko Iko Crawford 4:08
Blow Wind Blow Cougarden-Smith 3:17
Big Chief Gaines 3:25
Somebody Changed The Lock Rebennack 2:42
Mess Around Ertegun 3:09
Let The Good Times Roll Johnson 3:56
Side Two
Junko Partner Shad 4:27
Stack-A-Lee Arr Archibald 3:28
Tipitina Byrd 2:04
Those Lonely Lonely Nights King-Vincent 2:30
Huey Smith Medley:
   High Blood Pressure
   Don't You Just Know It
   Well I'll Be John Brown
Smith-Vincent 3:17
Little Liza Jane Smith-Vicent 2:59
Dr John-piano, guitar (Let The Good Times Roll), vocals
Alvin Robinson-guitar, backing vocals
Ken Klimak-guitar
Ronnie Barron-electric piano, organ
Jimmy Calhoun-bass
Freddie Staehle-drums
Ronnie Barron-piano (Let The Good Times Roll)
Sidney George-sax, harmonica (Let The Good Times)
Harold Battiste-sax, clarinet (Somebody Changed The Lock)
Streamline-trombone (Somebody Changed The Lock)
Melvin Lastie-cornet
David Lastie, Lee Allen, Moe Bechamin-saxes
Richard "Didimus" Washington-percussion
Jessica Smith, Moe Bechamin, Robbie Montgomery, Ronnie Barron, Shirley Goodman, Tami Lynn-backing vocals
Horns arranged by Harold Battiste
§Cover Art-Barry Feinstein, Tom Wilkes
Produced by: Harold Battiste, Jerry Wexler

Note: First issues had an insert wherein Dr John talks about the songs on the album.

The good doctor was a strong ally in the recovery of the Big Easy since that devastating hurricane Katrina and its aftermath.
Mac played on many recordings, including the Stones (Let It Loose). He passed away on June 6, 2019.


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