National Lampoon's Lemmings

Biting satire of the Woodstock Festival...
Starting off as a campus humour ensemble known as The Harvard Lampoon, founders Doug Kenny, Henry Beard and Robert Hoffman started a small empire known as the National Lampoon. First publishing a magazine, they branched out into radio, live revues and eventually movies.

On January 25, 1973, they opened a revue at the Village Gate called "Lemmings." The first half of the show was sketch comedy, with the second act devoted to a send-up of the Woodstock Festival, now redubbed: Woodshuck: Three Days of Peace, Love and Death. With the addition of Chevy Chase, John Belushi, Christopher Guest, Alice Playton, and others, they portrayed rock stars at a festival whose goal was death to all participants. Songs are pretty good interpretations of their intended targets.

Dangerous Minds (a way above-average website—and a daily visit) recently posted a story about Lemmings and the video that was made. The "skits" between the songs are not very good and the ending act, Megadeth, is LOUD (earbud warning: levels of unimaginable pain—don't even). Best to track down the album below, but was fun to see Belushi, Chase and the others so young! Paul Jacobs is masterful as Leon Russell, "The Master Of Time & Space." Plus, they guys are their own band and really good! Who knew that Chevy Chase was a drummer?

The live cast album was released in 1973.

National Lampoon's
Blue Thumb BTS-6006
6/73 BB
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Show Poster

Side One
Stage Announcements John Belushi 1:54
Lemmings Lament Paul Jacobs (as David Crosby) 3:05
Stage Announcements John Belushi 2:10
Positively Wall Street Christopher Guest (as Bob Dylan) 2:42
Weather Person Garry Goodrow 1:50
Pizza Man Alice Playten (as Goldie Oldie) 3:45
Stage Announcements John Belushi 0:58
Colorado Chevy Chase (as John Denver) 4:13
Richie Havens Christopher Guest (as Richie Havens)  
Crowd Rain Chant John Belushi 1:20
Side Two
Stage Announcements John Belushi 0:33
Papa Was A Running Dog Lackey Of The Bourgeoisie Paul Jacobs (as Motown Manifestoes) 2:35
All-Star Dead Band John Belushi  
Stage Announcements John Belushi 2:15
Highway Toes Christopher Guest (as James Taylor) 2:41
Hell's Angel Chevy Chase  
Stage Announcements John Belushi  
Farmer Yassir Garry Goodrow (as Max Yasgur) 4:56
Lonely At The Bottom John Belushi (as Joe Cocker) and
Paul Jacobs (as Leon Russell)
Megagroupie Alice Playten 1:50
Megadeath John Belushi 3:22
Cast (& Band):
vocals as noted above:
Paul Jacobs-guitar, harmonica, piano
Garry Goodrow-guitar, bass
Christopher Guest-guitar, bass
John Belushi-bass, guitar
Chevy Chase-drums
Mary-Jennifer Mitchell
Alice Playten
Produced by: Tony Hendra


Skits that didn't make the album...
Several skits did not appear on the album:
  Pull the Triggers, N***ers, Mary Jennifer Mitchell (as Joan Baez), (but was on Radio Dinner, their 1972 record)
  Nirvana Banana, Zal Yanovsky (as Donovan)
  I Do For You, Alice Playten (as Joni Mitchell)
  Jackie Christ, Superstar
  Deteriorata, Tony Hendra (as Les Crane), (but was also on Radio Dinner)
  Defeat Day

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