By The Four Seasons?
This was the best album they recorded, according to Frankie Valli himself. The record company was not pleased, the pop-hit fans were not pleased, and the hippies were not pleased; but it's a fine record. It originally came as a gatefold album, with an 8-page "newspaper" insert. You can check out some of this stuff here .

The Genuine Imitation Life Gazette
Philips PHS 600-290
1/69 BB [UK: 7/69]
Back Cover

Inside Cover 1

Inside Cover 2

Booklet Cover

Side One
American Crucifixion Resurrection Gaudio-Holmes 6:48
Mrs Stately's Garden Gaudio-Holmes 3:12
Look Up Look Over Gaudio-Holmes 4:42
Somebody's On Her Mind Gaudio-Holmes 2:44
Saturday's Father Gaudio-Holmes 3:10
Side Two
Wall Street Village Day Gaudio-Holmes 4:26
Genuine Imitation Life Holmes 6:15
Idaho Gaudio-Holmes 3:03
Wonder What You'll Be Gaudio-Holmes 3:25
Soul Of A Woman Gaudio-Holmes 7:05
The Four Seasons: Frankie Valli, Bob Gaudio, Joe Long, Tom DeVito-vocals
Joseph Labracio-bass
Vincent Corrao-guitar
Robert Gaudio-piano
Joseph Cassiere-drums
Richard Natoli-woodwind
Salvatore Piccolo-trumpet
§Cover Art-Desmond Strobel
Produced by: Bob Gaudio

Note: Album had double fold inside cover and came with an 8-page booklet see it @ Discogs.

Something's On Her Mind / Idaho
Holmes (2:44) / Holmes (3:03)
Philips 40957, 2/69 BB

A-side title different from album


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