Radio station head honchos banned (or tried to) many of these songs for "promoting drug use," whilst most of them were actually AGAINST drug use. OK, the pot songs weren't, except for Neil Diamond's ridiculous The Pot Singer's Song (best heard in the proper frame of mind).

The "I don't have to listen to the song to know it's bad" types (or those who can interpret the writers words better than the writer) are only doing what's right for us! But those of of with a functioning brain would tend to disagree. Ah, censorship—sounds like a new page.

You'll not be shocked when you learn that Nixon started the useless and costly War On Drugs™ to incarcerate voices of dissent (heroin=blacks, pot=hippies). You see, you just can't toss them in jail—you gotta have some sort of reason.

There are many songs that we all love to listen to when we're in "that mood" (even if that mood was 30 years ago!) that aren't listed. You have your favs—me, too.

And guess what—Eight Miles High ain't on this list, 'caus for the umpteenth time—it ain't About Drugs!!!!!

For a more complete list of special phrases us hippies use to feed our needs, check out this 2018 Official (no, really) DEA Slang Terms and Code Words: A Reference for Law Enforcement Personnel used "on the street." Another fine example of the waste that is "War On Drugs™." Rumour has it the dopes have published a chart on what emojis kids theses days use—search fer it and keep up-to-date.

Pot   dope, ganja, grass, hemp, loco weed, sativa, smoke, texas tea, weed
And I Wish I Were Stoned Caravan 1/71
Bass Strings Country Joe & The Fish 6/66
Comin' Into Los Angeles Arlo Guthrie 9/69
Commercial Spanky & Our Gang 8/67
Dealer Traffic 3/68
Don't Bogart Me The Fraternity Of Man 7/68
Don't Step On The Grass, Sam Steppenwolf 9/68
Dope Again The Serpent Power 12/67
Flying High Country Joe & The Fish 4/67
Get High The Sons Of Champlin 3/69
Gold And Silver [was Acapulco Gold And Silver] Quicksilver Messenger Service 5/68
Gone To Pot Fapardokly 2/68
Got To Get You Into My Life The Beatles 8/66
Heighty Hi Lee Michaels 7/69
Henry New Riders Of The Purple Sage 8/71
High All The Time Mad River 10/68
High Time Grateful Dead 6/70
Hop High Ladies The Holy Modal Rounders 2/64
I Got Stoned And I Missed It Shel Silverstein 12/72
I Like Marijuana David Peel & The Lower East Side 11/68
I Want To Get High David Peel & The Lower East Side 11/68
Illegal Smile John Prine 7/71
In The Morning The Fraternity Of Man 6/68
Itchycoo Park The Small Faces 9/67
Legend Of The USS Titanic Jamie Brockett 5/69
Light Up or Leave Me Alone Traffic 11/71
Mama Told Me (Not To Come) Randy Newman 2/70
  Three Dog Night 5/70
Marijuana Country Joe & The Fish 11/71
Marijuana The Fugs 9/68
Marijuana Hell Ron Nagle 3/71
Marrakesh Express (Hashish) Crosby, Stills & Nash 5/69
Mexico Jefferson Airplane 5/70
Mr Natural Big Brother & The Holding Company 11/70
New Dope in Town Spirit 8/69
Night Of The Long Grass The Troggs 7/67
Okie From Muskogee Merle Haggard 9/69
One Toke Over The Line Brewer & Shipley 11/70
Only A Roach Humble Pie 4/70
Outside Of A Small Circle Of Friends Phil Ochs 10/67
Panama Red New Riders of the Purple Sage 9/73
The Pot Smoker's Song  Neil Diamond 10/68
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 Bob Dylan 5/66
Seeds & Stems (Again) Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen 11/71
Smoking The Day Away May Blitz 11/70
Stoned The Rolling Stones 2/64
Stoned Is Listening 12/68
Stoned Woman Ten Years After 8/69
Strike A Match And Light Another Cat Mother & The All Night News Boys 7/70
Sweet Leaf Black Sabbath 8/71
Talking Vietnam Pot Luck Blues Tom Paxton 5/68
That Acapulco Gold Rainy Daze 12/66
Tokin's Steve Miller Band 7/70
Too High To Eat The Fraternity Of Man 8/69
Why Did I Get So High? Peanut Butter Conspiracy 3/67
Zig Zag Man Owen-B ?/70
Can't leave out:
The Smoke-Off Shel Silverstein 8/78


Acid   cubes, tabs, trips
Acid Head The Velvet Illusions 5/67
The Acid Queen The Who 5/69
Ah Feel Like Ahcid Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band 10/68
Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast Pink Floyd 10/70
Bad Trip The Ethix ?/67
Coming Down The United States Of America 3/68
DCBA-25 Jefferson Airplane 2/67
A Girl Named Sandoz Eric Burdon & The Animals 3/67
Hallucination Horrors The Fugs 6/66
I Can Hear The Grass Grow The Move 6/67
I Wanna Come Back (From The World Of LSD) Fe-Fi Four Plus 2 ?/67
Journey To The Center Of The Mind The Amboy Dukes 5/68
Just Stopped In (To See What Condition
   My Condition Was In)
The First Edition 1/68
Legend Of A Mind The Moody Blues 8/68
LSD The Pretty Things 4/66
LSD-25 The Gamblers ?/66
Purple Haze Jimi Hendrix 6/67
Sad, Sad Sunshine Al Kooper 8/70
Sam Stone John Prine 7/71
Section 43 Country Joe & The Fish 6/66
She Said She Said The Beatles 8/66
Sunday Morning Coming Down Johnny Cash 7/70
The Third Eye The Dovers 4/66
Thursday (& Acid Commercial) Country Joe & The Fish 11/67
Tomorrow Never Knows The Beatles 8/66
The Trip (movie soundtrack) The Electric Flag 8/67
Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out The Fugs 1/68
A Very Cellular Song The Incredible String Band 6/68
White Rabbit Jefferson Airplane 2/67


Coke   all-american drug, blow, snow
Casey Jones Grateful Dead 6/70
Cocaine Tom Rush ?/63
  Dave Van Ronk & The Hudson Dusters 3/68
Cocaine Blues Dave Van Ronk ?/63
Sweet Cocaine Fred Neil 12/66, 2/71


Speed   bennies, crank, crystal
Amphetamine Annie Canned Heat 1/68
Amphetamine Gazelle Mad River 10/68
Artificial Energy The Byrds 1/68
Here Comes The Nice Small Faces 7/67
New Amphetamine Shriek The Fugs 6/66
Speed Kills Beacon Street Union 2/68


Smack   brown sugar, dope, horse, junk
Cold Turkey John Lennon 10/69
Flowers Of Evil Mountain 11/71
Heroin The Velvet Underground 3/67
I'm Waiting For The Man The Velvet Underground 3/67
Jumping Jack Flash The Rolling Stones 5/68
King Heroin James Brown 2/72
Needle And Spoon Savoy Brown 4/70
The Needle And The Damage Done Neil Young 2/72
Needle Of Death Bert Jansch ?/65
The Pusher Steppenwolf 2/68
Pusherman Curtis Mayfield 7/72
Signed DC Love 3/66
Sister Ray The Velvet Underground 1/68


Codine Buffy Saint-Marie 3/64
  Quicksilver Messenger Service 6/68
Crystal Ship The Doors 1/67
Doctor Robert The Beatles 6/66
I Couldn't Get High The Fugs 11/65, 6/70
Kicks Paul Revers & The Raiders 2/66
Mother's Little Helper The Rolling Stones 6/66
Mr Pharmacist The Other Half 11/66
Sister Morphine Marriane Faithfull 5/69
  The Rolling Stones 4/71
The STP Song The Holy Modal Rounders 8/68
Too High Too Eat The Fraternity Of Man 8/69

Note: Lists updated 3/7/20


Here's a good-natured look at the effects of pot. It was based on the book by Jack Margolis and Richard Clorfene (see notes 3 & 4). It helps the comedy if you're "in the mood."

Child’s Garden of Grass:
A Pre-Legalization Comedy
Elektra EKS-75012
5/71 BB [UK: N/R]
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Book Source (2nd printing)

Book Source (4th printing)

Side One
The History of Marijuana - 1:19
Acquiring Marijuana  - 2:25
General Effects - 1:31
Creativity - 2:12
Physical Effects - 2:22
Psychological Effects - 2:32
Time And Space  - 2:19
Getting Hung-Up - 2:27
Funniness - 1:43
Side Two
Meditation - 3:36
Eating Food  - 0:49
Listening To Music  - 2:10
Making Love - 6:39
Physical And Intellectual Games - 5:04
Michael Gwynne and Carl Esser-narration
Voices-Alex Hassilev, Anna Lee Austin, Anton Greene, Carl Esser, Cyrus Faryar, Dorna May, Dr Franklin D Wacco, George
  Savage, Jack S Margolis, John Horton, Marly Stone, Marv Howard, Murray Roman, Oz Knox, Peter Gallway, Renais Faryar,
  Ron Jacobs,Tom Rounds
Alex Hassilev-Electronic Music
Jack Margolis and Jere Alan Brian-writers
§Photo Stylist-John Balsley
Produced by: Ron Jacobs


Bye Bye Bill

There used to be a record here that we could all goof on. It was Bill Cosby's 1972 Grammy winning album telling kids NOT to do drugs.

Meanwhile, the a-hole spots a cute female, slips her drugs and rapes her. Rot in jail [6/30/2021: luxury compound}, you sick m'f*ck*r.



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